Just another employer punishing efficiency.


It's almost as if the entire employment system exists only because we don't have any better ideas how to run an economy... I mean seriously how much work has been swapped out with automation in the last 50 years? Now people just work in office buildings punching clocks and sending emails for 40hr/week so they can pay their bills. It's just goofy.


Not everyone works in a job that can be automated unfortunately.


Yeah but the point is that we automate the jobs we can and then still require people to do meaningless work to pay their bills because we apparently can’t conceive of any other option. If a million jobs get automated that should be seen as a remarkable achievement that frees people up to live easier and pursue art or whatever. Instead we retrain those people to file meaningless TPS reports in triplicate so they can “earn a living”.


> and then still require people to do meaningless work Yeah, because all profits are funneled upwards, instead of distributed as a result of collective efficiency. The remaining jobs can be filled up to the brim with useless tasks because it's "nice to have", and at the end of the day the company is making more money than before. I constantly lose track of which KPI are important at any given week at work because they're all consistently hammered to portray a reality that simply doesn't exist in the name of consistent efficiency. Nothing gets done because everyone is too busy showing how everything is "great" on countless reports and meetings, instead of working on improving things towards "barely acceptable".


so what do people that get automated out of a job do then?


Thats what UBI is for. No one has to work a menial job that can be automated and you are free to pursue your interests or a more technical job.


Live their beautiful lives.


Exactly automation of an occupation shouldn't get you out of the job it should replace you so you can follow higher aspirations in life. the development of the economy is not for you to work more it's for you to work less w out consequence.


Right more to life than work, grow some weed


Sure, as long as it's legal where you live.


And if illegal, campaign for it to be legal Make campaign contributions illegal instead.


Mmm legality is all about whats admissible capitalism runs on the fact if theres no evidence there is no crime how do you think rich people do it?


by this logic then you would expect all the workers lost their jobs to automation be the happiest people in the world. But no, they still need to work.


Yes, that's the problem. The benefits of automation are only seen by the elite, while the laborers are just fired and forced to find new jobs. The money saved in automation should free up people to follow their passions, not benefit only the employer. That's why we need some form of UBI.


Absolutely. There should be an automation tax, then just flip that cash over to UBI.


If automation is more expensive than slave conditions, slave conditions will persist.


you're acting like the employer has everything handed to them risk free. Employers often times take on more risk than you as an employee which is arguably why YOU are an employee and not a job creating employer. Either: 1. It's easy to become an employer and automate and make millions of dollars, in which case, why doesn't you or everyone do it then? or 2. It's not easy, companies take risks all the time and fail and lose money. You're looking at the select few companies that took the risk and won with automation and therefore they're raking in profits. But those companies could have just as easily lost out on their investment and go bankrupt. So why should they take all the risk and if they succeed, somehow be expected to share their hard earned profits all the freeloaders who won't take the risk? Does this mean us as employees should be compensating to those companies that took the risk in their businesses but failed? Can't go a one way street. Either it works both ways or no ways. I can't believe as a wage slave who is desperately trying to climb out of this rat race myself, I actually find myself defending the companies based on your absurd UBI argument. Free money is not the solution. We are in the midst of a free money giving experiment to the poor folks via covid stimulus and all it did was create a shortage of workers for the lowest tier of jobs and caused all kinds of price inflation. So the free 2k/month you received from taxpayers will end up buying the same shit as you would before you got the free 2k/month.


I really don't know where to start here, but here goes. No obviously I don't mean every employer, there's a difference between small business and large corporations. Neither am I talking about specific corporations or businesses. I'm saying, that on a societal level, the benefits of automation should be given to everyone. Does that mean that a company needs to give all those profits of automation away? Of course not, but they should be taxed accordingly. They'll still be making more through automation then otherwise, and that's its own reward. If you really fucking think that the dogshit stimulus packages we've been given during covid is in any way or form comparable to true UBI, then I don't know what to tell you. The whole point of UBI is that people are able to take risks, because even if you fail, you have something to fall back on. That directly means more people will be able to turn their ideas into reality, whether that involves pursuing the arts, starting a business, or running for office. Surprise, when half your society is desperately trying and failing to stay above the poverty line, shit stops working. What we are facing right now is in no way or shape a "free money giving experiment" and neither is it responsible for worker shortage. In fact, I think you'll find that it's less of a worker shortage, and more of a shortage of jobs that pay a decent fucking wage. People are tired of working 60 hours a week and not even being able to afford a goddamn home. If your business can't survive while paying a livable wage, then surprise! Capitalism dictates that it doesn't deserve to exist. As for inflation, I'm no economist, but the mere idea that the covid stimulus is solely responsible for our 6.2% yoy inflation is laughable. Last time it was this high was 30 years ago. Sure, the covid stimulus added to the issue, but we're also facing large scale supply chain issues, pent up demand due to covid, and jpow just smacking the money printer. Also, I want to say the way you use the word "freeloader" really fucking irks me. Society needs artists, musicians, and creators. Otherwise what's the point?


I agree, people still need purpose in life to be happy or at least satisfied, but that purpose doesn't need to be sending emails and confirming meetings about synergy and deliverables and stakeholders and countless other waste-of-time buzzwords. That purpose could be raising your children to be good people, exploring nature, helping clean up then environment, educating people on something you're passionate about.


I'd argue the things you listed in your second paragraph would not replace a sense of purpose obtained from their jobs, but would make people experience actual purpose and fulfillment for the first time. how sad is an existence where you let someone else determine your purpose? that needs to end.


Why do they still need to work? Mindless mundane tasks on the daily is not enriching a human life. We did not evolve for this. It's why we absolutely hate work. We are paid slave wages for our work. If there is automation, there will be UBI and we will definitely be happier. If you mean having stuff to do then yes we need functionality. Allow me to introduce you to the word 'hobby' where we can have functionality.


literally nobody wants to work. So why is it fair the low tier jobs workers who lost their jobs through automation get to enjoy the fruits and labour from the guys that still have to work to maintain the automation? How much do the companies that automate owe you when you contribute 0 to them? Why is it fair for the company to hand out money when they took all the risk to get to the stage of profitability? Companies compete and fail all the time. Will you donate some of your wealth back to the companies that took the risk and failed on their endeavors? No? Then why is it fair for you to demand the companies that did succeed to owe you anything? That's like saying heads I win, tails you lose. TLDR of what you're demanding: company takes risk to make profit. If company fails, they fail and the owner loses everything but if they succeed and make a profit, now they owe you some sort of income via UBI? So you who don't work or don't add value to society by creating something assume 0 risk, allow others to take that risk for you in which if they fail only they lose but if they win, you should win too? Talk about double standards, hypocrisy and a sense of entitlement.


You're thinking of who owes who. We are talking about humanity. Everyone deserves to thrive. It is very taxing to be on survival mode. When automation takes away enough jobs, how are we supposed to work for money? That's right, UBI. UBI works in many countries but USA sure is very resistant to the idea. You are defending companies making money. They are making billions. Top 3 companies are making trillions. They do not need help. People need help. Just so you know, your tldr is almost as long as your first paragraph. That was redundant.


Governments bail out failed companies all the time. That is me donating back to failed companies. And Companies don’t exist in a vacuum and profit off of subsidies paid for by taxpayers and infrastructure subsidized by governments (see trash collection, electricity, water, rail and highway). We uphold the companies not the other way around. Honestly I don’t think you’re interested in a debate, just in writing the same statements over and over so I’m kinda done with this thread.


Or they can sell weed everyone got to chill win win


Enjoy their lives because if we have so many automated jobs then a 'working salary' would more or less be an obsolete relic of the past.


Get high everyday into oblivion?🧐


We get closer every day. Many physical aspects of many jobs are increasingly automatable. Burger flipping bots, janitor bots, server bots, oil change bots. The software and tech already exists, we're just waiting for it to become widespread and scalable. Humans will be a factor in the equation for a long time, but their function will shift towards interaction with other humans and troubleshooting the robots that have replaced front line staff. I really think it's more of a question of "when" than "if" for most of us. Remember: Amazon sees most of its human labor force as a temporary stop-gap on the path to full ai and automation and Facebook AKA (Four-Seasons Metascaping) is already run by a cyborg. We're heading for a cultural/economic singularity. It may take a year in some industries or 30 years in others. But it is coming. Humanity will need to decide how to restructure itself as machines take on the tasks that we don't want to perform, and as huge segments of the labor force become effectively unemployable.


End money as we know it aka Star Trek (Earth and Starfleet)


I don't think we're really all that close to automation. Romba can't even manage to vacuum the house without getting itself stuck. Automated crap breaks down all the time and it's expensive. I work for a company that has tons of "automatic" machines as part of it's business. They need sooooo much maintenance, which is performed by humans...well probably get nixed by an asteroid before we're a full on automated society...


Hmm. [About that](https://old.reddit.com/r/antiwork/comments/qrbpb0/oh_how_the_turns_table/)...




She definitely stopped reading after "You should fire the other workers for being slow and give him extra work..."


Too bad what always happens is the employer will increase the workload. This employee is only hurting themselves and fellow coworkers in the long run.


To be fair, she at least suggested paying him more. Should definitely be a large amount more though since he can do the work of multiple people. Like if he can do the work or two people, pay him what that’s worth: the salary of two people. We know she probably will barely give him enough to justify doing more work in reality


Ooooor let him go home early with full pay. That would encourage the others to work better to get the same perks.


That might not be possible. Like at my firm, we have to be there for at least 8 hours (so only 8 hours for me), as more work can come in during the day and that person can start on it. But he'll be given the next day to finish it too! I am glad my manager notices who picks up more work than assigned and the bonus is adjusted based on that!


I know, it's job depending. I'm IT and I have a lot of idle time, but when there's an emergency there's an emergency. And everyone thinks their shit is an emergency. edit to add: Sometimes we get an actual emergency and save the day. We at least deserve donuts for that.


As a former PM, I realized the people who get paid the most are also the ones who do the least work. Being able to speak eloquently and to project confidence, is literally the highest paying skill. I’ve seen guys who just bullshit their way to make high 6-7 figure salaries, but I’ll admit they have a lot of charisma. An exception to this are software engineers, I think they get paid what they’re worth. All repetitive, menial, soul crushing work which is the most mentally taxing always gets paid the least.


That’s what I always say, social intelligence gets you the further in life than any other type, and it’s something they don’t teach you in school. So those who are naturally adept at it succeed and those who naturally struggle with it do not. Schools should have mandatory Confidence/Conversations/Comradery classes, or something like that lol. It’s a learnable skill for most people, they just never get taught it. And I think it’s pretty imperative to pick up those things at a young age.




I did service desk awhile back. Same concept. They were paying me for my tasks, they were paying me for the coverage so when someone called into IT there was somebody to pick up the phone.


A company I used to work for got hit with a virus a few years ago, and our IT guy literally didn't leave the building for like 3 days. He basically worked 18 hour days and slept in his office all week.


They are shitting on the bus factor.


If they pay you based on hours present, they value your time, not your productivity. By definition. No employer that cared about your productivity would pay you hourly; they would pay you salary with flexible hours or pay you for work produced linearly. Do not work beyond standard if you are hourly unless you can get a raise/bonus out of it.


At the end of the day capitalism is theft of time, not surplus value.


Give the top performers first choice on even dictating their scheduling My staff preferred 8 days on 6 days off, in a row!


That's how a salary is supposed to work. Not as a loophole to skip overtime and grind 60-70 hour work weeks out of people.


I used to work for a non profit in ga (I won’t say the name) but everyday we had to get a set along of signatures, the manager for our site cut a deal for us without higher ups at the Main office knowing. Get x amount of signatures a day, and you can go home early with full pay. I was our best canvasser lol, and is still one of the dopest jobs I had, I was wayyyy more motivated knowing I can start at 11 and potentially end at 1 o’clock. And our office was one of the top producing in the organization.


I worked with a guy in IT like this. At his old job, he did everything via remote desktop instead of going to people's desks. He knocked out a ton of work in no time that way. He did even more than his coworkers did and would just... like... hang out. He was accused of just making up tickets and closing them. Once he proved he wasn't, they started giving him more work, but without any additional pay. As he put it, they punished him for being efficient. That's why that was his *old* job.


IT is such bullshit. You get asked to perform miracles or just do things that don't make sense. Imagine going to a mechanic and being like "I want my car horn to control the speed of my car." The mechanic will be like "That's dumb", but this is basically IT.


As someone in IT this is perfectly described




Can someone who gets tech eli5?


Uhh I'll try, the text is in the format of a bug report and a bug caused the PC to overheat when spacebar was pressed. A user didn't like the fix and insisted the old way be brought back, as he configured his PC to interpret rapid temperature as a key on the keyboard he couldn't reach. This is wrong and horrifying and all too typical of average users


Every problem you have that doesn't get fixed even though it should is because someone else took that problem and depended on it somehow so if you fix it, you break someone.




That is painfully accurate. Upper management has no clue what's going on


Welp... this hit way too close to home.


My company loves us to work harder not smarter. My "engineer" job involves so much fire fighting that they have no idea how much I do. So, now I just stop doing things. It takes me 1 minute to know the answer to something that would take a new person an hour. Since my pay is based on what a new person would cost, so does my labor.


This is why I never exert myself at work. I give them about 50% of what I could do as the baseline. In push times it can go up to 75% but it drops back down to 50% immediately. Set the expectations early and keep them low.


Yes fire him and free him from the nonsense. He’ll probably make more money elsewhere


I got in trouble for being on my phone at old job. I told them "give me something else to do, my work is done and I'm bored." I was told not to say that. I could get on my work computer and goof around, nobody said a word. But let me get on my phone and text someone or play a game, and all the sudden I was awful. New job is wfh and they don't care what I do as long as my work is done.


Not helping your co-workers if they ask for help or are visibly struggling would be a dick move, but I'm guessing she means he doesn't automatically start taking over work that is assigned to someone else which isn't his problem. Enjoy your games dude.


Companies just don't value the golden goose anymore. If an employee is managing to complete an entire days tasks in only a few hours, and he's playing games to keep his mind occupied the rest of the day, you reward him for his efficiency or use him as an example to get the rest of the team on board. If you punish the golden goose, he's just going to take his peak efficiency and give it to another company that'll be less likely to punish him for it. A quiet employee, who does his daily tasks and sits in the background not creating drama or issues is something to be valued, not scorned.


Or don't fire anyone...maybe.


My work used to reward doing your job efficiently with more break time. New management took that away, and guess what... goals are just barely being hit. When we could work hard and get more time to relax we worked harder to get this extra time. They look at us as lazy, but they couldn't do our job. It can be very technical. The system for raises doesn't reward effort either so people don't get raises either. It depends on management doing their job.


I'm a pseudo-manager where I work. I make sure that everyone "under" me knows that if they have time to lean, then they did their work efficiently and I don't care if they are on their phones, just help out when asked.


Never give your 100% because that’s what they’ll expect 100% of the time and give you more work to do for the same pay. Always leave some spare room in the tank.


Where was this found?




Sharon is the sister of Karen, Cheryl and Susan.


Don't be mad at Sharon. She's actually the one who gave the awesome reply. https://www.quora.com/I-have-an-employee-who-always-does-everything-faster-than-everyone-else-on-the-team-and-spends-most-of-the-day-playing-video-games-and-not-helping-his-coworkers-Do-I-fire-him


"give him their work" unless the effecient employee gets paid his salary + the salary of everyone else + bonus for being a badass, that isn't a worthwhile deal for the employee. Paying me double wages but giving me 5x the work isnt worth cheering over to me. That's still exploitation of the efficient worker.


Oh my god the name is a combination of all three.






everyone who finishes early can go home early now that would inspire the other people to work faster everyone hates work


If the manager couldn't figure this out on their own, perhaps they are the one that needed to be fired and the gamer promoted to take their place. Sounds like they would be a lot more efficient at the management job.


> perhaps they are the one that needed to be fired and the gamer promoted If you're too good at your job, you're irreplaceable. If you're irreplaceable, you can't be promoted.


This makes me think about how it works with my kids—they all have specific tasks that need to get done before school. If they finish the tasks before we need to leave, they can do whatever they want with the extra time. My son gets up and gets all his stuff done and has like 40 minutes to play video games and my daughter barely gets her stuff done in time. I’m not going to punish my son because he is faster. It won’t motivate him. I’m not going to make him do extra chores because he was efficient—that will have the opposite effect. People are insane if they think that’s going to work.


I have adhd and bad knees, but like to do some physically work, this leads me to gamifying any job I get, I figure out max efficiency so that I complete all my work and have time to sit down often to rest my knees, last job started treating me terrible because I was always sitting down “instead of working” after I walked out management found out that I was the second highest producer out of all three shifts, ran my mill 6/8 hours a night while the guy that was doing all the complaining about me would run the mill tops 3 hours a shift, he’s still there


I mean… ig at least she wants to compensate him for her hair brained decision


I think the nonbold type is a response to her post? So not really?


hare-brained* like a rabbit


Ah, makes a lot more sense now that you put it that way haha


Glad i could help! I didn't even notice your chungus avatar before lol


Reminds me of my old job at an STI testing center. When we didn't have any patients my job was basically data input. The first few weeks of me working there I would finish the data entries pretty quickly and since we had no patients I would read some comics on my phone. My boss didn't like that and reprimanded me. After that I made it my sole mission to take as long as possible with data entry and take as long as possible with the patients. 3 years later the company had to shut down due to low numbers. Fuck you Nora next time just let me read my comics.


Some managers just can't accept a reality where there is nothing to do. I had a manager like that when I worked in fast food. Even on a slow day, when inventory was done, everything was stocked, and the registers were counted for, she still refused to accept that there was downtime. She once had us empty the ice in the fountain drink machine, despite having freshly filled it, just so we could fill it again, so that there was "something" to do. She was literally just making shit up so that she could justify her logic in her head that downtime didn't exist at work.


this is what is wrong with the US my 6th grade teacher used to put me outside of the classroom for finishing faster than everyone else


When he's finished with his work send him home with a days pay you got what you wanted from him end of story.


The more money is the most important part. Employers need to learn to pay good employees what they are worth.


I say op should resign and a competent manager should be hired as a replacement. Maybe the guy playing video games is up to it.


The scary part of the op, to me, is that if we became a collectivist society then the efficient guy’s compensation, and the compensation of the slugs arrive him would ask be the same. Eff that.


Manager mentality at its finest


Your gonna fire him for being faster than everyone else...... Lol righttt


lmao this was literally me 4 years ago


This, but also don’t fire the other employees, just because one works faster doesn’t mean they should be punished. Let people work how they work best and leave them alone


Yes I think they should have to help other people. Fuck you Sharon teach them that shit first


The mentality of I did my shit I'm gone is part of the captalist individualism (isolation). If work was what you needed to do everyone would need a lot more helpful instead of the draining bull shit




He playing runescape


I’ve always been under the assumption that Sharon is a sub species of Karen


So let me get this right Sharon, You. Want. To. Fire. Him… Because. He’s. Doing. His. Damn. Job.


I love how obvious it is here that "and more money" was an afterthought tagged on so they'd seem like less of a greedy dickhead


How is he/she being greedy? If a person is supposed to get a fixed amount of money for a fixed amount of work, why would he/sge work more for free just because they are efficient?


What a monstrous question. Just vicious.


How can these people be this out of touch. I'm embarrassed for them.


While working remotely, I was noticing that the others assigned to my department were missing in action for large parts of the day, like 3-5 hours, every day. Meanwhile, I'm sitting here working my ass off daily and getting phone calls on the hour from my boss so he can check that I'm working (or so it seemed). This went on for a solid year. I ended up telling him, that you clearly are okay with the standard and quantity of work set by my colleagues, so I'm going to abide and lessen my workload and that I won't be their workhorse any longer without some type of compensation for my efforts. (this only worked because I'm an employee with a local govt with a strong labor union, most non-union jobs will just fire you on the spot, so keep that in mind) He tried to write me up for insubordination, which I refused to sign without my union rep present. Fast forward to the disciplinary meeting, my union rep shredded my boss in two sentences: "To be clear, we are here because you're attempting to discipline the one person doing their job, honorably, because he is refusing to take on additional work that should be completed by others? If that is correctly understood, then this meeting is over and I'll be referring you (my boss) for disciplinary action instead." ​ My boss tried to claim I was being insubordinate when I told him I was going to stick to the standard set by my colleagues. But my rep told my boss, "then it sounds as though you need to be better about managing your other staff. But to think it is acceptable to add work on to his (my) list of assignments when others are completing 10-20x less work overall, is ridiculous and is not something they'll (the union) will agree with." Luckily I had tracked my work compared to what other staff completed so I had data to share. Turned out I was doing upwards of 15x more work, every day, for over a year. ​ This is has been the best 9 months of work. My workload has reduced, I got promoted twice, and my boss basically kisses my ass when we speak anymore because he's afraid of the union. I'll still get shit on by him if I make a mistake or something. But I'm okay with that, that's on me. I was not okay with being told to do more than others, do that, then be told to do even more without being paid more.


My work kind of did the same thing, I work for a lab equipment company in the shipping department building shipping crates. I was working too fast and getting too much done. They were trying so hard to enforce 10+ hr workdays but they were running out of work for me to do, so I was just standing around for a few hours a day until they started creating bullshit busy work. Like breaking apart already built pallets and putting them back together, or building pallets from flimsy scrap wood(they always broke), or they would purposely make messes so I would have to clean them up. They even made up a dumb rule that we have to help people from different departments cut wood when we didn’t have to before, shit drove me insane, basically destroyed my back doing it too lol, now I’m on disability at 24 haha


Please tell me this is a joke! They made your break pallets literally for them to ask you to fix them again? That is some shit housery


I wish it was a joke, i would take my sweet time doing that, either until I leave or if by some miracle we got a crate order.


This is what I felt working in restaurants. The more I got done and better I did, the more work I had.


She won't read the last sentence, though.....


Oh man. I have a similar-ish story about something said to me that was along these lines. For a low paid internship while I was a student, I worked as a staff writer for a tiny start up publication. Every day it was my job to look for news to write up and publish on-site, and I was really good at it. I’d scour all our sources, and pump out 3-4 stories a day - far faster and far more than anyone else that worked there (just a few interns like me). When I’d searched every possible source and run out of content, I’d usually ask our editor if he had any interesting press releases in his inbox. Releases were always sent to him, not the staff writers because that was the set up and his was the email shared with industry contacts. I wouldn’t see them unless he sent them to me, and he’d usually always forget unless I asked. At my performance review, I was chewed out by some other senior colleague for not being proactive enough and relying on the editor for stories. He said he heard me asking for press releases too often and that it was laziness on my part. Forget the fact I wrote most of their content. Forget the fact I was the shit paid intern they hired to literally start the editorial side of their business and earned them enormous traffic growth because I was good at it! No, I was lazy because I was keen to ask for more work. Tried to make my case, but nope. So I thought “okay then, when I run out of stories I’ll just fuck around on the internet if I’m going to be punished for asking for more.” So yeah. I’d finish my stories in the first half of the day and then sit there doing random shit online. If that’s what they wanted, I guess. Ok They didn’t say a single nice thing in this review to me (after being there a year) but then were keen for me to stay on half pay for another year to ‘prove myself worthy’ of a full time role. No thanks!


***OR*** you could reward his effort and offer him more work for a better payoff. Y'know, use positive reinforcement instead of firing people because one person works faster.


If the company replaced Sharon Cohen with MisterLowell, the world would be a better place!


I sorta agree with Sharon.


Why? He is finishing his work. At the end of the day, he is doing what he is supposed to do. She never mentioned he is rushing his work which makes his work bad. He should be compensated and given promotions equally with the other slow workers and if he starts helping others then should be compensated higher or get faster promotions but maybe the guy doesnt care for it or knows he wont get any benefits by helping others.


Why are you on this sub then.


I do too, but only because I realize she's the one replying and not the one asking the question.


I agree as well. I don’t think firing is the way to go but Sharon could say get off the game & put the phone away. Sitting around playing games is what makes jobs try and ban cell phones in the work area. Dude is screwing everyone he works with over. Help or don’t help but don’t get all us in shit if we pull out our phone during work hours. It is a team. The job has to be done. Imagine paying people to repair your house coming home and they are all sitting in your couch playing phone games half the day. . Every anti work person in here would have a fit if they were paying them.


Its different tho. If I hired someone and they finish the work and want to be on their phone in work hours, he can do that. End of the day, the work should be done for what I have paid the person to do. Otherwise the guy would just work slower and still not help others


The employer should give this employee more work if he is sitting idle during working hours. If this employee is a strong performer, and he has excess capacity, the employer should allocate more work to him and benefit from his efficiency. If that means the employer must allocate work away from one or more other less efficient employees and this means those other employees are no longer needed, the employer should reduce head count and run their business more lean. The employees that are let go may have other great skills and should redeploy themselves elsewhere by finding that right fit for them. The employee who is performing well and getting more work also deserves a raise to compensate him for the increased work and strong performance. The employer can give that raise because they may find that they can also cut costs through headcount reductions. **This is a job, not summer camp.**


Its a job, but he did the job. You offer to pay me $30 to have the house clean in two hours, then i clean the house in 1hr, the job you paid me for is done, you dont then get to demand i clean your neighbors house too because im so fast at cleaning. Fuck no. You get what you pay for, you want more work, you got to pay for for more work.


Mechanics call it "book time"




If you are good with him sitting around not giving others a hand to help out, that’s cool. It’s your opinion. Then you will understand why on Black Fridays anti shopping event, I’m going to buy me an Xbox and some games on sale. I was able to get a job with a 4 day work week. Good pay. Highly skilled. No one treats me bad. Why should I support the anti work effort. I was able to set myself up ok. My work is done. No reason for me to want to help anyone else out. I definitely wouldn’t want a union. I’m not paying them my money, I don’t need their help for a wage. Fuck everyone else. Right?


You have no idea, do you? Coorporate work is not like that? People get their own work and clients are billed per hour they work. Not the same as people working in a walmart....


That’s cool and all, but this doesn’t say anything about corporate work does it? Just a random screenshot about someone who could be helping his coworkers. After all, if corporate work is as you say then, Sharon wouldn’t have made this post. Sharon would be in her office fucking off for the rest of the day too. Because that is what they do.


The way she mentions it, makes it seem like it. For example at a store there isnt assigned work which can just finish, there is always a customer who'll need help, always a shelf which needs to be stacked etc. But in a corporate job, you get an assigned job and have to finish it by the discussed deadline. If you finish it before, you have the option to pick up more which generally gives you a higher chance of getting promoted before others and a higher bonus.


The way I see it, taking your point to consideration, I guess it can go either way. Not enough details to be sure though imo.


LOL Why are you on this sub. Go join r/prowork Gross


I make one anti work post a day to rail against the system. I’m going to play some games now. I did my part, there no reason for me to put any more effort than that in. I feel my work is done. I’m helping my poor and fellow Americans bring real change. Just not at work. Because my work is done. Things will get better soon right?


Oh, such a sweet little helper you are. Just ready to support your fellow man. I'm glad you have time to pay video games and chill. Your heart must be SO Heavy that you're carrying the burden of trolling this dub so hard. I'm sure things will get better as soon as you MYOB.


Wow. If people are unwilling to help coworkers at work. How can you expect anyone to work together to make work better outside of work. If people don’t care about each other at work they will not care about each other outside of work. Is that better for you to understand than the bullshit examples I tried to use to make a point?


So you're saying that people are required to do More work because other people don't work as fast. That's dumb.


you are right. It is dumb. It’s absurd to be expected to help each other out. Because it would be More work. We should apply that to all aspects of life. I bet that would make things exactly the way they are now.


Also. I have it pretty good compared to what others claim in here for sure. But you do understand. You will need people who don’t have it at as bad to support you right? If you want change. No union will be voted in anywhere if you can’t get most everyone to want it. But you are right. Maybe I should just get off this sub And vote against the change. Since I do not agree with every single thing said in here. I couldn’t possibly want anyone to have better options right?


If your getting paid by the hour you should continue to work.


*you’re And I agree, continue to work with double the pay because they’re doing double the productivity.


I can't believe you corrected "your" and then followed with that sentence.


I can’t believe I fed the troll


You talkin about that bucket of fish heads you throw down the basement stairs to your mom every night?




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No, ask said person to help team members once they complete their own tasks.