Just tell them you work well independently, but also are a team player and work well in a group. That’s like the perfect generic answer they want to hear. That line on my resume always makes me laugh but they seem to like it. Also your one weakness is you are too efficient and hard working lol


Awesome generic answer. For weaknesses, I also like "people sometimes tell me to slow down during work because they can't keep up my pace".


That sets up expectations. I usually list two: 1. I prefer finishing things properly, rather than trying to chase numbers. 2. the color yellow. Granted, I don’t think I’ve interviewed anywhere where someone wore a suit or needed extensive background checks, so I’ve been able to be a bit loose with resumes and interviews.


Yeah man, lie in an interview every time (within reason), because chances are they’re not being 100% truthful when hiring.


Sounds like you got it. Just dress nice and say what they want to hear. Works for me every time.


What’s the job that you’re trying to land?


Airline pilot! You can say I'm trying to "land" it...


lol, good pun. 1. Is your background check clean? 2. Are you attractive and fit? I’ve noticed an unusual amount of the Delta pilots (men) are very handsome. Idk what that is- is there some fitness test? These pilots are always looking super muscley in their fitted uniforms. *Anyways, ya- those are my follow-up questions.*


Always lie. I done a couple troll interviews where I talk about co workers being lazy and I'm here to work 60hrs + and I don't believe even 1 day off a year is acceptable. Shit like that always gets managers excited and worked up. But when it comes to pay they low ball you and when you set your price they lose it haha.