If you hate rapist Brock turner, may I introduce you to Jacob Anderson.

If you hate rapist Brock turner, may I introduce you to Jacob Anderson.


Someone’s got a daddy people are scared of. Fucking gross.


Apparently this is the THIRD(!!) time that same judge has let a Baylor rapist off easy. Dude clearly doesn’t consider rape to be a crime as long as it’s committed by a young white male twenty-something.


The DA and defense team hashed out the plea deal the judge really isn't to blame here....


Actually judges can overrule that and issue sentencing but it would cause issues like what was seen in the Cosby case.


The Cosby case is a bit different. The timeline as I understand it: Cosby rapes a bunch of women. No prosecutor will touch the case. Woman sues Cosby in civil court to at least put it on record. A prosecutor shrugs and says that works, I guess. Prosecutor grants Cosby immunity from prosecution for the rapes, removing his ability to plead the 5th. Civil case forces Cosby to confess. He loses civil case. People come forward hoping to use his confession in the civil case against him. Judge reluctantly points out that the prosecutor promised immunity. If someone who was paying more attention can correct whateber is wrong with this I'd appreciate it. But the judge wasn't bending over backwards to protect a celebrity like the other judge protected the rapist in the post. They were upholding the law so that everyone knows the rules mean something.


You are correct. Durring the Cosby case this *was* argued by the defense but the judge initially kinda sorta chose not to hear it. Then overturned that initial ruling cause... well... because the initial ruling was incredibly stupid and undermined the promises of the entire judicial system. I concede that the cases aren't really all that similar, but it does speak to the options judges have when trying a case. He or she is not bound by the DA agreements and can indeed just disregard them if they so wish. To the detriment of the entire case, but they technically *can* do so.


The judge is just supposed to hinder the judicial process to appease the alleged victim? Again the judge isn't to blame here, the people to blame is the DA for realizing they had no case because a girl just saying something isn't evidence. This is what you have here.


Well... yea... kinda... A judge can simply refuse the plea deal. The defendant can then withdraw the plea and trial would resume as if there was no plea agreement. Then if the suspect is found guilty the judge can issue a sentence with whatever departure he/she desires. Usually a more conservative departure is taken (specifically for a defendant with a decent attorney) since there can always be an appeal due to too harsh a sentencing. Yes. I would want a judge to make ***judge***ments based on the case and severity of crimes


When a judge stop accepting plea deals that county's criminal court system grinds to a crawl. You can't make decisions about how to advise a client if your plea deal might be thrown out. I've seen it happen and you hope you can manage to get yourself in front of a different judge.


Sure. But some plea agreements, are not *all* plea agreements. If a judge weighs the facts of a case, as they should, he can just refuse the plea. The defendant would just withdraw their plea, and trial would then proceed as normal. The truth is that the current way pleas are used lends well to corruption and discrimination. A DA knows when a defendant has the means for a great defense team. If it's going to take up DA resources, they are more inclined to offer a more lenient and aggressive plea agreement in order to not burden the system. This leads to people with means statistically having lighter sentences than those without. Justice may be blind, but that bitch knows if you have deep pockets.


And also, no the judge can't just "issue sentencing" when the defendant hasn't been convicted of anything. You do not know what you are talking about.


I suppose my law degree means nothing. Who knew. Considering that you are obviously so well versed in law and how courts operate, it would be a waste of breath to explain that a judge can simply not accept the plea deal. The defendant can then withdraw the plea and trial would resume as if there was no plea agreement. Then if the suspect is found guilty the judge can issue a sentence with whatever departure he/she desires. Usually a more conservative departure is taken (specifically for a defendant with a decent attorney) since there can always be an appeal due to too harsh a sentencing. Shit shouldn't work like this. But it do.


Sounds like we got some fucking to do


Probably the mafia


These dudes escape karma too. With enough money/connections you can thwart the cosmos!!!


reality is often... disappointing




Texas at it again


I hate to break it to you, but karma is something that good people made up so that they’d feel better about bad people getting away with shit. Life is not fair.


Goodbye karma, hello vengeance


Life is neither fair nor unfair, it just *is*. Also, the idea of karma has a waaaayyy more interesting history than that, you should look it up.


They bribed God


You mean congress?


Arent they the same thing?


"Anderson" is not a "mafia" second name


Fake indentity ?


[The story.](https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2018/12/11/us/baylor-rape-plea-probation-jacob-anderson.amp.html) Supposedly not the first time [the judge](https://www.texasbar.com/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Find_A_Lawyer&template=/Customsource/MemberDirectory/MemberDirectoryDetail.cfm&ContactID=188648) has approved lenient deals for sex offenders. He’s retired now.


Is he 6 feet under now? Because that is where pieces of shit like that belong. Just an edit for clarity, this comment refers to the judge in the qbove comment who has let multiple sex offenders and rapists walk free, though it could aplly to the rapists themselves as well.


There’s a much younger ex frat president walking around


That doesn't exclude the old bastards allowing it to happen


> Anderson was accused of raping a young woman, but the veracity of that allegation is unclear because he never faced a trial on charges of sexual assault, and therefore witnesses were not examined, crucial evidence is not publicly available, and a jury never issued a verdict.


Huge shocker. The judge is a Baylor alum, so I'm betting he did this for the good of the school and the frat.


Note that the judge is merely accepting a negotiated plea deal offered by the prosecutor. 99.9% of the time, a judge is going to accept a negotiated resolution. Per the article, the prosecutor on the case felt there were factual issues in proving it beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt. I don't know the facts, but that's what's been stated. Now why do judges accept agreed upon pleas? Because it's a bit of a problem if the judge goes "State, why are you doing this?" and the prosecutor has to be a little coy and say "trust me" because they may not want to reveal "this witness has disappeared and isn't going to be available for trial" or "in my assessment of the case, I think there's an issue that a jury isn't going to like." A prosecutor is legally and ethically bound to disclose favorable evidence to the defense. They are not bound to disclose their assessment of the evidence and why they think a case may not be as strong as it seems. They're also not under any obligation to come forward and say that they can't locate a witness. So a judge accepts a plea because asking the prosecutor that question may result in stating something that they'd rather not say out loud in front of the defendant.


That's absolutely right. In cases I've been in that's precisely what my lawyers have said to me & I've taken deals that were better than the original offer. There's no shenanigans going on here.


Exactly. These Twitter/reddit cancel culture activists clearly haven't done any research at all on the case in question and have a very poor understanding of how the justice system works. If they brought this to trial, Anderson would have been easily aquitted. The judge did nothing wrong. The DA is the one who dropped the charges and offered the plea deal.


A rapist got away with a fine less than his frat dues. Anger at this result seems manifestly valid, especially considering that it is representative of a widespread issue with our justice system. The specific reason behind this sentencing is trivial— this was the wrong result regardless of what was going on in the black box of the trial.


That's why being mad at the judge is the wrong tack. Systemic problems are not generally improved by breaking rules in favor of popular outcomes. If the DA offered a deal this favorable, either the DA or the cops are corrupt or incompetent, or there simply wasn't enough evidence to convict the defendant of a serious crime.


Retired from life I hope


Lenient deals for sex offenders? Hope this dude drops dead.


Sounds like a sex offender became a Judge.


Have one on the SCOTUS, so..




Hopefully somebody recognises him and can do something good for the world like set his house on fire


He moved onto University of Dallas after he raped her and left for dead. He’s not JUST a rapist. He’s a complete loser with no regard for human life. Also, he has smol pp.


We shall smuggle him, chop off peen, and surgically sew it to his ass hole so he has to poop out of small pp hole and for ever be constipated.




He got expelled from UT Dallas too after a petition raising awareness of what he did went around. https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/12/us/jacob-anderson-baylor-ut-dallas-petition/index.html


He didn't get expelled, he just got banned from campus I thought. Since he was graduating the semester he got here, I remember his only punishment was not being allowed on campus, including walking at graduation


I hate to admit this but it’s who you know and how much money you have these days. Justice goes to the highest bidder.


> these days I can't help but feel it's always been like that to some degree, just a lot more publicised these days.


Or many people on Reddit haven’t been around for enough days (or lack the mental flexibility to imagine society before they were born) to know that rich, powerful people get away with more than the poor. This pattern likely goes back to the dawn of civilization.


Unfortunately this. One of the most absurd mental gymnastic that most of us accepts blindly is war. Every single war has been based on someone wanting “more”. Just saying the magic words “we are at war” common people are justified in killing other common people while generals stay cozy and well protects. If we can blindly accept that, and never ask for accountability whenever “we win”, why are we somehow expecting that anything else has to be fair and balanced?


Yea, it's not even hard to imagine it if you've ever stayed awake during history class


Which also means justice doesn't truly exist


Well u can do anything with daddy’s money


Hey, late to the party. What's up with the all-caps "VIRGIN"? That's a little weird, no? A little retro-sexist-circa-1950s?


I absolutely agree. As though the safety and value of virgin women is more important. Pretty fucking backwards.


I’d say it’s not unimaginable that, while such a thing is always horrible and scarring, it might even be more so to someone without any prior sexual experience to begin with. Not to mention their first time will forever be this horrendous incident.


I don’t see any reason to discuss the victim’s prior sexual activity, though. You can’t really itemize and rank pain/suffering like that… Sexual assault is a deeply personal experience, nobody reacts or is affected exactly the same. To mention it is weird in the same way that it’d be weird to mention the victim was CHRISTIAN (as though it’s a worse crime to assault a theist vs atheist or something).


It's not weird to mention all the aspects of the crime. For example, it doesn't matter if you shoot a white or a black person - they will feel the same pain and suffer the same damage, but it is an important to consider when analyzing the shooter's motivation.


I don't think the victims sexual past really played a big part in the rapists motivation. stating all caps that she's a virgin is weird and not really pertinent information. The crime is just as horrible, regardless of the status of her "virginity"


I don't know, I feel like it is much harder to regain a healthy view on sex if your first time was rape. You'd have no foundation to cling on to while trying to heal. The damage might be equal, but the road to recovery is harsher.


Spoken like someone who’s never actually experienced rape before. Yikes.


Spoken like someone who thinks rape is some kind of badge of authority to automatically shut people down in internet arguments. Yikes.


God damn it, I keep on forgetting that this website is filled with literal children


It certainly is, but I’m not sure how that’s relevant to the fact that your comment was incredibly ignorant. Don’t speak on things you know nothing about. It makes you look stupid.


rape is rape dude, it's not a contest, everyone's experience is different and unique to them.


Who said it was a contest? I'm just saying that your previous sexual experiences will affect how you recover from sexual trauma. Do you not think that's true?


Or an unarmed person




How about we don't justify the "sanctity" of a virgin over anyone else? It's not more or less traumatic because, and I can't believe I have to say this, rape is rape.




Nah man. Your first time having sex =/= getting raped. There's such a huge difference in those occasions, you really can't put them in the same category. You wouldn't compare getting assaulted with getting a massage, or getting stabbed to 'had an operation'. The victim is not having sex, the victim is getting raped and sex has nothing to do with that. Attraction, mood and horniness don't come into play. It's the aggressor going on a powertrip, regardless of the victim.


Nobody here is saying that getting raped is like having sex for the first time. We're saying that the victim's virginity makes this WORSE, because a person's first time having sexual intercourse is something deeply personal and plays a big role in how that person views sex throughout their life. A traumatic experience can drastically change their views on what a healthy sex life looks like, and that can result in behaviors that end up hurting themselves and other people. You're equating the word "sex" to "love-making" in an attempt to separate it from the word "rape". Rape IS sex. It's just sex that is forced on someone else. It doesn't change the fact that it's sex. A random observer looking at a still frame of a rape would have a hard time discerning whether it's consensual or not in most cases because the vast majority of rapes don't involve murdering the victim or even grievously physically wounding them. In fact, this is why rape cases like this get such bullshit results at trial, because the judge or jury aren't actually witnessing the depravity fully. They see maybe a photo if anything and they're being told the whole time by the Defense "Oh she was hitting on him the whole night, everyone says so" or whatever crap they justify it with, and they think to themselves "Well this is probably one of those cases I've heard about on Facebook where the girl wanted it but then changed her mind" and they dismiss it. It's fucked up, we are ALL in agreement on that. Nobody here thinks rape is okay, or that it's like having consensual sex for the first time. The comparison is used to highlight how fucked up removing someone's choice in their first (or any) sexual experience is. It being their first sexual experience just makes it worse.


As someone who lost their virginity to rape, thank you. Mine wasn't anywhere near as violent, but there are also people who orgasm against their will due to the unfamiliar physical stimulation, and not outlining the true horror by admitting there was sexual contact takes away from the victim's experience, and sort of places the responsibility of it being 'sexual' on the victim rather than on the sex criminal.


The people replying to you and refuting this is just horrifying, as a women who was repeatedly raped/coerced/assaulted as my baseline "intro to having sex".


I agree. I think there are different degrees of what we perceive as a tragic. For example, most will agree that a young person dying is more tragic than an old person.


virginity is a construct to begin with. to perpetuate this idea that the victim's "first time" was stolen, ruined, or scarring is, in a way, taking the victim's bodily autonomy even further. she gets to decide what her "first time" is, whether that's the first time she experienced anything remotely sexual with another person or if it's penetrative sex. if this were a man, her sexual history wouldn't be considered whatsoever.


I don’t think she’s talking about if she’s important cuz she’s a virgin but it’s because normally your first time is important to you


We can say that rape is abhorrent regardless of status but for the victims first sexual encounter to be RAPE?! Yeah I'd say it was important to point out. This poor woman will have trouble with intimacy for most if not all of her life...its an important distinction.


Women who are not virgins often *also* have trouble with intimacy for the rest of their lives It's not less bad to rape someone who has had sex before


My first instinct was along those lines too but now I’m thinking maybe it was to ward off any of those assholes who are always like “well she was known for sleeping around so I bet she just had sex with this guy and regretted it, he didn’t rape her”. Nah dude, she clearly didn’t sleep around.


yeah I thought it was an overemphasis too, considering there were alleged repeated assaults..... oof why did i think that


The crime is worse because it was a virgin girl who will never get to know the embrace of a man on her wedding night. If it was just some whore who had already seen a dozen dicks then his actions would have been justified /s


Welcome to Texas. You must be new here. We care very much about the women in our state. As evidenced by-


I think it is worse that she was a virgin tbh, not because she has more value or any of those sexist things but just the level of confusion that would have been higher. Rapist asshole probably didn’t know she had no experience without so it doesn’t add to his assholeness, which was already at record levels. It’s hard to explain because I’m sick right now and probably shouldn’t be putting a comment on a controversial topic.


No, I appreciate your comment. And I think it's a fair point Being raped is awful, period. Having a rape constitute one's first sexual experience probably *does* bring that trauma to another level.


Raping a virgin is worse I guess? There would be a lot of damage....and if she was saving her self for religious reasons then that'd be worse. Probably more traumatic too. Like getting thrown in the middle of the ocean with out ever swimming before.


I don’t really think having consensual sex with someone makes you more prepared to handle getting raped. Also, there would be a lot of damage regardless of her sexual status. This is a really weird take, dude.


Here is some more details from the prosecutor that may shed more light on why the penalty was so lenient:: “Conflicting evidence and statements exist in this case making the original allegation difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. As a prosecutor, my goal is no more victims. I believe that is best accomplished when there is a consequence rather than an acquittal,” the statement read, according to the Star-Telegram. She also said that “there are many facts that the public does not have,” without giving more details. In an email to the victim and her family that local news outlets reported, LaBorde brought up another case she said was similar that had resulted in an acquittal. “[The jury] engaged in a lot of victim blaming — and the behavior of that victim and [this victim] is very similar,” she wrote, according to local news outlets. “It’s my opinion that our jurors aren’t ready to blame rapists and not victims when there isn’t concrete proof of more than one victim.”


This. As a former prosecutor, I get it. It's fucking awful when you have a case where something bad happened and the evidence is shit or the case is falling apart. It's never an easy conversation with victims and family members either.


Look at that smug fucking smirk


That was my first thought! That entitled looking smirk. I'm a very non violent person and I want to just smack it off of him


According to [this ](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/education/2018/12/11/accused-rape-former-frat-president-gets-no-jail-time-after-plea-deal-da/%3foutputType=amp) article, there wasn’t a ton of evidence to convict him so her attorney just took this deal so that there was some type of penalty as opposed to (possibly) none. Brock Turner was different - 2 people caught him raping a girl. (I am in no way saying that this guy is innocent)


who are the parents?


Parents? What parents?


Oh Jacob Anderson, the rapist.


Oh we’re talking about Jacob Anderson? The rapist? The dude who raped a woman and left her outside in a pool of vomit? That rapist? You know, I heard from a good source that he’s a rapist


Rapist Jacob Anderson? Oh yeah I heard he was a rapist.


Yeah, *that* raping rapist, Jacob Anderson.


Did rapist Jacob Anderson Rape someone? I suppose it’s what we’ve come to expect from Rapists.




It really sucks because the people that would want to rid the world of these awful people would get in more trouble than the scumbags that deserve a long walk off a short pier




Aren’t serial killers often rapists themselves?




This was very funny!


That’s why it’s hard not to like Dexter


I think people like this should be handcuffed and kicked into deep water, but our justice system helps the incorrect people


Okay, say we lived in a society that allowed for and even encouraged extrajudicial revenge killings by anyone. What’s stopping your neighbor from coming into your home, blasting your head off with a shotgun, and claiming it was because you did something first, months ago?


Yea but then someone would have to murder them for committing murder no? Is rape worse than murder? Or does it just depend on which crimes *you* decide are worse?




I mean if we’re talking about murder meaning you killed somebody without an excuse (like self defense) and with malice aforethought I don’t think murder can be justified. The only thing I think that was kinda justified was people attempting to murder Hitler back then but that’s about it




As dark as it may seem I don’t think anybody would have complained of somebody did that to Hitler before killing him imma be completely honest. Again both are beyond horrible things to do to one person so idk which one is worse




Rape can definitely be worse than murder in certain situations. If you had a man who raped a child and another man who murdered his daughters rapist who would you rather have walking around?


Based on a meme they saw on Reddit?




If you actually read the facts of the case you would see it's not so clear cut. Snopes has a good article on it. avidblinker is right. People are blindly believing a meme instead of actually researching why the DA decided to not proceed with the case. It's much easier to look at things in black and white.


I don't like the emphasis on her being a virgin if somehow that makes it worse than the alternative


I think it’s being her first time and it being traumatic for her instead of how a persons first time is important for them


As if it would be any less traumatic for a non virgin? Come on, think


i didnt say it wasnt i just meant that he stole her first time and she mightve cared about who shes going to lose it with


Idk about you but I'd hardly consider that losing her virginity. Virginity is a societal construct based around having sex with someone for the first time which usually doesn't fucking include rape. Not that she'll see it that way or not but I still think calling her out as a virgin to somehow make the crime worse than the alternative is strange


I went to parties at that Phi Delt house, definitely not surprised this happened there.


I think we used to call it the "blue light" house because it had a blue bulb in the porch light.


This is why in my mind all college fraternity’s are shit and should be avoided. Can’t trust people which is why we can’t have nice things. Dude even have that look of “I couldn’t care less about anything but my personal interests”


Sexual assault is like 300% more likely to be perpetrated by a fraternity brother than a non-Greek male. Harvard banned all fraternities and saw no change in the rate of sexual assault reports. Despite prior to this, fraternities being the hotspot of these incidents. So it seems that fraternities are good at collecting the rapists. Without them, they disperse into the general public of the university and are harder to avoid. So because of this, I’ve changed from being anti-frat to letting them be the cow shit that attracts the flies, and to stay the fuck away from them.


Yes I heard of Brock Turner the Rapist. He has a pal?


Yup, Jacob Walter Anderson, the other rapist.


What is the deal with young white men rapists getting free? Like is there a pattern? Parent are super rich? Old inheritance money?




Unfortunately juries are braindead and sex crimes are very difficult to prove, I don't think there's any foul play in this case.


I had a female roommate who literally used to sleep with tons of dudes in university. There was a case where she brought home someone & they were broth drunk. Started Fucking *both of them threw up in the bed* & they kept Fucking. - Unfortunately the unsettling nature of this is shocking to people who haven't been exposed to it.


Let's make him famous, reddit.


You wanna start that chain. Ok you said it. Repeat after me, a hex on JACOB ANDERSON. Jacob Anderson. Jacob Anderson. jacob anderson (I believe people on Reddit do this so it pops when someone Searches google for the name-lets give him a million pricks. ) he deserves worse than a death of a million cuts but it’s a start.


Yeah, I'd just like any employer or potential girlfriend in the future who googles him to see this story first.


Yes so SAY HIS NAME. (You’re supposed to write back saying his name like 20 Times. Highly recommend cut and paste so it doesn’t burn itself into your predictive texts) Jacob Anderson Jacob Anderson. Jacob Anderson. Jacob Anderson. Jacob Anderson.


> Jacob Anderson Jacob Anderson. Jacob Anderson. Jacob Anderson. Jacob Anderson. Yeah, all right.


YAAAAASSSSSS!!! Jacob Anderson. Jacob Anderson. Jacob Anderson. Jacob Anderson. Jacob Anderson. Jacob Anderson. Jacob Anderson. Jacob Anderson


What was the plea deal?


$400 fine and 30 minutes of community service probably


You mean the rapist Jacob Anderson? (As not to be confused with the rapist, Brock Turner.)


For context: He not charged with forcible rape, but with sexual assault, which was not tried and he was not convicted of. The DA did not proceed on the basis of conflicting evidence and a lack of evidence. The Western judicial system (the best that has ever existed) only works when a high burden of proof is met. This sucks, but unless you're ok with innocent people being incarcerated, that's what we're left with. We should be careful behaving like this is a fact and that he is 100% guilty of this allegation. That said, my heart goes out to the young woman. Unfortunately, cases like this rarely ever result in actual justice being dispensed, and no matter the circumstances, this is sad.


Look into that prosecuter's financials for the time period. Bet there is a lovely little bump to net worth


Baylor is the largest Baptist university in America. The University also got into trouble a few years ago for covering up the rapes of multiple women by the football team. So, take those two things into consideration as well.


Hey Greg Abbot! Found a rapist for you. I bet he's the wrong color for you to prosecute.


Why the fuck is is relevant that she was a virgin? Rape is horrible no matter who it happens to.


Also awful: caring about a rape victim's virginity status.


any one else kinda confused why they stress the word virgin? does that mean if she wasnt it be better? or just to make older conservative people take it seriously


Why is virgin highlighted. It's irrelevant to the crime. Someone who has lots of sex is no more deserving of rape and their rape would be no less heinous.


Anybody want to GOFUNDME a billboard together? Let me know.


Texas at it again


There was a senator from Texas who once said “if a woman is raped she only gets pregnant if she enjoyed it”. Texas tries so hard to take the title of America’s toilet away from Florida.


You know, I’m not even surprised. I read that and my reaction was “yeah, that sounds about right” without even the slightest shock. For a state that touts how everything is bigger there, they must have an appallingly low education budget


The governor of Texas recently said they’re gonna end rape as well in response to the abortion debates. Because you know, little scumbag assholes like this won’t exist and commit rape in Texas anymore apparently.


Do you know which senator this was? I’m in Texas and am trying to get more involved in our politics as well as getting my friends more involved. Any ammo against these pricks is welcome.


Happens everywhere, but Baylor especially. Look up other Baylor rapes - there are plenty.


Man looks like a mix of megamind and elon musk


We do worse here in Belgium, 7 men gangraped a 16yo girl and filmed it. They were sentenced to writing a paper on equality between men and women, due in 6 months. That will teach them


No jail time for ADMITTING TO THE CRIME Society is doomed.


If you hate The Rapist Brock Turner, may I introduce you to The Rapist Jacob Walters Anderson. Fixed your title.


I keep waiting for things to get worse in Texas, thinking... nahhhh, it can't get WORSE, right ? Every fucking day, something else sickening, stupid or senseless is reported out of fucking Texas.


I hate how smug he looks in the photo.


Future senator or president.


Sooo movement to go there and face fuck him with a giant dildo while we make his dad watch?


Ok Internet Do you Job, He Might Be out of Jail,,, He cant be FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like how VIRGIN girl is capitalized because everyone knows if she's not virgin she probably asked for it!


The judge apparently is a Baylor University alum. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, curiouser and curiouserrrrr


Oh but we need to worry about FaLsE aCcUsAtiOnS FKn ridiculous


Thats America baby. Justice is what you can afford. Laws don't apply to the wealthy as per the design.


He will be dealt with. Trust me.


It would be such a shame if he were to be violently castrated in an unfortunate accident. /s


Need to find him & put a bullet to his head


There are certain things I dont understand about cases like these. In other comments I read that it's the same judge who's gotten this guy off 3 times for the same shit. If we all know that, if its public knowledge, why is there not more public outrage blaming and naming the judge. He clearly doesnt regard violent rape as a serious crime. So why is it taboo or seen as dirty politics for there to be a huge news segment both about this asshole getting away with the crime, but also about this judge not seeing rape as a big deal. You want cases like these to be rarer, the people at the top making these decisions need to have consequences. Judges are elected, right? Publicly shame them as weak on crime. It's literally the least we can do to keep the system honest and for some reason, no one is even doing that




Can't really call Brock a rapist when the rape charges were withdrawn, though. So from a legal standpoint, he's literally *not* a rapist.


If I were the victims brother or father ... I'd be glad he was out ....


Give em some texas justice :)


Was he found guilty? Downvoted for asking a neutral question? Thaaaat's Reddit! Also found out that IT NEVER EVEN WENT TO TRIAL. Yeah, but muh hate! Listen, if you HATE someone for something you don't even have the facts on then you're just as nutty as the people who hate the lizard people or the flat earthers hating the spherists. Coined.


no...it never went to trial. Snopes has a pretty good impartial breakdown on how this whole story played out. I'm not saying he was not guilty and I\`m not saying she was lying but I do think people should take the time to read the whole story and if they have the same opinion either way then that is a more informed opinion.


Well, then, that throws a different light on people we're told to hate... Thankyou.


I hope someone finds this pile of shit and holds him down and carves RAPIST onto his forehead with a knife. Complete bullshit white privilege and affluenza works like this in this country. I’m so sick of these little pukes getting away with this shit, and whoever this DA is who allowed this plea deal should be disbarred and should be held liable when this little fuck does this again, which he will since he received a slap on the wrist for being a predator.


If I were her father, this would no longer be a problem.


This is why my dad will never know of my past sexual abuses. Because I love him more and need him more in my life and not in jail as he has threatened numerous times if anyone ever hurt us...


I guarantee something like this has happened to a close relative of yours. It happens to 3/5 women.


Have fun in jail and have fun knowing your traumatised daughter has no father for at least 20 odd years. This is why it’s smarter to make it public and try to fight the legal way


Have fun receiving no justice and being left totally neutered and unempowered.


Why not go around killing rapists then? Or is it only if you’re related to the victims? There’s nothing stopping you


Oh the Rapist, Jacob Walter Turner of Baylor University in Waco Texas.. right?




He just got added to my terminate on site list.


Y'all really just accept the words of a random Twitter user as gospel and jump straight to "wHiTe PrIvEge"


[This article](https://www.washingtonpost.com/education/2018/12/11/accused-rape-former-frat-president-gets-no-jail-time-after-plea-deal-da/) tells a more complete picture.


No, we also read the actual news article obviously. What is going on inside your little brain here?


Just a clear reminder there is systematic racism in our judicial system. White guy rapes a girl multiple times and doesn't even get a slap on the wrist. Black guy sells cigarettes on the corner then gets strangled to death by a police officer.