Are these cars "states" legal?


Yes, but this paticular version (RS) they only made 25, so who knows how many of those are stateside. There was one at SEMA this year!


LOL 25!!!! Ill never see it on the road! its so sexy though!


They tend to be mostly CA based. There's several huge car events in CA every year. I've made it my goal to fly out to CA for one of these events in 2019.


I highly recommend going to Cars n Copters next year in Huntington Beach. There was 15 Koenigseggs there. Absolutely the best car show I've ever been to. Check them out on Instagram. Best part is that it's free admission.


That's highly likely. Exotics on Cannery Row has already turned into a complete clusterfuck of way too many people, so that's out. Car week in general would be amazing, but hotels are insanely expensive and all the nice events have tickets in the $500+ range IF you can get one.


There is a hostel 2 blocks away from Cannery Row that is about $45 per night. If you're okay with staying in a hostel. I stayed there during Rennsport Reunion and it was actually really nice. Plus you meet a lot of people from all over the world.


DUDE!!! Looks like the HI-Monterey Hostel? I'm seeing $59, but that's still pretty legit. Hostelworld has free cancelation up until like 3 days prior, so I just might book for 2019 right now. I've spent about 5 months overseas in hostels, so yeah, I'm 100% cool with them.


Yeah it was HI Monterey! If you don't have a membership with HI, you'll have to pay $3/night for that as well. I believe the annual membership is like $60 or something.


No mention of that via Hostelworld and the hostel's own website shows the same price. I went halfway into booking and I see a grand total of like $118 and chance, with $15 due now.


I live in CA and never seen one. i think if you own one, you never drive it because your busy working.... Amazing car tho!


Seeing it on the streets, is different. If you instagram much and follow a lot of exotic owners, bloggers, photographers, it's pretty easy to see these cars at a show/event/gathering. Are you in south or north CA?


LA area. Should've seen some rich person with one by now. i used to drive 13 hours a day and you see everything in LA, i just havent seen one of these... yet...


You don't really see many INSANE cars in LA. You'll see Aventadors, 488 Italias, and Mclarens but it's rare to see something really wild like an F40 or a Countach.


There are at least 5 in Southern California. If you do want to see them, follow the owners on IG. @Dan\_am\_I owns the Agera RS Draken and one of the Final Editions. @Whitesse owns the Agera RS1. @x\_marc\_the\_spot owns the 2nd of the Final Editions. And the world record car is owned by someone in SoCal as well. If you are near Costa Mesa/Newport Beach. Lamborghini Newport Beach hosts a show once a month. Usually Dan will bring out one of his toys. He has an incredible collection.


@mannykhoshbin owns the world record car I believe !! I lust after his 1/1 Hermès Pagani Huayra Tempesta


No, Manny owns the Phoenix, which I actually forgot about. So there are 6 of them in SoCal. The owner of the world record car doesn't have any social media. He was in that ghost squadron video they did not to long ago.


Manny sold his because they're coming out with a new model next year.


Where did you hear this? AFAIK he still has it, but I do know he placed an order for the new Koenigsegg that they're revealing next year.


Sounds like my instagram feed. :) I forgot about Whitesse. I also forgot about Manny too, but as others said, I thought I heard he was selling his.


Yeah he sold it to Mike Yin


> Mike Yin https://www.instagram.com/shinmikeyin/?hl=en .....FUCK ME! Yeah, I already follow him, but seeing all his pics at once, damn!


[https://www.instagram.com/dan\_am\_i/](https://www.instagram.com/dan_am_i/) This guy has one and drives it around a bunch (in CA). Granted he has like... every other supercar in existence so he probably doesn't have too much time to drive them all...


Nice find! I'll try to get a "real life" pic of one


[This one’s](http://mobile.koenigsegg-registry.net/147.shtml) based near Ottawa, In Canada if you live near this part of the border. The owner takes his cars to a lot of track days down south as well, so you might see it in California.


I know of at least 3, so counting this one, that makes 4.


Agera, R, S, RS, One:1


I meant I know of 3 RSs in the US, and if this picture is a RS and is in the US, then I know of 4.


Ah. The one in the picture is the one that Koenigsegg used for press, so who knows where that one is. I can confirm there was a red liverly at SEMA tho!


Im 95% sure this picture was taken at the "Halland"-ridge close to the town of Båstad, Sweden.


That would make a lot of sense


Well there's Draken and Thor plus the red one that set the limit. Quick check of instagram and @Lamborghinikis 's one is a XS, but he mentions it's the same as the the one that broke the speed record. Googled his car a bit more and it was the first Agera RS to come to the state. From that article, "Update: Kris Singh, the actual owner of the Agera XS wrote in to clarify that it has the 1,340 HP engine of the One:1, not of the RS. In addition to that, the XS has a custom front and underbody to improve aerodynamics."


Didn't know that, that's dope!


Pretty sure this one is "Naraya" owned by @Lathorus_p he's in the UK


There are 7 that I know of, 5 of which are in SoCal.


There are at least 5 in Southern California alone.


At least 1, the rs that broke the record was owned by a guy in the US I think


I know there are at least 5 of them in Southern California. Specifically the LA/OC area.


I could swear this was taken in Forza


I think the glass reflections in Forza aren't as realistic as real life.


It's straight from the Koenigsegg website, it's a picture on the Agera RS section I believe


Photo by https://www.instagram.com/oskarbakke/?hl=en Definitely one of my favorite car photographers


Why did OP crop the photo. SMH


How do the leaves stay perfectly off the road?


They most likely blew them off for the photo shoot Source: I did landscaping for 15 years and used the same method to clean off driveways in the fall.


Asking the important questions


This photo is on the koenigsegg website...


Doesn't matter, it's still carporn.


So? It's still a fantastic shot of an amazing car.


Ooft, those autumnal tones


I always find it funny when they pose these cars in situations where the car can't possibly unleash its potential. leaves are pretty though.


I love this spec. Is that exposed blue carbon?


This is what dreams are made of.


It moved....


Something about this car makes my mouth water.


This very image has been my computer wallpaper for several weeks now.


Love how the swept the street so uniformly. Makes it look so natural.


I literally just saw this car today I was wondering what it was, location CA prob around Costa Mesa area on the 55 freeway


The 2018 Batmobile!!


Any higher resolution source? It's beautiful!


8 koenigsegg meeting up in Dusseldorf for the Koenigsegg Annual Owners drive [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nynr5Qi0I9E](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nynr5Qi0I9E)


Oh god, i just failed no nut november!


Ah yes, the beautiful Koeniggggsenisseggsegnignigsegigisegccx2.


The Agera is the most beautiful car of the 21st century imo, it just has all the right lines, and no unnecessary ones




That article is about the Regera. This post is about the Agera.


Either way the regera is sick too. Turbo 5.0 with electric motors everywhere and 1 gear.


It’s no Dacia Sandero but it’s OK I guess.


Someone knows how to use Google.


Looks like a hotwheels car