It's just preference, lots of controller pros run auto sprint too. You can always just push the joystick halfway if you want to walk, but you're usually either wanting to run or crouch anyways.


I have been fucked over by auto sprint countless times in fights because you enter the sprint animation as soon as you press w and and the gun stops shooting. Especially with shotguns.


Omg. Thank you! I didn't know why this happened all the time! I think you just gave me one "free" rank up next season. I've lost so many 1v1's bc my shotgun wouldn't shoot!


You are welcome! It's especially bad with Eva - 8 and in bubble fights, lol. Rage inducing shit.


At least on PC, you can turn Auto Sprint on and bind a key to walk. Coming from Counter-Strike, I found this to be my preferred way to handle sprinting and walking in Apex.


~~How do you do that? I binded an alternative key to move foward. When auto sprint is on it still sprints.~~ edit: I figured it out. Thanks for letting me know it exists




Yes, I did a while back no regrets




I play controller and have auto sprint enabled (mainly to save my joysticks due to all the clicking) but when I use MnK I turn it off


DO NOT USE AUTOSPRINT ON MK if your on roller it’s fine. Literally look up any pros opinion on it. There is many many disadvantages of autosprint. Luckily on controller they are easy to overcome but on mk it’s impossible


Ah poop I’ve been using it for 300 hours lol


Its definitely not that clear cut. A few pros and other good players use autosprint successfully. NRG sweet and Aceu both use autosprint, just to name two examples. There are advantages and disadvantages to both settings. Use whatever feels good to you.


I tried turning it off, I just cant do any movement. it makes no sense to me once I do that lmao


Trust me bro. Takes a day to get used to. As you get better at the game it is always good to expand your possibilities. Do what makes you happy though. If u want I can explain the difference more in depth


The pro is that you can shoot quicker as there is a set penalty for having it off; but less button inputs with it on is definitely better AND significantly less stick drift because Yiur not pressing it hard


I dont play on controller, forgot to mention that. But yeah, the fewer button presses I have, the better


O on pc ah then maybe not for the faster shooting after running honestly; on controller we have so few buttons for inputs and multiple buttons have 2 to even 3-4 actions per button (Square I’m fucking looking at you) but on pc it’s prob worth if I had to take a guess


You just answered your own question, having auto sprint on is a detriment and as long as you don't have any disability or something of that nature that makes it difficult to constantly press sprint there's pretty much no reason to use it.


how on earth is it a detriment? I've had auto sprint on for as long as I can remember. There is not 1 single situation where I have needed to walk instead of run


If you’re walking you have you gun up so you can be instantly ready to shoot. There have been times that I would have liked to move a small distance with my gun up instead of going into a sprint animation. You can do it while strafing to the side but it can be awkward. I play with auto sprint on because it kills my pinky to have to press shift so much. I also solo q a ton and the benefit of having push to talk bound to shift outweighs the marginal benefit I would get by turning auto sprint off Also, you’re quieter when walking but there is crouch walking so that’s not as big of a deal.


how long have u been playing? are u an octane main? there's actually tonnes of scenarios/situations where walking and or crouch walking is essential, especially in ranked.


Since the game released, diamond every season, I play a lot of things but mostly valk or caustic, and crouch walking works perfectly fine with auto sprint turned on. Walking still makes noise, it’s literally useless


tell u what, u show me one Pred/Comp player that uses auto sprint, and i'll eat my hat live on twitch for you auto sprint lol


Most controller pro’s use auto sprint, idk about MnK though


i dunno then, maybe its a controller vs mnk thig then. Honestly, cant think of any reason at all to have auto sprint enabled on mnk,


NRG nafen auto sprint since day 1


Walking doesn’t make noise. Shows what you know😂 But unless your on controller you should absolutely not be using auto sprint and it’s because the time to shoot from auto sprint next to reg sprint. The reg sprint is slightly faster so that’s a big advantage sometimes


It's not insanely impactful, but there are absolutely times where it is beneficial to walk instead of run. Ultimately it comes down to whether or not that small convenience is worth the small determent to you.


There have been zero situations where I've thought to myself "man, I wish I didn't have auto sprint on" ​ It hasn't negatively impacted my game a single time in years of diamond ranked gameplay. You can crouch walk to be silent, you can ADS walk or strafe to be ready to shoot instantly ​ the movement benefits are way too good with auto sprint


Good point, I didnt think about that. Thanks!


I switched to auto run so I didn’t wear out my joysticks and it’s honestly been the best decision I made If I really need to make sure to walk slowly I just ads and it will never put me in the run animation