Mr. Morale. It’s good, but I don’t know when I’d ever return to it


Roughly once a year I listen to In the Aeroplane Over the Sea hoping that I will finally enjoy it and am always disappointed. I don't know why but very few of the songs click for me


One of the only records I will always listen to the whole thing through. Every track feels like it has a place in the story and pacing.


Beyonce - Renaissance


I can firmly say that I am not at all a Black Dresses fan. I listen to a lot of music with loud, and sometimes lo fi production, but the production on Black Dresses albums are the equivalent of staring into the sun; it is just so damn bright, and compressed to the point where I feel like my ears would get nauseous if they could.


Sometimes I do wonder if I’ve desensitized my hearing to high-pitched distorted sounds by listening to noisey stuff. Oh well


Loveless - My Bloody Valentine IM SORRY




Twin Fantasy, I don't get the appeal of it and I think its Car Seat Headrest's worst album.


By the time I get to phoenix by Injury Reserve. It's just a noisy mess to me. I absolutely love their older stuff though, RIP Groggs


Any Radiohead album. Sorry.




Agreed…I’ve listened to most of their albums and I know they’re good but I cannot get into them at all


I had this problem for about a year. Simply didn't click with Radiohead. But I listened to"The Bends" one day and suddenly everything else worked. My favourite band now.


Maybe I'll try doing that. It happened with other bands where I didn't like them then suddenly I did. Every time I've tried them I've been bored to tears though. Very bland to my ears.


I suppose it's best not to force yourself to listen to them. Preferable to wait until you are in a good mood for new music and then throw on "The Bends" and just attmept to enjoy it without concentrating too much. It's pretty difficult to put into words why Radiohead are so good but I think they are just exceptional at conveying emotion. Music youtuber Brad taste in music listened to Ok computer over and over and just found it boring, and then one day it clicked and he broke down into tears. That's why they are so special to so many people.


It's worth another shot. I recently bought a decent pair of headphones and a DAC and it allowed me to enjoy many albums more. My Bloody Valentine was pretty bland before and now I enjoy them, so could be the same deal here.


I recently clicked with Loveless. I just found that the more I focused on the music the more I enjoyed it where previously I'd somewhat let it drift by.


I think it just sounded like a bunch of crap noise to me before but my DAC revealed a little more of the texture. maybe. who knows. Maybe I just gave it a fairer listen this time.


Illmatic just doesn't click with me for some reason, as much as I can appreciate Nas's writing skill


“I ran like a cheetah with thoughts of an assassin” is one of the hardest/most iconic lines of all time


Agreed to a certain extent. I struggle with a lot of 90s hip hop albums.


Fiona Apple's stuff


The Money Store




These opinions are supposed to be unpopular; that’s the point.




Anything by Kanye


Try "Late Registration" bro


I've tried a bit of everything. Not for me


Listen to more music bud, Ye is the goat


I listen to a ton of music. MF Doom is the goat.


LMFAOOOO. Pick any one of Ye’s albums and it’s better than Dooms entire discog combined. Seriously. Listen to more music kid. Stop getting your opinions from Fantano. The d riding is crazy.


Kanye is trash. That's my opinion and guess what? I can have a different opinion than you and the world won't end. Why don't you go listen to Sonic Youth, Bikini Kill, Pussy Galore, Dr. Octagon, Super chunk, Television and some Minor Threat and expand your musical vocabulary instead of riding some bipolar mumble mouthed idiots nuts.


I love Kanye but you obviously don’t have to like him lol. I would definitely give some of his work another listen though, some stuff does take some time to click and he has such a wide variety of sounds. Bikini Kill is fire btw.


Thank you for actually having an intelligent discussion with me instead of just insulting me. And yes Bikini Kill are fire. Gonna go see them live in April.


Oh good for you, I bet that’s a cool show. And yeah, I wouldn’t pay to much attention to trolls like him. There will always be people who are more interested in an argument than a discussion


Garbage and generic groups. There’s a reason they’re irrelevant. None of them experiment and they just copy other artists. Cringe asf. Also, once again, you obviously get your taste from Anthony.


Lmao. Like you have even heard of half of them. I bet you own a pair of Yeezys.


Lots of people do. There’s a reason he’s relevant and none of your artists are. Run along and listened to your privileged, generic artists little white boy


Madvillainy. Sorry


What about it don’t you like?


Voice of DOOM, honestly. His voice mixed like he's eating the mic and it's making the listening quite uncomfortable. I really like his cartoonish aesthetic and All Caps is a banger, but I just can't listen to others.


Hmm, I never got that sound from his voice, you could be right though. Do you like any of his other works or is this problem in all of his work?


I never listened to his other works but I'm going to try MM.. FOOD


Red by King Crimson. They have at least 3 better albums, I would say even more maybe. Do we hear same songs? I get One more red nightmare, and Starless is cool, but cmon, I feel like people are hypnotized and love that album only couse you “have” to love it.


True, it just feels like a more commercial Larks Tongue.


prolly vaudeville villain for me


Anything by The Smiths. Too whiny for me.


Pop music mostly. Charlie XCX and Beyonce don't really click for me. I'm more of a weird/noisy rock guy so a lot of that stuff is not made for me at all.


Interpols first album. Like it's a good album but the vocals are weird to me. If I wanted to listen to this kind of music I always choose The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, the White Stripes, etc.


I think The Piper at the Gates of Dawn by Pink Floyd is pretty well reviewed but it just gave me a headache lol. I like a lot of their other stuff though. And I don’t love anything off that Neutral Milk Hotel record but I need to give it a relisten


I understand the love for Loveless but it just doesn’t resonate with me in the slightest. I don’t think The Bends has aged well at all. There are some awesome songs on it, but it sounds too safe to me for a Radiohead album.


Codeine's Frigid Stars LP. I gain zero substance from this album, I think its forgettable & doesn't really stand out as people make it out to be as one of the 'saddest' Slowcore albums out there, if anything this album is just the run-of-the-mill. I've listened to better & sadder honestly lol


That one Black Country album. People hyped it up as being album of the year like it was some gift from God. I listened to it, and it was just really plain and overdone pop rock/"Alt" rock album. I swear that the album sounds like it was scientifically engineered to appeal to RYM, and Pitchfork and Rolling stone writers.


The Money Store and Soundtracks for the Blind. I don’t hate The Money Store but to me it is overrated.


pickme for indie cred


Any Death Grips album really. I'm not opposed to aggressive, yelling style hip-hop but something about their sound and rapping is really grating and unenjoyable to me.