Ready To Die is one of the very few albums I consider near perfect, but the two sex skits kinda harm the flow for me. Since somebody said this already, I’ll contribute a hotter take: Method Man off of Enter the 36 Chambers. I like him (especially on Wu-Tang Forever), but the intro skit on the song is funny but just way too long and the lyrics aren’t really that good, in my opinion.


That’s a good deep cut there. It’s not a song I actively dislike but it’s easily the least interesting song on the album. The whole appeal of the album is the variety of voices so having a solo track feels a bit weird.


Thriller Graduation


whoa!! what's the skip on Thriller?? (and graduation for that matter...)




ha-HAHAHAHA that’s how the fuck you sound.. you drunk and hot girl 🎶


Presumably The Girl Is Mine (feat. Paul McCartney) for Thriller.


that song makes my skin crawl. the spoken-word sections just feel like they are delivered by an alien trying to imitate humans


I kinda find it funny. In all seriousness though, the definitive MJ love triangle song is Girlfriend from *Off the Wall.*


Written by McCartney, coincidentally :)


Learn something new every day!


That song is good, stop dickriding Anthony


It has a certain charm, but is certainly the weakest song on the record. I would agree that it's overhated though, wasn't trying to fully endorse Fantano.


You really got him with this one. He surely didn’t have an opinion on a song off of the best selling album of all time, until Fantano said something about it


Yeah, I've always enjoyed that song. Personally for me The Lady in my Life would be the weakest song.


The Girl is Mine


I get it. it IS corny, but...I mean... i still love it haha. two legends.


Yeah it’s definitely not high art but I feel like it’s not nearly as bad as people on here are acting like it is. Idk if it’s because Fantanos shit on it multiple times or what. But Paul McCartney has made a ton of simplistic love songs and people eat them up to this day. I guess it’s fair to not count it as a “good” song though, but I feel like it doesn’t drag the album down significantly or anything.




I’m not normally someone who skips songs on albums but The Girl Is Mine is genuinely one of the worst songs on an album I truly love. I don’t skip Drunk and Hot Girls and Barry Bonds but they are easily the worst songs on any of Kanye’s first 5 albums for me.


At least the two bad tracks on Graduation are right next to each other so you can skip both at the same time.


Rumours is my pick for this. Every track on this record is absolutely perfect, with the exception of Oh Daddy. It could just be the context the internet has given that phrase as of late, but the song lyrically just makes me uncomfortable, and the instrumentals also aren't nearly as sharp as other songs on the record.


Rumors is still a ten IMO because there’s like 9 resounding BANGERS on that album.


Wouldn’t that make for a resounding 9 then too


I never get why people ditch on this song. I think it's great and fits the album really well


Imagine if they’d put in Silver Springs instead. Possible GOAT album


Nah it would literally be in the conversation of top 10 greatest albums of all time for sure. It frustrates me how close it is to perfect without being perfect.


It’s criminal that Silver Springs was left off that record, It’s one of my all time favourite songs and it’s technically a b-side, heh.


They were def on crack for leaving SS off


Same! It honestly feels like they just wanted to reward Christine for making it through the shitshow that was making that album so they put her song on it at the end of side A


My hottest take is that Rumours is basically perfect until you hit the last third. “You Make Loving Fun” is the last song really worth a damn, while “I Don’t Wanna Know” is filler that could have been taken out for “Silver Springs”, “Oh Daddy” doesn’t do anything that Christine did better than with “Songbird”, and I’ve always found “Gold Dust Woman” to be a disappointing finale.


Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa. That would be the perfect pop album if it wasn’t for Good In Bed and Boys Will Be Boys, also doesn’t help that they’re the last two tracks on the album.


I do like both of those songs but I agree they don't tonally fit the album. especially boys will be boys. good in bed is fun and sexy...


Good In Bed is so clunky though! Like the chorus in particular is so grating, like I get what she’s going for but the execution is just awkward and terrible really.


good in bed is the most entertaining song on this record


it reminds me of lily allen!


Strong disagree


If she subbed those tracks for the deluxe That Kind of Woman and If It Ain’t Me (Normani version) it would be flawless. Hell, throw Love is Religion in there too if you need a ballad. Regardless, it’ll still be one of the best pop albums of the 20s.


I tend to agree, Good in Bed is really annoying mostly. Apart from these two, I LOVE the rest of the album though


lcd soundsytem - this is happening ​ that album is the peak of dance punk but somebody's calling me ruins the pacing and mood for the album


Disagree, every album needs its slower cuts, and sometimes a track only needs to function as a setup for the next track. And Somebody's Calling Me is a perfect setup for the grand finale that is Home. By itself though, yeah it's a bit lackluster.


i think it would be much better if the track was maybe half the length. 7 minutes is just way too long for how little there is going on with the song. I know that lengthy songs is kind of LCD's whole thing, but I think that approach works better for their bread-and-butter dance-punk tracks rather than the slow jamz.


That’s one of the best on the album imo. I love how strange and languid it is, and I think it allows a bit to slow down while the rest of the record is so hype. The bangers are bangers but I don’t think an album needs to be bangers all the way through. You can slow down with an amazing song that shakes things up a bit. I don’t think “This Is Happening” would be as perfectly paced as it is without it.


Aquemini is the perfect hip hop album. And then Mamacita has to ruin it for everyone


I actually dig that song. PAPADONNA!


Me too, I get why it's a skip for most though.


Been listening to this album a lot lately actually and I 100% agree because that’s the only song I never really play. Also, Slump is mad underrated. Everyone always skips it but it’s my personal fave


second vote for that song on here lol. Im not very familiar with that album and never heard that song but now I'm curious.


Album is a 10/10 if you skip it.


I don’t personally think it’s a skip but yeah it’s not perfect


what exactly is wrong with Yellow Submarine?


nah the real question is what's wrong with love you to? it absolutely slaps


Im not just a fan of Georges Sitar-y hindi style songs.


no yea that’s totally fair. no one i know likes george’s sitar stuff as much as i do sadly


the thing is, I would maybe like it outside of a Beatles album proper...its just too much of a shake up to whatever else is going on in the album that it throws off the flow for me.


ahhh yea i can see that. the first time i listened to revolver fully i was stoned out of my mind so i was completely entranced by it all so some of the more harsh transitions (like yellow submarine to she said she said) never really bothered me


exactly. cause She Said She Said is like one of my all time favorite Beatles tracks too!


Within you and without you is my favorite beatles song. Never enough love for the Harrison sitar


I actually love that, and in Love you To specifically it slaps so hard when it drops


The placement within the tracklist specifically is why I'm not a huge fan. It comes right after the incredibly sincere and beautiful here, there, and everywhere, and then it's just a really goofy song that whiplashes you out of the mood the last song puts you in.


that part.


* In The Court of the Crimson King - King Crimson. Moonchild goes on a bit too long, I think. * Jar of Flies - Alice in Chains. Swing On This is still great, but it feels out of place and drags the experience down a bit. Most of the albums I consider nearly perfect are missing something more intangible. Like a certain emotional spark or resonance with me, stuff like that - it's often the case that I think each individual song is a 9 or 10.


I absolutely love the first bit of Moonchild, but after that it just goes absolutely nowhere for a bit too long lol.


Same here. If the later part was like a minute shorter it would be perfect


Yeah you could definitely argue that the noodly bits of Moonchild could have been cut. I think it’s pretty influential in terms of using ambient music within the context of a song but actually listening to it is a bit ehhh


I also immediate thought of Swing on This when I saw the title lol. I think Don't Follow is a much better closer to the EP anyway.


I love Moonchild. It adds just one more interesting layer to the album, in my opinion.


CLPPNG by clipping would be flawless without Tonight. That one is an absolute stinker.


second half of that song goes hard, the fucking chorus is cheeks though


I love tonight lol sorry the second half slaps and the first half isn't bad. chorus blows tho I'll meet you there


MBDTF has Blame Game with the 3 minute Chris Rock segment at the end


I think that part is still very funny but it doesn’t really work with the borderline traumatizing mood of the rest of the track. I think it’d have worked better as a separate skit.


Yeezy told me




god that segment is so awkward and weird


Don’t mind it, just wish it was considered a sketch or there was a radio version released without the bit at the end. After 2-3 hearing the Chris Rock bit I’m good to not sit through it again honestly


Aquemini without mamacita would be perfect Blood sugar sex Magik without they’re red hot


They’re red hot doesn’t ruin that album imho…just shows influences


Can't blame them for covering one of the biggest blues guitarist of all time, but it doesn't fit their style at all and I struggle to hear his influence on their sound. The Hendrix cover on Mother's Milk makes sense, it's fast paced and Frusciante wears that influence on his sleeve, but They're Red Hot feels tacked on because it bears similarity with the band's name.


Hot take: They’re Red Hot is a perfect closer. Kinda like a goofy little cherry on top of the sundae.


Bright Eyes - *Cassadaga* Not sure how popular of an opinion this is, but that album is almost perfect imo, but I usually turn it off at Lime Tree, the final track of the album. Not all that crazy about the opening track, either, but IIRC Conor Oberst had a tendency back then to open albums with intentionally weird shit to scare normies away. I understand what he was going for with it, but it’s not for me.


i LOVE the weird shit lmfao and i agree with you on Lime Tree


I guess it really just depends on the album for me. Like I say I don’t really care for the weird shit on Cassadaga, but then I love Fevers and Mirrors, which is like 99% weird shit lol


Led Zeppelin, \_Houses of the Holy\_ Ugh, "The Crunge." The drums and bassline are cool, the lead guitar is fine. But what is Robert Plant doing here? (If this is the best James Brown you can do, Robert, try something else.) And what are those awful-sounding synth horns? You're the richest non-Stones band in the world; you can afford real horns if that's as good as you can get faking it. Maybe I'd say that Zep has no business doing funk, but "Trampled Under Foot" on \_Physical Graffiti\_ is also something of a funk pastiche/homage, and it works great. That thing is what you follow up "Over The Hills and Far Away," one of the grandest songs in the entire catalog, with? (I don't love "D'yer Maker" either, but it's far less grating.)


Side note, I think Led Zeppelin has the most 10 albums out of any artist ever except maybe The Beatles. II, IV, Houses of the Holy, and Physical Graffiti are all 10s, and you could easily make the argument for I and III also being 10s. I would say though, Four Sticks is my pick for this post, it’s the lone weak link on IV.


Funny thing is the Crunge and Four Sticks were written mainly by John Bonham. They definitely feel like they are based around the rhythm more so than writing a piece of music. Especially the Crunge just felt like a recorded jam session


It’s a shame because I love the guitar riff on Four Sticks, Robert just had to have an orgasm for 3 minutes straight instead of coming up with actual vocals.


I've never liked The Battle of Evermore from IV and often skip it when listening to IV. I think it would be nice as a short 2-3 min interlude but at nearly 6 minutes it overstays it's welcome and slows the album down quite a bit. Four sticks as well is comparatively weaker than the surrounding tracks but it doesn't bother me.


That’s just the wrong track order. “Evermore” leading into “Stairway” is a puzzling call that I think has something to do with the lower ability of the more interior grooves of vinyl records to convey loud sounds. Because “Black Dog” to “Evermore” to “Rock n Roll” to “Stairway” is more how a rock album should sound.


good kid maad city


skippable songs for me are poetic justice and real. Honorable mention is Compton but i still like this track in the context of the whole album. Can't stand drake's verse on poetic justice, and i just feel like the song itself doesnt totally fit the album besides the ending skit being so important. and real is just a very mid song as well, even though its important in the albums story.


Which songs?


what track?


responded in a comment before you


Definitely Maybe by Oasis. Album is great front to back except for the second track, Shakermaker, being way too long for something with the verse melody having been blatantly taken from I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing. Even more bizarre is that all of the B-sides were better than it. Really Noel, you want to put Shakermaker on the album over Fade Away, Sad Song, D'yer Wanna Be A Spaceman or Half The World Away? You sure, Noel? Then to make things even worse they released it as a single for some reason lmao.


I like how Oasis is the kind of band whose b-side compilation is better than most of their actual albums lol


Sad Song or Half the World Away would have been a better fit but I do dig Shakermaker tbh lol. Love the psychedelic twirl in the guitars and vocals in the bridge


> Fade Away, Sad Song, D'yer Wanna Be A Spaceman or Half The World Away Or Cloudburst, which in my opinion is a top 3 Oasis song.


Yeah idk I still vibe with shakermaker. Ik what you mean that the main verse may get a lil obnoxious, but the bridge tho. Fire.


Weyes Blood’s *Titanic Rising*. Whilst *Mirror Forever* isn’t really a bad song, for me it kinda keeps the album from being perfect atleast for me


Love this damn album


I really like this album but I haven't heard it enough times to gripe about particular tracks. I'm a newer fan of hers. love everything I've heard so far!


It’s a song that I like and look forward to, but I just looked through the track list and you’re spot on. Every other song is special and irreplaceable. First lines to Mirror Forever are still fire though


I think I am the one person on the planet that doesn’t care too strongly for Movies.


GKMC is so close except the hook on Real is really really horrible. I know Tony docked the album for the same reason but for *real*.


Velvet Underground ST: nearly perfect album but I kind of hate “Murder Mystery” except for the fact that it makes “After Hours” feel like a euphonious reward after all the experimental hot garbage. The main riff is kinda cool but the 2 vocal lines overlaid goes on for way too long (almost 9 minutes) and feels like filler for most of the runtime.


Yeah as much as I love some of the VU’s weird experimental stuff, this one really hasn’t grown on me as much as I want it to. I just wish they did something else in that song in addition to the main “hook?”


Graduation. Two songs away from being in the best albums ever debate.


And they come right after each other too 💀


Y’all are trippin Barry bonds is fire


He did it on purpose.


New Adventures In Hi-Fi is R.E.M’s mammoth full of unique and new sounds for the band, and their attempts pay off really well. Except track 2 (Wake-Up Bomb), which is a dumb rocker that sounds like a holdover from their previous mid album.


soundtracks for the blind has yum yab killers, which, while not a bad song, has much worse audio quality than even the other live cuts in the album, and is the one blemish in maybe the greatest album ever made


Hard disagree, I think audio quality compliments the track and builds upon its foreboding vibe.


yeah this one used to always be a skip for me, but i grew to love it


It’s not a skip, but the audio quality takes me out of the world a bit


magdalene. daybed is dull, holy terrain is ok but isnt as spectacular as the other songs


Hard disagree about Revolver; all 14 tracks are good. For me, Rubber Soul is the just shy of perfect Beatles album, 13 more than solid tracks followed by Run for Your Life, which is my least favorite Beatles song.


I agree. It’s a good thing they perfected the art of the finale after that one


Weird one but Nonagon Infinity by King Gizzard is truly conceptually flawless and dynamite sound with one exception. The concept is that all tracks transition into the next, effectively meaning any track could be the opener or closer. It does so over a very tight garage/psyche sound that fucking rules. But Evil Death Roll about halfway through is twice as long as most other tracks and thematically fits but isn’t as tight as the other tracks. The preceding track Mr. Beat is way slower and sunnier which is not as similar to other songs but doesn’t overstay it’s welcome IMO


I agree on the album but not on the song :D For me it's road train, the transition back into robot stop feels too abrupt/inorganic and tacked on. Doesn't ruin the album as a whole, but it makes the song worse as a standalone.


Give Up (cut This Place is a Prison) and Teens of Denial (cut Unforgiving Girl) Both songs are decent but everything else on those albums is excellent, been really on the fence on whether or not id give them a 10 (granted i rarely give 10s and one of my 10s is Graduation which has an obvious skip on it so im a hypocrite 🤠)


>Give Up (cut This Place is a Prison) I get it, this song is a lot darker than the rest on Give Up. The dread is palpable. But no way I could cut it - I find it so relatable as someone from the region who *very* rarely gets to leave.


It's moreso just that it's a relatively slow, quiet, and amelodic song. I don't find the darkness of it stings that much in the grand scheme of music; even in the context of this album I very often find myself singing/relating to The District Sleeps Alone Tonight when im feeling down The song has grown on me and while i dont know if i'd cut it, i do think it is part of why i hesitate to give Give Up a 10 even though it's easily in my Top 10 fav albums


>even in the context of this album I very often find myself singing/relating to The District Sleeps Alone Tonight when im feeling down Absolutely. That's one of my favorite songs ever!


Yeah I love that song personally. Also when the drums come in during the last part of the song MMM


Bro, Unforgiving Girl is a fucking banger. You can cut This Place Is A Prison though.




Is it that weird sex song that ruins it for you?




What?! Love Again is one of their best songs!!


I Heard You’re Married on Dawn.FM


I like this song a lot 😅


Starting to grow on me past few months


You like it dirty and I’m Dirty Harry


Eminem - MMLP2 "Asshole" and "Stronger Than I Was" are mid and draw out the record imo


hard agree. On what I think is Em's last actually good album...those two songs are awful.


Oh god, recently gave that album a listen and forgot Stronger Than I Was existed. I'd rather not have remembered it.


I actually don’t think there is an Eminem album that doesn’t have at least one skip. The back half of even his best albums tend to have a few duds.


surprised to see no one has said the sex skit on Ready to Die


i don’t think there is any sex skit in existence that I wouldn’t remove I suppose the one on MMLP is kinda funny, but I’d still prefer to not hear the sounds of a guy getting his dick very-noisily sucked for a minute while listening to an album


All the Ken Kaniff ones are hilarious once but horrendous in every situation afterwards




I can't believe I love that song so much....it's creepy and hard to listen to, but that kinda makes it good; it's the point of that song after all.


Pulk is the best song on the album 🤷🏻‍♂️ the sonic textures are unmatched


One of the best experimental IDM tracks ever. I will NOT STAND FOR THIS


Greatest Song Of All Time


Unfortunately L + ratio


Hunting Bears?


Hunting Bears is good. It's a nice interlude


I think hunting bears is only barely as good as fitter happier if you're talking interludes and fitter happier is my favorite


Queen is Dead. Vicar in a Tutu is kinda weird and out of place


Ah for me, the song on The Queen Is Dead that brings it down a bit is Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others. Like really? That’s what you close the album with?


That guitar riff though!


Ahhh I came to say this, especially after how hauntingly beautiful the songs before and after it are. I can give the closer a pass because it's at least a musically beautiful subversion of expectations while Vicar in a Tutu doesn't really have a redeeming quality to it.


It's my favorite album of all time, but I could understand if people said Vicar in a Tutu, Some Girls are Bigger Than Others or Frankly Mr. Shankly. All of them are a bit "weird and out of place", but to me it adds to the charme of the album.


Aquemini. Album is literally god tier track after track, and then Mamacita comes on smh


The Murder Mystery on the Velvet Underground self-titled. Just what.


I'd definitely say Blonde. I come to love songs that I wasn't fond of at first, like Nikes, Pretty Sweet, and Skyline To, but I still can't say I like the music portion of Futura Free, the outro. It just sounds kinda thrown together to me. I think Godspeed would have been a better outro for the album thematically and sonically, but that's just me


Honestly, In Rainbows. House Of Cards isn't even a bad song, it just drags on for way too long in my opinion. Don't kill me please


I thought you’d choose Faust Arp, but I can kinda see where you’re coming from with your House of Cards criticism


Faust Arp is short but packed, fantastic song, the only complaint I could possibly have is that it ends too soon lol


Agree with the Faust Arp. Doesn’t fit aesthetically at all and is a brutal momentum killer after probably the strongest string of songs in their discography.


Disagree, I think it flows well and sets up Reckoner perfectly with the pacing


In Rainbows is probably my favorite album ever and I agree. It’s the one song I won’t listen to outside the context of the whole album (except for Faust arp but I think of that more as an interlude) it’s so slow and dull, and the fact that it is surrounded by other incredible songs makes it look weaker in comparison


Cross by Justice is a phenomenonal house album except for Tthhee Ppaarrttyy which is legitimately one of the worst songs I've ever heard.


Imo the worst songs on revolver are taxman and doctor robert - I like the ones you chose. The Kinks wrote a song in the same year about the tax hikes on the rich (sunny afternoon) basically mocking all the rich outrage about the law and I think it's a lot more based. The melody of taxman is also pretty unappealing in my opinion.


Oof, taxman rips tho!


I think Awaken my love could’ve been perfect if not for riot and California.


I’ve always loved Ricky Music by Porches but idk what the hell he was thinking with “i can’t even think”




I think Beck’s Morning Phase is flawless outside of Say Goodbye. Not one other sub-perfect track on it. Southeastern by Jason Isbell is in the conversation for GOAT country music album if not for Super 8. Okay song on its own but totally breaks the vibe of the rest of the album. The Getting By is the one meh song on Pressure Machine by The Killers. And I’m still half inclined to give that album a 10. The title track of Dive Deep by Andrew Belle is alright, but every other song on that album is phenomenal. When it Rains is probably the weak link off of Riot! by Paramore but I’m half tempted to still call it a 10.


My Warm Blood is the closer on The Glow Pt. 2 and it goes on way wayyy too long


The Marshall Mathers LP with the Ken Kaniff skit...


U2’s Zooropa. It’s a stunning and groundbreaking album with the exception of the song Babyface. It’s not only U2’s worst song, it’s one of the worst songs I e ever heard.


Frances the Mute by The Mars Volta Nearly flawless album but Miranda is way too long for what it is


Sgt Pepper : She’s Leaving Home.


weird because imo those two songs contribute to Revolver’s perfection, Dr. Robert is totally out of place though.


run for your life is a horrible closer to rubber soul


rubber soul would be perfect without run for your life


"Tapestry" from Carole King's *Tapestry* is, ironically, the only bad cut on an otherwise perfect album.


good kid, m.A.A.d city would be a 10 if its two closing tracks were better


Compton is a ridiculous closer with one of the best beats on the album, L take


I can’t stand Real


I’m glad it’s not just me. Compton’s good but Real is baffling… especially after Dying Of Thirst


Compton I could see..but Real is....so good.


Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen, I Really Like You ruins the vibe for me. I wish it was replaced with a song like Higher or Body Language from side B.


Eric's Trip and Providence of Daydream Nation.


its not a bad interlude


What's wrong with Eric's Trip?


I will not tolerate providence slander


**Screamadelica**. Remove 'Damaged' and it's a perfect album. Whoever thought centering a 5-minute acoustic ballad around Bobby Gillespie's whiny falsetto (in the middle of a bunch of drugged-out house bangers) should be fired. Fire Bobby, is what I'm saying. **XTMNTR.** Even worse than Gillespie's cringe-balladry is Gillespie's cringe-rapping. The instrumental is alright but the rapped refrain sounds like it was pulled from an edgy 12-year-old's LiveJournal. Also there is no need for two versions of Swastika Eyes, though neither version is bad. Basically with Scream the rule of thumb is the less Bobby the better. **Black Sabbath vol. 4**. Changes followed by FX kills the vibe and pace of the album. Not terrible tracks on their own but they don't really fit the album. **Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain**. Not a very hot take but 'Hit the Plane Down' is a travesty surrounded by one of the best collections of indie guitar rock of the 90s (or any decade). IIRC it's the only track sung by not-malkmus so was probably included to keep him happy. **Synchronicity.** Mother is an indescribably awful track that appears to be included solely because Andy Summars demanded his solo track be included. At least Copeland's track (Miss Gradenko) is good. **Homework.** Rollin & Scratchin. The track doesn't really progress or evolve and is just the same ear-splitting sound for almost 8 fucking minutes. **Good Kid, MAAD City.** I'm real isn't very good. It has an annoying chorus, is way too long, and kind of kills the pacing of the ending of the album. Compton is also pretty mid but I can kind of write it off as a bonus track. **The Marshal Mathers LP.** I hate everything about Remember Me? I think I've skipped it every time I've listened to the album aside from the first time. I have something like an allergic reaction to the first few seconds of the song and I just want it to go away. **Sticky Fingers.** Sway kills the vibe of the album, especially coming right after of the incredible Brown Sugar. It's just a plodding mid-tempo guitar ballad with awkward transitions and lifeless performances from everyone. I don't think the Stones ever managed a perfect album but this one would come pretty damn close if you removed this track. **Images and Words**. Most Dream Theater albums have a roughly 50/50 ratio of cringe to good, but Images and Words is a front-to-back prog-metal banger if you skip Another Day. The sax alone should be illegal. **Everybody Knows this is Knowhere.** Round and Round is a lifeless, turgid dud that feels like it never ends in an album that's otherwise full of great, high-energy guitar rock. Neil can absolutely pull off great slower, acoustic tracks (see On Beach, After the Gold Rush or Rust Never Sleeps) but this one is just DOA.


I haven't heard any of the other albums listed besides *GKMC* but I definitely disagree with that one lol. I think real is the proper end to the album. it fits the narrative so well to me. *Compton* to me is like the song that plays while the credits roll.


I think the lyrics of I'm Real are fine, it's just the execution of the track that I don't like. Kill the chorus, make the beat less annoying, and maybe cut a few minutes from the track and I'd like it better.




"i'm real i'm real i'm really really real" is one of kendrick's worst choruses, and I find the constant bell(?) on the beat to be really annoying.


I love Mother by The Police. Idk why, I should hate it but there’s just something about it.




Can't believe you said Rollin & Scratchin like that isn't one of Daft Punk's best songs and one of the best electronic songs ever. This is a travesty.