I just had to look up his channel. Half a million subs?? Is it me or is the show just, depressing? I can’t tell if it’s really well hidden satire or just him being oblivious.


>Half a million subs They’re subs from dead accounts. He’s been on YouTube for a long time and was a little early to the cooking-on-YouTube thing iirc. I feel like there was always a “this is terrible” viewership though. I think I even might have an old account I no longer use that’s subbed to him, for example. If you look at any of his recent videos, even in the last few years, he barely gets any views by todays YouTube standards. Edit: tbh this video isn’t nearly as bad as the *actual* video he attempted cook and then ate raw chicken. To add to earlier, dude’s kinda a pos - last I saw anything about him on Reddit it was cause he was on a shitty podcast bragging about disciplining his kid aka beating his kid so hard he got a nose bleed (video was taken down) Also has some terrible covid views and political takes.


>dead accounts That makes a lot of sense, you look at his videos and he's lucky to reach 5k views, which is crazy for somebody with half a million subscribers


Yeah, before I read this, I noticed this video has 2.5k views, and 63 likes. It has only been up 17 hours, but still... I was thinking this qualifies for r/DeepIntoYouTube (iirc, all the videos there must have under 10k views). Finding out he has 500k subscribers was a surprise. Does one get a plaque at that level? It's funny to picture this dude getting a plaque for a bunch of dead accounts while he struggles to get 5k views a video.


He would have gotten a silver plaque at 100k subs. Gold is at 1 million


Oh dear. Seems like it comes across exactly as I expected. Do you have a link to the raw chicken video? I searched but there’s so many uploads and compilations


I think it’s [this one](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eO6e5k6Vvnc) at around 4:40 - the first breast is incredibly unappetizing and the second one he cuts into is very undercooked. skipping through again I’m not sure he actually eats, or if he did it’d after “microwaving it for a minute” which is also gross to me


Dear god. I was a chef for the best part of a decade and this makes me want to take him out back and have a chat. It’s like the birth of those viral “rage” videos on tiktok where they put so much effort into an absolute mess but rave at how amazing it is.


"Oh wow, look at how juicy it is!" as blood pours down it. Gross.


**Look how juicy that live chicken is**


I mean you ain’t wrong 🤤


the weirdest thing to me is, why not just cook another one? this isn't live man, you can do another take!


Yes exactly. If it was a twitch livestream I’d understand. But filming on a camera or pc? Do other people not have self awareness enough to at least watch back once, or in this case, just stop recording?


Usually what he cooks in his videos he immediately serves to his family afterwards for dinner.


Wow I consider that domestic violence


He has bragged about beating his kid so hard her got a nose bleed so par for the course.


If you look deeper into the Jack Scalfani lore it becomes obvious that the man is somewhere on the narcissist spectrum and he flat out refuses to accept he sucks at cooking


Holy Christ. Yea just put it in the microwave for a minute. Any true chef knows that’s the right way to do it. Please don’t keep it cooking die a few minute longer. Take it out and microwave it.


Holy shit that one was bad...


Might as well microwave the chicken from the start


I think my soul vomited.


This is the worst one by far


[This video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IchzyDuIa3M) starting at about 8:45. It is definitely not cooked through to the bone; the meat actually looks dark purple/red after he cuts a leg off and after he takes a bite.


This was my introduction to him. I have to stop watching as soon as he takes a bite and goes "mmm.." I get physically ill. I can sort of understand people eating raw red meat - like I've had steak tartare that was bonkers good. but you should never eat raw chicken or pork.


This one is definitely the worst. You can clearly see it is still completely raw on the inside. Is he using the broiler to cook his chicken? It looks nice in golden brown on top, but on the legs and near the bottom you can see bits of pink.


Technically you could just pluck a chicken and blowtorch it. I don’t know how it came to the point that I had to type those words.


It kinda looks like that's what he did. It is so unevenly cooked.


A little pink is okay. Purple is raw af


How is this guy still alive


Salmonella from eating raw chicken is less common than were lead to believe. The CDC claims about 1 out of every 25 of packages in a grocery store will have it, and it's likely effectively fewer than that. This number also drops considerably if it's not from a factory farm. It's still well high enough and awful enough if you do get it to never take the chance though.


Thank you, i wasn’t aware of that


"Down with Jack Scalfani Dedicated to exposing the ugly underbelly of self-proclaimed foodie and nicest guy on YouTube, Jack Scalfani." https://downwithjackscalfani.wordpress.com/jack-scalfanis-atrocious-behaviour/


The vast majority of dead accounts get scrubbed from your subscribers after several years of inactivity. It takes quite a while though.


Dead accounts cos they ate raw chicken also.


>Is it me or is the show just, depressing? I can’t tell if it’s really well hidden satire or just him being oblivious. Weber Cooks


Ahh a man of culture


He has a really popular following on the /ck/ board, I've seen them shitposting about him for years now. He had to turn off comments on a lot of his videos because of the harassment he got. I don't want to say it's deserved but goddamn, Jack is super delusional about his cooking abilities and he's a piece of shit in general to his family. Just not a good guy overall and doesn't really deserve sympathy. There's a good chance a lot of those subs are just people who love to watch his content just repost it on shitposting forums.


He's pretty delusional in his abilities.


Look up Kay’s Cooking and King Cobra JFS people love to watch disasterous chefs like a car crash


>Kay’s Cooking Kay is a beauty. She's not dangerous, she just makes really really simple food.


He's only pulling 2-5k views per vid most of the time from that. he has a couple over 10k, but not many. I'd say dead subs or bought subs.


Dead subs I think. He’s been on YouTube for ages


He is a popular topic of discussion on KiwiFarms


No way he actually ate that


I bet it had the texture of a ripe tomato mixed with slightly melted marshmallow, but with not enough salt or sugar to make a recognisable flavour profile to discern whether it’s savoury or sweet. Edit: That was a hell of a sentence that I’m too afraid too re-reread again


>ripe tomato mixed with slightly melted marshmallow In [this video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IchzyDuIa3M) he mentions that the raw chicken he just bit into has a creaminess that he can't explain. I think you've nailed it.


Someone needs to test his gut flora to defend us against the inevitable wave of antibiotic resistant bacteria.


Might be some fauna in there too


From this video how can you tell it’s under cooked?


I had to watch a couple times to figure out where in the video he checks the temp, sees it's only at like 120, shrugs and starts cutting into it. Never happened...


Exactly, dark meat chicken roasted in the oven usually looks like this. If you want to shit on this guy, there’s plenty of terrible videos out there but this ain’t it chief




Oh thank you. I've cooked legs and noticed the pink coloring that sometimes is near the bone. Just the thought of it possibly being raw ruins my appetite every time. I'm glad now that it is normal so I can enjoy chicken the whole time.


That is certainly normal. My last job as a professional cook was at a rotisserie joint, so I've cooked my fair share of chickens. Around the joints of the legs/thighs you will often have some pink coloration, especially common with brined chickens. If you don't have a thermometer, go with the way it feels to the touch. You should pretty easily be able to feel the difference between cooked and raw, like how easily the meat pulls apart. raw chicken isn't going to separate very easily whereas cooked chicken should pull apart pretty easily.


Also when you slice into it the juices should run clear


> Also when you slice into it the juices should run clear Giggity


That is not an effective indicator, only temperature is. Pink juice is just myoglobin.


The juice test is for when you dont have a thermometer handy.


In my opinion if you cook your chicken correctly, you'll almost always still have some red staining wherever marrow touched muscle. You see it in well cooked burgers sometimes too, when cooked correctly.


I’ve read that the pink is common in chicken that was previously frozen.


Dark poultry meat can have a pink or purple color to it and still be fully cooked. Everyone who cooks should purchase a meat thermometer and go off of that rather than depending solely on color.


It's something everyone should buy when they first move out too. Food poisoning is horrible, and can be prevented with a cheap thermometer.


I was gonna say. He did a shit job of browning the skin but an hour and a half? That bird is done, if anything attempting to brown now would just dry the meat.


I dont think it is undercooked at all. A good healthy chicken cooked the right way will have some redness on the inside, and we can barely see 4 pixels. A huge stretch if you ask me.




Tell me you haven't had good chicken without telling me you haven't had good chicken


>Wtf a good healthy COOKED chicken shouldn’t have no type of red inside Ignorance FTL.


Yes they will be, especially in the dark meat areas. Why do you think they're called dark meat. You're likely buying low quality chicken that is kept in cages so it doesn't actually move a lot or walk around so the meat is white even in the legs.


Low quality, or possibly they have only cooked breast meat which has almost no color at all. I’ve cooked enough whole chickens to know you can tell if this cooked by no translucent meat and juices running clear. Those aren’t scientific or objective terms. You do just kind of know it when you see it. But I also use a meat thermometer. My point is, I agree with you. Guy above doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


I have no idea where you even get “low quality” chicken from. But I’ll have to disagree with you, from personal experience. You can cook chicken to be perfect, it’s not supposed to be “juicy” like the video & it’s not supposed to be dry hard meat either obviously. If you cook chicken & it’s skin looks l Ike that video just know you’re eating undercooked chicken. And It’s called dark meat because it’s.. supposed to be pink?


It's hilarious when people are this dumb and this confident about it.




The chicken tenders mom made weren't nearly that juicy!!


> But I’ll have to disagree with you, from personal experience. Source: "Trust me bro"


Yes, it's called dark meat because, in good quality chickens at least, the animal walks around like normal and so those muscles build the most amount of haemoglobin and gain that colour. Its why duck is such a pink meat even when cooked, because ducks do a lot of work compared to chickens. Low quality barn kept chickens will be paler and come out more white when cooked because they don't move during their lives but are just kept inside and fed grain feed. I'm not saying this chicken is well cooked but high quality chicken will certainly have pink or pinker legs & thighs even when fully cooked.


Most people have no idea what they are putting in their bodies, let alone how to source and cook it properly.


If you bought it at the grocery store, it's a low quality chicken. Still obviously safe to eat, but it would be low quality.


>I have no idea where you even get “low quality” chicken from. Obviously from where you're getting your chicken lmao.


It's very clearly not undercooked from how easily the meat fell off the bone. An undercooked chicken would be much harder to take a bite of.


I don’t want to eat whatever dry, chalky chicken you’re eating. Cook your bird to 165°, don’t cook the juices out of it.


or cook it to 160 and leave it under tinfoil for 5 minutes


Why does it have to be dry & chalky? Cause it doesn’t have pink inside? lmao. You people are weird man I understand you like your food not 100% cooked. Just admit it & move on. I like my chicken cooked & not juicy cause it’s not a damn steak.


chicken should be juicy


>Why does it have to be dry & chalky? . >I like my chicken cooked & not juicy cause it’s not a damn steak.


Lmfao I feel sorry for you for thinking chicken should not be juicy. This mf is eating dry ass overcooked chicken his whole life.


Everything you've said in this thread tells me that your mom was a shit cook and you are accustom to eating overcooked shitty chicken.


It should be juicy. Clearly from the expression until the juices run clear. Except they dont even need to be clear: https://www.cooksillustrated.com/how_tos/10433-cook-until-the-juices-run-clear-fact-or-fiction Otherwise its dried out and over done.


Lol what? Chicken is not supposed to be cooked until all the juices are gone. Also there is no way to look at the skin and tell if the meat inside is done. Use a meat thermometer


“Until the juices run clear” has been a rule for chicken forever. If it’s not juicy, it’s over cooked. I have no clue wtf the person you replied to is on about.


Yea ok, I don’t cook my food, but state the correct internal temp of chicken 👌 So again, I don’t want to eat your dry chalky chicken.


Okay white bread


You realize they're talking about like things right, not the breast meat


Dude how the fuck are you eating your chicken? All rubbery and white? Certain parts of the chicken will be reddish when cooked to 170f internally.


What are you some kind of armchair chickenologist? Get outta here


I bet you make some dry ass chicken


You must shop at Aldi’s and think it’s healthy


I work in a grocery store kitchen and roast chickens all day. If I saw one the color of his I would be HIGHLY suspect that it is under done. My guess would be close to cooked in the 155-160 range. I’m pretty spot on at eyeballing them and cook 100+ chickens every day.


Because the skin is barely cooked and the inside is pink as all fuck??


it's dark meat which can look pink (esp in a zoomed out video) even if it is cooked to the right temperature


Have you never cooked a chicken? Or eaten dark meat?… it varies a lot in colour, but thigh meat, next to the bone, is pinkish brown. This chicken *might * be undercooked, but there’s nothing in the video to suggest that. I’ve seen this guy cook some hideously bad food, but this chicken looks ok honestly, from what I can see.


Looks like blood at first. Meat underneath the first bite looks cooked though, so the first bite must have been also.


By the chicken


By the pixels




temperature tells all,


FTFY: “Dude Eats & Talks About Eating Chicken”.


He didn’t even do that well. At least not in the bit I watched. What does it taste like, Jack? We can’t tell in a video, so try to be descriptive. “It tastes amazing” Uh, okay, got any more detail than that? “The onions taste amazing” Okaaaay. But can you *describe* the taste? “It’s amazing”




Does the word *golden* mean a flavor to you?


I learned, in my youth, that you can definitely taste colors and sounds after this little piece of paper was placed under the tongue. Other than that, no.


I mean technically in cooking when something is browned or made “golden” it has undergone a process known as the Maillard reaction. Which is the protein (amino acids) reacting with carbs (like a reducing sugar (saccharides)). This produces a variety of desired flavors in cooking and baking. But in other words you actually are tasting the brown or golden.


The mantra in my house... there's flavor in the brown. Get that beautiful crispy skin that nearly melts in your mouth, that's what heaven tastes like, and it's golden too.


I bet it tastes like chicken because everything tastes like chicken.


Give me 3 minutes of my life back thanks op.


not raw. this guys macaroni salad tho. that is some cringe 100%


He may be cringey, but it's not raw. The dark meat has me questioning myself sometimes too because it looks pink but always temps over 165. It does look like it JUST hit the 165 mark to be considered cooked.


Chicken doesn't actually have to hit 165. You can kill the bacteria at temps much lower than 165. You just need to hold the temp for a specific duration. Chicken is ok cooking to 160. By the time you take it away from the heat, the chicken will stay at a high enough temp for long enough to kill bacteria.


165 is undercooked for dark meat imo. Ends up slimy, which is how Jacks looked.


Not to the USDA standards it's not, but you're right it it's alot more moist. That's because dark meat holds up to being overcooked better than white meat. That's why bad cooks use thighs, you can roast them and they'll still have some juice left in em. But I'm actually with you I personally also prefer the dark meat cooked way more it gives it better depth of flavor. Also since he's doing a whole chicken he's gotta take it out ASAP or else breasts will dry out too much.


This is the guy that strangled his kid over some weed right?


If my kid tried to steal my wacky tobacky I'd strangle him as well


This is the best channel on YouTube for cringe, *change my mind.*


Those defending Mushbrain (Jack Scalfani) should know that he's an extremely nasty person in real life. Making racist comments both in person and on Facebook, making fun of individuals struggling with jobs while relying on his Mommywife for money, and more. He's a complete hypocrite with severe NPD. Oh, and both his son and himself are always posting Qanon stuff on their socials. The Jack Scalfani rabbit hole is a dizzying experience.


He says that he basted it every 5 minutes for an hour? When I went back to see the process, he just leaves the oven door open for a minute every time he does it. There is zero way that oven was holding anywhere near 350 heat.


Exactly what I was thinking. He left the door open for an entire minute and then was like “we need to reduce the temperature.” You already did that bud.


people who know a lot more about cooking than me (and probably you) have pointed out that it's not raw but i thought the same thing as you. i heard that when you open an oven an insane amount of heat immediately leaves it. so if you're supposed to cook something for an hour and a half and you baste it every 5 minutes, and you don't account for that loss in heat every time, i would've thought that it'd fuck something up. but other ppl who seem to know what they're talking about say otherwise. (i dont even eat meat, so i have no clue)


Yeah, I’m not saying it was raw, because I know pink does not necessarily mean raw. I use a sous vide to cook chicken sometimes well below 165. I’m just saying there is no way that oven held that neat after being opened so many times for that length of time.


This dude is so nasty


Only watched for a couple of seconds but pink poultry/pork does NOT mean it's unsafe to eat - to the contrary of what many believe and have learned. You should cook chicken and pork until it's not pink if you are not either very experienced or does not have proper tools to measure the temperature. The "pink/white" rule of thumb exists because its simple and have a safety margin for people less experienced. If you want the meat to be as tender and juicy as possible the meat will be a litte bit pink.


Thighs and drumsticks are also considered dark meat so they're going to look darker on camera and the whole video has a pinkish tone to it which is probably effecting the appearance as well.


It isn't just temperature but time and temperature. Our safety guidelines are for instantaneously killing bad bacteria. The same is achieved with even a few minutes at lower temps. If you look up the actual chart I find it to be pretty unappetizing for chicken. Especially if you're serving people that aren't used to "less cooked" chicken.


Yeah, don't show these people sous vide.


First time I cooked pork tenderloin in my sous vide for my partner, she was visibly concerned over the pink centers. Talked her through it being OK and she was addicted after the first bite. No better cut to cook in the sous vide imo.


Don’t get my wrong pork is amazing in sous vide… but for me poultry does super well in sous vide because of how dry it can get if you fuck it up. Turkey in a sous vide wins out in terms of relative increase in goodness. Obviously rib eye is one of my favorite for absolute increase in goodness, because it’s the best to begin with :)


It's like the whole "You need to boil water to kill the bacteria". You need to hit a certain temp to do it which is below boiling, but it's a lot easier to just say boil it cause it's an easier to judge if water is boiling vs a specific temp before that without a thermometer.


Watching people lick their fingers absolutely REPULSES me.


It doesn't look raw.


The only seasoning was salt lol Poor chicken.


Have to give him credit though, he did throw half a stick of butter inside and then another half rubbed on top too. Gotta balance that fuck ton of salt somehow


It's probably salted butter too tho


Good quality chicken is nice with just salt, although it's better with pepper too imo.


This is 100% true. A good quality free range chicken, fed a good diet, will taste absolutely delicious with just salt and pepper


⬜️ ⬆️


I don't think it's raw, it can be a little pink.


So many things about this hurt to watch. Him struggling to turn the tray. Struggling to grab the chicken. Giving the chicken a rectal exam with the tongs, then barely even flipping it over properly.


[Can you survive 30 seconds of Jack licking his fingers after eating raw chicken?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3i-edg_rOA)


“Basted every 5 minutes for 1hour 15 mins” …. What the actual fuck? there is no fucking way the recipe says to do that because opening your oven that much and for such a long period as the time it takes to baste would never allow either the oven or the chicken to ever come to the proper temperature needed. And it needs to be said weight of the bird is very important here as chickens were CONSIDERABLY SMALLER back in child’s day (bigger bird=more meat=more cooking time) I Google the recipe which says 425 - 1 hour 15 After 15 minutes brush with butter drop to 350 45 min lemon juice baste One hour baste Every 8 minutes after one hour baste and check temp for 165. …so this guy can’t cook, has never eaten onions cooked in butter, know what unsafe undercooked chicken looks like AND can’t read.


wtf is this post?


Wow he has 500k subs but only gets 2k views per video. Not saying i could do better but at what point is it time to call it quits.


The safety guidelines are also pessimistic. Chicken is 100% safe to eat at 70C, but the guidance is for 75C because they assume you won’t be accurate enough with your probe.


He also apparently is a wife beater and bad to his kids, so the story goes. There's no surprise he had a stroke too with the absolute heart attack fodder he makes


his wife is also a husband beater for the record, and he choked his kid out over weed


Didn't this guy abuse his kids or something?


Does he not use a temperature probe? I’m no master chef but I own a handful of digital probes cus i want my food to be perfect and not full of salmonella.


I love this guy. He really makes me feel better about my cooking skills and it’s just hilarious to watch him eat raw chicken. Dudes gonna die one day because of this probably.


For some more classic undercooked/raw creations, I can think of at least 3 videos off the top of my head: "Ice Water Burger Test", "BISON TACOS & BURGERS" aswell as "McCormick Bag 'N Season - Food Product Review"...the bison one is just horrific.


I showed the bison video to a coworker of mine who's a professional chef and you should've seen the way the color drained from her face when he crammed it into his maw.


Oh no not again


I saw the chicken and thought - that's not cooked Then I saw 'Julia Childs and thought - well, its Julia! What do I know? Then I saw the post title


If this guy thinks it’s okay to cook like shit and post it on the internet, I will spit at his feet and laugh at him! He is a fool!


Why does he have to suck his fingers with his mic on


This same fucker has his own BBQ sauce in stores.


\*Used to have his own BBQ sauce in stores. They sold poorly; partially related to the fact that he sold them in hardware stores, but mostly because they taste like shit. Nowadays, they generally just cultivate mold in his garage


Get a fucking napkin. It's gross when kids lick their fingers, it's intolerable when you see an adult doing it.


Looks ok to me. I have small kids, so I would have taken it further. I bet he used a thermometer.


This isn’t raw but it’s still nasty. Looks awful.


This isn't under-cooked as far as we can see, it's simply not over-cooked like most people make their chicken because they are afraid of color. Source, professional cook for 10 years and culinary school.


This guy has less personality than a desk stapler. I'm not sure why 500K people are following him, it is clear to me after 5 minutes that he is an amateur home cook. I know some people struggle with cooking, but really....roasting a chicken? It's done when the juices run clear or it reaches 165°F, not a moment before. Use a thermometer people! If you follow this guys recipe you're going to end up in the hospital with food poisoning.


He is totally nuts on top of the "bad entertainer" thing. He went on a Christian podcast and said that he wanted to commit genocide against Palestinians, and that he beat the crap out of his son for smoking weed. So uh kind of a lunatic lol.


Cooking with jack is a masterclass of awe and horror


I had to look to see the temp he cooked it and for how long. It's probably not undercooked but I like a little more color on the skin. Also he does mention using pasture-raised chicken. If this is what he is using then it doesn't really need anything more than a little salt since it will have a ton more flavor than grocery store chicken.




Cringe? This guy is a youtube legend. All his recipes are wild. I am yet to find out if he is a complete troll or just insane.




I meant a troll regarding his recipes and channel...


You can't tell if chicken is properly cooked by its color. Use a thermometer every time.


My mom undercooked her chicken and says "a little pink is fine and long as it's not raw" I still don't eat chicken at her house, I hated chicken growing up


Man has tapeworms all up in his body


It didn't happen this time either. So not sure what once again means for why the click baity headline.


What makes you think it was undercooked?


He’s just making chicken sushi


It didn't happen this time either. So not sure what once again means for why the click baity headline.


Doesn't look under cooked to me. He had it in the oven for a hour and a half at 450. So it should be cooked. That being said I am not sure about opening the oven every five minutes to baste it, seems unnecessary and will lose the residual heat.


How can you tell from the shot? What’s cringe about any of this other than the guy and subject matter just being generally underwhelming?


Looks the same as tge Walmart chicken. I can't tell that it's undercooked, but then again I'm watching on my cell phone.


ReviewTechUSA should just go back to gaming content.


As far as Cooking With Jack goes, this is very tame.