Show proof of this




IF they do do this, it would be because AMD is significantly more power efficient than other retailers such as INTEL and NVida


If you're a laptop company and you get orders for: * 10,000 laptops for $1,200 * 5,000 laptops for $900 * 20,000 laptops for $650 Now if you call Intel and they say they can provide you with 30,000 chips. Now you call AMD and they say they can provide you with 5,000 chips. If the AMD chips are better than Intel, it doesn't matter because there simply isn't enough. You have to make 10,000 expensive laptops, and you don't have enough AMD chips. This makes the situation extremely awkward because your supply does not meet the demand. As a result these companies have to create awkward laptop configurations in order to have a full product line. The PlayStation 5 came out in 2020 and yet you still cannot go to the store and buy one because AMD can't provide enough chips. The 7900XTX is a powerful graphics card, but only if you can actually get one. Ryzen 5000 was sold out for months. Ryzen 7000 has awkward pricing. The reality is Intel has the ability to manufacture more chips than AMD. It doesn't matter if AMD is better or worse, they're limited in production volume. It's easy to think "imagine how many laptops they'd sell if they paired this amazing AMD CPU with other amazing hardware". The reality is if they did that, too many people would want it and it would never be in stock. As a result they'd put off laptop purchases and the laptop companies won't make money.