From my experience, the higher up you go, the more likely you have to travel. If you’re a manager, senior manager or partner you’re likely the face the client knows and works with. Those are when face to face meetings matter most. For staff and seniors, they are just churning out deliverables. That can be done anywhere. Government practice offers a lot less traveling so if traveling isn’t for you, that’s a good place to look. But again, the higher up, the more likely you’ll travel.


That's fascinating. Totally the opposite of the type of work I've been doing. You don't need a senior person to be on site because they would have developed the people under them to be effective communicators, etc. I'm not insulting Deloitte, I'm just surprised. That seemed a bit antiquated, no? "Let's all go on site to shake hands with the client."? Anyway, thanks for the feeback. May I ask about your background? Is it accounting, consulting/professional services, etc?


GPS requires less travel. However, all roles pretty much require you to be open to traveling 0-25%. Keep in mind though travel is all dependent on what the client wants. So it’s vague because until you join, there’s no telling to a certain extent what project you’ll be on. Covid did change things. However, with things opening back up some clients are starting to ask folks to travel but just a few.


Engagement Financial Advisors are 100% remote/hybrid


Yea- bud, you’re barking up the wrong tree. The more junior people are probably less critical to have at client-meetings. The higher you go, the more your travel expectations will increase. There are exceptions, but this is the general rule of thumb for client facing professionals. No one likes to travel for work. If you’re looking to move up, and limited travel is in your goals, you shouldn’t build a career in public accounting. No one wants to travel more so you can travel less and move up the ladder, lol.


> No one likes to travel for work Hugely inaccurate generalization > you shouldn’t build a career in public accounting Deloitte does far more than just public accounting. From OP’s post and other comments, it sounds like OP might be in consulting, where travel is (or at least, was) a lot more common.


umm… okay, I’d you’re enjoying traveling for work- you’re clearly not traveling a whole lot. lol


The end of your comment wasn't clear, and I'm not in accounting so maybe I can be more optimistic. So it sounds like you're saying a manager role absolutely is required to travel that much.


There are some managers who don’t travel. They get into these roles because they’re not terribly great with clients - they’re less valuable in the big meetings, and their upward mobility probably reflects those characteristics. If you’re looking for a career at a big four public accounting firm, and you want to move up over time, then you need to be open to some travel. There’s many career accelerating moments created during travel (internal networking at training, successful client meetings that lead to big opportunities, etc). If you’re looking to join the firm and avoid travel, you probably can find a home. But it’ll be a worker role- with less “thanks” and more “do this”


I am starting with GPS soon as a Strategy Consultant and after speaking to a lot of the upper management, seems like there is significantly less travel involved for all roles. Check it out as they are hiring like crazy for GPS Right now


will do, thanks!