Is there a demand for and are there plans to supply Europe with the NR200 (non-P Version)?

Is there a demand for and are there plans to supply Europe with the NR200 (non-P Version)?


I've been asking for some products to be made available in EU - for a long while now. I see the same items available in US since quite long, but in Germany? nada. Sometimes I regret choosing the coolermaster ecosystem :/ If coolermaster is reading this : your consumers aren't only in the US.!


Well, 200P includes both panels, so second answer is irrelevant.


Maybe. But it would be nice if one could buy the vented panel separately. That way you may adapt the appearance of the system in future builds an go from glass to vented back and forth without buying a new case.


With 200P you can change panels whenever you want)


Ah, now I understand. The 200P ships both panels! That’s nice! Do you/anyone know, if that’s also the case for the, eh, case shipped to Europe?


NZ only got the 200P, and it came with both the vent and the glass panels


I was waiting for nr200p for more than a month, i was able to buy one for my niece but since then no new cases are available. Last info I've got is that those cases will be available on december, but week ago they said that those cases will be at the end of October. Right now I'm thinking about buying sliger or formd case instead, and I will probably buy one.


I also think it would be much nicer being able to buy the non p variant as I will simply throw the glass panel to the trash bin. I think enthusiast in general prefer the vented panel, why would you want your pc to overheat and sound like a airplane? Unless you are using entry level low watt parts that don’t need much cooling. Anyway, being able to buy any of the models would be nice. Since it has only been a paper launch to this date in Finland with 0 cases actually been delivered to date.


It’s annoying because I would rather have the Non-p. Thermals is important to me so a glass panel is pointless. For the same reason a vertical riser cable is useless to me as I wouldn’t be sacrificing thermals. Finally the two fans included will just end up in the box ever used as I prefer silent noctua’s. I’m sure there must be a lot of people who feel the same so cost wise there must be a benefit to offering both to us. In any case I’ll just buy whatever is available. We should get nr200p restocks in the uk on the 30th