It’s really slim Most foreign talent is coming from abroad using H1B Visas or EB-3 which are harder to get …and most of those are crowded by hordes of Indian folks with a couple of years of experience You can try a E-3 visa for Australians but it’s not a dual intent visa and it is temporary so that might be an option if you want to work for 2-4 years here then go back Third option would be to become a Mexican or Canadian national…there’s a TN visa which is not permanent but can be renewed 5 years at a time forever if you wanted without sponsorship just a job in the states


The US immigration system is an utter mess. You can get into an annual lottery for an H1 B Visa. When US tech companies hire, they invariably ask "Will you need sponsorship for a H1 B Visa?" Another play may be to attend an American university, get your PhD, and develop some good connections, then roll into a US-based job from there. Good luck.


I hope you are taking into account the free benefits you get as an Australian that are outrageously expensive in the US, (like healthcare) and not just looking at the dollar amount of the salary. Consider your entire compensation.


Surely a salary 2x that of in Australia compensates for this??


I can’t answer that for you without knowing everything about the compensation packages you are considering, I just wanted to make sure that you understand and consider the differences. Time off is also considerably better in Australia, and that should also be factored in.


Bro don’t do it, america is shit


I feel like I don’t have a choice based on the number of jobs alone


Are you only looking in Sydney? Or would other cities in AU have more opportunity like Melbourne or Perth?


Get a job with a US company in Australia and then get transferred. Then when in the US try not to get sick or shot, apart from that it is great!! I am originally from the UK but now US citizen.


How does Canada compare for job opportunities? You may have more visa options than the US.


Good luck, it is very very very hard to get a sponsor for H1 visa. It costs companies alot of money and effort to go through the process. And they'd rather hire offshore because it's cheaper and easier than bringing someone here.