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It seems like I have a Valk on my team almost every match and they NEVER use their ult.


Either that or they ult off on their own


So I just found out that Valks ult discharges 25% if they initiate it and cancel it. So I can't really blame them if they either panic or accidentally initiate it and don't want to waste it. When they do use it by themselves I noticed they usually land within like 200m which is close enough to catch up. Makes sense now


Sometimes they will do it to scout for people as well


Another great point!


I do this when we're near the ring beacons, do a lap in the air see if we are being crept on, land at the beacon, scan the ring.


This should be upvoted to hell




It's just 25%.. and how'd you just find this out?


It's a good scouting tool, especially when the ring is quite small and you don't know where remaining players are.


Plus, y'know, ult accelerants exist.


Storm point could really use charge towers tbh


It needs charge towers, at least one POI that works like phase runner, a couple more gravity cannons, and possibly an increase to 90 players if they add/expand a few more locations and extra loot. I also wouldn't mind seeing a trident buff on this map, perhaps they cut out a couple highways with speed pads for quick movement in a pinch.


>possibly an increase to 90 players EA servers on suicide watch


I'll be surprised if they even run properly with 60 for a change.


I still back out to the main menu and be like fucking london server and switch to amsterdam because EA


I call bullshit; I've never seen one with a Lifeline or Wattson around. ^/s


Im a wattson main n I only carry 2 at a time. N if my teammates ask for them I drop em for them n find more when I can. Most wattsons will carry like 6 and never use them or drop them. Then again most wattsons have absolutely no clue what they're doing n just play loot simulator lol


good point and I just recently started using them more ... keeping one stashed.


🧢, only time ive seen valks ult on their own is if the team's absolutely f'ed and they can't recover them without getting mowed down or if they're scouting the area and want to land back in the same place.


My rule of thumb is to ping that I have it and if they don't immediately run to me then I know exactly what type of game I'm going to have and just don't use it.


I would definitely not assume that means you want to go right that second if you did that in a game I was playing


Yeah when I'm valk I'll ping my ultimate status about 20 seconds apart, ping location (that's a safe approximate midpoint for the team), and start my ultimate, then ping again. Most players actually respond and hop on board quickly especially if we're just running around or see a fight in the distance. Randoms, duos I'm third wheeling, they all respond well tbh.


I ult on my own but it's when my teamtaes are letting and I want to scout the area and get recon for us. If there's enemies I ping them if not I land back with my team and let them know we are clear.


I usually hit diamond and then just play pubs for the rest of the split, and the amount of pub valks that ult on their own is too damn high. Either my teammates, or ones I see flying through the sky like a giant single target.


I point people to come up me, if people are tunnel visioned and can't bother to pay attention, fuck yeah I leave em. Last night one guy wanted to fight at hydro for five minutes with circle coming in from low ground to high ground while doing no damage. Fuck yeah I left him, and then he bitch after. Not my fault he's got tunnel vision, not gonna lose rank cause he's dumb


"Sometimes you have to sacrifice a pawn to win the game" -Caustic probably


Sounds like something he would say tbh. "You must sacrifice a pawn to take a king" or something, though we only got like a bishop, no win for us.


I'm guilty of this. There are a few reasons why I end up not using my ult: 1. There is no need for it(at least that is what I think), because were in the ring or the ring is nearby 2. I'm terrible at judging when to use it unless teammates specifically say it that they want to. 3. If I somehow decide to use the ult, I often don't know where to go unless teammates ping because my sense of game flow is almost non-existent. 4. My leadership skills are terrible which are needed for Valk players, imo I love playing Valk, but her ult is such an important part of her that I don't know how to use properly, especially on Storm Point. Started to main Maggie instead.


Tips from a master player that you didn't ask for that mostly plays valk and crypto: use her ult when you're: 1) behind the ring) obviously 2) crafting late for batts and you don't have to rush as much to get into circle 3) when there's a choke and you either know, or there is likely a team gatekeeping it. 4) when your team is doomed and you managed to back up and get out. 5) when you kill one or two of a team and one is getting away you can ult ahead of them and funnel them back into your team. There's more but those are the main ways.


You need to cut out that self awareness and critical thinking shit. It is your team mates fault! /s


Always Ult to the circles High ground


If your leadership skills aren’t good enough to call the ult on your own then your igl should be making that decision for you. Understandable if you only solo q tho.


She gets it’s back fairly fast so I usually will pop it if nothing has happened In a while just to scout out a bit.


I don’t play valk and won’t pretend to have in depth knowledge, but it’s pretty common to ult just so she can scan below. You don’t need to be rotating and you might even land exactly where you started once you get that info. It’s more common for hyper aggressive squads looking for more kills though. So if you’re more looking to stay alive it might be pointless and also alert people to your presence


As a valk main with 2600+ kills and solo queued to diamond twice I have found that ulting to scout is a complete and 100% waste unless it is final ring and you are trying to pin point the last squad or a rat. Other than that, it should be saved for three scenarios ONLY A) quickly repositioning from 3rd parties B) “it’s mid game and we’re fighting in the middle of the map let’s get somewhere safe” scenarios C) rotations to power positions in ring If you valk ult to scan and then find yourself in a bad spot and you don’t have your ult to get yourself out of it, it’s a bad play. The only time I would chase / use my valk out for any other reason is if I know I have ult accelerants & can quickly fill it back up. SOMETIMES on KC if you’re super map aware you can chase with your valk ult into a location with a charge tower but I only pull that out as a last resort


This guy Valk mains.


I think you over thinking it.. take charge. I run the show 90%of the time as a valk


That's what makes a good Valk main, being able to be the leader, I can't do that, and that is ok, not everyone can be a leader.


I'm the IGL in most groups I run in and honestly, it's hard for me to play off someone else. I respect the hell out of people who can play well off of someone else and their calls and execute when you arent making the decisions because I struggle at it.


Well said bro I think a lot of people don't use the ultimate the way they should instead of it just being a just being a transportation option, it should be a tracking/survey, gtfo option too. The ultimate has got my dead team mates back in the game more often then I'm sure they care to admit (coz they got dropped lol]


Honestly don’t be afraid to use it, even to just scan and scout ahead.


I use her ult as soon as I get it with my team if we haven't spotted anybody yet. I also use it if we are in a good spot on the map and need to loot I will pop up on my own and get recon for the squad. Also after u guys loot up or kill a team u can use it to look for other teams for more kills. And of course u can use it to get away.


Honestly it’s a hard one to use in pubs, or any game without comms for that matter. You **don’t** want to waste it / use it without your teammates, but you also **don’t** want to sit there like a sitting duck / reset to 75% because your teammates aren’t with you. I think Valks would be way better teammates if they could self-cancel her ult for free (still have it reset the timer to 75% if anyone gets shot before takeoff though).


Often times you don't need it and it only serves as a dinner bell for other squads, it's best to save it for when you actually need it.


Anyone know if worlds edge is returning?


I’m pretty sure that it is returning for ranked


oh thank goodness


I know I'm in the minority for this but I'm so sick of that map for ranked. I loved not seeing it at all this season


The way I see it, every map is liked/disliked equally.


The problem is that because we only have one map in ranked each split I get fed up with it after the first week or so


They should switch it every week or every 2 weeks or something. Was sick of Olympus last split and now I already want it back because now I’m sick of King’s Canyon.


World's Edge could have been so much better if they kept all the other hot POIs and got rid of fragment.


WE still has some great POIs - but yeah, removing the train, mirage voyage, sorting factory, etc, definitely pushed more people to hot drop the city and turned up the rage people have for the map IMO.


Same I am personally not a fan of that map at all and genuinely stop playing when it starts it’s timer. I’d just rather play at a different time than play on that map.


didn't miss WE, that is certain.


lol told my brother to hit me up when they put WE back in rotation


I second this


They specifically did no jump towers to help with third parties. Remember how everyone here complained about KC ranked having to fight 6 teams at once? That's what SP was built to avoid.


Yeah, but the people that complained about 3rd parties aren't the people that hate SP because it's boring. The result of a boring, slow rotation map is that everybody leaves the drop ship super fast at a handful of known super hot drops. This makes the map even more boring, because it depopulates too fast. Players will always hot drop, (which is why they need either a 2nd life mechanic, or just more players per server), but a boring mid-game makes the problem worse. Why would I drop somewhere with 1 other team, if they're the last people I'll see until late ring? I'd rather have a hectic hot drop than that purgatory.


They have a 2nd life mechanic, people just generally are bad at grabbing banners, respawning and resetting. Especially with randoms.


Fragment is the same thing.


I feel like the only person who wants permanent christmas train mode.


Fuckin love that mode.


Idk if this is unpopular but I think stormpoint is great for ranked, horrible for pubs. Then again, is any map good for pubs with the way the community plays pubs?? Every map could be half the size in pubs and it would still work


Pubs is a shitshow regardless of the map. If it’s not empty space and walking around for 10 minutes it’s endless 3rd parties or insanely hot drops. Plus the playerbase makes these issues even worse by feeding into both. I’d rather have the hectic chaos than utter boredom but it’s shitty either way. I do agree, Stormpoint is great for ranked.


I never understood the apex community's hate for third parties. Is it supposed to be like ancient samurai warfare which was just a series of 1 on 1 engagements? And you don't attack an enemy until they are facing you and have indicated they are ready to battle?


... But I love the insanely hot drops.. Being the sole surviving team of skull town was the biggest adrenaline rush I ever had in the game. Especially when you got more squads coming to ambush you from the north.


Yea but that only happens 1 out of 10 times. The other 9 times you're running around with a P2020 with only energy ammo or waiting in the lobby. That one time it's fun, but it's not worth the shit you have to deal with to get lucky


> but it's not worth the shit you have to deal with to get lucky Its all about perspective. The more you run it down, the more consistent you get, the more times you make it out alive. The people hotdropping do it for the practice, and because they enjoy the chaos.


Yeah, but unfortunately now you have sweaty assholes using Cronus and Strike Packs and decimating other teams.


This is why I don't duos anymore! It used to be fun with my friends, but holy shit we are stomped by preds or lvl 20 wraiths with 300 kills. Just....no.


Insane hot drops are good training, it helps you get the rust off when you, like me, take multiple seasons off at a time


Olympus and Kings canyon are amazing for pubs


I'd say Olympus and Worlds Edge are great for pubs, while KC and Storm Point suck. For ranked Storm Point is best, Worlds Edge in close second and Olympus is still fine. KC still sucks though.


WE sucks for pubs IMO. Half the lobby drops frag so if you don't land close to there you dont see like anyone the whole map


My friend loves kings canyon and idk why. I'm guessing nostalgia from OG kings canyon but current KC is just an overall bad map.


I like it, it could be nostalgia but I’ve never really felt like I get annoyed because of the map in KC, then again I’d rather get third partied than never see a squad


I disagree i think the newer version is good the original is bad, because of all the game changes added, guns equipment and legends


Yeah, KC just became an outdated map for Ranked, especially considering that it's not much different when played in Pubs/Ranked. With many new characters that are based around movement or have movement abilities, it's no wonder KC is a huge cluster fuck. Especially considering the map size and the map itself having many jumptowers to easily navigate around the map.


Kings canyon is the best pubs map


That’s a pretty well established opinion.


Hence the “idk”, but still seeing a lot of people that just don’t like SP period. I think the fact that it’s in ALGS rotation speaks for itself, it’s a good BR map. Very excited for it to come back to ranked to see how it plays diamond and above


I agree with this so whole heartedly. The community treats pubs in such a monkey brain way. Everyone is chasing 4k 20 bomb and the gameplay is terrible.


i actually like the map in any format. if they find a good way to remove some.of the larger "empty" zones and rework the mountain area it would be a lot better though. btw, every map can be fucking boring if 75% of the lobby drops in 3 spots and you happen to be on the other side of the map, lol




All we need is all 4 maps in rotation on like 1 hour intervals, then maybe a rotating Ltm game mode for people who don’t wanna play pubs for that hour of when a map they don’t like is on. Like have control on for a week, then it switches to Flashpoint, and then it switches to another ltm or something. All we need is a variation in gamemodes, because I hate Stormpoint coming up then looking at arenas and just losing all interest to play the game for the rest of the day.


Amen, I've been saying this forever. COD players will use 1 TB of space on their system for their game, but Respawn is afraid the game will be "too big" with too many maps at once. ​ All 4 maps makes everyone happy, and a LTM keeps players interested when the map they don't like is in rotation, plus they're fun changes of pace when you just wanna kill time for 10-15 minutes.


Bruh, Warzone is a terrible fucking example. I don't play it specifically because of how much space it takes up. If Apex ever did that, it getting deleted off my PC. lol


Oh I'm aware, that's why I quit. But if Apex took up another 50GB it'd be what like 130GB? I'm just saying in comparison it's not that much haha ​ Edit: said MB meant GB


I'm convinced their servers just can't handle it


Respawn doesn't uninstall maps when out of rotation. Custom lobbies still have access to them. So the maps just sit there taking up space for the majority of players. They do it to keep things "fresh". Respawn seems to think it gives people more of a reason to come back for the next season.


That's actually a great idea tbh but I think they only have flashpoint coded for Olympus


They had flashpoint on world's edge, I'm sure they still have that code on a server somewhere


They have had flashpoint in KC as well.


Lol don't mind this basically lvl 200 that played since season 8 not knowing lol


My version of this unpopular opinion is storm point is my favorite map period. Pubs or Ranked. I don’t have the problem that other people complain about with not seeing people. I’m way more liable on KC to not see anybody until quite far into the game. Everybody has different experiences but that’s mine


Pubs is mostly shit because barely anyone plays with a brain. Just rush mindlessly into the worst positions and see what happens, that sums up the whole experience in 95% of the time. And people who die 25 times in a row without one squad wipe will call that "fun".


I don’t get how anyone even has fun playing pubs the way they are these days. It’s just boring. The players are 1000% the problem with pubs.


What they really don't understand is that they themselves feed into a "self-fulfilling prophecy". It's a concept where someone's non-existing false expectation is eventually created by their own actions to "prevent" it. See, you have people who always say that World's Edge and Stormpoint are "walking simulators" because you don't see anyone.. so their solution is to land with lots of other people in very few locations.. which means the whole map is empty, literally, turning it into the walking simulator that they hate so much. If everyone would spread out and played properly by using their brain for tactics, positioning etc., there would be none of these issues.


Exactly. It also can’t be nearly as bad as anyone hyperbolically posts on Reddit. I haven’t played many pubs at all this season, but last season on Worlds Edge I dropped into at least 200 pubs, almost never dropping fragment, and almost always had a fight on drop, and a fight rotating before ring 2 closes. Some people want more fighting than that, and sometimes it happens, but I’ll gladly loot for 8-10 minutes in hopes of a more entertaining end-game. I’ve personally come to believe the majority of players who complain about the state of maps like Storm Point simply don’t have the combination of patience and skill needed to reliably play end-game Apex Legends. They usually can only get kills by having a massive Evo or weapon difference and don’t like ending up getting caught in a 3v3 while rotating because they lose every time. Fighting 2-3 squads on drop isn’t even fun. Fighting 6+ squads in Round 4/5 is fun.


they forget that it's a BATTLE ROYALE and not team deathmatch.


Even if Apex had a classic team-deathmatch mode, these fools would still play the same way in battle royale, sadly.


>They usually can only get kills by having a massive Evo or weapon difference and don’t like ending up getting caught in a 3v3 while rotating because they lose every time. Yep! Maybe they love the drop battles so much because they can land on a R301 and mow everyone down because the other players had the "luck" to land on a P2020 or a L-Star with one stack of ammo. These unbalanced fights were always so ultra boring to me. Like you said, those intense multi-squad battles in the final rounds, that's the most fun. When every team holds a house or a corner of an POI. When two well-equipped teams are fighting and you can't just push in because a 4th or 5th squad pins you down. Instead, we have rounds end before ring 1 (!!!) even fully closed. Where the whole ass map is still open and you search 5 minutes for the last other squad. That seems so fundamentally broken to me, I don't understand why the devs don't act to make those 4-minute short matches disappear. Maybe by forcing teams to land further away from another via a second drop ship etc.


This sub wants their fights to be all on a timer, exactly 5 minutes long, with 3 minute cool downs between every fight. They also don’t want to get third parties (they do want to third party other teams of course), and they want to be notified anytime a third party is about to attack. Some of y’all don’t really like BR and just want to play team death match


BRO YES These kids want consistency, and BRs are the opposite of consistent. That’s literally the whole point. Go play halo and stop complaining


There's literally an arenas mode.....


That's terrible news, I hate stormpoint


I kinda don't like Storm Point :/


Storm Point is too big. So many times I will get to top 5 without firing a shot in pubs.


Many times I will get to the top three without even seeing or hearing another squad.


User experience may vary. My record is from World’s edge. Once won a game with the entire squad at 0 damage. In fact not a single shot was fired. Should be a trophy for pacifist run.


I mean a lot of us have been playing for 3 years, I have a 0dmg win on King's Canyon from like the second month. We kept getting the circle so we sat on top of the wall at Repulsor waiting for teams to come and then we got the champion banner. It's funny when it happens but it's boring as shit. Glad I was playing with friends on the mic.


I dropped in single due to servers hating me with Watson, ran about messing with fences, ran to final circle. Never seen a single person, just the death messages and then your champion message. Bizarre lol


I won a game on Storm Point the other day, all I did was loot and run toward gunfire to see some action, but the last squad died in the ring. I don't feel I deserved it but I kinda did for like, not dying in the ring.


That really has nothing to do with storm point. Worlds edge is the same if you don't land fragment or countdown you'll be top 5 before you finish looting a poi


Hate it


Too big, everyone hot drops on the hood POI’s leading to slow mid and late games.


It’s my favorite map because it feels and plays very differently


Storm Point kinda completely sucks


my problem with storm point is the loot, places lack loot heavily, the only place i found to have good loot is mills




yoooo (x1 + x2/2, y1 + y2/2)???


Personally, I prefer (((x1 + x2)/2),((y1 + y2)/2))


Oh well… some more champion/kill leader banners would be nice for us Crypto mains. Storm Point is the only map where I can’t utilize that unique scouting ability much.


I've literally noticed this too. I don't main crypto but I always think how there's never a banner in sight and poor crypto


Love your pfp omg


aww thank u


hehe banner every 700 meters


How to uninstall this map?


I groan with displeasure every time I see this map. I always seem to get on right at the beginning of the rotation as well.


BRO YES!!! oh my fucking goodness, thank you someone said it!! Every time I finally have the chance to get on apex and wind down, nope it's not Olympus nope it's not kings canyon, it's ALWAYA stormpoint! Like why???? Every single time! It's literally 2 to 1 and I always get stuck right at the beginning of the 2 hour SP split, either that or 3 minutes left on KC, it's so irritating


Literally me this morning


If I could like this comment 30 times I would


Community: maps are to small , to easy to maneuver and 3rd parties suck. Devs: let’s try to make a map that will have less third parties. Community: the map is too big and has no jump towers.


I find that now the map is so big, I have trouble finding anyone until fighting starts and then there’s a convergence of like 8 teams


In my experience the 3rd parties are worst on Stormpoint. You can't find anyone at all, then a gunfight finally happens and everybody 3rd parties it because they can finally find people.


Didn't see a soul until 3 squads left. Took an orbital cannon for fun, oh hey it's one of the teams let's take thr cannon back. Oh boy, it's the only other team on the other side of the canon we just came from. I was pretty pissed.


Every time I read This stupid argument I can just shake my head. There is something between 3rd party heaven and a boring huge map. And the job for the devs is to find that sweetspot. Not saying it’s easy. But please stop with this extremes and doing as if there is no middle ground.


That sweetspot is Olympus tbh


olympus is the best


"The only reason I hot drop with 6+ teams is because I don't want to loot for 15 minutes" Middle ground doesn't exist for these people lol


Oooooor how about the maps are all fine in their own way and play differently on purpose and it’s just that a community with millions of people will never be entirely satisfied? Especially when a lot of them are literal children.


This is it right here. The fact that a lot of people have different lists of favorite maps leads exactly to this answer. For me, World's Edge is the ugliest stupidest map and I refuse to play on it. To another person, it's their favorite map of all time. Neither of us are wrong as we hold different opinions.


I am that other person, i love worlds edge, and fuck kings canyon that place can rot in hell


Same. Wish I could uninstall King's Canyon specifically from my harddrive to not load it up again.


Thank you! Some people act like everyone's just complaining but no. There is a middle ground they have yet to find and I'm so glad someone finally said it, I love you for this


I think storm point has achieved that balance **for ranked** For pubs, the map is absolutely terrible


it's bigger but points of interest are in a few spots so 3rd partying is even worse imo


Almost like the community has a bunch of different opinions since it's not just one person huh.


Why are they doing that for season 13? I feel like keeping it on rotation with other maps is ideal.


Stormpoint made me a valk main


Running simulator FUCKKK


Yay another Apex break.


Ye same. I dropped it the sec Elden ring released & only came back a few days ago. Didn't help the game was shitting itself on console when i left 😂


see you in ranked


Cheers to that


we're not getting jump towers lol


I love storm point for ranked, pub not so much. Honestly if it's pub only then I would rather be playing smurf account, it's not that people are really bronze, silver, gold in this game tho.... especially at the end of this season


I hate storm point as a pub map. People play too fast for storm point to be good as pubs.


Half the playerbase not playing then lul


Shit map


Great, Love this map. Pretty as fuck to boot


that's the thing, I do think it's really big but it's maybe the best looking map in my opinion


Ah, again. That is the week I don't play pubs.


I just don't enjoy games I play on this map at all. Everything feels like a chore and I feel like I need to play Valk if I want to make snappy rotate decisions. I get that rotation awareness is a big factor in BRs but how often to you make the smart decision only to be cut off by another team who happens to be where you need to go and you have to revert to a contingency? The only option unless you have Valk a lot of the time is those "fuck you" launchers that rocket you in a very specific and often worse direction while alerting half the map that you're doing so. Jump Towers are necessary on this map. That's a fact. The launchers were absolutely not replacements. Edit: Oh, and who the fuck designed all the buildings? It's on me for not learning them but I shouldn't have to play 100 games to know where the fuck all the goddamn doors are. I always die in those fights because I'm just looking for the exits.


Guess I’m taking a week off from playing apex


"more jump towers" there is shitton of hills you can slide down, tridents and gravity cannons. You have legends like Horizon, Ash or Valk that are top tier on this map but you all refuse to use all those things and just gonna shit at the map for no reason.


The hills are part of what annoys me about sp actually. Can't slide uphill so the map kinda just gears itself in one direction


why does Sliding on hills count as traversing a map lmao. Gravity cannons only send you one direction and it’s a blind risk since 99% of the time you don’t know what’s on the other side, and every trident in the map is in the edge of it. Forcing people to use ash and valk just to find enemies just shows the bad map design is


And yet you still don’t see anyone. The things you listed aren’t solutions. The map is just poorly designed.


I hate this map so much


Good excuse to take a 1 week break from apex.


Hoping it’s mayhem have giant monsters trying to kill everything moving. Then bringing the bigger monsters could get cool even if you can have a titan come fuck it up i seen an engage screen with bang so who knows i always get way too excited


I thought Storm Point was specifically designed to not have jump towers in order to limit 3rd parties. (Granted I’ve always been of the opinion that 3rd parties can’t be designed out of BRs, they are a necessary evil of the mode)


I doubt they'll put jump towers in. They have one giant jump tower and they said they put grav cannons in to replace jump towers. So that's kinda defeat the purpose of it. Shit map anyway lol.


They just need to trim the some outer edges of the map so it decreases in size


I’m not a fan of SP, like at all. I hope they tweak it here and there, the POIs are honestly terrible


I literally don’t even play the game if storm point is in rotation. It’s a complete snoozefest


If that happens I probably won't play for the first week


Pubs is gonna suck for a week then


Even with jump towers count me out, this map is boring af


I was so into apex months ago but know I’m on the verge of leaving and it makes me sad that respawn are neglecting a good game


Yay we get to play run and loot simulator for a week


I always quit storm point in pubs, most boring map ever


Thanks for the warning mate, just uninstalled


Storm point killed apex for me


I hate this damn map


Worst map and they choose it for the first week. Why?


SP sucks


They should just section off this map at random each round.


I hate this map


Fucking yikes.


Very honest there is only 2 ways out for them: 1. Allow more squad to play in stormpoint 2. Make the map smaller If it's a simply modification with no change to it, I would not buy the BP nor play the game whenever stormpoint is the only map option. Split 1 I play ranked to avoid stormpoint, Split 2 there is LTM, and I just can't find stormpoint being fun in any occasion.


Stormpoint is trash


The worst map in the history of br games. A genuine piece of absolute shit.






Friendly reminder that the beach of the map is LITTERED with tridents! You can even have 2 or 3 for your team! If you have a hard time finding people in storm point, START LANDING AT TRIDENTS!! The extra people you will find throughout the entire rest of the match will outweigh having one a slightly hotter drop, and these edge locations are often just as hot anyways!! The two big half domes with 6 bins between them have 30 people Insta dropping there sometimes. Playing Ash also basically lets you track the approximate location of every team that gets a kill!