yes I need more repair kits


I had over 150 repair kits and now i am at 18


Maybe they broke it on purpose to see if repair kit sales go up....


Considering bethesdas past shenanigans i think u might be right


I ain't spending my money on that shit. Nor my atoms. I will just go melee -- been doing pretty good with it so why not


Or just repair at a bench to 200%? Downside the normal person has to make sure they have a few weapons to cycle through as they break though.


Yeah um what if it breaks during an event? Most of my weapons break during Eviction notice. I end up doing Melee anyway


For me personally I just switch to a different weapon. I have a few different handmades on me so I don’t have a shortage of weapons but I know some people only have 1 or 2 weapons on them at all times.


Well I have about 8 weapons, 6 are explosive. They all break fast


If you have repair kits, you can fix your weapons on the fly, during events, when they break. Just pull up your pipboy, highlight the weapon that is broken, and you are given the option to repair it with a repair kit - no workbench needed.


Yeah duh no shit but who has repair kits nowadays. the Queen isn't dropping them. But there IS a hotfix today yay! Repair kits will drop again hopefully


I'm a hoarder, tho. It's rare for my weapons to break mid event, so I have about 40 kits in storage. But if you use 'em a lot, I can see your point.


Well good for you bro


Just use a vampire shredder only time it breaks on me is if I fire bullets and dont use shredder


how do you run the shredder without firing the gun?


The barrel spins whether there are bullets on not. Just dump your ammo and cut them to pieces by holding the trigger down. If you shoot bullets and run out, let off the trigger then pull it again, and hold it down. I just got the new one from Eviction Notice. Going to to try it out now.


It just doesnt have vampire 🥺😭😭 I give them out to people under 50 as they are a level 45 gun I love foundations vengeance


I can't remember what legendary effect it comes with.


The shredder aspect is the barrel so it uses AP to "fire" I can screen shot what I use later 🥺


I just use it cuz its not firing actual rounds I learned a "god" roll is Vampire,50% Bashing damage as it helps with damage and AP refresh with kills


Just lower the Proc or changeing the RNG would be easier.. if it's on purpose its probably more about preventing people playing it all together.


i really could believe this , its outrageous


I thought at one point maybe they did break it on purpose so we would feel less inclined to launch nukes for The SBQ event and do the other 3 new events instead. But if they don't fix it soon (or at all) for me personally if I'm not getting that flux or improved repair kits from her I'm not interested in doing the SBQ event at all


i think it was to make people do the events more regularly to artificially boost the "player approval" of the new content.


That's definitely a possibility as well. Regardless, I think it was definitely broken on purpose for some stupid Bethesda reason.


Wait I never knew that, that’s where I been getting all my repair kits from ?




Get a shredder and repair kits are a thing of the past


it's ridiculous now


Bought Skyrim, buy repair kits too....©Hodd Toward


Valseek posted this on the Beth discord 3 days ago "We have a hotfix coming for Scorched Earth. Still confirming timing, but it's on the way."


From the creators - "We are studying Legacy Overkill"


Wait, did devs really acknowledge the legacy’s prob and said there studying the over kill of them somewhere? If so when?


About three years ago


L o l




They did also say back when the energy calc changed that they had a plan for legacy and we ain't heard off them since.


This. Amazing how they were able to rebalance shotguns into the ground but legacies still aren't back in the drop pool with a lower explosive damage. The reason why is because Bethesda employees are profiting from RMTs


Proof that isn't tinfoil please


All it would've taken is increase equipment level so the legacy stuff would be nowhere near the new base damage required to deal meaningful damage against updated monsters. My only guess is they got scared to lose money if the dare to screw with all these people and their totally legit legacy weapons.


If they do that it forces nearly everyone to get new gear. With how slow the grind is then it's going to piss a lot of people off, not just legacy owners.


I've got a Tse Gauss that I've had since beta. I love it sometimes, but I wouldn't cry if it got nerfed. I just wonder how much all the dupers are making from the explosive gatlings.


I've got a Tse Gauss that I've had since beta. I love it sometimes, but I wouldn't cry if it got nerfed. I just wonder how much all the dupers are making from the explosive gatlings.


I feel like the solution to legacies is to somehow limit them to private worlds.




I bet my life after they fix scorched earth there will be a sale in the atom shop for repair kits. I'm not saying they intentionally did this. But they sure as heckers will capitalize it.


With the amount of daily challenges to repair X number of whatever lately, I wouldnt bet against you. Seems like an easy, albeit immoral fix to having flooded the game with repair kits


i will go as far and say they remove the repair kit drop from her


And RNG in challenges(complete Test Your Metal I am looking at you) is fuckt. I have spent 4 hours for it to start and it didn't. 4 hours is a long time for me to play.


Funny enough, I just did two Test Your Metals within the span of 5 minutes - I found it incredibly odd. I only had enough time to offload my junk to my tent, fast travel and got notified it started up I'm not complaining, and I agree that the RNG is messed up, especially if its going to be part of a daily/weekly challenge.


But if you concentrate on XP Boosts like Cranberry Relish/intelligence buffs etc and do the other two you will get your bonus 100 score proc numerous times providing you tag stuff which probably be more than the 250 you would of got for just completing that one event. The 1 a day is probably the most annoying but despite struggling this week. I am still on 4 of 5 so hoping I can get it tonight or tomorrow morning when I log on for a bit.


It’s over tomorrow since the equinox is coming.


Mothman? I’ve been waiting to get that beer stein forever now


Wait are they really doing equinox next week? Why lol


...Because it's an equinox. That happens twice a year... Just like Mothman Equinox. This is exactly what they said they'd do.


Why not?


We just had 2 weeks of a seasonal event. They gotta find something new imo. Create a guild system and have teams compete against each other, doesn't have to be actual pvp with killing each other, but compete in doing things against each other or something. The whole seasonal event thing feels worn out


Well I want that mothman equinox as I have never played it 🤷 I am also waiting to play Meatweek for the first time. They killed the event the first hour or two it appeared a few months ago.


As a heads up for the equinox, you should shoot for 21 completions. There’s six tomes of lore that unlock based on the number of times you’ve cleared the event.


Yeah but they don't actually do anything right, you can just read them


They don't, no. But that doesn't make them any less interesting.


every hour on the hour right now it has a 1/3 chance to spawn, if it didn't change servers


It’s a lot worse than 1/3. I jumped 20-30 servers yesterday on the hour and never found it. It was all moonshine jamboree and one or two eviction notices. I just gave up on trying to get it. I ain’t playing twelve hours a day this season.


I really think that they have a function enabled to force an event to appear more often than the others. And I think it's still set to moonshine jamboree from last week.


That makes a lot more sense. I had zero issues getting the score last week. Whatever, it’s like five runs in westek. At least it’s not an issue like the popcorn machine last year.


I wasn't playing back then. What does the popcorn machine do?


It’s a sweet little movie theater popcorn machine you place at CAMP that….makes popcorn. The popcorn has an AP and hunger reduction boost if I’m remembering correctly. It was from the Halloween event. Originally it was a week but the only way to get it was to have like five players come to your camp to collect candy. Every day. Or at least five days. It took a hours sometimes and there were a bunch of bs glitches. They ultimately extended the event and drastically lowered the requirements so everyone could get it if they wanted to. I know it’s not exactly 1:1 compared to this score achievement but at least the 5/5 doesn’t result in an limited time item. Just score.


Ahh I with I had that. I still live off of corn soup.


you'll often see it at peoples camps, and i put one in any workshop i take over, and leave them unlocked for people, it only slow the rate of hunger and thirst for 15 min and only by like 25% i never even use it myself, i just empty it out when the machine is full nd drop some here nd there for people


don't just hit 'leave world' and jump right back in, more often than not you're probably jumping right back in to the same server look for people on your friends list and jump to the server they are on,




and? yes it has a chance to spawn at 20 and 40 min, but not a 1/3 chance except for on the hour which is why i stated such


why are you waiting for four hours for the amount of score you get for the challenges? You can get more score in 30 minutes by xp farming. why are you people doing this to yourselves lmao


I am not standing still while waiting, so lmao as much as you want.


You clearly indicated that you played longer than you normally would due to this RNG challenge. That is silly.


I’m sorry to hear that and it’s a pain


I said at one point I'm going to skip Scorched Earth but just taking the queen down can be fun, though the rewards are meager as you only get what loot she drops. I'd love to see Bethesda offer some freebies like stable flux/legendary cores, etc for free since this event has been bugged for a while now


How is the event bugged? Ran it a few times last night and didn't notice anything right off the bat. She flew away a lot and did some weird "landing but not landing" a few times, but we were able to kill him


It's bugged because you don't get the stable flux and whatnot for completing the event since the update.


Ooooooo now that you mention it, you're right. I never saw the pop up. I always took that for granted so I didn't notice. Thanks


Do you also get like the hardened and glowing mass usually from her before the update? I’ve only ever killed her since this past week, hoping she drops those too lol.


Not from the queen but you get that stuff from the mobs, provided you actually fight inside the nuke zone. It works a lot better on a private server because you don't have someone come along and kill her in a couple of minutes, so you get a lot more spawns.


I don't think so, but you can get plenty from other nuked creatures.


You don't get any rewards from it besides the drops you get from the queen. No flux, no treasury notes I don't think or repair kits.


No rewards, no flux, no modules, cores, no legendary weapon/armor (other then what the SBQ drops)


I noticed i am using the repair kit more than before ..


For me it's because of the Tesla


I'm glad these aren't seasonal events we already have too many of those. Hopefully we get another nuke world boss. I'm not fan of colossal problems


YES. I avoid it like the plague


Just out of curiosity, why do you avoid it?


No real good reason other then anytime it is active, its just me and one other person barely putting any damage to ol pal Earle. I seem to have zero luck in servers with people who actually do the event. LOL I suppose I should just be better


what happened to the nuke events?


No one is nuking because when you kill the queen now you get no repair kits or flux


>Hi everyone, > > We're planning to bring Fallout 76 offline at 10:00 a.m. ET (14:00 UTC) tomorrow, June 28, so that we can perform maintenance and apply a small update. This update will address an issue where the Scorched Earth event isn't providing rewards, as well as a few other bugs. We'll keep you updated as maintenance starts and ends tomorrow, so that you'll know as soon as you can log back in. Thank you! https://discord.com/channels/784542837596225567/844216034365800478/991048259793461248


I've got so many nuke key cards saved up for when SB is fixed. Only so many times I can do Earl.


Those stinkers weigh so much (and no weight reduction perks apply because they’re under Misc) that I’ve started just dropping them. I have well over a hundred on a mule if I ever need them, but unless you’re almost a full time nuke runner, they just pile up faster than they can be used.


Fuck that bullet sponge, you're telling me that frail three-headed cunt can soak up thousands of hits? Thousands of Fusion Cores, ECs and 5mm's I've wasted on these bosses. Outrageous. Then comes someone with a legacy weapon to an event and kills everything before you can even aim and you don't get any loot. The balance in this game is not tipped, it's thrown off the fucking roof and nuked by XxXGoddTowardXxX.


The new events and nuke bosses aren't even worth it when they're fucked by legacies constantly. It seems like EVERYONE has a legacy now. Wtf is going on, honestly. Is duping still rampant? Like it's only getting worse. When I came back a year ago, some people had them, now it's just about everyone


I wouldn’t say everyone has them. But at least one person per event does, which is all it takes.


Nah, I was being dramatic, but A LOT of people have them, often the majority.


one of my scoreboard challenges didn't even work the other day. I joined a team atleast 5 separate times and the challenge just would not complete


same. worked for a friend though.


that one didn't work for me either


I had that one fail for me as well the other day.


This one is so weird. It worked fine for me but I saw a bunch of posts saying it didn’t work.


I had the same glitch despite joining many teams. Did one DO team with a full group and it still didnt work. Even tried tracking it with triangle/y (on xbox). Didnt work.


Varied events including nukes would be nice, nuke specific regions for region specific boss fights…mire, ash heap, specific areas of the forest and toxic valley. Then add further with events less gunplay focused…actually crafting things or building things or just transporting things.


You will be content with the scoreboard and stupid events. You don't need a plot, you don't need raids either, you don't need very difficult enemies either, just more chairs at CAMP. I will teach you obedience and roll the gun to a good one for a whole month at best.© Hod Toward


You need to copy and paste this to every reply from now on on this board. 😂


plenty of difficult enemies for people without legendaries and broken op builds


At the rate this new crew is doing fixes, Mothman event will be dead on arrival. It will be like the last meatweek event and no one will get rewards, just like the queen, enlightened, free range, project paradise and a bunch of others.


Those other ones aren’t dropping rewards anymore?




Nope, they have been just like the queen for me. Sometimes they don't even complete.


I built my Camp in the best place possible to watch the nukes go off and the game glitched it *right after* I was done. I just want to sit on my front porch and watch the nukes :(


Honestly - I had a bunch of Atoms from First that I hadn't spent. Got to level 50, then ranked up the rest of the way. See y'all next season


Don’t be afraid of punctuation, it can’t hurt you.


IDK man those commas look kinda poky.




So this is why I see people doing the colossus event a lot more


Honestly I would like to see better rewards for the scoreboard, like nice weapon mods, more lunchboxes, XP boosts, but most importantly, legendary modules. Give us more modules, please for the love of god.


No more bloody icons and how many are there


As someone who missed like 7 seasons I like the icons, especially from seasons I missed lol. This season they're a bit meh and 1-2 would be enough though.


earl can till be nuked. I find it a nice reprieve without nuke being spammed 3 in a row


Hes not dropping the flux i need though for fusion cores or recall cards grrrr


3 workshops on the map that produce fusion cores, and you don't need the bosses to get flux, just drop a nuke in the area that has the raw flux you need


Traditional Farming does not get you much XP, silly. Plus, why spend 2 hours farming Flux or cores when I can get twice as much in less than an hour through Queen?


Before it broke, you could get 12 flux per hour doing three Queen runs, if you were very efficient and probably also photo glitch through the silos. But an hour of decent flux farming ought to yield at least twice that much flux, closer to thrice. Less XP, less action—it’s definitely a different mood. But in terms of pure efficiency, specifically farming is more flux per hour, as it should be. (Plus you get to pick which kind of flux you want based on where you farm it.)


Yeah im really just here for the XP and script, I could honestly care less about the other rewards. I will say I've definitely gotten more Flux per hour doing queen runs with my friends than I do farming it, but you need to be pushing pretty hard to get there.


you'd still get more with super duper, and green thumb, you can also intersperse it with doing the events as well, as for the fusion cores, which the response was to specifically, having 3 workshops passively spawning fusion cores on top of flux farming and ammo smith etc give dramatically higher yields


Three workshops with fusion cores generators on the map and you can fill up depleted cores with the elecrical absorption legendary perk. I haven't crafted an FC in my life, seems like a waste of flux. I used to get my cores from Poseidon Energy workshop before I got the legendary perk, now I just reload my gatling laser before the core is empty and fill up when im almost out of full cores.


I think they messed up the legendary perk cards as well. All of a sudden my build didn't work because of perk cards being removed from play, and now I can't reapply those cards because there isn't room. In other words you don't get the extra placement anymore in perk cards from the legendary perk cards. Our at least they have taken away some of that as my cards don't all fit anymore.


i’ve encountered that bug before like 6 months ago. I just played around with skill points and legendary perk cards till it fixed itself — now one the card that didnt fit is now fitting correctly. Not shore if u have the same luck but could try.


What tf a minute.. so what you're saying is, since the update the SBQ event only drops loot from her and not rewarding stable flux and notes? Or is this a permanent fix?


Does it seem like events come really slow to yall


Now that you mention it, I feel less bombarded by Tea Time and Campfire Tales now


Been away, what's wrong with sbq?


rewards are borked


The quest doesn't drop loot anymore, all you get is what drops on the enemies killed in the event. So no treasury notes, no flux, no repair kits etc.


Needing to do random events that spawn once an hour sucks and isn't fun. Once I complete the weekly mission I can't be bothered to hang around and server hop for the event.


Forget Scorched Earth, fix fast travel to Foundation/Fort Atlas/Crater when Minera is around. I love her saws but her presence causes freezing 90% of the time.


i have been grinding all the dailies this week and have yet to see Test Your Metal popup, last week it was there constantly...


Queen getting fixed Tuesday


Yeah but can they fix all the main quest lines that won’t complete and just glitch out? I’ve made 3 different characters and completed Rosie’s quest line just for the achievement and each one just sits there. There’s like 3 other quest lines with the same issue.


I’ve been having bodies simply dissappear once I’ve killed them. Open plains, regular .45 bullets, character falls and vanishes. I hope that stops too.


I remember the times before repair kits and having to use whatever was lost and found. That was the worse. Halfway through a quest and your main breaks, leaving you to bash with whatever was found because ammo never dropped and you only found like 3 bullets that may have matched.


Before the update I might need to fix my gun once or twice for Earl. now its 5-6 times. Not going in the right direction unless your a money grubbing heirless company


Queen getting fixed tomorrow


No one forces you to play this wrecked ship, play another game, and wait for the two-thousands-and-NEVER when they will properly balance, fix and put proper content at the game xD


You've joined r/fo76 to say this? Bruv it's like going to the Mecca to say "lol convert to christianity xD" or vice-versa.


What happened to the queen event?


What's wrong with the queen?


The new update messed it up as you got get any flux at the end


Why is the queen event broke?


What's wrong with the SBQ event? I haven't noticed any discrepancies.


People have been getting zero rewards apparently.


I don’t remember the last time I got any stable flux in a SBQ quest.