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There's a second prize tracker next week


Cool how do we skip over this week then?


time travel


You play something else at a rate of one week per week


You are indeed time travelling with a speed of around one second per second


close your eyes for 604,800 seconds and BAM! you’ll be a week in the future!


Real-time travel


So you’re telling me… Back to the Future… is a load of bullshit???


Where we're going we don't need...don't need ro...we don't need to drive on streets.


I'm sorry but do I look like Marty mcfly?


Any horizon mains over here?


you summoned






lol picturing Mirage and Caustic as the main characters from Wolf of Wall St. "Get the luuuudes."


I mean yah that'll do it






Take the Vodka express


And that one is even worse


It has a free event pack how


enjoy your free legs of wraith tracker


wow very cool, makes me want to play the game a lot


If the rewards don't interest you and you need insentive to play the game, just don't play it right now? That's hows you 1. Show you dislike these events by contributing to a number drop and lack of sales 2. Do something better with your time than needlessly grind for items you don't want like an idiot


You're why every game has constant events and battlepasses. People used to play video games for the gameplay, not whatever progress system that kept the instant gratification addicts coming back




Ugh, now we got the “its a free game you cant complain” crowd


i mean, it's true. not like it's a major pay to win mechanic, or a game breaking bug, shit servers, etc. you can definitely complain about those. But these are just cosmetics. No reason to complain even if EA wants to charge $20k for a simple default skin color swap. Doesn't affect gameplay in any way. don't feel it's worth it? dont spend. simple as that


They can do better.


Sure they can. Everyone can. Maybe even yourself at some things. Does that mean anything has changed? Nope. It has no direct impact on the game play so people who simply can't AFFORD to spend don't have to spend to keep up. You can spend if you've got the money to look "cooler" and they also give away ENDLESS free stuff all the time anyway so even poorer people aren't completely left behind. You pay $10 once and you have unlimited battle passes for life if you don't spend coins on dumb shit. That's already more than a lot of games that have monetization. As a free player you can spend $10 once and eventually save up for skins/packs and continue to not have to buy another battle pass (since the BP gives over the needed amount) It's like they offer a million ways for people NOT to complain but people still complain. I know it sucks you can't look all fancy and neat with everyone else but in about 1-2 months those skins will be long gone and no one will give a fuck. They'll be on to the next skin line. There are VERY few skins that actually last that people would still want to keep using. All the others will get replaced every month or every other month.


He was talking about free. Some kids can’t afford items so they get pretty happy when it comes to free packs. Nothing wrong with that…




Who cares? Quit giving battle pass levels as a reward.


I like that ppl aren't allowed to complain about the cosmetics part but allowed to complain about the other free rewards


I complain about cosmetics too 💅


I know plenty of ppl who still haven't maxed, this will be a godsend for them


Agreed. It does help if they throw a couple of stars in. Some of us have other obligations lol


These comments though 😂


Dude pulled a TV out of a car headrest.


Bruh im crying


☠️ looked up from my phone laughing at this and realized my tv is the exact same model 😂😭


😂😂oh no




Car Seat Headrest is an EXCELLENT band.


He’s really complaining he didn’t get more free shit I mean. He looks like he needs to get his finances in order


Y'all outta pocket lmao


If what he has works and he’s happy with it, then not spending money on an upgrade is having your finances in order


How cool are we that we can make fun of others for being less fortunate than we are. I'm sure they'd like to play on a nice monitor.


LMAO 💀💀💀


Yeah fuck no to low income earners, right? "JuSt EaRn MoRe MoNeY bRo". You sound like our PM. Can't afford rent? Just buy a house!


Most people in here are probably teenagers lol


No excuse having no money, hit the gym brokeass


And the charm is literally called "strapped for cash" too lol.


That’s a $200 plasma TV you just killed! Good luck paying me back on your zero dollar a year salary plus benefits, babe!


this might be the first time i thought .6 AA was needed


No apex packs? :/


i read this in the “no maidens??” voice in my head and gave me quite a chuckle


Next week


bro not even one loot drop, i'm never going to get an heirloom.


At least they got a mediocre to decent valk skin but the rest is sure ass


You really just called Chappfinder ass???


the valk skin is gass along with the pathfinder one


Only good Valk skin is the blue one with the black hair ponytail from the pirate event


The one that has those little Japanese doors as wings?


what about birthright


Agreed, Cloud Marauder is far and away the best Valk skin.




If you judge it by it’s prize tracker it sucks, but it’s not any worse than what we got in Season 11 when all we got was a new arena map. Not really the point of these events anyways though, more of just a cash grab from skins. We have a thematic event every season anyways, so I’m not sure what the whole point of OP’s point is in the first place.


Bro playing straight out of a 720p TV


Low res, 300 FPS LOL


OK? They're less fortunate than you or I.


Thank you ! I been there before and while it might suck to other people., I was just happy to have access to gaming. I HATE how it’s a joke to everyone. Like let’s laugh at the misfortunate. This fucking society sucks.


Seriously though. Maybe they have priorities that they have to spend money on over gaming, such as kids or a sick relative to take care of.


I hate that people are getting downvoted for mentioning this. Some of the jokes are absolutely funny and I've been there but the spite people have for those trying to reel some of the shaming in... 💀


There is no way that TV is good for this game


TV? It looks like those screens from a portable DVD player.


Some people are also still playing on 9 year old Xbox ones and ps4s.


I’m on a 9 year old ps4 that sounds like an airplane taking off!


is your favorite thing how it takes an hour to update apex or is it something else?


Still using my Day 1 PS4, that isn't my experience..


> 9 year old Xbox ones Well now I feel old


I don't keep up with consoles and I still think the PS4 is new...


Hey no need to call me out like that.


why wouldn't it? im sure gets the same 60fps your TV is gettin playing...


That’s true but you do get a bit of delay on these tvs


yeah a TV with *those* bezels probably has a 150ms+ delay


Yeah it also registers your inputs in 3-5 business days


That’s not the only thing going into TVs my man


I don’t actually know that it doesn’t work well, I’m just poking a little fun because I had my days playing on all kinds of weird chunky hand me down TVs. I play on a 1080p 144hz monitor. I’m sure it’s fine if it’s 1080p and 60fps compatible.


You and me both lol I remember playing my N64 and even OG Xbox on my grandpas prehistoric wooden floor tv.


Used to run black ops on a huge big screen tube tv that had roller wheels lol I’d frag out on that big sumbitch though 😂


Lmaooo that’s really how it was 😭😭😭


No TV is good for this game.


These days you can get 120hz OLEDs and they’re pretty crazy. I play Apex on PC, but I’ve got Series X / PS5 hooked up to an LG C1 and it’s amazing.


I believe ghosting Is nearly/non existent because of OLED And the input lag is pretty comparable to gaming focused high end monitors


All they have to do to fix these shitty events is let you earn more event packs, that's it


Not even, any packs, apex coins, or crafting materials would work. If they didn't want to increase the level cap they should at least make it so you can earn stuff for every battlepass level after 110. Then they wouldn't even need to worry about making battlepass stars a reward.


That invites mat farming. It's damned if you, damned if you don't. I like the downtime after completing my BP so I can focus on my backlog or play more relaxing games


But then you wouldn't pay up to fking 160$ to randomly gamble on the skin you want!


Right? Mostly battlepass stars. Myself and everyone I know are already done with the battlepass. This is useless. Give us crafting metals or give us nothing.


they chose the second option lmao


Facts bro 😭 like damn where tf am I supposed to get crafting metals to craft stuff? Hope to god I get 30 or 15 from an apex pack every two levels I level up? Christ man. That’ll help me when I need fuckin 2400 metals


buy apex packs until you dont get anything new anymore and only crafting mats, but by then you have everything


When you buy a lot of apex packs the first thing you max out is the blues because of the guaranteed rare drops. After you have all the blues you start getting minimum 30 crafting mats per pack, but usually more. It builds up fast and you still have lots of legendaries that you can start crafting. In conclusion, you can get lots of crafting mats if you, like me, are dumb with money


theres three weeks of stuff inthis one I'm pretty sure there are crafting mats in the next events


I only saw 2 weeks Week 2 has one free pack


they're so generous, damn


Praise be


You're supposed to play apex all day every day and no other game ever. DUH


I'm out here getting packs every 5 levels so imagine how I'm feeling, considering crafting metals aren't even guaranteed


You guys are getting packs? lol


I know right? I haven’t gotten a pack in a couple weeks and I have been playing fairly frequently


I haven't gotten a pack since like season 5 from leveling lol


At what level does it become one pack every 5 levels? :( I’m an OG player and I remember when it stopped super early…




Thank you! Too bad I’m about to hit 300 on my new(ish) account :(


Well my hopes of getting another heirloom f2p are ruined.


Don’t forget many players also got 20 free battle pass levels due to an error lol


I didn't know this was a thing. But one day I just had all these free battle pass levels. Lol makes sense


Nah, fam. My kid was born eight weeks ago and if I'm going to finish the BP in between feedings and changings, I need all the cheap stars I can get.


Truth. Some people don't get this is for those still finishing because we have too much going on in actual life to play as much as we want. I'm glad they've been doing these toward the end of seasons so I can still get my 110 hemlock and not get stuck at 109. I saw one banner the other day with a season 4 BP logo at 99. He's openly saying he didn't get the flatline lol


Give us 15 materials for every level past 110 in the battle pass


I can get down with that. Also not a fan of those big empty spaces in the battle passes. They really gotta throw something small in there.


They’ve been slowly stacking them up with seasonal trackers, but I wouldn’t mind some extra skins or apex packs


I just hate seeing empty space there and when you level up you get nothing. Like srsly? Put *something* there!


I'm level 29. Elden Ring sucked my whole life out of me...


Same but it was worth it.


Yep. Still maidenless thou


Same here lol. Debating whether or not it’s worth challenge grinding for the reactive skin.


And rightfully so, elden ring rules


It's for people who don't have time to finish the BP normally, so they give them a chance to not waste their money. You could also think about other people and not just you :)


It's nice for people trying to play catchup but I'd have to agree all the skins are underwhelming to say the least. Just a total dud for a collection event. Guess they can't all be winners.


Me level 75 in bp


I'm not done with the pass so cry me a river


It’s probably timed to help people catch up or finish the battle pass. You know there’s people who don’t sit on their ass and play Apex every day right? Jesus Christ it’s a free game and all y’all do is constantly complain about literally anything they do. Y’all are so sucked into the need for dopamine from virtual rewards you’ve apparently forgotten the game is still incredibly fun even with zero rewards.


They need to make it to where people who have maxed out their battle pass get something for the Battle Pass Stars. Even Legend Tokens will do, just something. Feels archaic how they have it.


I sometimes think they're sadly too lazy to think or actually implement stuff like this


No Apex Packs, no Skydive emotes, very few crafting metals, no Gold skins...


Every single season, Respawn releases an end-of-season event where the rewards are only BP stars so *people who weren't playing as much can catch up*. Yet, every single season there's a clown complaining that the last event of the season only gives BP stars. Of course, you've already completed your BP, why would you care?


I tend to finish the BP 2/3 of the way through, this season I could have used this but the bug helped. I've never been mad about BP stars because it's a player focused reward. They must not have been able to FOMO ppl to pay for levels to finish and given up on capitalising on BP. This is a good thing


Honestly, I have a full time Job and can't afford to spend more than a few hours every couple of days playing. I love apex and have played since day 1, but I just don't have the time to finish all 110 BP levels. Of course these people can't understand that not everyone can finish the BP the first month of the season, especially since I'm sure a large portion of the playerbase are younger without too many real life commitments/responsibilities.


You're severely mistargeting how many neets live in modsrn society lmao


why are they giving us another seer skin i swear we get a new seer skin every event


Seer is the new Wraith


Except that all of his skins look like recolors of the default model.


And sadly the event ones are all so basic recolours.


I’m personally happy with the battle pass stars bc I don’t get to play much but I can see why most people are upset by this. I feel like this event would’ve made more sense to take place earlier in the season where more people can capitalize off of the rewards idk


They need to add an alternative award for the stars for people that maxed the BP already, such a lazy filler for content


I mean i like the RE45 skin. Been using the meh green epic one for it, for ages. Don't care about the rest though but what can you do.


This is garbo


“Event” is a word I wouldn’t even use in this case. “Money laundering” is what is call it


Even the skins aren’t good enough to invest money in it




I respect your opinion but completely disagree, the valk and crypto skins are great and the pathy one is pretty great too, the wraith is a let down but i really like the others


as a wraith main I personally really like the wraith skin. it has her trademark characteristics like not a lot of hair and the "scarf" part, but with new twists.


Oh its not a bad skin, i massively prefer it to any of the bald wraiths but its not quite as good as the others


You like the COVID ward crypto skin?


Ya font have to though because it's a thematic even so it becomes craftable and obtainable through apex pack during and after the event


Is that how it works? That's not bad then cause I like the pathfinder skin.


That's the main difference between thematically events and collection events, also thematic events have 40 items.


Thematic events didn't always work like that so I was confused to see it them be permanent. In the past these event cosmetics were only purchasable with Apex Coins.


It should be stars if you are able to take stars (ie haven’t finished the battle pass) or crafting material if you are not able to receive stars (ie finished the battle pass) That way they are rewarding everyone and let’s be honest…. Crafting material gets you max 2 skins a year! So they aren’t giving away too much with this format in my opinion.


Idk whats wrose the event or the tv u play on.


There was just an event, calm down


It’s useless and ugly even if it’s free


Well it not really 'free', it costs quite a bit of your time to complete theses blasted events.


Lmao yeah, and 40 event items @ 400 apex coins a pack? The fact you might have to spend 16,000 apex coins to possibly get the four legendary skins is kind of ridiculous lol.


It is


Honestly I don’t mind. Just remember that there has been 3 events this season


It's really disappointing like the skins are so cheap but definitely not in price


Gonna have this post every season, huh? An "event" that used as a catch-up mechanic with a sprinkle of skins is gonna get called low effort by those who are most likely done, or pretty close to being done, with the BP.


Total garbage ngl


Even the skins aren’t good enough to invest money in it


the valk and path skin are bangers wdym, the 38 others tho. fuck no.


Here we go, every event there's something to complain about. I'm not against criticism of Respawn and the game, nor do I want everyone to just foam at the mouth over everything they do. But can you guys just shut the fuck up every time a new event comes out? I swear to God half the people on this sub are the most entitled little karma-farming shits I've ever seen. Don't like it, don't buy it. Don't clog up my fucking feed with your petty bullshit complaints.


Like I agree it’s not the best rewards, but goddam this subreddit is like a broken record. All I hear is complain complain complain. “This is broken, fix this EA, fix that EA, give me legendary free skins every fucking week please, give everyone heirlooms, game is crashing help, etc.”


The rewards in this game are dogshit though lmao. I thought it was kinda wack how sparse the apex packs were, then I found out about the holiday events and other events where you have to buy everything and can’t even earn more than maybe a few event packs through gameplay. That’s such a croc of shit lol I’d complain about it all the time too if it were my main game


The anniversary event, no one complained because it gave solid rewards.


I seem to remember a certain "$160 skin" nobody would shut the fuck up about


I was talking about the tracker itself, I also wasn't a fan of the heirloom skin bullshit they decided to start doing.


> don't clog up my fucking feed with your petty bullshit complaints Said on a public forum by the most entitled person on this thread


Are yall seriously gonna post this every thematic event?


The worst event ever... so far!




We are sick of your damn Seer skins game! Give me stuff for other characters!


Dope crypto skin tho


That 480p Emerson though 😂


I mean it's event three in a single season so I'm glad there's actually content to play and level rather than just a shop update


wrong, that prestigiously shit award goes to war games in s8


For someone who has finished the battle pass early in the season it is definitely not the best event


I knew this one was gonna be bad from the moment i saw seer as the last prize


Itt: ppl crying about getting free stuff in a free game


This sub in a nutshell


No no you don't get it. It's not an event it's a cash grab? Don't you see? Old LTM, new overpriced skins, and shit free rewards.


I just saw someone else complaining that they don't bring back old LTMs and now you're complaining that they do. Also, an event that's basically sole purpose is to generate revenue in a FREE game is a cash grab? Who would have thought? You sound like so stupid rn lmao


I like the Seer and 45 skin personally


Why are you all complaining about free stuff that you'll get while you're playing the game regularly? Holy shit lmao