I’m also a suppression man. They give you 210 rounds for a reason.


When he’s in weapons squad 😩😩😩


Dudes be acting all cool strutting around with their 9’s on their chest. Then forget the magazines back on their bunks.


SMAsNCOER + 'Vaskwez' = hilarious


A man of culture I see


Mark 19 gunner checking in. I’ll hit it eventually


Weapons co 🤝 Weapons squad *GET THAT FUCKING GUN UUUUPPPP*




Easily the best flair I’ve ever seen




I don’t do much in the army but I do go brrrrrrrrrr.


There's gonna be significantly less volume of fire with the new weapons they're rolling in


can’t hear you i got a 3 setting regulator on my 240 🥰🥰🥰🥰


I shot a tank hull at like 600m once. That was cool.


That is cool


19K, On the way!




Bible, put it in his backside!


Wait till your shoot a tank with a 240 at night out a helicopter Brings a much different level of happiness than laying in your SBF for an hour and a half


As a 13 series it's a bad day if I'm shooting my M4 at any distance


As a 25 series not in any cool guy support roles, hard agree


As a 25 series in a cool guy support role, still a bad bad day


As a former 25 series guy who ETSed a few years ago, also hard agree


As a 15 series in a non deployable counter drug unit. Couldn’t agree more


As an air defender, something is seriously wrong if we are issued weapons


Did someone say air defender


As a nursing specialist when we shootin it’s a bad day


I was told in AIT if I'm engaging with small arms fire we've already lost the war lol


Only thing you’re shooting is up


Or you *on accident I promise ;)


Get out of here you fucks!!!!


People like you are the reason I drink fuel


Jp 8 and a can of c-4. It’s like 4loko for men


Tired of the damn ada. I try to understand why i gotta be at a field with you mfs and yall start speakin chinese. Radar this, table 8 that. Ppu, aeu, lcs, acus, ppw, erb, ocps. Shit is annoying. Speak english god damn it!


unless you're one of those papa/sierra cool guys


Those aren’t real. Propaganda so that people don’t think all air defenders are nerdy white guys who obsess over animé, spend too much on PC parts, and play league of legends.


id be inclined to disagree and point out that tangos exist but even those guys are borderline MI when it comes to the 'tism


They’re only good for drinking, sleeping in the hot shack, not being on comms, and being the only MOS in ADA to get DUIs


You can’t deploy to the SW boarder?


As a former 13 and 25 series AND current HMFIC of Fort LivingRoom, Maine, it would indeed be a bad day.


Coming out the HCLOS shelter ready to rock and roll baby!


I usually left the HCLOS covered in sweet and ready for a shower


We always joked about how fucked we’d truly be if we’re engaging out of the back of a HCLOS/JNN


Same, but as a 35S. Really bad day, considering my MOS rarely deploys outside of cool guy assignments.


Yeah we’ve always been told, you’re already dead if you’re shooting your M4


Back in 2011 our 13 was getting after it. God dismounting in Afghanistan was terrible lol


As an FO I 100% cosign this statement.


And as a 15 series is be having a really bad day


Most underrated comment I've ever read in this subreddit.


As the Navy equivalent of a 56M, same but I get +5 holy damage with my M4.


I agree, my half of my NG battery qualified last year 😭


I'm just waiting for a unit of a friend of mine to get issued weapon's.. dudes keep qual'ing at EST until then.


Im assuming you are only talking about M4 and not crew serves here. It depends on training opportunities, but generally yes. At least for 11Bs and 19Ds. I doubt 12, 13 or 14 series will on average. KD ranges, LRM etc. I did an LRM course with my unit as a SPC. We were engaging point targets at 800meters with the M4. Difficult, but not impossible.


Some 13Bs used to at the height of OIF/OEF. If command knew you weren't going to be firing howitzers in country, they wanted people to know how to shoot better at longer distances.


Yes, we got some great training opportunities when I joined during the surge.


This made me laugh, too bad I'm in the Army or I'd give you some G money


I was a 19D also, the longest range I remember shooting was 500m with an m4. It was basically, "here's 5 bullets, there's a target at 500m. let's see how many times you hit it out of 5"


12B's do


Fair, and probably 13Fs as well. The rest of those branches are doubtful to me, at least on average.


You motherfuckers remove grid squares from 1000 meter.


Nah man we just put all the grid squares in a box so they wouldn’t get lost. Go check with our smoke, they’re behind his desk


Should be near the bucket of steam.


All I found were fucking Chem lite batteries and a spit bottle.


So gross, but they're everywhere.


Exactly. I hate chemlite batteries, too, but I don't think they're as common as you're suggesting.


Yeah I was a 12B SDM, but even those who didn’t do a SDM course did KD ranges.




M855 standard ball with an ACOG. We worked up to it obviously. Spotters helped dial it in. Got 20 rounds for the 800m. I hit I think with 11 of them. Theres about a 6ft drop at that distance.


Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but with a 100m zero you would of had to have been holding like 25+ feet above the target. 800m is absurd with an M4 thats pretty sick that they were able to walk you on.


I dont remember the exact drop, but yeah my POA was way above the target.


I went to AWG when I was a SPC for something or other. We spent two days hitting 500-600m bobers with EOtechs.


I sure hope 14 series won't be shooting at all alot of our guys get minimum.


We used to send a couple of people when the Lrm courses would populate for us. I never got to go but I have buddies that did and they seemed to actually enjoy it


They are pretty fun. Shoot slick, have a spotter. All about honing skills and not pressing through bodies to check the box like BRM.


Yeah I distinctly remember 600m point targets being not nearly as difficult to hit with irons as everyone said it would be. It was with my EOTech, though I have astigmatism.


Not today, China. lol


They training for 301 meters.


It’s unit dependent. The record qual goes to 300m but units can use KD and UKD ranges to train beyond that. I’ve never been in a unit that didn’t train beyond the record qualification.


My unit had never trained beyond the record qualification. We barely ever shoot outside of quals and live fires. High speed af


Same in fact I have only live fired once since basic. I am a reservist and someone always drops the ball by forgetting to order ammo or reserve the range


I've been in 82nd, 173rd, and 101st. Only place that didn't train beyond the 300m was the 101st. Doesn't mean it doesn't happen at 101st it just didn't happen in my battalion. Many many moons ago the 82nd required confirmed zero at 200m and you normally moved to the 400m or so line after the 200m zeros were dialed in.


Well my 13 series and 11C lads regularly shoot past 300m.... Oh you said with an M4


I mean if we can help it we don't want to be shooting a whole lot closer than 300m in a training environment....


It’s all fun and games until you’re on charge 0


During my first firefight our CO was like right next to me, and there was a taliban machine gun position that was very close to us. He looks at me and goes; “What’s the minimum range on the 60 in handheld?” So I naturally give the book answer, “100 meters, sir!” And he goes, “Cool, bring it in to 50 meters and start dropping HE!” And that’s how the first time I fired a weapon in combat, it was a mortar at practically hand grenade range.




Oh god you’re right. I was thinking of the range arm only going to 100 lol.


No its all fun and games till ypu airbrush illum above the tube


Don't be such a nerd. The safety fan is more of a suggestion than a rule.


yes AND no. combat MOSs will get plenty of trigger time that'll get them accustomed to shooting well past 300m whether they like it or not. But depending on the MOS it's not going to become your bread and butter. In the infantry you'll be trained on fire suppression and movement. Meaning if a target is engaging well past 300m then a suppression element will engage to force them into cover while a flanking element come around and take them out at a more effective distance while they're distracted by the suppression element.


Just a few miles past it - comment by AH-64 gang *on the M4, nah


The howitzer shoots pretty far lol


Anything past 300m doesn’t exist, it’s all cgi


Enlist and find out


With the adoption of the Sig 1-6 LPVO for the M4 and the new M5 in 6.8x51, I assume that the Army will begin to train more soldiers how to shoot at longer ranges. With the current optics that are issued to line troops, you cant accurately shoot at extended ranges because you cant dial your dope. With the M68 you are stuck with basic holds and with the ACOG you can only use the BDC. The new optics will allow soldiers to dial for those longer ranges. A 14.5 inch barreled M4 can reach out to 800 yards with good ammo (77gr Black Hills), a good optic and a well trained shooter.


Oh god. That’s going to take all day to train people in long range shooting


It could. Just depends on the trainer. We had some 18Bs come out and do a one week train the trainer class and it was awesome. Our whole battalion went from a 20% pass rate on the new IWQ to 100% and we have a good portion of our soldier hitting out to 500. And thats in a reserve AV unit lol.


I've told this harrowing story before on here, but for those of you who missed it. I threw a grenade once.


I'm cyber and technically combat arms. If I've shooting at somebody *within* 300 meters, something else is wrong.


We were. But that was late '80's early 90's. Unsure of what y'all are up to today. M16 and M60 tho.


IBOLC had a week of LRM and KD ranges when I went through. I think we shot out to 500m


Nice try Putin


Yes. 13B shoots over 20,000 meters. 13Ms shoot farther, but are barely considered artillery.


And more accurately then 11B at <300 I might add




😂🤣😂🤣. Yes, yes they are.


We did 500m KD frequently.


We got to semi-regularly shoot out to 500m on KD ranges.


With the additional purchases of M110a1s, and the upcoming XM5, the Army is clearly moving to a longer range fight. I only deployed to Syria for mostly MOUT/DA stuff so this knowledge is second hand, but troops in Afghan would semi-regularly engage Taliban past 300m. Training adjusted appropriately.


My longest shot was 39.6km with a confirmed hit.


Only time I’ve ever done that with an M4 is on a high angle range


Depending on the weapon system of course. I was both an SDM and briefly in sniper section before section leader booted me for being out of shape after leave lol. The SDM range we had M-4s with Acogs and had targets out to 750m I think I hit out to 650m. They called me Romeo one day because I could not hit J target.


Nah we use our M9s for that


Soldiers are trained to 300, after that we have special schools to teach us. For 300-500 SDM (squad designated marksman) 2 weeks. 500-800 LRM (long range marksman) 2-3 weeks. 800+ Sniper school 5 weeks. If you graduate those schools there’s a chance you could snag one of your units long range rifles.


SDM is 300-600. Source: Graduated in Feb. Shit was cash.


Super fun course. I learned a lot there.


Definitely one of the best courses the Army ever sent me to. Gentlemen's course that only cared about how well you shot, and little to no BS.


\*cries in M17\*


I’m a Scout and I personally teach my guys to push their M4s out to 500m with an ACOG. I have personally hit a 700m with an ACOG and just doping the shot using the built in bullet drop compensator


From the infantry standpoint, basic bitch infantry, typically you do not shoot past 300m. Designated marksmen and snipers will take their m4s a little further but its still a 4moa gun, even with good ammo, so it doesn’t really make sense to do so *with an m4.* When i was a sniper team section lead we had our M4s on a 200m zero, m14s at 400m (for SKTs), and m24 and m110 were mission dependent. Standard stuff though, unless you going for a dick measuring contest there is no reason to train to shoot that far with an m4…unless mission dictates you need an accurate long distance shot with a sub par long distance gun.


At Small Arms Master Gunner we were shooting 500M on a known distance range. More of this fun stuff at Designated Marksman Course too, but I didn’t get a reservation for that one. Most of my class at SAMG was National Guard 11B, but there was a handful of Rangers and one SF guy (I went as a USAR 92G).


M4, no. Tank? Well... That's a different story...


Simple answer, yes. At least Marines are. I can not speak about the other branches though. Non combat MOS that are support roles at a plt level do as well. 300m and out is pretty standard in the Marines.


From what I can observe I think the marines teach shooting better than the army. In the army (at least for the standard rifle range) any hit on the body of a target is passing on the range and from what I can see, marines are graded on accuracy shooting at a target. I understand it’s a difference between the qualification range (I think there is a new marine rifle qualification coming out with pop up targets as well). Personally I’ve only shot a max of 300m and the army is the bulk of my shooting experience. I have shot past 300m, but that was with a m2 machine gun.


In the Marine Corps a chow hall Marine shoots 500 yards minimum


I remember reading that around WW1 era, army and marines had the same rifle qualification and I think they shot out to a max of 1000 yards with bolt action spring fields with iron sights




11B with E identifiers, they have a high, and low angle, long range 2 week BRM course along with a fundamental class at the Basic Mountain Warfare school.


When I was a 12B we never trained M4 past 300 but all of our gunnery’s, crew serve, and DMR were qualified to handle that.


They had designated marksmen course for this when I was in.


I always tried to do KD ranges as a commander but the sad truth is that most commands just care about your stats and KD ranges are basically "nice to have" instead of a required qual


As a 19 series. Our m240L’s are trained on firing past 300 meters. Including .50 cals and mk19’s. Me specifically I’m on a Bradley. And most if not all targets are beyond 300m


Took my company out to the MG range in Iraq with steel silhouettes and shot out to 800m with M4s. Had time and ammo to kill…


AMU teaches (or used to) a [course called SDM](http://www.odcmp.org/0708/SDM.pdf). If you're in a direct combat MOS, it's a good school to send your peeps when you can - again, if it's still around. It's taught by the Army Marksmanship Unit and the associated Civilians that help out - you get to use high-end weapons and learn to accurately engage beyond 300m. It was a great course and learned a lot in just a week when you get great instructors and no pressure on the range.


Don't think you'll be safe standing 301m away


Only once, we were up in the mountains doing a high angle shoot. The range went far past 600m and the closest targets were almost 400m out. The guys with the cco’s just gave up and the dudes with the optics had a blast. Besides rifle shooting, in the fist world we shoot targets (cff) up to 3500m away which is dog doo doo.


Marines must qualify with a point target at 500m. When I was in as an infantry Marine over 450 in my unit used an m4.


We had a squad designated marksman in squads. They had an M14 in addition to their other crap. Went to Long range marksmanship training. Combat engineers. And ⛩


Marksmanship Master Trainer Course shoots out to 600 with the M4. They’re going to be writing the doctrine for the new M110A1 DMR, and the NGSW which will definitely be used past 300.


Besides the maximum effective range of a M9 is 1800 meters according to the tm. Motherfuckers aint even Infantry. Wtf does cav know about small arms.


Thats max range, not max effective of an M9. Max effective is 50 meters.


You can’t hit a target with a pistol at 1,800 meters? Pfff. Look at this amateur. This was sarcasm if it wasn’t obvious


This has to be a weird troll attempt


https://www.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_Max_range_of_an_m9_pistol Read for yourself. This is why I excelled in the Army. Tactical and technical knowledge. Git good


Get lost shitbird


Have you ever shot past 300m? With 5.56 the round drops dramatically. You need a higher caliber to make it past 300. Which is why they have dmrs.


Tell me you arent combat arms without saying you arent combat arms.


You do know that the area target range of a 5.56 round is 650 yards right?


Apparently not


Bro call of duty said so, trust me. I know what im doing!


M4/M16A4 500m Point 600m Area M16A2 550m Point 800m Area


Yea no shit according to the document. But on a range its much different. A m249 has a hard time reaching past 300m.


Are you serious? You can (and I have) hit troop targets at 12-1500 meters easily with an M249. If you cant hit targets past 300m with a M249, then its not the weapon my man, its you.


Are you really that bad of a shot?


LOL, not even slightly true. The 249 was actually pretty fucking effective at 400+ in Afghanistan. And I've smelled the bodies to prove it.


MK12 has entered the chat.


The marine rifle qualification has targets that go out as far as 500m. Sure they all have acogs, but proves that it’s definitely not unreasonable to be able to hit something further than 300m with a 5.56. Sure a 5.56 is probably going to have noticeable loss in power over greater distances especially coming out of a 14.5” barrel instead of 16 or 20, but still definitely possible.


It’s 500 yards for Marine qualification.


Yards not meters. Short barrel m4 doesn't have the range of a m16. 5.56 has different grain counts. But Im sure you knew that.


Yards not meters. Short barrel m4 doesn't have the range of a m16. 5.56 has different grain counts. But Im sure you knew that.


Yes, it's 500 yards, which is a bit less than 500 meters, but still well past the 300 meters, of which you claimed, "You need a higher caliber to make it past 300." Funny how quick you are to correct other people and yet you still won't admit your own ignorance.


300m+ targets were (are) standard on the Marine Corps rifle range with a M16/M4 WITH IRON SIGHTS. No, you do not need a higher caliber to make it past 300. Not only are you demonstrating your ignorance, but while trying to talk yourself up, you're actually achieving the opposite.


Ballistics... 300m is possible almost every time. OP was talking about 450m to 600m. 600m for a short barrel m4 5.56 standard issue ammo. Theres no fucking way. Even with a m240 7.62 you have plunging fire, which accuracy is area instead of direct. A 450m target with an m4 would be area (plunging fire). Which means your not shooting accurately. OP stated accurately. At 400 plus your dealing with wind, humidity, ballistics. Its easy with the right rifle and ammo. Hell it might even be possible with the right trigger puller. But for your average marine or soldier it aint gonna happen.


>300m is possible almost every time. No foolin' but in case you forgot, YOU are the one who said "You need a higher caliber to make it past 300." Your words. Now you're citing different numbers. Not only did we shoot 556 past 300m (M16 and M4s) with iron sights, but we did it for qualification. That said, the Marine Corps has largely moved on to scoped optics, but the point is that you can definitely fire past 300m. The M4's effective range is 500m. It sounds like you're arguing with yourself now. Oh, I see from your comment history that you're a shill for crypto too. Things are starting to make sense.


Yes, plenty of times. It’s not that difficult.


Most people in the army can't hit the 300m, why bother giving them a target that's further away?


I find it much easier to shitbag the zero range and not even shoot at a 300m target so I can hang out in the bleachers all day.


My last Qual, I qualified expert with an M4 and no scope. Just iron sights. I bet if I'd had a x2 I could have hit 500m. Probably nothing farther than that tho.