Minimum wage after tax will barely cover that and never mind having to take public transit most places. You won’t be able to afford a car unless you want to take up a second job or work overtime. Just don’t have any accidents or unforeseen expenses. And you cannot afford to get sick.


Not to mention, even if you had zero other living expenses, most landlords require 2.5-3x the rent as income. The lowest I've seen is 2x.


That or you have to pay 6 months to a year upfront. They did that to my friend since she didn’t have a co-signer.


Plus, I'm seeing more and more rentals that want a 700+ credit score, llike,whats the point? How'm I supposed to get a credit score that high without buying a house?


Use a credit card for years, get some easy loans that people give away like for laptops and mattresses.


It's stuff like that that blows my mind I've never seen anything lower than three times the amount of rent or paying 6 months of rent up front


I made ok money as a supervisor in retail however living in California that meant I still had to have 2 roommates and just pay essentials without having any savings for emergencies. My car got damaged and wasnt drivable and I couldn't afford the deductible to get it repaired (I applied for the insurance when I had a better paying job and never remembered to change it.) So I kept making the payments on the car hoping to get it paid off so then I could save to get it fixed. My hours changed to overnight shifts and public transportation was horrid at those hours so it was either pay half a days wages for an uber, or leave 4 hours before my shift started and spend 2 hours on public transportation and waiting outside in a shitty area for another 2. Then I lost my job right before covid and my mental health tanked. When my car got repossessed I only owed $3k on it but was fine losing it as I knew I'd never be able to pay to repair it. My roommates left at the start of covid (after not paying rent for 3 months, they snuck out while stealing or destroying everything they could.) Now I'm on medi-cal and the coverage is horrid, everything basically gets shopped out to someplace else and I have to constantly deal with bullshit. I had anxiety and adhd and being responsible and in charge of everything is really difficult for me. Today I had my appointment for lab work, I had to wait 2 weeks to get the appointment. This morning I got an appt reminder but when I showed up, they were closed due to no staff. The next available appointment I could make is in 3 weeks. I'm sure happy it's only my health that's being checked and not something important like a billionaires hair implant. Whenever you folks are ready to eat the rich and burn it all down I'll have the torches and pitchforks ready.


There’s no such thing as labor shortage, people are done working dead end jobs for little pay with no benefits or upward advancement


Yup. Any job that pays well is having no problem finding employees. The ones that are having issues are low paying customer facing positions.


no, it isn’t just customer-oriented jobs. many factories and shipping companies are working on skeleton crews because they’re so short. you are right though, as the issue definitely is the lack of pay/incentive. these companies don’t deserve our labor and therefore it should be withheld until the workers are made whole :)


Minimum wage jobs are having trouble is it because that the staff are treated poorly not only by the management in the business owners but by the customers too and there's no upward momentum in those fields because reasons that are beyond my explanation but I'm certain there's one that will fit this reason perfectly I definitely think it's people are done with being treated this way so now it's time for the rest of the world to catch up with that thought process and I think this pandemic was great for us when it comes to the minimum which wage jobs because now they're not wanting to work at a job collectively that will treat them poorly


Some are saying if there was a shortage, the price of labor (wages) would be going up like in other types of shortages.


I especially agree with this sentiment people are tired of working jobs that treat them poorly don't pay them enough it's not a labor shortage it's a we're done with being treated this way


Couldn’t be the fact that most people are quitting (no unemployment if you quit) for more wages, 745,000 people and counting have died from COVID, the minimum wage hasn’t changed since 2009 or that 1.1% of the global population owns 45.8% of the total amount of wealth in the world and people are fed up with it. Propaganda is a hell of a drug.


No, no. It's all the god damned avocado toast. Do you even *read*?


"stop buying avocado toast!" "Ok, fine, can't afford it anyway" Next article "Millenials kill the avocado industry"


I’ve never even had avocado toast.


It's surprisingly good. I topped mime with bacon bits and everything seasoning


Did you have to trap it in an invisible box before dusting the mime with bacon?


I only use the most invisiblest of boxes straight of my imaginantion to capture top quality mimes. its extra effort, but its worth it just for the taste. 🤌muah🤌


Aight, time to try out some avocado toast next.


Yeah do it. Oh if you do my thing make sure to put pink salt on too. It's really good after that


just avocado on toast and little bit of salt is also tasty


Dude, I bet. Avocado is the shit.


Yeah definitely try it out


Avocado *is* shit


I mean it sounds good but I haven’t had it either. And avocados are too expensive for what they can do


avocados \*are\* expensive in a lot of the U.S. before I moved to socal, they were like $2.50/avocado. in socal? they're about $.75 on average and go on sale 3/$1 all the time


Honestly it is an avocado and a toast. Since when either of those things are fancy??


Try the one at Dunkin Donuts. It's quite tasty, and is something like $4




Does being allergic make me part of the problem?


Yes. You have to make sacrifices to keep society running smoothly.


And Hulu without ads. Learn to manage your money better. Z


thanks for that ....


This one irritates the fuck outta me. Tons of people still have $150-$300 a month cable and some have Netflix and Hulu on top. My girls mom told me she had the lowest available cost cable but she had the NBA network and that was tier 3. And she’d spend all day watching cop shows on Ion.


Don't forget the lattes, It's avocado toast and lattes.


I’ve never had a latte either!


have you tried avocado latte though?


The only coffee I have is the ones I have at work. The vending machine says latte on it....but I click a5 for "black coffee" because everything else costs $0.25 and I can't afford that...is that what they're talking about?


Maybe I do deserve more than just bread and water.


but bread and water = house.


Avocado toast, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, only fans, cell phone, Spotify. Boomers would rather blame it on all of the above than just admitting wages are too low.


Honestly after all the free porn I’ve watched I feel like a better person dropping money on onlyfans


Damn kids and your utilities. When I was a kid, we didn't have electricity, or running water!


Yes quit eating that shit


avocado toast? oh you mean that thing I only ever have as a treat when I go visit my grandma?


$5 coffees bruv


I bet if we circlejerk enough on Reddit we can be the change we wish to see and all that


Tbf the whole internet is a circle jerk.


And entitlement, don't forget entitlement!


I chose to quit my job in August because the owner sent someone who had been in contact with a COVID-Positive employee (1 day earlier) to our store for a full shift, and told her not to say anything. I voiced my concern and it was pushed under the rug. I'm not eligible for unemployment, but I suppose it's better than having another family member die. My dad passed away just before vaccinations were available.


I just quit my job because of something similar. My boss said I had to visit a client for a tech issue, at their house. We work from home, so client visits are normal, and can be almost anywhere. Company pays for travel if it's further than if I were to drive to the office from my home. I call the client, and ask her when she's free. She says whenever I want to come by, but let's me know she's covid positive as of Friday, this is yesterday. I put her on hold, and call my manager, who tells me I've been vaccinated and have to go. Try explaining that not only am I high risk (fat, asthmatic with COPD), have kids under 8, as well as a S/O that can't be vaccinated, he tells me I have to go, or my services are no longer needed. Since my services are no longer needed, I enjoyed the day watching South Park, getting stoned, and fucking around on Reddit. I went on zip and monster for a few minutes to see what's out there, and saw a bunch of jobs without pay being mentioned, got irritated, and got stoned. I'm good for about 2 months before I'll **need** to get a job, so hopefully something pans out. But I sure as shit won't work for less than I was making, regardless the job.


The job market for tech people is absolutely crazy right now. I'm further along in my career than you are tell so your experience may be slightly different, but I've found that for the majority of postings the recruiter is now willing to give you a salary range, even if it's not mentioned in the original job description.


correct, also recruiters are knocking down my door offering me what I make now or a bit more. IT 10 years


This market is completely bananas. Last week I had contact with an internal recruiter at a big company. I followed up with him the other day, only to find out that he had just quit HIS job. Ha!


Hahaha this is about to be me. I just got offered my old job back - I work contract and have been on my 6 month break and can go back at the end of this month. My old manager (who is awesome) happened to text me right in the middle of a meeting where the hiring manager I currently work with was being a massive asshole. I gladly accepted on the spot, put my mic on mute, and laughed my way through the rest of the meeting.


This happens all the time. HR is another shit hole and young people working there to gain experience usually doesn't last too much. Specially now with all the global crisis.


lol, nice. I'm lucky, I really love my job. certainly not frustration free but I would be wary of jumping ship now


It's too bad the government doesn't protect the citizens, not like it's their job or anything. Anyhow, *BRING OUT YOUR DEAD!*


I'm so sorry about your dad...some insensitive fucks those people were.


shoulda reported him to the fbi for initiating a biological terrorist attack, just to see what happens next.


I quit my job in September because my coworkers were refusing vaccination despite being mandatory for federal employees. One refused to wear his mask the entire time I worked there (over a year) and management refused to do anything about it.


So sorry for your loss.


Also not discussed, lots of people are dropping second and third jobs they carried before either due to overtime, increased wages, or both. Or just burnout. People really don't understand what is going on.


yes, well, people that don't want to know don't know. people who are resentful of their own circumstances but too scared/brainwashed to do anything about it LOVE the idea that they are being screwed at work becuase people are "choosing" to stay home


Another part of the hidden stats is the amount of people that retired (just from work, not life) that are no longer filling those low wage jobs either.


Oh, and a huge chunk of our base work force was deported and the boomer generation is retiring/dying off. Don't forget that too.


Also don't forget we aren't replacing ourselves. Native birthrate has been dropping for decades. Europe is finding out the endgame of that.


Also left out is many boomers elected to finally retire because they had the "life is short" realization at age 70.


Yeah we have the lowest minimum wage adjusted to inflation since the late 1960s. County I live in rents have raised 56% in the past year. I would need to work 227 hours to afford a one bedroom.


Let's take your thought a step further they want to be treated like people and not treated like the garbage especially a fast food workers the customer service workers the truck drivers anyone on those essential levels they want to be treated better


Don't forget about the migrant workers. The previous president didn't want migrant workers taking American jobs, but here we are.


It’s so funny seeing business mad that the labor market is finally competitive after years of it being extremely anti competitive. As we all know here, if the business or company can’t survive then that’s just the free market working


Tell that last part to 2008.


"Too big to fail" Okay, if it's "too big to fail" let it exist on it's own. If it can't fail, then let them prove it without Government Intervention.


Oh, what they meant was 'too big to let fail'. Meaning, I cant imagine the country with out my friends making bank off the taxpayers.


What they really meant is that the whole international financial system is like a poorly constructed house that was built up way to tall and not up to code. They saw the rot in and around the load bearing structures and rather than using it as an opportunity to radically restructure the whole thing, they simply filled in the cracks with government cash. The rot hasn't gone away, the system has gotten even more precarious, but I'm sure they'll all pretend that no one could have ever seen this coming the next time we have a giant bubble burst.


If a bank bankrrupts, use newly printed money to pay for the bank's debt (because banks create inflation, all the inflation that could've been created by money printing bwas already created, so no inflation occurs), make the payments off all debt the bank owned go to the state and forbid anyone at the bank administration from ever working in the financial industry for ever. Also, all the debt that the bank owned stops growing due to interests


PUA ended months ago. Do they not know this? That extra unemployment has been gone for months.


Yeah but when your* mindset is that people can live off of 7.25/hour (before taxes) a measly $1400 magically becomes equivalent to millions so we can all sit and do nothing for months on end - even though it was basically equivalent to about 1.5 months worth of take home pay for people making federal minimum wage. (* by saying "your" I don't mean you personally obviously)


Yes, this. Every time I read anyone talking about how people are just sitting at home on their government funds Im like “where”. Even 39 weeks extended benefits have long expired. $600 extra would’ve been ~$23k, $300 extra for the 14 extra weeks after that (53 weeks total) makes it another ~$4k. Then direct payments of $3,600. Lets do this example with my second job as cashier since I was laid off that… making $11 for 30 hours with unemployment here covering 60% of wages that’d be $180 a week for 26 weeks was the max my state gave - so another ~$5k. So a lot of people in the USA think people in that type of situation are sitting around living “the high life” on ~$35k. $35k to pay for rent (avg $1k here low end), for a car payment, gas, groceries, insurance - bills didn’t stop with covid. Life and work stopped but bills didn’t.


Yup. I think people don't want to know. They do mental somersaults to convince themselves anyone who suffers is doing it to themselves. I think that's the core of it. People believe that if other people get anything, it will cost them. They have bought into the myth of scarcity.


*if you don't like your pay then just get a better job* So every does and tries to. Then suddenly it's a problem. Just raise the minimum wage.


Let your representatives know. House, senate and president are democratic. New minimum wage with inflation increases.


Just have increases in minimum wage tied to increases to politician's wages. If minimum doesn't increase neither does their pay. I don't know how many times those fuckers give themselves raises, but I am pretty sure it's a lot more times than the time minimum wage has been increased.


Hey, they even wrote themselves out of mandatory vax.


Maybe their salary should just be the minimum wage in their area. Saves tax payers some money and it would only put people in there that were very passionate about change.


Tonight on Tucker Carlson: “Why are people refusing to work for crumbs and instead are ‘living large’ on unemployment? Clearly they’re eating their furniture to avoid wasting the stipend on food. Ask your reps to cut benefits today to put a stop to it! Also probably socialisms or something, whatever. Now buy this pillow dumb-dumbs! We’ll be back after four back-to-back reverse mortgage advertisements”


Contacting your congress people only gets you a reply from an intern pretending to be the rep saying “I’ll do whatever I want and you can die in a ditch, commie scum.” I’m paraphrasing but every time I’ve gotten this as a reply.


Every time I contact my reps the Democrats reply with "we know, we want this also", and the Republicans never reply back.


> House, senate and president are democratic Lmao no they aren't. We dont even elect the senate for christ sake this is like fighting the symptoms of a disease with the disease itself


Minimum wage, enough staff available so people can call out sick if need be, maybe a 401k, just any benefit at all


They've all internalized the bs propaganda that is American capitalist meritocracy.


My favorite part is that the term meritocracy literally comes from a criticism of a society based upon such an ideal. Like we’re a shittier version of the thing we pretend to be, and the thing we pretend to be wasn’t even created as an example of a good system to begin with.


I see WAY too much nepotism in the average week to have any faith in the so called meritocracy in America.


I had a girl in my class say that minimum wage shouldn’t be $15 an hour. And in my head I was like: yeah, it should be way more than that, but I had the feeling she meant it’s fine where it is…


There was a study recently that calculated what each state's minimum wage had to be in order to afford a 1-bedroom apt, groceries, transportation, etc. There was only one state in which $15 would be adequate (West Virginia). Every other state was above that, some going up to $42 iirc.


I am not surprised tbh. I work as a low level manager and my husband works as well and we still have trouble affording things. We are by no means in a bad place but we also are one super expensive disaster away from being unable to afford bills. It is stressful making way more than minimum wage and still struggling :\


Here in the Bay Area, I don’t even know how people can survive as a single person if you don’t work in big tech, big management or unionized healthcare (at least at RN wage and higher). I just learned that the security guards for our hospital systems starts at 26/hr. Our unit clerk has been at the facility for 35 years and makes a little over 26 dollars. My rent is 2k for a studio efficiency which suits me well but, I can assure you people are not quitting because unemployment is paying their bills. It’s ludicrous, the propaganda from Fox really skewed people’s perspective.


Where in CA is rent for a 1bed that low?! I pay 1600 in Anaheim. *for a studio


San Fernando valley so far. At least Online listed


Pretty funny you would expect unemployment to actually be enough to keep you alive


Its enough to keep you fed and warm. Not at the same time though, you have to choose.


There is no labor crisis. Employers are not hiring. This is a PR scheme to turn public opinion against workers. Anyone who doesn’t believe this should submit 50 applications and see how many positive responses you get.


I submitted over 1000 when I was claiming unemployment and not one gave me a callback.


It's a Fox News talking point. They are like parrots with that shite. The issue is that part time jobs for minimum wage and no benefits aren't worth having. Especially if your hours aren't guaranteed. *Especially* if they are customer-facing, as people have lost their damn minds.


*sees 1488 in your post* *quick search confirms number is valid and not a dogwhistle*


*and then automod caught your comment and said it was prolly alt right nonsense because it has 1488 in it* Wait, now it is going to catch mine too. Lol


Don't you see, the millennials are making houses expensive, and choosing not to buy diamonds, choosing to delay marriage,. Choosing to have fewer kids than ever, choosing to live in pods,. Choosing to be shiftless lazy ingrates who are afraid of a hard day's work /$


Their dads probably all own small businesses or shitty franchise's so they're just repeating what their dad/grandad is saying at the dinner table.


Tons of that shit in my small town. Kids that work for their parents business or were given the family business love to bitch about “freeloaders on unemployment.”


There’s an old saying I like. “He was born on third base, and went through life thinking he hit a triple.”


I haven't collected a dime of unemployment. I haven't worked since February of 2020. Stagnant wages combined with the craziness that floods the social medias... I'm a hard worker, and will learn every task, and not cut corners and strive to make the workplace better than I found it. But I've always been on the bottom rung so any suggestions fall on deaf ears. And I'm happy to finally have a way to pressure Dude Billionaire to give us better workplaces at the (absolute) very least. I'm a jack of all trades and I'm ready for whatever comes next.


How are you paying for food, housing etc?


Feet pics. Redbubble stickers. The random art thing sold. Pokemon cards. Lots of ways. Housing, I split rent with a bunch of idiots. But as of last night I received word that my March will be busy potentially... it's in the air... like everything else.


How are you affording housing, food etc?


For context the mortgage on a 360k house is about $1600. (This is in my area) After years of being told they didn't deserve a living wage, and having to pay rent prices higher than mortgages, it's completely logical of not expected that people would get tired of the BS.


Ive never qualified for unemployment. Im 42. Its a myth. I dont believe its even real. I wish we would all stop working and rebel against slave labor.


Weird how unemployment benefits have been cut and people still aren’t running to the door for a job🤔 (most you can make starting pay at my job is 15/hr-no benefits, no regular schedule)


Yeah but can’t you live in the side of some swinger couples RV for $1100 a month? If you could make some sacrifices you might be able to get a leg up in the world. /s


Being on the unemployment train must be nice. I’m just sitting on savings from working 12-14 hours a day, seven days a week. The money was okay-ish, but god damn. What’s the fucking point if I spend more time at work then at home?


that 1 bed apartment number kinda racist looking 🤨🤨🤨


>People at my school So people who aren't living in the real world yet.


People at your school clearly never worked before


Unfortunately, no matter what factual proof you provide these people with, it won't change anything. In America, it's much easier to believe that your fellow Americans are just lazy, rather than that they're being taken advantage of and exploited by greedy corporations, and are now sick and tired of it after all these years.


The labor shortage is bs. There's a small increase in unfilled positions but it's mostly people shuffling around for better pay. People are out here applying for hundreds of jobs only to get 1-2 call backs if they are lucky. Clearly these managers aren't that desperate if they won't even do the basics of the hiring process. Bosses kept saying if you don't like it get a better job and we are doing exactly that. Now they are all pissy about it.


My rental allowance through DHS is about 635$ per month if heat isn't included. Rent starts at about $600 if you're in a studio in a BAD part of the city. Bad as in keep your windows shut and locked because people will just walk by and try to grab shit on the way. It only goes up from there. The vast majority of places available right now are 'Luxury Apartments' that start at 1100$, and go up to 2300$. Everything else that's low income or susidized either has a wait list(6-12mo+) or an 'affordable housing lottery'.


You bring up a very important point a lot of people conveniently ignore. The actually affordable housing that's out there is usually on a huge long wait list or like you said uses a lottery style system to select tenants. You can't just walk into a leasing office, sign a lease, pay, and get keys the same day or even the same month, or even year a lot of the time.


Maybe they’re relying on their SO or family that’s why.


But I actually would rather not work. I don't see how that wish is a problem


The average rent in California being $1488 is an unfortunate coincidence resonates with the shocking and rampant rise of fascism and white supremacism that has been occurring in that state over the last 50 years.


My dad has been complaining the entire time about the extra unemployment benefits and now he’s weirdly quiet about how the extra benefits expired and it didn’t magically fix everything


I can’t believe that’s what rent costs in CA. Say what you will about Alabama but my mortgage is $678 a month and will drop next year since it was being taxed as a rental up until I bought it. Feels like I would be homeless if I lived anywhere else


Opportunity cost of a poor paying job is too high


If you want people to work at your company, pay them more than they are paid to stay home


A lot of people are choosing to work from home and not work in person and get battered by customers.


I rent a 1 bedroom apartment in Nor Cal for 765 a month. The only reason it’s so low is I’ve been here for 5 years. Everyone new moving into the complex with the same apartment layout are paying 1,000 a month, i wanted to try to move to change scenery but after looking at apartment costs in other cities I’ll probably be here for awhile.


$1488?? The nazi code? Suspiciously specific🤨🤨🤨


I can't even get unemployment anymore and I'm still unemployed despite trying to get a job in my field. Sooooo fuck them.


Looool 1488 what a random number


Chill https://www.rentcafe.com/average-rent-market-trends/us/md/california/


Not everything involving those numbers is a nazi dog whistle.


There’s people who are so distant from the reality of most people’s lives that they really can’t understand why we don’t just eat cake


Why do y'all believe people in there situations live in an apartment by themselves? Very few people have their own 1 bedroom apartment.


And you don't see a problem with this?


I'm sorry. Is it illegal to live alone?


Where's your source? The maximum unemployment benefits I found to be $450 per week before taxes which equates to $1800. Plus the $10k unemployment benefits were untaxed last year. You add the extra $300 last year, obviously people aren't going to work. It has run out, but it's still an incentive. Would you rather work 8 hours, pay for transportation and lunch and make the same amount you make from unemployment? No, it's better claiming it rather than working.


I would assume that a lot of the money from last year was spent, you know, last year and thus isn't really relevant to this year. Also, all the extra benefits have ended as September, AFAIK.


Couldnt be because of all the scientifically baseless covid threatre? What kind of soy government gimp would wear a mask all day at work LOL yikes.


A lot of people split an apartment, etc. so lots of people are paying less rent than that. Also Bay Area and LA drive up that value.


Pre COVID, maximum unemployment benefits were 450 a week with 50 bucks in tax, so 1600 a month. In California. Still sucks, but your number is wrong


Not disagreeing with the overall premise, but what about a below average apartment? Or roommates?


How are people supposed to afford their cell phones?


“Haha. They’ll get out of school eventually. Muahahahahahahaha” - Capitalists


i hate violence and never physically harmed anyone as an adult BUT GOD DAMN I WANA SHOOT THESE CAPITALIST PIGS


In school ? College? Cause I bet reality will end up biting most of them


There’s people who are so distant from the reality of most people’s lives that they really can’t understand why we don’t just eat cake


That is because that is what they would do if they were in that situation.


That’s shit is done for me for good and I’m still not working 😂 I need $21 or more and I’m not accepting less idc what job it is.


“The solution is to hire more minors! Let’s get 10 year olds in here!” -politicians, probably.


My relatives would 100% aupport this. Ive had multiple republicans come out openly on favor of child labor.


Seeing as extended UI ended months ago these people are being willfully ignorant.


Cali is one big scam thats crazy i pay 924 a month for a 900 square foot 2 bed 2 bath in texas


COVID made people realise what’s important. I quit my job last may because I was working 7 days a week, and had enough of dealing with people, money was not bad but I realised spending time with family enjoying the time we have together was more important.


Yep. I'm in NY and unemployment caps out at a little under $400 a week, after taxes. That comes out to around $19,000 a year. Even for a one person household, that comes in well below the poverty line.


At one point I would've, I believe, doubled my monthly income by going on unemployment during the lockdown. I most certainly would've fit that category but still, it wouldn't have been that I didn't want to work, necessarily. I would've been way better off not doing so. Still kicking myself for letting that opportunity slip away.


To be fair, that’s a ridiculous amount for a 1bd apartment. I’m 100% in your corner but even full time at $20/hr is giving you ~2,500/mo post tax. 60% of your income in rent with a reasonable hourly wage means you need to start looking elsewhere for residence.


lol what


I don’t remember much from statistics but isn’t there a different data set to use than average, especially in such a large state with such a wide variety of homes to choose from?


You qualify for rental assistance if you're low income though right?


Seriously bugged me when I heard that from my managers like yeah totally it’s not that jobs don’t pay enough it’s that people would rather lay around doing nothing


Someone I knew earlier this year was getting $700 per WEEK of unreported income. $2800 dollars a month… this is California though, has it changed?


I wonder what happens to people if you tell them this fact. Does their mental processing just dissolve? Do they start blaming the poor out of mindless capitalist conditioned kneejerk reactions?


Rich kid private school?


You can get a place on skid row for 1099.00 a month


Sounds like for a school, they don’t do much learning.


Ah so they're either making money under the table or selling drugs.


They believe that because that’s what TV and FB is telling them constantly 24/7.


Wow CA has a really low unemployment cap. MN has a weekly cap of $762.


Craziest thing is that i've read about people actually doing this, because being employee on minimum wage skyrocket their medical bills, making them even poorer than being unemployed, not sure if this is actually a thing in the states, but wouldn't be surprised


It’s true in some places. Know a lot of people will give me shit for saying so. But I have first hand experience involving many people I personally know. Even after the unemployment benefits ran dry, many households are realizing that one income plus government subsidence works out to more than they were bringing in with two incomes. Expanded EBT benefits and loosening requirements are in part to blame. Medicaid is better than most employer health insurance plans. I don’t blame anyone for capitalizing on it, frankly. Good for them.


What school? Tell them wait till they get out to pass judgment. When they are 14 years in to working their best hours away I'm sure their attitude will change.


Got fired. No unemployment benefits due to the nature of the firing (there 10+ yrs, no problem, started a union, got fired 3 months later). Been looking for an applying to jobs for 6+ months and nothing. Been told I’m overqualified for the jobs, and yet still can’t get one. Who’s lying??


Can't fix stupid.


I get tired of mentioning this but the "crisis " of lack of workers was known for sometime. The baby boomers was named because of the amount of babies born. The next generation didnt have as many babies. Many years go by that baby boomer generation retires. A pandemic forces people to go back to their home countries, and we had a former White House that didn't want any immigration. So what's the problem with people thinking it unemployment keeping workers at home? It's just not the whole story.


Not everyone lives in California 🤦‍♂️


I’ve heard the comments over and over about people staying home because the gubbermint is paying them, I never could make the math work. I am with you, the stimulus $ might cover rent, or food, or utilities, but not all


Jd $35 an hour, turned down a 10 percent raise year one and another 10 percent over next 5 years plus added pension. Do they want to work?


First off, o not everybody lives alone, many rent rooms from friends or family at a considerably cheaper rent than if they lived alone, and rent is different in various zip codes in CA. Apts. can be anywhere from $650 for a one bedroom to the sky’s the limit. It is getting harder and harder to find affordable shelter in CA, but you could manage on $1304 per month, and still qualify for Medicaid and Cal Fresh. Maybe it’s now dawning on workers that making a little extra can disqualify you for insurance and Cal Fresh. It doesn’t seem fair when your neighbor on SSI gets Cal-Fresh and Medicaid/Medi Cal, and if you go back to work, you might make a few more bucks than your neighbor but then you are stuck with private insurance and no food stamps. It hardly seems worth it. Going from unemployed to working screw a lot of working poor. You earn a little more but then you are setback by other expenses you didn’t have before. Unless your new job comes with a salary that offsets your loss of benefits, you actually lose by going back to work. Did I mention that a lot of rentals have subsidies for the unemployed that workers do not get.


https://www.forbes.com/sites/tomspiggle/2021/07/08/what-does-a-worker-want-what-the-labor-shortage-really-tells-us/?sh=39e9e85f539d This article I think has an interesting perspective and clearly dismisses the myth of unemployment benefits making folks "lazy." Sounds like unemployment benefits have very little to do with why many folks aren't returning to work.




Dude, everyone thinks it’s so damn easy to live on unemployment. It’s not. I actually got let go from a job and STILL haven’t gotten UI because of how the system is set up. 2 months out of work and no income. And the pandemic UI denied me too. People need to stop with that.