City has great, live jazz


Would you mind naming some places?


Caffe vivace is a great spot, also Joshua Redman is playing at memorial hall in February, can’t miss that.


Caffe Vivace, Schwartz Point, Ghost Baby, The Redmoor, just a few places.


Plus you have CCM pushing out some great musicians.


Schwartz’s Point


The airport is exactly where it should be.


People don't realize how much of the airport is *freight*. Which means you have trucks coming in and out with a need for a bunch of warehouses nearby. If you tried putting it anywhere near the city center, either nearby housing would be obliterated for freight warehouses, or semis would choke the life out of the roads.


I wish you could send a letter to people saying this, the amount of hate you get AT the airport is absurde


So many 747s coming in from Anchorage.


When the airport was built there was nothing but pig farms nearby. It makes sense to put it there rather than in a location more densely populated by humans.


That its actually a pretty great place. There is always so much hate and complaining about it but I think it's great here


I left in the 90’s and came back before 2000. I’ve had an extreme love for this place since. I’ll fight you about this city.


Agreed. I used to travel a bunch for work (different place every week). Every time I left, it made me appreciate this city even more. It’s a truly happy medium in terms of cities.


The medium place


"All the way around, we're slightly above average, and that's pretty okay."




I'm an accountant who lives in Cincinnati, does this mean I'm destined for a completely average life? Ngl I'm kinda here for it, would be great


Lol this was going to be mine. I'm not from here and Cincinnati is a delight.


I agree! My dad loved finding inexpensive family things to do on weekends, and there was an endless supply. As a teenager, we found more that enough to keep us busy. As a young, childless adult, my SO and I never ran oit of things to do. I was very active with my son, and any interest he wanted to explore, we usually found more than one option.... When my parents moved to Florida, my dad tried doing the same for us and the grandkids. We all realized that, except for the beach, the greater Cincinnati area has better, cheaper options, and so many more. From education to entertainment, to jobs you can find such a huge range here.


came here to say this. I love it here. Not saying its not without problems, but it has most of the perks of city (museums, sports teams, decent food, fun events, international airport) without the insane cost of living




Shhh just play along, keep the shitty people out haha!


When I meet people I dont ask what high school they attended.


I've lived in Cincinnati for over 30 years and was recently on a tour whete they asked if any of us were locals. We said no, but that we've lived here 30 years. The guide kind of laughed and said "well I think that makes you a local", and in all seriousness I said "no, because you wouldn't know the HS I went to". The guide and other out-of-towners thought I was joking. But I wasn't.


This. I moved here just as I was entering high school (when it’s normal for people to ask where you go to school) and went away for college. When I came back after graduating I was so confused by this question every time I met someone new, and didn’t really understand why it was so prevalent until someone explained it’s so they know which side of Cincinnati you’re from.


Here's the thing. Cincinnati has one of the highest per capita private school enrollments in the country. What school you go to says a whole lot more about you than where you're from, though I'm sure that has something to do with it. That being said, this "cincinnati thing" happens in other cities, too.


4th largest Catholic school system in the country! And I swear the west side is like a small town in the south because if someone knows what school or parish you went to they’ll be able to find someone who knows ALL of your business.


I’ve worked and traveled in 46 states, the only other city where people have asked where I went to high school, was St Louis. It’s seriously as provincial as it gets! 😏


Funny you say that. St. Louis also has very high per capita private school enrollment.


But then how do you know if you should judge them or not?


I grew up in SE Ohio. My high school played Joe Burrows high school in athletics regularly. People don’t know what to do with that information. Equal parts looking down their noses, and intrigue.


We need more things to do that aren't centered around alcohol.


Whew. I agree. For example, I want to recover from the weekend of drinking so I just stay home. Cuz I know if I go out, the possibility of drinking is very high due to the nature of our events/activities here. (Or maybe it’s me. Maybe I drink too much lol)


Man I feel this 1000% down here in Lexington. We come up to Cincinnati because it’s more fun lol.


Agreed, but I would also ask that “More things to do that aren’t centered around sports” as well. While those two things go hand in hand, if you remove both — there’s not much at all besides parks.


Yes, definitely agreed. Otherwise it's go shopping at X or a limited time event.


Agave and Rye is overrated and only popular because the suburbanites get a kick out of macaroni and cheese on a taco.


Agave and Rye is perhaps one of the worst restaurants in the city when it comes to service. I haven’t been there since 2019 because of it.


I got a regular taco with a "bean cushion" between the crunchy corn shell and flour tortilla. You would expect that to be refried beans, right? Nope. It's super-sweet baked beans. Grossest nonsense.


Be careful you are giving Taco Bell ideas for their next limited time offer. I could see this being a hit with the UK crowd.


It’s like leftovers on a taco.


Only went once. I thought it was gimmicky, overpriced, and the creep waiter hit on my wife when I was in the restroom. Stay classy, bro.


Mediocre af


Some of our friends love it. I refer to it as ‘every taco tastes the same’ bc, well,they do. Nothing original about them, it’s just a messy menu.


Agreed but as a counterpoint you can get a mashed potato and fried chicken taco at LouVino, definitely not in suburbia.


I’ve given that place 3 different tries. It’s dead to me. Definitely the most bland food in town.


Thank you!! I don’t get it!! Rich’s across the street and Zapata are so much better!!


I haven’t been to Agave and Rye but this is how I feel about Condado, tbh


Agave and Rye is worse but Condado is not far off




Montgomery inn absolutely sucks and is way overpriced


This is the consensus on this sub for the most part. But I think it scratches a very particular itch. Sometimes I want Taco Bell, not Mexican food, or Dominoes, not pizza, if you know what I mean. I think Montgomery Inn is the same ; it's not objectively great BBQ but sort of it's own thing that I sometimes crave.


That’s exactly right. Do I recommend it to out-of-towners? No. Do I get intense cravings for it? Every couple of months, at least. It was our special occasion spot growing up, and while I don’t think it’s great *barbecue,* I still love dunking those thick-cut chips in that syrupy sauce. EDIT: It is overpriced, though! I’d go more often if I could afford it.


The crew training facility in the bottom is pretty sweet though.


It’s been garbage for decades.


Its awful.


Moving Oktoberfest was a terrible idea and it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. Also, Zinzinnati Oktoberfest is nowhere near as good as Germania’s


Moved here a couple years ago and have been pretty disappointed with Oktoberfest. It's fun, don't get me wrong, but just feels like a generic street festival.


That’s because they need to move it or also have some of it at Smale Park. It’s wild what having some green space at a festival like that can do.


It is the best city in the state. As someone from NE Ohio, the weather, food, scenery, and atmosphere is better than Columbus and Cleveland’s. I hate how people from Cle and Cbus tend to look down on Cincy.


Grew up in the Cleveland area and I strongly agree with you. Cleveland is a close second though. Not a big Columbus fan though.


Columbus is okay, everything there seems newer last I saw but it lacks the personality of Cincinnati.


I have family in Parma and while Cleveland has certainly come along over the years and anytime I visit they always take me somewhere new and awesome, I still like Cincinnati more. Plus with Sokolowski's closing really put a dent in my views of the city. Columbus only has a couple places I like to go and it seems almost like a larger Dayton for some reason.


As someone who grew up with divorced parents living in Cincinnati and Columbus (dad had to drive every other weekend); Cincinnati was always *way* better than Columbus and always felt more like home. Columbus felt dreary and boring.


Lol, assuming that Cincy is the best City in the state is a pretty popular opinion on this subreddit. I’m actually also from Cleveland but live here now and and I think that Cleveland and Cincinnati are both super cool. I disagree that Clevelanders generally look down on Cincy. I actually see Cincinnati people look down on Cleveland way more. I am very happy in Cincy but that attitude is my biggest gripe with the place. Cincinnati is way too tribal.


Agree with this. I’m from Columbus and have been in Cincinnati for 5 years. Love it here. I know very few if any Columbusites who express negativity towards Cincinnati. I think it’s more a reflection of a persecution complex that is common here. I’m not sure why this exists but it comes up a lot in conversations.


Transplant from Northeast Ohio. Couldn't agree more. We have food, experiences, opportunities, and excitement. I go home and repeat the same fun troupe but if I had to stay more than a week I'd get bored.


Edit: I replied to the wrong comment with my response because I have fat thumbs 🥲 Sorry, confused people


We have so many great breweries but I am sick of seeing more than half their beers are some variety of IPA.


I feel like this is a mark of lazy/average brewers. Lagers are hard as hell to make really well because there’s hardly any hops to hide behind. 164 IPAs and a cider. Cmon.


Exactly, enough hops hide most sins and you get the added bonus of hopheads having dick measuring contests over who drinks the hoppiest beers. Hot wings have a similar phenomenon in regards to spice level.


My controversial opinion- I’d wish Braxton would quit making 10 varieties of hazy ipa’s


Hell yes. Give me more Kolsch, pilsners, Helles, light lagers, and Festbiers!


UGH. I try to buy local beers from my neighborhood liquor stores and over 90% of what they stock are IPAs and ciders.


YES. “City with lots of German heritage inspired breweries.” - has mostly India Pale Ales


It’s Kroger. Not Kroger’s .


I call it K Roger’s and the kids think it’s funny so I’m stickin with that.


And the Kroger On The Rhine is Club Kroger. They have a bar upstairs and a surprising amount of live music.


I also found it funny and I’m 32, if it’s any consolation


Back in the day, the Kroger near us had a light missing in the 'r' on its sign. I started calling it Le Kroge' and still do.


Ok! I’m calling it Le Kroge until Rapture


The Waffle House off of Donaldson in Erlanger had the 's' out for years and it became Waffle Hooey (Hou_e).


The 55mph speed limit on 71 after Kenwood is probably realistic because the closer you get to downtown the more people lose all sense of spatial awareness and completely forget where the fuck they are going.


Not like anyone really obeys it anyway


The speed limit signs on the highways should just say "Good Luck". That would at least get the highway patrol to piss off with their planes. Trying to follow the speed limit just results in you having some moron up your tailpipe.


You have obviously never encountered Mr. “It’s 55 from here to the river” in the Kenwood cut-in-the-hill on his police motorcycle handing out citations to all who dare to defy his radar gun…


Lol. I know who you are talking about. I always just called him CHIPs.


Yes, admittedly it's a completely useless opinion


I do not subscribe to the teachings of the Catholic Church


One of the 19th century conspiracy theories was that Catholic immigrants were going to create a new papacy based in Cincinnati


Lol. Is this r/Cincinnati or r/WestSideCincinnati ???


Salting the roads for mild snowfalls here is not worth all the rust.


It is because our snow is usually close to 32F. It ain’t the snow that’s gonna get you, it’s the numerous and unexpected ice patches.


Cincinnatians are weird about West side vs East side and all that entrails and VERY weird about your local food. I've lived all over the country and no where else have I ever experienced the sheer hate I have gotten when I said I didn't care for LaRosa's pizza, or your chili.


Native Cincinnatians have a lot to beef with each other, and they are strong opinions. But, if you insult our chili (any of it), the collective Eye of Cincy will descend upon you in wrath. I imagine New Yorkers feel the same about their pizza. Or Philadelphians with cheesesteak.


It’s literally 20 minutes apart, if that. I don’t get it either as a transplant. Both “sides” are the same place.


You can get away with shitting on Larosa’s, just not on the west side. Complaining about the chili is looking for a fight.


According to this sub apparently, that Blink was still enjoyable and I think we're better off with it than without it.


I think the majority of blink critics (at least on Reddit) would agree that we’re better off with it than without it. Doesn’t mean there can’t be improvements.


The disappointment is entirely relative to past events. In 2017 and 2019 there was magic and wonder around every corner and it really felt like something special and unique. This year fell a little short but was still worthwhile and I’m hoping there’s a next round that sees things get even better. I didn’t see any of the critics on this sub suggest it should be cancelled.


This has been discussed on other threads so maybe not as unpopular as it once was but… Taste of Belgium is awful.


And insanely overpriced.




I remember them being a lot better than they are now. Something went downhill but I’m not sure *what* or *when.*


I feel like they overextended themselves. They opened a ton of new locations at once and also tried to make their menu encompass breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s just too much


I wouldn't say it's *awful,* per-say, but it definitely didn't live up to the hype or expectations I had for it.


Idk those fries are 🎉🎉


I don't get the appeal either.


JF also stole his "family waffle recipe," from a French dude so there's that


The hills make this city. It’s the thing I missed most when I moved away, and played part in why I moved back.


When I visited Louisville for the first tie I was like “wtf? Why is it so flat?”


I cannot stand when everything is so flat without any texture anywhere.


We don’t need any more understaffed, over priced restaurants. Goes for the whole metro area.


Sort by controversial for the real unpopular opinions


It’s much more to do here than Columbus…(in terms of art, restaurants, festivals, outside activities, etc)


My High School doesn't matter.


Cincinnati has great nightlife


………..especially in spring and summer! Always love ❤️ coming downtown then. Even if there’s nothing going on, you still have the bridges (like the Purple People one) and banks to check out (for starters).


Man this is how I know I’m getting old, enjoy!


Zips burgers are just good. Not the best in the city.


People that order from LaRosa's as their go-to pizza place have a sense of nostalgia for it because that's what they grew up with, they don't order it because it's good pizza.


I grew up in Texas and I love LaRosa's. What place do you order from that's better? I want to try it.


I wish we had a damn subway instead of the streetcar


We should be the capital of Ohio and we would be, were we not in the complete bottom left corner bowels of Ohio lol. Like seriously we're more historic, cultured and have more sports teams than Columbus. People only know of columbus because they have a college dominant in football.


Columbus has so identified itself with Ohio Buckeyes football, it wouldn't be surprising if they changed the city name to Buckeye.


**THE** *Buckeye*, thank you!


Capitals aren't decided by any of those factors.


We have a very underrated toxic sports fanbase for damn near all of our teams…


I fucking hate Clifton, and UC for that matter


The streetcar is actually useful and serves a greater purpose than people like to think


Our local music scene is great, and the people shitting on it don't come to shows anyways.




They're doing you a favor; you should never waste your time on people who peaked in high school because they usually really suck.


100% this.


Neighborhood chili spots are better than the big chili chains.


It makes me sad and embarrassed that every time we trade for/draft/sign somebody the first question is “have you tried the chili?”


Larosa’s is garbage.


I thought we were supposed to submit unpopular opinions.


The Calzones are the only thing I really like from there.


Disagree. Worked there for 14 yrs.....it is overrated, but not garbage lol.


The high school shit here is weird


People here are not friendly, especially if you are brown like me… kills me every-time someone says “Hola” to me - usually I respond in perfect fucking English but I’m just about to start saying - no English plz Although people have manners and strike up some small talk - people here are incredibly closed off and stick to the same friends they’ve had since high school or whatever


It's wildly segregated, and even the liberals here are pretty conservative.


having come from Michigan to Cincinnati, the actual racial segregation is not as bad here


I'm from Michigan too and I agree. Going back home is weird for me bc racist and anti lgbtq comments just come out of nowhere. At least the N word and [email protected] etc is not as prevalent now as when I was growing up.


I’m from Michigan and have the total opposite experience, I’ve encountered some absolutely shocking racism in Cincinnati unfortunately?


The hills create barriers between neighborhoods and allow people to cloister themselves.


When you move away from Cincy and then move back, you realize you can cut the racial tension in the air with a knife, and also find out that even the Cincy “left” defends Reagan’s policies.


People here don't want to be friends with you unless you grew up here, and how long your family has been here has too much clout.


A city of townies.


I see this a lot in the west side


The west side is very very cliquey.


It is a very cliquey city


I came from a notoriously clique-y city, and this place is worse.




Oakley, if you can afford it. Northside if you are LGBT. Northern Kentucky.


YES!! I am a native cincinnatian who lived in chicago a few years as a kid and came back. my husband is from iowa and came here at 25. a couple of my close friends are from bosnia and albania. i have realized people are cliquey AF here. its hard to get "in" w circles. i both grew up in the cinci native world but also am adequately unlike that to have many outsider froends who have shared these observations.


Chili can get wrecked; Goetta is the superior Cincinnati Food, by a wide, wide margin.


Rhinegeist beer is mediocre. Great tap room, tho!


Finally a legitimate unpopular opinion


Where you went to high school carries too much weight.


We collectively know that we are not as cool as we think we are.


People from places like West Chester, Milford, Maineville, etc who only bad-mouth “the city” and are afraid of “the city” and only visit downtown when they go to a ballgame, concert, or to stuff their face at a food festival shouldn’t claim Cincinnati as their home.


I hate driving period and I hate driving in Cincinnati proper. I like it down there if someone else drives (I’m in forest park).


This one hurts me. Live in West Chester and only come downtown on occasion but mostly because I don't want to drive down there and we have exactly 0 viable transit options. Been here my entire life and certainly call Cincinnati home, not sure why I wouldn't.


Maybe it is just me, but I think this area started to lean into gatekeeping as OTR and other places started being gentrified. Living in the city center has been turned into a false status symbol that the in-group feels the need to protect. You see the same thing in Chicago and Pittsburgh.


And we should stop building parking lots downtown for them.


We have, the city passed an ordinance to stop construction of any new surface lots. New parking can only be garages now


Dixie Chili in Newport is the best.


Republican politicians here are all grifters and actively keep the city from progressing.


I think that this applies more to the state. But, Cincinnati has become the jumping off point for many Ohio politicians. Come to Cincy, do nothing, good or bad, and then run for governor, Ohio house, etc.


The House is filled from districts all over the state. Last Governor from Cincinnati? Last person to run before Cranley?


R or D are all fucked what about PG Sittenfield? and there were a few other council members busted for some scams in recent years.


I live in the burbs and work Downtown I love it we come down for all sorts of reasons. I would love to live downtown but I can't afford it.


Team owners hate their teams and doom them to constant failure.


I find the weather here temperate, moderate and predictable.


I don’t give a fuck where you went to high school!


Grown adults caring about high school football that their kid isn't involved in is kinda pathetic.


Don’t go to Texas haha


UDF > Graeters. Graeters is good but way overpriced and their chunks are too big


As a chocolate lover I say the chunks are a bit small for me


I'm a fan of both. Graeter's is more of a treat, PLUS there is the drive thru one at Jungle Jim's, so I can indulge without getting out of the car and waiting for a shake at UDF. Graeter's, UDF and Aglamesis are all great options though.


Aglamesis gang


A true believer


Agreed so much that you got an upvote from me.


Homemade brand cookies and cream is the standard by which all cookies and cream ice cream should be judged.


People like to claim Cincinnati is affordable to live in but the wages here are way too low for what’s available.


All the people who lived here before 2020 and were trying to save up for a house but are now priced out of the market before they had acquired enough $ on their local wages agree with this.


That's only a recent thing, and it's everywhere, not Cincy. Between stock market hedge funds buying up everything they can, and people who had money saved up during covid who got bored and decided to move, they drove the prices through the roof. I have a retired neighbor couple who paid $400K for a $250K ranch, which was listed at $290


I feel like this sub likes to complain about Cincy a lot, so my unpopular opinion is that it fucking rocks! Case in point… Blink: not as cool as last year, sure, but still amazing! The Reds: fuck the Castellinis and losing 100 games is not fun, but it’s still a beautiful stadium and I love going to the games. Skyline: it sneaks up on you; one day you’re complaining about how it’s not real chili and the next you have a regular order. Cicadas: not as bad as I thought they’d be. There’s literally not a single knock someone can make against Cincy that makes me love it any less. My husband and I are currently discussing moving away, and I cry every time I think about not living here anymore.


Have lived in four states. Cincy rocks and I'm not leaving minus some serious payday that allows me to skip ahead a decade.


Cincinnati doesn't want mass transit. The majority of the city metro is people raising kids in the suburbs that want to drive cars.


I think there is a growing base of the opposite. People living in the suburbs that would very much use transit with their family if it was a viable option. It's one of the attractive things about Chicago, where you can live in the suburbs but near transit still and not have to do every single thing by car all of the time.


I moved to Chicago for grad school and the lack of good public transit in Cincinnati is a major factor in me not moving back.


I moved back to Cincy from Chicago. Didn’t have a car for 5 years in Chicago. I now live near a major bus line and bike transit path in Cincy — and it is still awful with my one car.


If we had good public transit I would love to take my kids downtown using it. Alas.


I mean if the Connector rail is considered mass transit then I want more of it. I love being able to walk a few minutes hop on the rail go across town to grab coffee hang around then head back home on the rail