Toss up between his review of The Ooz and his opinions on Steely Dan.


Saying when he listens to Steely Dan, he wishes it was Miles Davis instead was the most mind numbingly stupid take. I love Miles Davis, his music is nothing like Steely Dan except that they are jazz rock. SD is more similar to Fleetwood Mac lmao


Steely Dan had some of the best session musicians ever (Bernard Purdue, all of the guest guitar and perc on Aja) even if miles were playing SD songs they wouldn’t have the same charm


the weirdest part is him giving Man Alive an 8 when The Ooz is not only a better album, but it’s very similar in style to the Ooz as well.


Fantano doesn’t respect the Dan? That’s hideously disappointing, a titanic fucking L


Right? Was disappointed when he said he wasnt into them in a lets argue vid


Damn didn’t know about The Ooz review… tragic


Still holding that Ooz grudge too.


100% these two takes


deleting thatistheplan


Video’s were hilarious, the few reuploads there are still hold up today and you can’t say that about much of 2016 era content


Fantano's humor was always way ahead of its time, look up the "SLIPKNOT TRACK REVIEW" from 12 years ago


Holy shit just watched now… first documented use of the sample text meme??? 😂


Why did he do that?


He said it was because he couldn't monetize it but come on it happened right after that Fader piece so I believe that was the reason


I think it’s both. He couldn’t get it monetized and felt it wasn’t worth keeping around after the Fader incident. If it was gonna cause more problems for him then why keep it around?


Surely got to be the Fader article. Lost thousands on that cancelled tour as well as the unwarranted reputation damage.


Unfamiliar with the article. What happened?


Here's the tweet but the article is now long removed. https://twitter.com/thefader/status/915597378991861762?s=20&t=GVyKdlmw35TQpMcyHjNwpA It boiled down to saying Anthony's meme channel thatistheplan catered to alt-right trolls, due to the humour being somewhat edgy. Anthony did a full response to the article debunking the bs mentioned: https://youtu.be/2UZqIIy7pAk


Dolan Dark's pathetic ass dickriding Pewdiepie in the comments lol


Thatistheplan was a meme channel. It was mostly edgy humor and shitposting similar to a lot of internet humor of the time (example https://youtu.be/j3h5_w-4Wvc). The Fader did a hit piece on him saying he was pandering to the alt right with the edginess. One thing they said was a HUGE reach. One of the videos Fantano was talking about Hopsin and in the background there was a meme of a black kid with toilet paper wrapped around his neck and the article said he was making fun of lynchings or whatever and it was racially motivated against Hopsin. He did a takedown of the Fader piece (https://youtu.be/2UZqIIy7pAk) but took down the channel anyways since (1) it wasn’t monetized and (2) it was just asking for trouble as edgy humor was dying out and other publications might write more stories about it. A lot of people give Fantano shit for being really vocal about his politics (tbf he’s really cringe on twitter) but as a long time fan (2014) it makes sense even if it’s an overcorrection. Edgy humor seems to attract a ton of right wingers even if he was clearly never a right wing edgelord. Completely disowning them is a good way to purge them out of your audience.


>Edgy humor seems to attract a ton of right wingers even if he was clearly never a right wing edgelord. Completely disowning them is a good way to purge them out of your audience. He also used to do some anti-sjw content that (thankfully) went away with thatistheplan


He broke the article down little by little in this video if u really wanna know what they were saying https://youtu.be/2UZqIIy7pAk


Yep shutting down ThatIsThePlan to appease a bunch of terminally online social justice weirdos is one of the biggest L in YouTube history. Was one of the few actually funny Meme 👏 Review 👏 channels. RIP. 😿


If you think it was to "appease" anyone but Anthony's pockets you're dead wrong


Red album from the man who shall not be named


TWO red albums…




obviously meaning red light by bladee 1/10


His skeptical takes on that man are aging extremely well.


That man saying dumb shit doesn't alter the greatness of his music at all.


To each his own on the "separating art from artist" debate, but for me, I can't hear his voice without also thinking of his ugly racists comments, so for me it's sorta ruined, and he was in my top five. I've sadly removed him from all of my playlists.


soft asl


I don't separate art from the artist, art is linked to the artist's person so it is important to keep both linked if you want the full picture. It's just retarded to dislike art because of moral reasons. When i listen to an artist i don't give a shit if he's a good guy or not, i'm listening because i want some good music.


I'm not going to engage with someone who throws the R word around in 2022. Work on yourself.


There are plenty of reviews where I feel he just wanted to hate the album (Nine, Golden Casket).


his golden casket review still confuses me.


Yeah nothing is gonna be a 40 year old man beefing with a literal teenager lmao


be or beat?


I still enjoy Anthony’s reviews and his musical opinions/insights, but I lost a lot of respect for him as a person after that whole Redveil thing. I don’t even care about redveil’s music, but Anthony behaved like such a petty little shit in such a public context, towards a fucking teenager no less.


I agree so hard with redveil. look at where he is right now man. he dropped an amazing album, toured with Denzel curry (which I saw and was fucking awesome), and even made a remix of his song with him.


This is less a big L and nore my personal opinion regarding a review. Giving Slowdive's self-titled a 4.


Oh wow I knew he didn't give it a glowing review but I thought he at least gave it a six


Giving Mac Miller's Swimming a 3


I don’t even think my problem is that he gave Swimming a 3, but more that he gave Circles an 8 for the same qualities that Swimming had. It felt like he was brown nosing on the Circles review.


I don’t think this argument is fair, the albums really aren’t as similar as people say. Circles is a much warmer album, and just because they are in the same series of albums doesn’t mean they have the same sound.


Yeah like if Fantano is gonna say that Circles is an 8, then Swimming should be at least an 8.


I think a 3 is too low, but honestly I don’t think swimming is more than a 6. The songwriting on Circles was some of Mac’s best, and while swimming has its moments, Circles feels like the wayyy more coherent album to me, and I found myself going back to it way more often than Swimming.


Respect my man


Didn’t he listen again after he died and rated it higher? That rubbed me the wrong way. Anyway I personally love Swimming and think it was in discussion with being Mac’s best work. Still don’t understand how he possibly rated it that low except that he just didn’t get it or didn’t give enough effort to.


This isn't even that crazy but the Man put House of the Holy in the B tier.


and his only justification was The Crunge and D’yer Mak’er. I get that the crunge sucks but that’s one song. D’yer Mak’er is is not that bad and the rest of the album is some of the their best work. Like How are you going to ignore the greatness of all of the rest of the songs? I honestly hate his stubbornness as well.


Dyer Maker is a bop tbh


It is, but I can understand why people might not like it that much. I personally love it.


B is fine isn’t it? Didn’t he put it in the same tier as 1 and 2? Only behind 3, 4, and Physical Graffiti? That seems fine to me honestly. It’s not like he said it’s bad


The Ooz and ultraviolence have to be up there. Especially since he went on to give man alive and Norman fucking Rockwell really positive reviews. Just doesn't make sense


I mean is the implication that artists can’t grow and improve and you can enjoy their later works more? I don’t really like NFR that much, but I like it a lot more than Lana’s other work


No I wasn't trying to make that implication at all! I just feel like in this instance the newer albums really aren't much different stylistically or in quality to previous albums respectively. Definitely not enough to justify the difference between a 2/3 and a 8. Ironically both the Ooz and (more debatably) ultraviolence are probably most considered each artists best album


That’s fair, I haven’t listened to Man Alive so I’ll take your word on it but imo NFR is quite a bit different to Ultraviolence. I could definitely see how Lana fans would consider Ultraviolence her best, because it’s more consistent in its sound so if you like that sound it’s probably a great consistent album. I really don’t like that sound at all but I do like some of the deviations from it that are on NFR. Know what I mean?


don't agree. 2/3 of Ultraviolence is a complete snooze fest


Yeah personally I think Ultraviolence is an absolute chore to get through


3/10 for Cupid Deluxe by Blood Orange


2, lol


2?? Interesting considreing he likes Blood Orange now. The music didn't change THAT much since then lol


this is so real. dev hynes is brilliant


Not a single moment, but his lack of electronic/edm reviews is a big L for me considering there have been great electronic albums this year


Care to share some examples of what you think were great albums? I'm slowly falling out of the EDM scene each year...


Would love to hear some recommendations too!


Flume - Palaces Bibio - Bib10 Burial - Antidawn Mount Kimbie - MK 3.5: Die Cuts/City Planning Amon Tobin - How do you live Biosphere - Shortwave memories


Also Sam Gellaitry - VF Vol II


Agreed I appreciate all the coverage he's been giving G Jones and Eprom though, but they flew under his radar for way too long.


All of his Lil Ugly Mane opinions


Even third side & volcanic bird?


Should've been a 9 and a 10😤😤😤😤




I swear we have some variation of this thread every 3 days


Oh i'm sorry if it's the case i'm pretty new here.


Saying Family Ties was “disappointing”


This is the one for me, that should be a federal crime


Him writing MIKE off because it's similar to Earl


Every Deftones review since Koi No Yokan


Ohms and gore are a bit mid


Can't lie, three quarters of Gore felt like filler disguised as experimental wankery. Ohms however, was a return to form imo. Some of the songs were kinda meh, but when the band hit the mark, they freaking smashed it. Dunno why but feels like Deftones needs to pair with Terry Date to pump out some material which is at least decent. However both albums don't deserve the absolutely doomer scores that Fantano gave them imo, there were definitely albums which were much worse than Gore and Ohms in the same years.


The only criticism I agreed with fantano about Ohms was that the second half of the record was stronger than the first half. The whole record was solid imo but the second half had better songs


Giving Julien Baker’s little oblivions a 4


this one needs to be higher frfr


this one needs to be higher frfr


Giving red light a 1


giving Church a 5


This is my personal MBDTF moment. Now I know what y’all been through


legit a top 5 album of the year and better than aethiopes.


slow down bud


Not better than aethiopes but maybe a top 10-15 record


AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP. Personally my favorite asap album, and he only gave it a 5 :(


Way too bloated and full of songs that are just ok. It has a lot of songs I really love but it also has like 10 that give me absolutely nothing. A 5 is harsh imo because like I said it has a lot of songs I like and none that I hate off the top of my head, but it has A LOT of tracks that are just ok


Asap one of my favs but that album wasnt all that its barely as good as his first 2 project


Yeah I was a huge Rocky fan when it dropped, I still really like his first two but At Long Last could’ve been cut literally in half imo lol


I am still glad it dropped tho it had one of rocky's best song therr


When he gave lil pump a 7


Pump was robbed


Yeah…should have been a 9


Gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang


That album kinda slapped tho


I don’t care what anybody says, I don’t care if he blows up a hospital, his greatest crime will still be giving Swimming a 3


Giving Mouth Dreams a 4. Thats like a 8 at the very least


A 4?! Unforgivable.


Him rating Raven That Refused To Sing and Colors II really low


I agree. It has to be the Redveil stuff. Not only was it not a bad project, like by Anthony's standards. He really didn't need to act like that online. Especially with someone that young. It was super weird and uncalled for.


It's Swimming and it's not close


When he gave Luv Is Rage 2 a three


22, a million getting a 5 still makes me mad


Surprised no one has mentioned the Gas - Narkopop review. In that case it seemed like he was forcing himself to be contrarian because the record was getting positive buzz across the board. I guess you could argue that techno isn’t really his forté, but that’s what makes his praise of Gas’ earlier work in the review ring hollow. He didn’t even mention the record in his Worst Albums of 2017 list despite giving it a dismal 2/10. What’s up with that?


MMESYF got an 8 while imo it was better than the other Denzel projects and should have gotten a 9 at least especially since TFS got a 9.


I’m still not over his Carrie & Lowell review


Not a score he gave, but he once said in a Let’s Argue that he “mostly agreed” that, in order for an artist to be one of your favorites, you should have listened to most of their discography (exceptions being artists with hundreds of albums like Buckethead). For someone like me who listens to plenty of music, this isn’t really a problem. But for people who don’t just sit and listen to music as a hobby, I don’t see anything wrong with them having a favorite artist who they’ve only listened to an album or two from. Maybe you’re newly getting into this artist, or maybe you’re just not interested in listening through all of an artists’ music. I don’t know. Anthony’s take just seems a little gatekeepy to me. You can be a fan after 3 songs or 300 albums, imo.


I see what you mean but i disagree. There's a difference between liking something and being a fan. If kinda liking something because you listened to 3 or 4 songs made you a fan of an artist, half of the world population would be made of Drake fans. It may sound mean but i think it's dumb to give the "fan" title to everybody just to be nice. It's a word we give people for having a passion in something, yes not everybody is crazy about music but it doesn't really change the thing. There's no wrong with liking music without having to affiliate yourself to a community. It makes sense for me that a fan of an artist is a guy who's passionate about him and has a general understanding of his work.


There’s been such a pushback on gatekeeping that now nothing is supposed to have any barrier to entry. Anyone can adopt an aesthetic and look at you like you’re an asshole if you try to talk to them about it even in complete earnest.


Yes the pendulum has shifted pretty far the other way now. People feel like you're gatekeeping them if you ask them about an artist's earlier album, or ask them if they've listened to a certain project. At this point it feels like insecurity.


I see your and the person you've responded's points, I think I moreso agree with the other guy, but it's a good debate to have and I'm not a "fan" of one take over the other (haha), but it did sorta generate a question in my mind. Speaking of Drake, he's my #2 most listened to artist ever, I'm pretty comfortable calling him one of my favorites but if I'm being honest, I haven't loved an album from him since IYRTITL. I still have actually gone through and listened to all his releases even as my expectations get lower, but nothing will change his past discography, most of which I consider stellar. And he still has some great tracks dotted here and there. Is it still good to call him one of my favs? At this point, I would even say 30-50% of his discog is not really my thing.


In my opinion, you could be considered a "IYRTITL fan" or a Drake fan from a certain period, the same way some people call themselves fans of the old Kanye. Being a fan in my opinion is solely being passionate and knowledgeable about something, it doesn't need to englobe everything surrounding what you love. You can even be a fan of a certain way an artist presents himself. Taking Kanye for exemple again, i personally love his gospel and experimental type songs, you may prefer his more lyrical or pop-y vibes.


A lot of his Arctic Monkeys opinions, especially AM.


Come In by Weatherday and 1000 Gecs by 100 Gecs both being 7s


He later tweeted that Gecs should have got a higher score. I agree


He's wayy too harsh on the Opium goblins. Giving Ken and Lone a 1 is crazy. Like I understand that they're not amazing but they're definitely not a 1 😭. WLR rating also too low imo. Tbh the whole sound they have gets better with every relisten. I used to hate Cartis sound and now he in my top 5.


Whole lotta red is kind of a classic now tbh




He judges this genre of rap too harshly instead of appreciating it’s nuances. He did lucki and Pierre Bourne dirty too.


salem - king night


All of his opinions about Arctic Monkeys




Him calling American Idiot a "sterile" album. I totally get and am with all of the 2010s GD hate, but American Idiot is a bona fide classic


it... is a pretty sterile album. it's a very highly produced mainstream pop punk album. you can say it's a classic, but there's no doubt that much of it was genetically engineered in a lab to be commercially successful. if i remember correctly, it doesn't even really do progressive song structuring, which is super weird on an album where some of the songs are combined and separated by a slash symbol. like, come on bro, you're gonna try to make a rock opera epic without even arranging the songs to transition into each other beyond a crossfade?


You're phrasing this exactly the way Drake fans go at Fantano - it's as if you think Fantano is attacking the artist. If Fantano is DM'ing Redveil telling him he's trash, or beefing with him on a public forum, then of course that's whack, but if he's reviewing his music and is critical, what's the problem? Music reviews are highly subjective, like they are for any art reviews. If Redveil is really good then people will recognise it and listen to him. Fantano doesn't need to pander to every young artist out of fear they get disheartened, and likewise, the artists owe Fantano nothing. They can keep making music, like NAV does, as long as they're enjoying it and it doesn't matter what Fantano or any other reviewer thinks. *Edit: My original take wasn't super relevant to OP's message who was clearly coming into this from a place of knowledge (whereas I stupidly jumped head first into it with my own Fantano-like rant).* I do think there wasn't much wrong with his actual take on the song in the video where he listened to "Weight". The mix was pretty bad, and the song didn't have much variance throughout. However, I think it was clear that Fantano went into it wanting to hate the song and he did. His subsequent tweets were pretty ranty too. Definitely an L here.


Except he didn't review him. His fans kept asking him to give him a try so he listened to half a song and said it was trash and an Earl ripoff. Redveil thought it was kinda rude and asked him to give him a proper review and Anthony responded by beefing with him on Twitter. I don't even like Redveil i just thought it was really immature and rude from him, redveil was young and was definitely promising and you're just having a tantrum over him for no reason. [Anthony's tweets](https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fpreview.redd.it%2Fo6uxyvc0lvj51.jpg%3Fauto%3Dwebp%26s%3D3545a19c2c582e98212eaf4e6fc9ed0c2f6e7694&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com%2Fr%2Ffantanoforever%2Fcomments%2Fiimvft%2Fdude_is_having_a_fullblown_tantrum_on_twitter_lol%2F&tbnid=meCZcQzZ9-n6oM&vet=12ahUKEwiM-I3Pspv7AhXpghUDHWmDDDsQMygEegQIARAy..i&docid=vkxtujUUFCzzzM&w=1242&h=1828&q=anthony%20fantano%20redveil%20beef&ved=2ahUKEwiM-I3Pspv7AhXpghUDHWmDDDsQMygEegQIARAy) [Anthony's reaction to Redveil's song](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1NErxQHpKY)


Ah, so that definitely does sound like something different. I can fit sure see that as an L for Fantano in that case. Do you by any chance have a link to those tweets between Fantano and Redveil?


yup was looking for them, link is in my last message now


Thanks. Based on all the evidence my original comment was presumptuous and I've edited it to reflect to reflect that.


Thanks that's really mature! I actually agree with you and with Anthony on his take. I don't think Redveil's song is any good, my problem was with him bashing him and making fun of him. Kid didn't do nothing to deserve that and was really great for his age. Anthony has been way nicer to people that deserved it way worse.


Those tweets weren’t directed at redviel lol


“Sgt Pepper’s isn’t a 10”. Yes it is. I recognize I’m very petty, but more than that I recognize that Sgt Pepper’s is a 10.


saying that swimming album was a 3


Hating on Conor Oberst’s album Salutations. It’s probably Conor’s best non-Bright Eyes work and Fantano just couldn’t get over that he released Ruminations ahead of it. Anthony has not really given Conor his due and that has always rubbed me wrong.


giving reset by panda bear and sonic boom a 6 because the songs didn't progress enough. like no duh that's the point it's a loop based album 😭 the whole point was to try and construct songs around 5 second loops and i think it's turned out very cool. easily an 8 imo.


His review of Worlds by Porter Robinson makes me scratch my head. He didn’t even mention the best songs on the album (flicker, fellow feeling) in the review at all, and it felt like he got hung up on the lionhearted vocals, even though that was the only track that really abused those indie-pop group vocals he can’t stand.


Treats by Sleigh Bells


22 a million review is pretty bad


his instagram live and twitter antics after the drake dm was super cringe. turned a W into an L within an hour


OMG YES I really thought i was the only one who thought him trying to roast Drake was the cringiest and childiest shit ever. Dude is 40 years old and had the priorities of a teenager.


His BTBAM Parallax 2 review is weak. It's considered one of if not the best prog album of the 2010s and he gave it a 4. His prog metal takes aren't up to snuff tbh


Kanye obviously


Appearing on that cringe Amazing Atheist video with Sargon of Akkad


Do you have a link?


Swimming/One More Light reviews right before Mac and Chester deaths.


SZNZ: Autumn by Weezer It’s just not a 4




i don’t care that he criticized the kids music he wants to play with the big boys he should be treated like one but his follow up to redveils response is where he really loses me bro was being such a bitch


Idk man, it's like seeing 15 year old Mike Tyson and trashing him cuz he can't beat the world champion. If the dude is a kid, you outta take this factor into consideration when talking about his talent, it's not like he can already be Kendrick level at 16.


Miss Anthropocene getting a 4 . That album is fantastic from beginning to end.


That Sam Hyde shit


His DAMN review. That album is a master piece


GOD is a terrible song and you know it, definitely was the biggest thing that shot that album in the foot




I like the passion you bring into your opinions lmao


The idea that one song can ruin an album tho. The beat isn’t that different. It’s not great but it’s like a really good steak but you don’t eat fat so you leave it on the plate. Right or wrong?


LOYALTY is the worst track on that album. Rihanna didn’t fit the vibe of the album at all and the song sticks out like a sore thumb like No Makeup on Section 80.


it's a forgettable pop album that's aged poorly. if anything he rated it too high


Baffling take


U literally smoking crack


Over time, my opinion of him has kinda waned. I still watch his videos but my biggest peeve is that out of every great album released in the 2010s only five were worthy of a 10/10?


I can understand his opinions on AM and The Car, but Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino was really underrated. I’ll give him that it is a long way from the Arctic Monkeys we were all used to, and that the album is a slow burner, but it has some really memorable moments, and tries to give a “poppier” perspective to the style they were approaching. To me it’s at least a strong 6 to a light 7.


Man when he went off about Live Through This on that top 90s album list, I was like "you too Fantano?" Like that album has been praised since its release and he acted like it was unheard of for it to be included. I'm also just tired of straight men's opinions on Hole in general tbf


Swimming and Honestly, Nevermind


At Long Last A$ap review definitely


Only morons didn’t like Ten Stories by mewithoutYou. Melon is one of those morons


For me one of his biggest is his take on The 20/20 Experience by JT. Calling the production on that album FLAT is the most insane thing ever to me.


To me, when he gave Sleigh Bells' Treats a 3 and compared them to BrokenCyde. Like WHAT.


When he went on a Twitter tyrade against some kid i don’t remember the details only he tweeted replies every second


Giving Swimming a 3


His Kiss Land review


giving ye's mbdtf a 6


I don’t what his biggest L would be but looking like the soy boy version of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini is a Big W


I‘ll just say… Have a Nice Life - Sea of Worry.


giving lil pump and mbdtf the same score


lil pump is actually a 7 and mbtdf a 6.


my b


No you're right it's even more of an L take


fr fr


giving red light a 1 I'll never forgive him


Cutting his toenails on camera and sending them to Filthy Frank so he could eat them.


Scorpion review


Giving LCD Soundsystem’s American Dream a 6.


I feel like what he said to redveil were alright. He just said that he come back with a more developed sound. But after the stream he became a little petty when he and redveil were beefing


Ultraviolence review


Either the swimming, or worlds review.


Sometimes he keeps jokes going long after they aren’t funny anymore. Like the NAV stuff


His review of lil ugly mane’s oblivion access literally misses the point of the entire ducking album. One of the worst reviews I’ve ever seen and was a major red flag for me that I felt his content was shifting compared to the 2011 days


His divorce.