Yeah, I’m expecting an Melon L Take for this album.


All his Monkeys takes are L's tbh


He didn't like the vocals on the previous album, he'll really dislike them on The Car.


He had Body Paint in worst tracks because of the vocals. He will give this album a 4, like with FJM (which was also much better than that)


Idk what does he find wrong in the vocals looool, they sound great, do you hear anything wrong in the recording or is it just him?


It's just him, probably just doesn't like his voice in general lol


Honestly anticipating a 3 or a not good, Melon hates them for some reason. I have watched his reviews multiple times and I don’t get his massive hate for albums like AM. Yes it’s cookie cutter, that’s what makes it good!


It's weird how with 99% of his reviews are pretty fair and understandable except when it comes to AM. Just pure hate. Pretty funny none the less.


Good album Good production Good instrumentation Good lyrics But that falsetto is a light 5


FR I love the band but said the same when they released body paint. Don't know why Al is insisting in that higher register so much, sounds like he's really straining.


That review will be rough. I loved Tranquility Base and even I am struggling with some of these vocals, bordering on the annoying in some places. There are some real cool tracks on there, but damn Alex went off the deep end on this Album 😆 Anticipating a light 4 or something like that.


i am very surprised i liked this thing. would be even more surprised if fantano agreed with me


It was much better than Midnights at least. Good production, probably worth a relisten to get all the bits I missed. Solid 7. He'll give it a 3 considering how much he hates Arctic Monkeys for some reason.


Nahh. Tbh, it’s the first AM album I won’t be mad at him for tearing into.


Well, there’s no accounting for taste.


What did you think about Tranq. Base Hotel & Casino?


Prolly my least listened Alex Turner record but it had some nice tracks.


Honestly agree. Always given my boys from Sheffield a free pass on whatever comes out but this could have been an Alex Turner solo album - which I say respectfully. They aren’t gonna make music like Humbug, AM, or SITAS anyway so I’m good


This album sucks 😅 Edit: I am nearly finished with my second listen and this album is really bad. There is only one good song on there (that's Sculptures of Anything Goes) and it's actually great, too, but the rest is so annoying. The strings feel out of place... and... the vocals... god, the vocals. I hate them so much. Another Edit: the whole orchestration is so stupidly assembled, it's really incredible. This will be on of the worst albums of the year for me


What do you find wrong in the strings and the vocals bro? 🧐


I don't remember. I would have to give it another listen. What I can say about the vocals though is that they are really campy


I mean, that's *extremely* subjective, I've heard a shit ton of music my whole life and I can't find anything wrong in the vocals, there are no rules for music


Then will be it


Good contribution


I will edit my post, one moment


I gave TBHC a couple of chances, I don't see it happening with this one sadly


i disagree, I didn't like this album much despite loving TBHAC