I feel like most of my takes will be ice cold, so I'll throw out a weird one. For some fights, intentionally tanking a hit is safer than risking counter-damage.


I'm looking at you Ebrietas (rush)


This is just true. It can be hard to choose to do that, but it is definitely true. I died so many times to what can only be explained as counter damage where I felt like I should have had I-Frames.


Loran Darkbeast I hate u so much


Master Willem is lowkey kinda hot


It's those lovely *eyes* he has...


Don't mind for a remaster because it would be on ps5, and I still on ps4.


I don't even got a PS4 of my own and I still would like a remaster, it helps broaden the IPs community and id get to play eventually


The hunt is a conspiracy started by the Moon Presence to kill all other Great Ones


But most of the bosses you fight throughout the game aren't Great ones right?


Yet they work for / with Great Ones


And what about Rom and Orphan, are they great ones?


Or what about the amygdala, Ebrietas, Mergo, and the celestial emissary


But wait isn't mergo a guardian like for the newborn great one?


You are right that Mergo is also a great one and technically who dies when you see “nightmare slain”. But going off the wiki The wet nurse is also a great one


Yup forgot about them lol, thanks.


They are useful to make the hunters stronger by using their blood.


Idk if that's a hot take, pretty sure that's just what happens


I don’t like that the game automatically takes you to NG+


Dark Souls 3 was honestly the only Souls Game that did it right (haven‘t played Elden Ring yet).


What about dark souls 2?


Objectively best NG+.


Even as someone who wasnt a ds2 fan I have to completely agree with this.


I forgor.


He forgor 💀


It's actually just Demon's Souls, DS1, and Bloodborne that have that feature. DS2, DS3, Sekiro, and Elden Ring all allow you to play after beating the game.


Sekiro and Elden Ring also let you make the decision instead of forcing it.


Elden Ring and Sekiro do it aswell.


The system of bonfires (lamps) is the worst in the franchise


Not a hot take. As amazing as the Hunter's Dream is, I want to warp from Lamp to Lamp. Giving that option will make the system way better.


Not an unpopular opinion, just a critical one


I agree, the loading screen every time you use it is not great.


But they are so pretty!


They also sound nice. Their hum is soothing to me


Not a hot take, it really is lol


totally agree. it used to be worse because when the game launched loading screens were bugged to last minutes AND ssds were much less of a thing


Wouldn't even be NEARLY as bad if the game for a PC release or a PS5 update. Still worse, but the load screens would be legitimately 8x faster.




Somehow the thought occurred to me that they might have done this on purpose the make farming more tedious.


I'm more inclined to believe its to incentivise returning to the hunters dream more often.


The lamps should be able to used to fast travel to all other lit lamps, like in DS3. Having to go back to Hunter's dream to move to another location is a drag. Blood vials and bullets should automatically refill like in DS3 and Elden Ring. Respec should be an option. There should be a viable option to be stealthy, or run through enemies in PVE; I would love to safely run through all the enemies in higher NG+ cycles. I wish to be able to change my appearance. But despite my complaints, I still think Bloodborne is the best souls game so far.


I like not having them refill at lanterns. Makes me want to be more wise with how I use them generally


Yeah I hated it at first coming right off of DS1 but I liked it in the end. No one likes change lol.


Well I started off with bloodborne so it was more weird for me to not care about how reckless I am with my estus flasks and made me not care at all how many I use


Oh yeah opposite problem here. Although I just beat BB and now am going back to DS and I keep forgetting I can’t move around while using my estus. Smh.


I've never had issues with running past enemies, unless it's a tight corridor or something. Way less than in DS3 at any rate.


The fact they they already had a “checkpoint to checkpoint” warping system in Dark Souls with the lord vessel but explicitly removed it for Bloodborne is a baffling design choice (I ignore ds2 because of a different team but also there). I highly doubt it was an oversight and done for a reason (to encourage going back to the dream to restock and level) but ultimately I think it was a bad choice.


There should be way more arcane spells.


Main game bosses are push overs mostly




If you decide to end the dream then most likely Mergo's Wet Nurse is your last boss and that's just a shame. Definitely too easy bosses and some of the easier ones come closer to the end even.


I am a good player


May you find your worth in the waking world


I think healing system is vety fitting for the game and if bloodborne had estus system it wouldnt be as good.


I think a good change to the healing system would be if they made it so you always have 5-10 blood vials that always come back but you can stock up on more. It's wild that you can straight up run out of healing. It punishes bad or new players twice. You're dying *and* you're constantly out of healing.


I don’t really mind 30fps although I would still want a remaster.


Now that's a hot take. I don't mind textures or whatever, I just want 60 fps and lower input lag...


Agree wholeheartedly


30 FPS is acceptable but it often dips down into the teens for me.


Chalice Dungeons and the community around them is the best part of the game.


100% — I’ve made friends with some very funny people and helped dozens if not hundreds of hunters via makeshift and r/huntersbell There was a player I met who would invade as Micolash in the cursed Isz dungeons and get up to some extremely funny antics with the mob bosses and teleporters. I miss running into that hunter Edit: a word


Maria ain’t hard


First try, no lie.


Always first tried her but damn if she isn't the funnest boss


fr, first try


I beat her second try on NG but on NG+ she kicked my ass for about 30 minutes


She was hard for me first time because I was too stubborn to not use tricked Hammer so couldn’t parry and it’s slower so can be hard to get the timings right for punishing her after dodging. She’s a pushover if you can parry her though. Still one of my favourite bosses though.


The game was on the easier side and could have been more difficult.


It also has this inverted difficulty curve, where the first level is the hardest.


The DLC does not agree with this statement.


No, you are absolutely right, I was indeed only referring to the base game :)


And some of the chalice dungeons too.


Also one of the shortest as well.


You know? Bloodborne was my first Soulsborne game, and I'm playing through the Dark Souls games right now and find them much more difficult. I just thought I was playing Dark Souls like Bloodborne, but even now I still find some bosses and enemies much trickier than anything Bloodborne threw at me


It’s probably adjusting to the gameplay. I started with BB and found DS mad difficult. Years later I now find DS1 and DES to be easy, DS3 and ER somewhat difficult, BB very difficult and DS2 Sotfs (haven’t played vanilla) a bloody fucking nightmare


The shadows are committing blackface


“Committing” seems like a weird word to use here but sure, the shadows are now canonically racist


Wait what


What does this mean?


The shop is way over price i mean 10 thousand echoes for one piece of armor or 60 thousand for a weapon


POV: you haven’t unlocked Mergo’s Loft: Middle yet


This plus a Moon ruin is easy money all day Edit: especially the one you get from brain boi


Counterpoint - Everything sells for ton as well. You can easily sell off a set of armor you don't plan on using (Doll Set for 35k) or a weapon that doesn't adhere to your character's build (Holy Moonlight Sword for 56k). You can straight up buy expensive armor sets with insight to sell for multiple levels worth of blood echoes. Only 9 of the 26 right handed weapons, 4 of the 16 left handed weapons, 6 of 39 armor sets are exclusive to the shop. Given how easily you can make blood echoes in the game, the weapon and armor prices aren't bad at all, even if you're going for an all items run. Consumables on the other hand can feel a bit egregious especially late game (Bolt Paper for 14k).


The game runs fine at 30fps


Try playing a 30fps game right after playing some 120-240 fps games. My eyes just start itching.


Oh no doubt it’ll look like a slide show! But just give it a bit of time and your eyes will get used to 30fps. I’m currently playing The Callisto Protocol on quality mode - took a good 20 mins for my eyes to adapt but now it has a very nice cinematic quality.


How dare you!


Chalice Dungeons are among the most enjoyable content in the game.


People would hate me for saying it but i wish dark souls and sekiro had the random dungeon generator too


I could see it being part of the Elden Ring DLC. It's kind of tailor made with how many crypts and caves are in the game though I could see people being really tired of crypts and caves as well


Tell that to Olek


I wouldn't say most enjoyable, but I think they're fine. They do get tiring after a while, but I also think you're not intended to do them back to back. Do 1 dungeon, do 1-2 areas in the main game, come back and do another dungeon, etc. Short bursts. Also stops you from getting overpowered too quickly


Very much agree


Can't get much hotter than this.


Nuclear take lol


The beasts of old yharnam should not be hunted. They are no threat to those above.


Good day Djura


Vicar Amelia is one of the best bosses in the game in my opinion, especially for an early game boss


The whole game is a dream. Miyazaki is heavily in to some kind of nondualism, although the games don’t indicate which branch of nondualism it is. In other words, he is most likely self realised/enlightened, or, at the least, is on his way to being so. Him switching careers at 30 makes a lot of sense in light of this; that was most likely when his nondual cherry was popped, lol. Most nondual traditions stress that the very reality that you and I are living in is a kind of dream. I say all of that to say that just because Bloodborne is set in a “dream”, it does not mean that it is unreality. Perhaps most people could relate more by comparing it to The Matrix… in that film, The Matrix is reality as humans know it, but from a more zoomed-out perspective it is unreal. That’s precisely what the dream is in Bloodborne. Bloodborne itself is about the path to enlightenment/the evolution of consciousness. You appear in the dream as a manifestation of your mindset. Beasts are fearful, Hunters are brave, and Great Ones are what everybody is, on some level, trying to become.


Charred Thermos is right and the game is one big allegory for Victorian era medical practices and research.


Ludwig first phase is significantly more difficult than Orhpan and Laurence. Forbidden Woods is worse than Blighttown.


I grew to be at home in blighttown.


Nightmare Frontier is worse than Forbidden Woods


Nightmare Frontier is a good zone.




Micolash is a good boss


The real boss is not losing your sanity from chasing him around.


I cannot stand this guy. I start mocking his dialogue even before I die to him the first time, lol


Honestly agree, he's a little shit but his cat and mouse game kind of reminds me of The End boss fight from MGS3


Shadows of Yarnham is the best gank boss in the whole soulsborne series even more than Ornstein and Smough


Micolash and One Reborn are among my favorite bosses


Wtf, I mean I respect that but wtf?


Yeah right?


Bells should cost echos not insight. I understand why it’s like that, but that doesn’t mean I like it. If I wanna do multiplayer I shouldn’t have to use up something that’s such a pain in the ass to maintain as it is


Whirligig saw should not be called 'pizza cutter' but rather 'weedwacker'.


Micolash isnt difficult or tedious. You're just doing the fight wrong.


It never ceases to amaze me that people chase him around those stairs in phase 1. You just head him off and herd him into the room, not follow him around in circles. Tried to explain this to a coop hunter and he couldn’t get it, kept chasing him around.


Rom is the hardest boss in the main game


That is a hot take… I agreed on my first play through but now I think Rom is one of the easier bosses


In every playthrough I've done, I always found Rom the easiest, she is just more annoying than anything. Then I fought her in a chalice dungeon and got humbled.


Interesting, I just re-did that fight (at a much higher level than “normal”) and I still find it easier than the main game fight because you can block one of the arcane attacks with the pillars in the room


Given, I've only finished the game once to prove to myself that I have it in me to finish a FromSoft game lol. Since then it's been in my top 10 of all time though. Perhaps when I give the game a go on NG+ my sentiments about Rom might change.


My first play through Rom took me 50 attempts. One of my more recent fights took less than 2 minutes and that was in NG not some crazy over level fight


Yeah I reckon it took me around that many attempts as well. Almost gave up, ended up relying on beast pellets and lightning to get me through the fight, god I hated those goddamned spiders and their jump attacks


Rom('s kids) is the hardest boss in the main game FTFY


Cainhurst would’ve been way better if it wasn’t 90% ghost maidens. Very cool level design, meh enemies, one of my favorite soulsborne bosses but overall I wish the enemies were more diversified, the most fun area for enemies is where the red eyed gargoyles are.


Yeah definitely, and if it was a bit longer/less linear. There's really not much exploration to do.


Micolash is actually kind of a fun fight to me 😬


Kirkhammer R2 is bad and doesn't track well


Kirkhammer ~~R2~~ is bad ~~and doesn't track well~~


Blood vials being consumable is a stupid mechanic.


Mergo’s set nurse is a great fight, even though its easy. Amazing design, super creepy Music, and a cool looking moveset


Blood vials are a perfectly fine system that only needs two "fixes" 1. more frequent drops 2. their shop scaling is less intense also ebrietas is a horrible boss


It doesn't need a part 2


Only post here I disagree with.


PvP in Bloodborne was trash mostly because of people wanting to stick to BL 125 while ALSO using the best cursed gems in game. Low defences and enormous dmg. At BL 150 (Like Praise The Sun suggested, RIP man ❤️), for how excessive endurance could be, you got a lot better defences, but still the gems did a lot of dmg. PvP, at least duels, should have been gemless. Edit: it also had the same problem ER has for invasions, only coop.


I’d prefer we stay at 120 with whatever gems you got and just heal as part of the duel. Passivity is the real bane of Bloodborne PvP, when you can die in 2-5 hits suddenly you stop being aggressive after the first and just dodge around spamming l2.


- Threaded Cane mid - Shark Giants, while tough, are not nearly as impossibly difficult to fight as people make them out to be - Game would be objectively worse without Micolash - Laurence doesn’t deserve the hate he gets - Martyr Logarius doesn’t deserve the love he gets


I agree and disagree rather mildly with the takes. BUT, the take on Logarius is need of explanation. His fight is challenging and forces you to learn the combat rather than leaning on equipment or cheesy strats. Every boss from him on feels like a cakewalk because you actually had to learn the combat mechanics.


Seems like he enjoys the beast boss fights and doesn't like the hunter ones... a rare breed


Logarius is the reason i've finally learned to parry


Orphan is the hardest boss in Fromsoft history, without cheeses and even with


Then why the hell do I still hate Pontiff Sulyvahn so much?! Lol


He, too, was a MASSIVE roadblock for me and i considered just giving up. Then i found the buckler shield.


Not even the hardest boss in bloodborne


He is easily the hardest boss in any of souls games(Haven't played Demon Souls) for me and it isn't close.


The Winter Lanterns aren't even close to the most annoying enemy in the game Honorable mention: I cannot take the executioner helmet seriously. It's like Pyramid Head, but even more goofy looking I always sell this helmet because none of my characters are going to be caught dead wearing that


>The Winter lanterns aren’t even close to the most annoying enemy in the game Is it possible to learn this power?


alternatively, if you have a weapon whose charged r2 knocks them off their feet (axe, ludwig, and personal fav church pick since the follow up is op and guaranteed hit) they become pushovers, and you'd only have to deal with the frenzy


That is also true. I prefer to eliminate frenzy altogether, just to avoid losing sedatives or blood vials, but if that's not a big deal, you can absolutely just **run in there and fucking kill them** The big problem a lot of people have with these enemies is hesitance, which is understandable for newcomers, they take you by surprise. Once you know what they do and where they are, it's really just a matter of pouncing on them and sticking to it until it's done.


Run past them… lol there are only 4 in the main game that are directly between you and something else and even those are technically optional areas


Yes, absolutely. Two methods, of varying difficulty * easy method: run **straight up to them**, bait the grab (you're looking for the moment the arms stretch all the way, and then shoot the instant they start moving toward you), shoot them in the face. Rip their guts out * slightly less easy method: run straight up to them, bait the grab, quickstep behind them the instant they lunge toward you, then hit their back with a fully charged thrust (need a quick weapon for this, or you'll miss the window). Rip their guts out. Whichever method you choose, be wary of how much insight you have, because you can actually use a glitch to keep yourself safe from frenzy. If you get the timing exactly right, the frenzy meter will build up and activate while you're doing the visceral, but because you're in the animation, you take exactly zero damage. If you use the gun method, having higher insight works in your favor, because you're trying to get this done quickly. If you use the quickstep, you want your frenzy to build up closer, but not too slow or you'll finish the visceral before it fills and then take damage anyway. It's gonna take some practice, but not an egregious amount. Dump your echoes, go find some winter lanterns close to a spawn point, keep trying it until you have the muscle memory down. I want to say that if you practice it for 15 minutes, they will become a joke to you.


Lol you say they're easy but wrote a whole paragraph about how to beat them, including using a glitch. That doesn't make them seem easy at all. Every enemy in the game can become easy if you practice enough.


I remembering bullying the shit out of the three winter lanterns on the bridge in the Nightmare of Mensis when I got there on my first playthrough, It’s all about speed bruh


Mine is: Orphan of Kos is not that fun. Hard? Yes but not fun. A little background: apparently, I'm not much of a "gamer", it takes much much longer for me to master any game than most people who play games on a regular basis, so I was shocked to find out that the average amount of tries it takes people to beat a boss is less than 30. I died to both Maria and Ludwig more than 40-50 times but I enjoyed every single fight against them, I has SO much fun fighting them. Not Orphan, though. Even when I beat him, there was no sense of triumph or accomplishment, just an "ugh, glad *that's* over."


30 fps works for the cinematic horror aesthetic the game is going for


If they remade the game present day, it wouldn't be 30 fps. They weren't going for that, I don't think


I said it was a hot take not a good take


The fishing hamlet sucks as an area.


I don't think the DLC from any souls game has ever been fun or particularly lore worthy, EXCEPT for the bosses. It's basically a big excuse every time. I have to say that BB does it best though. All the blood drunk hunters running around, then getting to fight ol' what's her name. Some cool shit right there. Then there's the fishing hamlet..... THEN THERE'S THE ORPHAN, YAAAAAY!


Why do you say? It's my favorite in the game


Hot take bruh


The call beyond is extremely easy to dodge and as a continuation the host of the nightmare is a complete joke of a boss battle who's really overhated considering how much of a non-issue he is.


I've only ever successfully managed to dodge that attack twice


Yeah I was suprised during my first playthrough when he was piss easy after all the complaints i’ve heard. I mean sure it wasn’t super good but you literally just run after him a little while until he goes into a room and there you can just beat the fuck outta him.


people aren't complaining about him being hard, hes really easy, just annoying and tedious.


Yeah, he wasn’t really that tedious either


Defiled Watchdog is quite fun.


I LOVED defiled watchdog. My favourite boss in the entire game, once I got the hang of its moves. It was like a dance. So fun.


The chalice dungeon “storyline” was better then yhe main game story line


Wait, there was a story?


Not really, afaik


Not a story so much as different examples of how societies have fallen to the horrors of the world. Logan fell to the beasts, etc


Celestial Emissaries taste like jellybeans


The Moon Presence is a objectively a bad boss


Bloodborne is Fromsoft’s easiest major title.


The beginner experience is shit.


OoK is easy because you already beat the entire freaking game plus the DLC, when you reach him you're so in to it that nothing can stop you. Gascoigne and Djura was way harder for me because I was a n00b back then.


Bosses suck from rom until you reach gherman


Lady Maria isn’t that hot


Until you get to her 3rd phase...


Nothing turns me on more than… a women penetrating her chest with.. two… swords…. Mmmm bloody


And using fire swords!


Martyr Logarious is mid


I think Orphan of Kos is anything but fun.


The shield should still be able to block frenzy


Maria is easiest boss in the game. Just shoot her lol.


The game isn't even optimized for PS4, so a PC port will not solve it's framerate issues.


But the mods will fix it






In your opinion, what is the best from has done?


Sekiro. Like objectively its their most polished game. Doesn't matter what your favourite is Sekiro is the most polished hands down


I think the only way Sekiro could be better is if the weapon skills and Shinobi tools were a little better to encourage using them. I stick with the sword for the most part.


NG+ was harder than DLC. I hate Micolash.


Laurence is easier than Lady Maria


The game was too short. And ending was unsatisfying. Still love it to death


The game does a pretty bad job of explaining much of anything about Mergo and why she's important imo


Saw Cleaver mid. Oh, and Martyr Logarius is a meh boss who *fucking cheats*.