I think it wants tou to play stalingrad


Then you reroll and it just changes it from 2 to 3 matches.


Because they want us to play there bullshit double layered premium campaign. I refuse to touch it unless I get it from Even Fight. Which is best stalingrad.


This is so annoying i had both the exact same tasks yesterday but with 3 battles to play, i dont want to play stalingrad wtf is this rotation give me something else those ar literally the same tasks 4 times in a row if u dont count that its allies and axis and the amount of battles, i was already annoyed when i changed the task from yesterday and all that changed was that i have to play one less battle in stalingrad and then it gives me another stalingrad task but for allies which i also had yesterday already like are u trolling me or what? Also why are pistol and mortar kills tasks? Whos using that and why would they want people to loose their minds trying to get 10 pistol kills while being absolutely useless to the team i dont understand


Same. They want us to play Stalingrad so bad


I kid u not i just changed the task again and now i only have to play one match in stalingrad wow


I wonder what the population numbers are on each campaign?


I had the same crap. Kept rolling them off and it would switch between stalingrad axis and allies, as well as the battle count. Took a while but I got all 9 stars without playing stalingrad


Happened to me yesterday, I remember seeing a post a few days ago saying the same. Maybe DF has really tampered with the daily quests to force us to play Stalingrad? Pd: I also noticed some quests got significantly harder, wtf is "kill 50 enemies with mortars"???


I also noticed this. I have played 1 game of stalingrad, that's it. I got my hands full with the 4 other non pay-to-win campaigns. The occasional 1 is fine, 4 in a row is BS.


Same I’ve pretty much maxed out both factions for Stalin grad and it keeps giving challenges for that campaign like I’m tryna max out battle for Moscow almost there for the Normandy campaign and haven’t started batter for Berlin or tunasia yet but point it like mix up the challenges a bit other than that it’s a fun ass game and the fact that it’s free is even more mind blowing cause it did light years better than call of duty vanguard ever could 😂😂😂😂😂😂


i like those tasks, gives me a reason to play different campaigns


Honestly better than "15 kills with a pistol" or "50 kills with a mortar".


Gaijin is gaijin. The game slowly gets worse, more painful and more grindy as time passes. \+ forced playerbase control through rigged tasks. (repair costs in war thunder) \+more effort to get weapons/ troops (nerfed rewards in wt) etc.