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Here is a recent [German article about the case](https://www.bz-berlin.de/berlin/unter-maryams-verscharrter-leiche-fanden-ermittler-die-dna-spur-eines-bruders) Translation: >The harrowing case of the murdered Afghan Maryam H. (34): She wanted to be free and therefore had to die. Now the public prosecutor's office has brought charges against her two brothers. An act for "low motives", according to the prosecutor. The decisive evidence: investigators found a DNA trace from one of the brothers under the buried body of the young mother ... > >The victim: Maryam H. was forcibly married at the age of 16 in Afghanistan. She had two children (8, 13). In 2015, she fled to Germany with her children. After mistreatment by her husband, the marriage was divorced in 2018. > >She came to live in a residential home, fell in love with the family caregiver, both wanted to marry. Against the will of the family and her brothers, who are said to have considered the divorce unconsummated under Islamic law. > >The brothers: Sayed H. (26) came to Donauwörth (Bavaria) from Afghanistan in 2013. He was in the army, had never learned a profession. Sayed H. has so far been convicted once for document forgery. > >His younger brother Seyed H. (21) fled in 2015, he is said to have dropped out of school after two to three years. He also never learned a trade. In 2020, he was convicted of two counts of assault. > >The crime: On July 13, 2021, the brothers lured their sister into a trap with the prospect of her own apartment, according to the prosecution. Where exactly the murder happened, the homicide squad could not determine. > >One thing is certain: The young mother was tortured before her death, strangled, throttled and with a sharp knife her throat was cut. But the murder weapon has disappeared. > >The evidence: Homicide detectives were able to secure a video from the Berlin-Südkreuz train station. It shows the brothers hoisting a heavy, bulging rolling suitcase onto the ICE train to Donauwörth on the day of the murder. > >The prosecution is convinced that the suitcase contained the body of Maryam H. A cadaver-sniffing dog was able to detect traces of the dead body on a station escalator and struck. > >The life companion of Sayed H. finally led the police to the place where the body was found in a field near Donauwörth. The most important evidence: Maryam H. was bound with adhesive tape. A piece of a plastic glove with the DNA of the accused brother Seyed H. was stuck to it! > >The trial: Sayed and Seyed H. were arrested on August 3, 2021, and are in custody in Berlin. They are facing life imprisonment. The murder trial is being presided over by a judge who sentenced all eight defendants to life in prison in the case against the Hells Angels.


Europeans have to start choosing who they let in


I don’t understand how they allowed in those two brothers ?


Yeah, they seem uneducated and lack qualifications.


It's Germany, they allow anyone in as long as you manage to cross the border illegally. Afghans are usually recognized as refugees and allowed to stay. From what I see it's actually easier for unqualified and uneducated folks to come in as long as they can afford a smuggler. Compared to qualified immigrants from a place like Afghanistan who try to do it the legal way, they're hit with the full force of kafkaesque red tape. On the plus side ex-Muslims are also given refuge from persecution. But as you can see in some cases people are still not safe, because the EU doesn't get it's act together when it comes to Islamism. A good half of them have been successfully convinced that any criticism of Islam is racism. And there is a lot of political indoctrination when it comes to this issue. For example I searched the main German subreddit, which is left leaning, for mentions of this story with many different keywords but found nothing. They often remove news like it because it doesn't fit in their worldview. Your typical Western Islam apologist, Germany has a lot of them sadly. Source: I live here


Afghans generally speaking have a pretty good case for asylum as they come from a war torn country.


Wht do the locals think about Islam they must hate it cause German are ok with nudist and they get drunk a lot


You don't get a lot of people who openly say they hate Islam because that would be considered a far-right opinion (which Germans are very afraid of being labeled as). It's hard to say how most people think about it, because like I said Muslim gets equated with Islam and so because people want to be polite they mostly don't comment on it. I also get the feeling that many see it as a foreign culture that needs to be respected. But yeah, I think most don't actually like it even though they don't say it out loud. It's similar across Western Europe. As for alcohol quite a few self-proclaimed Muslim men drink here so...


The asylum system is complicated and it can be quite difficult to get somebody who is denied any form of legal residence out of the country. Asylum is often mixed in with other forms immigration, but it is different. It's a last resort for people who face serious threats in the places they're coming from. That also means for example that you can be a fundamentalist, misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Semitic piece of shit and still have a valid asylum claim if your life would be in danger in your home country. Additionally, it can be difficult for Western countries to expel people who have been denied legal residence. Quite often their home countries won't just take them back and you can't just take them to the nearest border and force them out, because your neighboring countries likely won't allow them in. And you can't deport people to places that are too risky and unstable. So right now Germany certainly wouldn't deport any Afghan even if their asylum claim was rejected because of the current situation in Afghanistan.


I swear these types of laws will only bring the downfall of the west. How can the west be this careless about unchecked immigration. Why should they home these people when these people won’t ever do the same for nonMuslims. Infact they’re showing exactly what they do when they get to humane countries.




tHaTs RaCiSt


Nope. Racist would be if someone said that they shouldn't let Arabs in. This guy just said they should check who comes in. That may apply to a lot of different things like their views on democracy or right to choose a religion etc.


bUt iT's tHeIr cuLtURe!


tHiS MeaNs ItS sArCaStiC


I aM nOt So SmArT


> An act for "low motives", according to the prosecutor. I find this especially important. I believe it needs to be said loud and clear that religion be considered a "low motive" when crimes are committed in its name.


The paper itself is more on the populistic end, I apologize for the sensationalism. If anybody finds a better source let me know


No your completely right to include sensationalism. That's the only way we may get public outcry that this kind of behavior is not acceptable. These men want to live by a 7th century based religion. Fine you live by that, but Muslim men have no right to force their archaic outlook on female behavior, on females. Who is now taking care of her sons?




I really used to buy into the progressive Muslim idea but they appear flowery and liberal on the outside, but they still to rush to defend their religion when issues like this are discussed.


Did the Taliban 2.0 propaganda fool you?




They’re the worst, 1000 years worth of denial. I hate them probably more than the « extremist », because at least those who follow Islam to the letter are not lying to themselves, they know what they want. But moderate Muslims who drink and create new rules to appear Islamic compliant ( like the Moroccan rule of the 40 days before Ramadan) are the worst, unable to being critical, unable to own up to their mistake (مكتوب) and perpetual victims… but most importantly they protect the religious elite by providing them with legitimacy…


>if Allah wanted good for us his creation why would he send us a religion knowing the fact that it's going to be used in a wrong way creating more barbaric and backward society instead of doing any good for humanity? It's the same with the Bible, you can take any given verse and people will have vastly different interpretations of it. People need to see these books for what they are: vague as hell, probably by design.


And when those books are anything but vague in condoning sex slavery, tribalism, and hard patriarchy scholars step in to “give context” with their demonstrations of knowledge of the old language. I even remember a lay Muslim I thought was more educated than he was on the topic doing a particularly amateur job of this with the wife bearing verse by saying “strike” in this context was more like a labor strike but one where the husband ignores his wife and sleeps without her. Now that I think about it that’s kinda fucking stupid advice from god too on top of absolute bs translation.


Unless the dickhead works for his wife, that interpretation makes no flipping sense xD.


honestly when people say "that's not true islam", they are actually trying to deflect from the actual issue. It is mostly to protect their ego not to actually solve the problem.


They’re basically saying “Islam has nothing to do with Islam.”


More like, "Islam in their head has nothing to do with real Islam"


> It's an observable fact that the world would be a better place without islam There can be no religious honor killings without *religion*. Without the context of religion, honor killings are still bad - but there's a difference between killing someone who raped your child and killing someone who doesn't pray enough. There is no meaning for honor in religion. You can't have honor without truth, and there is no truth in claims that can't be backed up by anything.




Islam is responsible for the death of this innocent women. If islam didn’t exist, they wouldn’t have killed her, think about it.




So islam is responsible for the good things that happen and isn't responsible for the bad things? Cherry picking at its finest.




cognitive dissonance from a 15y old at its best. Go fuck yourself


No that's Christianity


They literally killed and dismembered her because she left the faith, that's what islam has to do with this. The second part of your comment is so unbelievably idiotic I'm actually at a loss of words


Can you read? This innocent woman died because she didn’t want to follow Islam. Instead of going on about what Muslims have provided to the world focus on the issue at hand, stop digressing.


Lmao. The stuff would still be invented. What terrible logic. Maybe it would take longer, be invented by others, or invented by Arab people who aren't Muslim. But it would still be invented. Humanity has a tendency to create whatever it desperately needs. Saying surgery wouldn't be invented without Islam is a fucking joke.


Islam is an ideology not a race, those people who invented the stuff would still exist regardless of Islam.


Listen dude, ordering to kill the muslims who leave the religion in its holy book is something to do with it isnt it ? Or the holy book doesnt represent islam too ?


How can westerners keep shouting Islamophobia with things like this?


Because even if they have the decency to speak up about things like this people are too afraid of looking islamophobic and potentially having their careers ruined because of Muslims.


And they need to stay calm with Saudi Arabia, business purposes.


Because they love to protect minorities in order to fuel their white knight complex. They must accept everyone who isn't white, male and straight no matter how dangerous that could be for them. And I absolutely loathe that Germany picked this shit up from Americans, because if I ever dare to say anything against Islam I'm a nazi, racist, etc. despite me not having german heritage (as someone could tell by my full name, but I'm "too german for a foreigner" as I've been told, which in itself is actually racist to say but in their ideology that isn't racism?). Their views are flawed and they ignore everyone who says otherwise, especially the victims are being bullied, canceled or even doxxed, leading to more harm if they dare to speak up.


Because were so focused on being accepting that we forget sometimes it’s ok to not be accepting


Political reasons/ bussiness reasons




Oh at all? Do you know every woman in North East Africa?


This religion is hell for Women. Leave it as soon as possible.


But don’t you know... “Islam is a feminist religion” apparently.


The worst thing is western born Muslim women say that a lot. I know a few Muslim girls who were born here and they can’t stop posting Islam and feminism horseshit every 5 seconds in their insta stories. Not to mention they keep glorifying their parent’s birth land about how incredible it is, yeah like sure lady, no better place to be a woman than Pakistan or Afghanistan no?


What's the problem with the patriotism though? Every nation has their good and bad days. In Afghanistan for example, it was socially acceptable for women (in the urbanized regions, like Kabul, Herat, Kandahar) to wear western clothing. In some rural regions, western tourists could wear their western clothing. Apart from that, we used to be a non-islamic country before the Arabs forced their culture on us.


That must mean that Nazism is a pro-Jew ideology!


*if you’re safe. Muslim men will kill you for HoNoUr


> This religion is hell for Women. Leave it as soon as possible. How exactly?


>How exactly? Yeah, the behavior of NPC's, disbelief even in the face of evidence. Please go research about misogyny of Islam yourself, I got no energy to write out thesis for you when you cannot comprehend a basic post.


RIP, poor woman.


A person who chooses to leave Islam harms their family’s honor, but killing an innocent human being doesn’t?


Islamic mindset right there


I really don't get what's "honorable" in killing your own relatives that just mind their own business


iSLaM iS tHE ReLiGioN oF PeACe


Because it’s not dishonourable to have murders in the family…


"islam is a feminist religion"


But brozzers, this is not real islam


brazzers, not all muslims represent true islam!!


islam moment


I'm in the country next to Germany, aka western europe and no words about this tragedy on the news here. The western media/government are afraid to call a spade a spade because they'll be seen as racists. Western government needs to step tf up and stop being islamic lapdogs. Ffs.


I believe this sad tragedy happened a few months ago, but it’s only gaining attention now. So sad.


Yes true, happened back in July. But first time hearing about it for me was yesterday thanks to David Wood of all people.




As an afghan atheist I'm really ashamed of this savagery from my compatriots. The most dangerous version of an afghan is when someone tramples their Islamic principles.


Same, I'm afghan too and this is just so despicable and horrifying. Sometimes I'm embarrassed to call myself afghan because of people like that.


Afghan history, geography, and ancient culture are some of the best in human history. It’s not Afghanistan, it’s the archaic and barbaric religion.


r/Islam won't talk about that


They won’t raise awareness of this because it doesn’t fit their narrative and it’s not a Muslim who is the victim here.


Something very similar to this happened to a young girl from a Muslim Pakistani family here in Italy. They murdered her, destroyed the body and fled the country. Police looked for the body for months without success, and the family is still at large. The whole country was up in arms about it, but not a whisper came from the Muslim community. Guess they don't care.


Religion of cut to pieces. How can anyone honestly defend a religion that encourages this?


In a normal family. Killing your sister would bring the family dishonour


There is nothing normal about the cult of Islam




Imagine arguing that "riling" anybody up is worth an execution. Still gargbage.


Looking forward to the brain-dead apologists reacting to this news with "nothing to do with Islam," showing once again they care more for being PR for their religion than addressing these issues.


There actually was an apologetic on here earlier on who claimed it had nothing to do with Islam and then tried to defend his statement by saying “look what Islam has given to civilisation”. Blood of innocents doesn’t matter to them, they’d rather defend their archaic pathetic ideology.


I couldn't agree with you more. It's never surprising as concern for humanity isn't what motivates these apologists, rather it's massaging the ego of their prophet so they can be rewarded with an eternal orgy in the sky.


A few weeks ago a father and his 18 year old son were convicted of murdering the boys mother. It happened here in Denmark. It was also because she wasn't religious anymore. The dad had the son do it. But got long prison sentences and will be deported back to Afghanistan afterwards. The fucked thing is that the woman's family in Afghanistan gave their blessing for them to carry out the murder.


Sometimes I hope there is a hell so people like that can rot in it.


Honor killings / Reputation-based killings happen because Islam is an extremist ideology that promotes violence and puritanical values (which negatively affect women the most). **To prevent these killings from occurring, we have to push for individual freedoms to counter Islam's toxic community-oriented society**, where people are so tightly bound together that everyone is in everyone else's business and a person's individual actions can negatively affect the reputation of their family. Last but not least, fuck Abrahamic religions.


And then Muslims wonder why exmuslims continue to speak out against this religion and the culture it creates.


Those fucking animals. And people ask why so many of us stay closeted. 🤬


Makes me angry that we aren’t even safe in the West.


Europeans needs people in charge who are willing to ban Islam, and ban anyone from migrating to Europe from Islamic countries.




Muslims always accuse us of talking against Islam and damaging its reputation instead of moving on while the religion itself is full of barbarities that any human should talk against. I wonder why they don’t protest against these acts done by their fellow Muslims the same way they do when someone draws a caricature of their beloved prophet.


[This](https://www.bz-berlin.de/data/uploads/2021/08/koffer-leiche-sudkreuz_1628759882-1024x576.jpg)is the security footage of the brothers transporting a heave suitcase ([Article](https://www.bz-berlin.de/berlin/ermordete-maryam-killer-brueder-machen-widerspruechliche-angaben-zum-koffer-inhalt)). In older articles german newspapers wrote that the brothers transported their sister´s body in a suitcase, from Berlin to Bayern (=Bavaria, also in germany but at least a 5 hour car-drive apart). But now the lawyers of the brothers stated that the way the police interrogated the brothers was too harsh and not right (the articles doesn´t specify what exactly they mean) and therefore their testimonies can´t be used against them in court.... I hope the truth comes out, either way, Maryam H. was killed right after she filed for divorce from her man in Afghanistan and her brothers were angry at her.


What the fuck who kills someone for that


I think the more these things happen in western countries, westerners will start to wake up to the reality of what islam really is vs what it claims to be. It's horrific that this happens but I think it will lead to an overall good. Of course it would be great if we could all come to the consensus that killing is wrong but clearly humans are not too bright and we need to see a lot of death before we come to our senses.


Idk. They mass raped underage girls in UK for decades and nothing much changed. Europeans have a history of appeasement till its too late


Literally. I’ve seen Muslim apologetics defend Pakistani grooming gangs it’s sickening.


Europeans have to fucking wake up. For both their and our sakes


Absolutely. It’s not racist to not let in barbaric animals who grew up under sharia law in your country. It’s about safety


Europe has to tighten its migration policies. Do background checks and online interviews with everyone you let in, not leave the front door open


Exactly. I’m sorry if some of them are trying to escape war and stuff but these people grew up with the sharia law. You can’t expect them to be peaceful when they grew up under a violent law.


It will not change much sadly, Europe is mostly left leaning and it has proven itself to not connect these crimes to the actual cause, but make up an excuse like "it's radicalized people only" without acknowledging that Islam is ultimately the cause, and they will use all their effort to explain to you that not all Muslims are like that, instead of making efforts to restrict religion and especially Islam. I really hope that political movement will soon catch on, but everything islam-criticising always immediately gets shut down and labeled as xenophobia or racism. Germany, the UK, Sweden, France etc etc, wherever in Europe you look, the amount of incidents like the one in this thread is increasing in all of Europe, and like you said, I really hope the left will awake to the reality that is religion and sadly especially Islam needs to be mentioned because you don't see any other religion do anything comparable in the west.


I honestly wish westerners would wake up, but most of them are afraid of saying anything because of “Islamophobia”. Muslims really be playing the victim card in the West.


What would they know? They can go around celebrating Christmas and drinking and partying being ignorant to the fact that these things can get people fined in muslim countries.


I'm one of the few westerners who is trying to let others know how islam is not our friend, not a friend of europe and secularism. But when speaking out on it they will silence me and those who try to warn the rest by calling us racist and bigots. I won't stop tho, even though it might all be in vain, i will speak out on this barbaric religion till my dying day. fuck islam and fuck those white westerns screaming ''islamophobia''.


Your wrong.


This is disgusting.




*Meanwhile in the extomatotes sub* "*Extomatotes think this murder has to do with Islam*" 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦‍♂️


Obligatory denials: Not Real Islam™ Not Real Muslims™ Not Real Sharia™ Culture Is Not Islam™


>Culture Is Not Islam™ One Russian journalist, a non-minority, an ethnic Slav of Christian upbringing (I am very aware about Muslim population of Russia but this guy is not one of them), said, "Beheading people is actually a very French traidition because guillotine." The guy is a huge fan of Erdogan.


Wtf in Germany too? And they ask me why I’m against these cunts migrating to the west. They don’t adapt to modern society and do this shit. May she rest in peace and I hope her kids are safe.


There are cities in germany you don´t recognise as german as they are full of people from the middle east. Since the refugee crisis crimes like murder and rape got worse. I think most migrants and refugees are peaceful, but there is a part of them that´s dangerous, yet still wants to live in the west and live according to sharia law.


That’s awful. Same thing with the Uk. Unfortunately I’m living in that right but it’s more south Asian populated. I don’t think most migrants and refugees are peaceful. I despise most of them. If you grow up hating women, sexualising them, killing people for premarital sex and taking off the hijab, basically the sharia law you won’t just change your mind because you moved locations. You’ll still have that mindset and these people pollute and ruin the west and make it like their backwards homeland.


How do you deal with living around many South Asian Muslims? Especially seeing as South Asian Muslims in the UK are very conservative and most are turning a lot more religious. I grew up in a south Asian community and the best thing that ever happened to me was moving away from it.


North Africans too


> but there is a part of them that´s dangerous, yet still wants to live in the west.. aka jihad


I live in Frankfurt, the city with most most muslims in Germany. Its worse than you think. Maybe statisticly they are not THAT many muslims but when you go outside you will only see muslims.


Unfortunately this is nothing new in Germany. Lots of honor killings were practiced here, there even was a "trend" of them in the early 2000's. Here's also a link to a map of Germany with some of the honour killings practiced there listed with how, where and when they were killed, their heritage and by whom. And as people can see it's mostly countries that have connection to Islam, but if you would say that here you're instantly a nazi, racist and islamophobe. I don't know if the side is being updated tho and it's in german. https://www.cileli.de/ehrenmorde/ehrenmorde-in-deutschland/


One day this will happen to all of us.




Where are the protests? Where are the public denunciations? When will they be tried and sent to prison for the rest of their natural lives? From the Muslims of Peace?


She just wanted to live free and happy.


It's not acceptable in Islam


Why the fuck western countries house those extremists?? I mean if I wanted to buy extra painkiller for the flu I would be on some watch list (ok i exagerate) but those people who clearly has thos thoughts from the begining can live in germany? Visit there? Without showing their terrorist islamic sides in any kind of platform?? Do someone wants me to belive that while I, a normal citizen in non eu country, have to prove my mothers bank account so *maybe* I can get a tourist visa?


They were just showing how peaceful and accepting islam is!


This is so sad. You’re supposed to be able to trust family, but for Muslim women this statement doesn’t hold much truth.


What a shame! Hopefully justice ll be given to these idiots.


Incredible display of psychopathy.




Ah yes….. the religion of peace !


And braking the law somehow doesn't break their family honour?? Somehow luring and killing an unprepared and defenseless woman who has children to feed is less dishonourable. These absolute PEACE OF SHIT HUMANS DON'T KNOW WHAT HONOUR IS!!!


It's arguably even worse since they killed their own sister even.


This just made me so scared to come out as an ex muslim


That is their goal, yes


So, what does killing her do? Faster entry to heaven? No more sins from her? Now she has no chance to repent, innit. Your family honor is now smeared with stupidity


This stuff is just so insane, there was a news story recently in my city that this lady was stabbed and kidnapped. Turns out she was stabbed and taken by her mother, father and brother at a shopping mall because she was with someone out of faith. The preference instead was to leave her bleeding in the shower :/ Luckily cops arrived there straight away since they kidnapped her from a shopping mall and people took down the licence plate and hospital saved her. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-12-01/woman-stabbed-in-adelaide-car-park-over-faith-dispute-court-told/100667088


This is so disgusting omg...


Imagine standing there, over your tied up sister, and being capable of slitting the throat of this family member, with whom you probably learned to walk or whatnot. Torturing/killing your sister to get honor. They go right to Mordor


can anyone see this comment? pls upvote it. I need some karma to post. Thanks


And you're not supposed to be scared of this garbage lmaoooo Islamophobia is not an issue if stuff like this comes up rarely - it's rational


There is no islamophobia it's all kafirphobia the kafir libtards are literally defending Muslim because MinORiTy bs and Muslim literally do this kind of stuff so often. Fu k you Muslim tard


I'm not a Muslim, and I was pointing out the hypocrisy of calling people Islamophobic when they are understandably scared of Islam when shit like this happens all the time


So loving.




I live in also Germany


Stay safe.


Religion of pee S


Gotta love “the religion of peace”


What the fuck,what are german authorities are doing


Afraid of being called “racist” for interfering in another culture’s matters.


Protecting citizen from crime is responsibility of authorities


Political correctness seems to trump that in Germany.


It is not avout who being killed . It is about society that let those bastards killed their sista. No matter where you are either in Islam or outside...the price of people is becoming less to certain shocking crisis .


that poor woman


The crime was committed in the name of religion, which means that as long as they are religious they can strike again, for the same motives.


why isnt this covered in any news subreddits


Muslim: her family are not true Muslim.


Pos a-holes can get publicly hung




These two guys should have death sentences. For killing an innocent lady. But one thing thousands of the murders in the world happen each minute and a lot of them for a stupid reason like someone kills someone over a 1$ and no body gives a sh..t. But when it comes to a religion you see these racist comes and put their ugly comments!! What a world.


I don’t know what to say… speechless.. she had just one life and just because where was born… I think what ibni Haldun said was true. Geography is destiny .


Your comment rings very true to me. Geography is indeed destiny.


I wonder if their so did the same thing and didn't follow islam or wasn't that religious, will they also honor killing him? Why honor killing is not address by sheikh or big scholars? They always say women are emotional, yet both anger and ego is the reason behind these killing.


Imagine killing and dismembering your own sister, worthless sacks of shit


Religion of pieces


Fuck their family, fuck their Allah, and their dirty honour. If your Allah is offended by being told to FUCK OFF then he is as real as trump's intelligence, and the same goes for his fear of the fucking vagina, that he allegedly created to do exactly what he is angry about it doing. Fucking idiot of a god.




Do you have evidence for your claim?




5 months late but to anyone reading I recommend the geman movie: "Just a Woman" it basically tells a true story very similar to this in Germany (sad that it has happened at least twice), a exmuslim Woman trying to live for freely and her family giving her shit for it, and her brothers killing her.


Quran 5:32. "Whoever killed a person ... it shall be as if he had killed all mankind".


That verse was said for the Jews plus see the context before you cherry-pick some lines to prove your religion is peaceful. See the next verse too '5:33'


to be fair it says if **you** wage war on Allah's Prophet and land


that verse is for the jews, and also copied from them. Why cherry picking? 5:32 That is why We ordained for the Children of Israel that whoever takes a life—unless as a punishment for murder or mischief in the land—it will be as if they killed all of humanity; and whoever saves a life, it will be as if they saved all of humanity.1 ˹Although˺ Our messengers already came to them with clear proofs, many of them still transgressed afterwards through the land. — Dr. Mustafa Khattab, the Clear Quran [https://quran.com/5:32](https://quran.com/5:32)


Wow, thank you for that I’m sure her children will feel better hearing this.


Dont think you understood the point. This is not endorsed, and her murderers carry the sin of killing all of humankind. The children may feel better knowing that there will be justice in the afterlife, but I cant speak for them.