These are all unfortunate life events and I sympathize with you. Jobs are a time for you to work to raise money. When you’re working- that’s all your job cares about (it’s a job, it’s not your friend).


What a horrible time you've had! I am so sorry your employer is, well, an arsehole. Hope you find somewhere better


Ive been trying to find a job with better wages anywhere but keep getting turned down. Cant even get an interview anywhere. Most jobs are offering barely above minimum wage for a 40+h week. 22,000 for HR/Admin is a joke


Most companies don't understand that sometimes life events effect everything you do. If your home life is negatively effected, then your work life will be too. No one is enough of a psychopath to act like everything is okay while at work and then break down as soon as they get in their car. Doesn't work like that. They always forget they employ actual human beings and not emotionless androids.


My friend, it is time for you to seek a better opportunity elsewhere. These fuckers don't deserve you.


It's been like this for some time now. Some people are just lucky enough to never have that one thing happen, that starts the chain of all your works undoing. Then those people never understand why some people can't make it, why people can't just push through like they did. I'm sorry for your situation my friend, and I wish you the best of luck.