Why didn't you just play one copy on one system?


The way it goes for me is like this: 1. Purchased on PC at launch 2. Released for Xbox 360. “Play on my comfy sofa offline and with local co-op, hell yeah!” 3. Released for Nintendo Switch. “Play offline AND on the go anywhere I want. Absolutely, Sign me up!” It’s actually what convinced me to buy a Switch, which I am so glad I did. I think it is the best version of the game. I hardly ever play on PC anymore. So, it’s not like I went out and bought all 3 versions at once. Each release introduced a better way for me to enjoy the game.


I'd probably have the game for multiple systems if they shared characters. I know why they don't, but it's still what stopped me from playing anywhere but PC.


Why don't they? Are the system experiences that different? Why can't I login on Switch, play, then login with the same account on an Xbox? It's not like they charge for accounts. They charge for the development efforts of the game on each platform.


The cheating ecosystem is definitely different. On the PC, it's effectively impossible to mod a character and give yourself full primal everything, but there are bots. On the Switch, you need one of the early consoles that could be modded, so you can edit the offline savegame. Last Xbox I had was the 360, and it didn't even had to be modded to edit savegames.


Oh. I guess I had thought more of it was online than it is. I also haven't taken part in the competitive aspects, so botting, or other cheating I guess, hasn't impacted me. Yet.


Hey man,. You tryna say d3 on mobile is the best way to play? I do not think so.


I only play on PC. If achievements/characters/inventory were transferable, I'd buy it on switch so I can play on the couch with my wife or on the go. But they aren't, so I don't.


Hi. Was actually trying to reply to the dude above ya.


If you play seasons this isn’t really an issue.


So seasonal characters are cross platform? So can start a season, create a character on PC level up a bit. Then continue to play that same character on switch while out and about. Then when back home continue on PC? If that is not the case, then it is still an issue. I only have a PC, not interested in consoles, so I don't know.


I think u/modrup was more suggesting that seasonal players are used to having new characters all the time, so for a lot of them (me included) there's nothing that odd about having two different seasonal characters on two different platforms. Consoles play differently as well so aimed characters are harder to play, so maybe you have a Wizard on PC and a Whirlwind Barb on console. Each version would have its own gift so you'd get the 6-piece on them. Given that a lot of people drop out as the season goes on as they've achieved their goals for the season then it can give each season extra life. Of course if you only have interest in playing a single character each season, which is fair enough, then this set up won;t work for you.


As u/percinho says pretty much. You are starting again every 3 months with seasons so its less of an issue having to build a new character on a new console. All you lose going from PC to Switch between seasons is your pets and wings (and you get the Cucco so IMO its a win).


I think people are maybe forgetting that the game is like 8 years old at this point.


Wait, you can play offline on Switch? I hadn't ever bothered getting it on mine, because I've already got it on PC and XBox. Don't have a PS4 or any plans to get one though.


You have to log in initially, but after that you're good as long as you don't return to the starting screen.


yes, inlcuding seasonal, but you need to start a seasonal game online, and then take your console offline. You can't join a seasonal game offline.


Switch I can understand, 360, bar co-op you can sofa game from pc, but why buy again on PS4? Not trying to start an argument, just genuinely confused why someone would own four copies of the same game.


For me, it's because I got used to playing the game as a social thing and now find it lacking without that interaction. Each of the platforms has a different social dynamic and a different average perspective on strength and efficiency. Also, PC D3 on the couch via HDMI or Link is MUCH WORSE than console D3. Like, it's not even in the same general vicinity. Console D3 is really quite good and, honestly, the xBone and PS4 versions of the game are much better looking than the PC version. I'd have an easier time recommending streaming the console version to your PC than streaming your PC version to your TV. Honest.


> Also, PC D3 on the couch via HDMI or Link is MUCH WORSE than console D3. Diablo 3 is literally the reason why I bought an Xbox in 2017. It made the entire experience so much better. I tried to get Diablo PC working with a controller (even with a wii mote as a mouse), but it just was not working. Because of that, I'm having a hard time getting into Diablo II. I want to experience it, but I can't motivate myself. I think I've spent more time playing Diablo 1 on my 3DS with devolution than I have playing Diablo II (and I only got as far as defeating the Smith in the Barracks)


> I'm having a hard time getting into Diablo II. I want to experience it, but I can't motivate myself. Don't feel bad on that count. I played the snot out of it around the turn of the millennium and would never play it these days. It hasn't aged well. If you were playing games back then and didn't play it, I'd say you missed out. But it's not like you can get the same experience today because our standards are MUCH higher.


yeah, Diablo 3 has spoiled me. Even 2016ish Diablo 3, where you just went back to the last checkpoint when you died. Maybe in 10ish years, when there's a devolution2 (because let's get real, Blizzard remastering their games is now a nightmare), I'll be able to enjoy Diablo 2 on my Switch.


Word on the street is that D2 isn't suitable for remaster and will essentially require a remake instead. Beyond the technical hurdles, though, there are a whole lot of quality-of-life things missing that we kinda' take for granted now. I'm sure as hell never going back to clicking on individual piles of gold to loot them.


> I'm sure as hell never going back to clicking on individual piles of gold to loot them. what bugs me the most with rpgs, is being "locked" into your skills. I'm just starting. I have no idea what's a good decision and what isn't. That's also why I'm struggling with D2. I need the relaxed nature of skills in D3


Yeah; while locked skills are far more realistic, they're poor quality-of-life in a game. I was really surprised, in a happy way, that D3 had them so fluid and didn't even charge $99 IAP for each point of change.


Check out Path of Diablo server for D2 if you do ever decide to give it a full go. Great game


I had this EXACT SAME journey!! I feel your pain!!!


I completely disagree with Switch being the best version - you can't aim spells properly and there's no touch support at all. Those two problems cancel out as far as I'm concerned.


> can't win spells properly Can you elaborate? I've only played the Switch version, and only as Wizard (other than weekly challenges, at least). Also, touch would make it a pain when playing on a TV or monitor. Not sure that makes any sense. (I use a regular, Pro-style controller, too, for comfort.)


Touch would be a pain on a monitor, you're 100% right, you can tell I've never really played it that way and so never considered that. That would be ugly. By "can't aim spells properly" I mean, for instance, WW/Rend barb normally uses Ancient Spear to pull enemies into enough of a group to get the density the build needs to perform. You can't do this because you can only use the spell in the direction you're facing or against the monster you're targeting, instead of point-and-click with a mouse. I know this is a standard console vs. PC difference, but it matters and there's no version of the same functionality attempted on any of the console versions. At low GR levels it doesn't really matter but even once you start to hit 120 the poor monster density on console and the inability to utilise spells fully means you simply can't get the density needed to have the damage output to succeed - it becomes a question of Paragon and fishing for a good rift. That's entirely a matter of available time to play rather than skill and it irks me. A wizard equivalent would be meteor use. Meteor gets used on your targeted monster, whatever that is. Teleport is used to max distance every time, in the currently faced direction - there's no precision. I don't mean to be all 'PC MaStEr RaCe', but I really do think this game didn't hit its full potential on console.


I've done the same (except PS4). I don't play on PC at all now. I love the switch version.


Yeah, i have it on all platforms too. Diablo on the go on the switch is nice, i bought it day one on pc, and was an early purchase on ps4/xboxone. Logged most hours on x box though


I ended up doing the same, my impulse buying needs to be checked. Now that xbox streaming works I mainly play on that now.




I use the beta app from Microsoft and stream from my one x to my galaxy S8 w/Xbox controller and the phone clip. The internet at work is pretty bad so sometimes I get awful tearing or artifacting. The problems aren't bad enough for me to quit playing and this game is great for burning 15 min during downtime. I am waiting for Razer to come out with their [Kishi](https://www.razer.com/gaming-controllers/razer-kishi) controller because the clips with the phone on the controller does feel a bit lunky. Also games I play on Xcloud are way better than streaming from my console so once that service is out of beta streaming games will be much better. E: wording


Hol up, u play at work? You hiring?


Lol I'm a dispatcher in a low volume area, after 1a its dead. So i can finish up most of my work, do some side stuff and still have an hour or two to kill depending on the time of year.




I completely get it, I now have 4 copies of Diablo, and like 6 copies of Skyrim. Spoiler; paid 50-60 each copy too.




I'm going to say they won't because every ecosystem wants their cut.


Cyberpunk 2077 said they guarantee if you buy on current Gen Xbox, you'll get a free copy on the new Gen when it comes out. One step in the right direction, by one company. Ha


Yeah, and its only a referring to one "platform" jump, ie xbone to Xbox proj x. They certainly aren't explicitly saying "buy once, play anywhere" I have purchased the Witcher 3 twice and am thinking about a third now that the switch version has PC cross saves!


I doubt that CDPR will literally send people a free copy of the game. It'll more likely be what we saw when Xbone X and PS4 Pro showed up and games got a free download that updated the graphical assets to 4K. And going from one Microsoft platform to another is very different from crossing brands, especially considering the next gen consoles are explicitly providing backwards compatibility for current gen games.


Saying and doing are very different, I’ll believe it when it happens for Cyberpunk2077.


It already happened for many games on xbox260/one so its not that unlikely.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen any game do that that I own. Most games prefer the Skyrim style of rereleasing over and over again.


Call of Duty Ghosts was one of em, some Dynasty Warrior game aswell IIRC


> I don’t think I’ve ever seen any game do that that I own Because, IMHO, not a lot of people have a lot of interest in the Windows Store. But Play Anywhere (or whatever they are calling the new iteration) is going to become a key feature as the next xBox rolls around and people start thinking about the transition. People are going to feel better about their purchases knowing they are both backward *and* forward compatible.


Destiny 2 was a game I bought on the 360 and was given a free upgrade when I bought my one. I recall the same for Titanfall.


Well it seems some companies/ games have done this. But until it happens I will be hesitant to believe it. The gaming industry has been becoming more and more of a mess recently with all the Fallout 76, WoW Classic and other such issues in games that aren't being ironed out. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but my faith in gaming has been alittle lost in recent years and I will believe it when I see it.


I thought a copy of the game from Microsoft store for PC would carry over to Xbox. Microsoft's Play anywhere initiative?


Right now that only works with play anywhere titles and I don't think there are too many 3rd party companies doing that.


I have it on PC and Xbox. Have been thinking about Switch. You may have just convinced me. Don’t get started on how many versions of Skyrim I own.


I can understand owning one PC version and one console version, but why the hell would you spend extra money for exactly the same experience? Like, it's your money, but that's just objectively wasteful.


> that's just objectively wasteful. I'm increasingly frustrated with people using the word objectively when they objectively should not. If you want to really be objective, you could make the argument that all game purchases are wasteful couldn't you? That free time should be better spent with self-improvement or community service or worship? > why the hell would you spend extra money for exactly the same experience? It isn't exactly the same experience. Different consoles have different social systems. Different convenience options. But beyond all that, the game is typically on sale at like $20 and if someone for whatever reason wants to dive into D3 anew (tens of hours, at least) then I don't really see how you can call that wasteful in comparison to ANY OTHER HOBBY in existence. A STAMP COLLECTION?? BUT YOU ALREADY OWN A STAMP! SHAMEFUL WASTE, YOU'RE NOT EVEN MAILING ANYTHING!


PC:New Diablo game? I'm in! Xbox/PS4: Oh, now I can play it on my sofa? Awesome! I'm in! Switch: Oh, now I can play it on the toilet? I'm in! PS4/Xbox: Dammit my son/daughter/husband/wife keeps playing Stardew Valley all the time on the console I own Diablo 3 for. Oh, I can buy it on the other console too? I'm in!


That is called passion.


If you have a game that you really like then there's no problem with just playing that game, as long as its within healthy boundaries. I have it on xbox and Switch and am considering picking it up on PC when it next goes on sale. I have terraria on 3 systems as well.


> there's no problem with just playing that game I wouldn't even say that owning it on multiple platforms means you need to play that game exclusively. I mean, D3 remains one of the easiest games from which to get your money's worth.


At least D4 is right around the corner.


Don't play Minecraft than...


In fairness, I bought it once (which I still kinda' regret) and that license allows me to play anywhere I've attempted, including the Win10 VR version.


All i need for platinum is 200ish bounties. What's the fastest way to do that?


I did the same. With all the hours I’ve put into this game, I can say with confidence I got my money’s worth


Same, I bought the reaper of souls edition for my ps4 back in 2014 and just recently bought D3 on my switch. Nintendo's portability has already won me over.


I feel your pain, brother. I got it on PS3 in December 2014. They capped the shit to before the vault existed and other stuff. November 2018 I got the D3 Nintendo Switch bundle. In general, it's amazing, but was getting sick of the slowdowns and targeting necromancer in higher rifts is just too difficult. I got a banging i9 laptop last Friday that can run the desktop version where I'm getting like 150 FPS on max settings, so over the weekend I bought the stupid shit for the third time.....


I bought for 1. PC, bought out of curiousity (2016ish?) (20€?) 2. Xbox One Ultimate Evil edition physical (holiday 2017) (20€) 3. Xbox 360 (because I'd like to experience pre-patching craziness) (20€) 4. Switch (2018) (60€) 5. [Diablo 3 collectors edition off eBay (30€)](https://old.reddit.com/r/diablo3/comments/avgeid/i_think_i_just_used_up_all_my_rng_for_the_week/) (2019) 6. Diablo 3 RoS collectors edition new (still in wrapping) off amazon (50€, 2019) 7. Xbox One digital (because my Xbox One S won't read read copy#2 anymore) (2020) (20€?) yeah ...


You could try Path of Exile its free to play with a strong immersion, and works on all platforms tho I don't recommend xbox or ps atm


Check out Wolcen on PC. It has a few bugs right now, but lots are getting fixed. Its a fun play till next season of Diablo 3


Try nioh


I don't mind paying for each platform, I just don't like that my account isn't shared. I've mostly played on PC but I bought the Switch version so I could play on my big TV + portability. I've only done 1 season on there and didn't do nearly the progress. I prefer playing with mouse+keyboard but it'd be nice to have options like work on grifts on PC and do more relaxing activity at the couch.


Maybe just stick with one or two systems?


New game? Just play PoE


I've had it on PC, Xbox and now play it on PS4 as I've slowly turned more casual the older I get haha.


Yeah. People that play PC exclusively totally don't understand how different the console experience is, for better or worse. It's hard to be a dedicated, efficient grinder when you're chilling on the couch with all the typical distractions. The rampant cheating doesn't even bother me - at least it's damned obvious instead of insidious, like on the PC.


Why not if he wants to play it on different platform? I only have 2, one for pc and for switch for couch and on the go mode. :)


Agree, 1 copy for all should be a thing, they better get it right for Diablo 4


> they better get it right for Diablo 4 They seem to be going the other way, though. I can't think of any other reason they'd yank their games from GeForce Now.