This is absolutely disgusting. I’m so sorry you had to experience this. Report this manager ASAP!! This is so illegal. I work at Starbucks and the environment at my store is great. We get two 10-minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch break.


I was told about the breaks when I was hired and during the e-training, and I thought it sounded great since it would give me more chances to monitor my glucose levels throughout the day. I asked a couple people working on the shift if they got breaks during training and they all said no, so I just thought it was normal for the store.


I got breaks during my training. If they’re referring to not getting breaks during computer training that’s a little different, because you could essentially eat or whatever while on the computer. However, they threw you out on the floor meaning you deserved normal breaks.


Responded to the wrong person I'm cut/pasting this. Sorry!


Training is usually a week long thing where you try different drinks, foods, and learn how to do everything. That store screwed up. Good on you for quitting. Your health comes first.


Training doesn't exist at any place I've ever worked. 99% of the time it's them *maybe kinda* getting me familiar with the utmost basic responsibilities of the job then tossing me to the wolves almost immediately and bitching at me when I inevitably fuck up things they never explained in the first place. Might have something to do with the fact that every place I've ever worked has been horribly understaffed, every single time.


I’m talking specifically about Starbucks (though I’ve worked in a number of food service positions before). I worked there for a few years and was promoted to trainer. This was a number of years ago, so I have no idea what has changed since. All I do know is that they set up OP to fail even without taking into consideration OP’s medical needs. Even my work as a designer takes a week or two to learn the business and processes in order for me to be able to create marketing materials that fit the brand.


Home Depot didn’t teach me shit about lawnmowers. People come in looking for parts “I can tell you which ones are electric and which ones are gas, and which ones are push or assisted…” Yeah, customers were NOT happy with that. Knew more than anyone there about plants tho. Fuck those guys for “not keeping me on post season” despite what management had told me.


If she confirmed via text that she ignored your needs as a diabetic REPORT THAT SHIT IMMEDIATELY you actually have proof.


Probably report them to the EEOC because not giving breaks for diabetes isnt ADA compliant


I used to be a Starbucks manager, you were absolutely entitled to 2 tens and a thirty during your training, furthermore you should have also been given a free food item of your choice and you are in fact allowed to leave the store during your breaks. Personally I think Starbucks treats their employees like shit, but not in this way.


Can you let someone higher up know? HR, regional manager, etc? Maybe they're bad too and won't care but maybe they'll make some changes. It could help the next person in your situation


You could sue for that if you wanted to, a workplace is supposed to accommodate your medical needs (at least here in the states). If they don’t you have all the power to sue them. But I also understand if you don’t just saying this is an option.


Even if it is common, diabetes is considered a disability and they need to make reasonable accommodations (in this case letting you take breaks to monitor your glucose and eat). So super illegal. Also, I don’t know of a single thing that Starbucks makes that is diabetic-friendly so there’s that too


You’re legally entitled for breaks even for computer work.


At the very least this is inhumane! Contact corporate about this.


Training is still working. They can't deny you your breaks while you're working. They violated both labor laws and ADA laws by a. Not letting you take your breaks and b. Not accommodating your medical condition. You might want to talk to a lawyer.


>I just thought it was normal for the store. Just because they normalized illegal shit doesn't make it ok. Glad you got out of there.


I wish more workers would stand up to this tyranny. How do we get to the point where human beings treat other human beings like garbage, and pretend that we live in some type of civilized society.


This is the big thing with franchises. How good you have it will be directly related to the franchise owner, much more so than corporate unless you are in a VERY tightly controlled franchise like McDonald's. I know a lot of people, and was once one, who work at places associated with being shitty that they love because of the environment, and others who work at places famous for their good treatment of workers that are in the worst conditions I've seen in my area.


Starbucks doesn’t franchise.


Aren’t the grocery store embeds franchised? I know they aren’t corporate which is why they can’t redeem stars.


They make exceptions, but only for fully contained places like grocery stores and airports, wherein they will lend the license to them.


Still dependent on local management, though, which can amount to effectively the same thing. Still an important distinction, though.


Definitely agreed, just thought it was worth mentioning.




Report it to the manager? Lmao nah. Report it to a fucking lawyer.


I said report this manager lol not to the manager




These breaks are given if you work a minimum of 6 hours, and most of my shifts are around that amount because we’re on our feet a lot. We can also go in the back and take a little while if needed. In reference to the work environment, I meant the people I work with and how they treat the staff. For example, one day at work I threw up a lot of blood. They shut the entire store down and offered to take me to the hospital. I went and had a stomach ulcer. On another occasion, my grandfather passed and I had already taken my leave for the year, but the store manager gave me 3 weeks off anyway and offered to give me as much time as I needed. The people at my store truly care about their staff and want it to be as enjoyable as possible.


Yo I'm a Barista Trainer and you were ABSOLUTELY entitled to 2 tens and a lunch. Plus you get.1 food item for free. Even if you don't go.back you need to tell.the DM and call Partner Relations.


that's what I was thinking too! I'm thinking this was not a corporate Starbucks store but like one in a Target. They don't get any of the same benefits it's pretty sad.


I tried tipping a Starbucks employee at a Target location and she told me she wasn’t allowed to accept tips. I was floored. I work for tips myself. It’s funny how they are supposedly “optional” but your employer can decide to pay you less for getting them or deny you the right to collect them at all.


Employers: We literally pay the exact minimum wage, what more do you want from a “family” environment?


If I were to say give a tip worth more than their shift would the worker be forced to work for free for their next shift? What if I call it a "gift"?


I don’t think it was target, I worked at a tarbux for three years and as a target employee they MAKE YOU at least take 30 min unpaid lunch for legal reasons. Company doesn’t want lawsuits and it’s straight up a fireable offense if you work through a lunch


Or perhaps OP is making this up for karma


Do not talk to Starbucks about this. Go straight to lawyer/government complaint territory.


Porque no los dos?


I was a barista for many years and I am also calling shenanigans. Only licensed stores don’t get a food mark out and lack coverage for breaks.


Yeah, this smells of legal trouble. Could report the place on legal grounds. Leave reviews on Glassdoor and Google. If they need the evidence just use the text messages. Best of luck!


And she admitted to fucking up in a text message? That's a slam dunk.


A lawyer would eat this manager alive lmao.


It's amazing how people will bury themselves in electronic modes of communication. Folks, assume everything recorded digitally is permanent and visible to everyone.


Leave Starbucks a bad review; they’ll have 21 cars in line instead of 23.


Please tell us that the text conversation contains an admission that they denied a medical need to a diabetic.


She just said "I fucked up" but no direct mention. I don't know if that's enough to constitute an admission of guilt though.


Well, regardless, i am glad you are outta there.




Never send people to r/legaladvice if they actually need legal advice. The sub is moderated by mostly cops, and they routinely ban attorneys who post real advice, just because they disagree. I can’t even tell you how many attorneys I have seen post that they have been banned.


I hate how many times I've had to re-reference a comment of mine in the past few weeks, but: Law enforcement doesn't have a legal requirement to know the law, nor do they need legal probable cause to initiate a traffic stop - in [Heien v. North Carolina](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heien_v._North_Carolina), the SCOTUS ruled that *a police officer's misunderstanding of the laws* are still enough to warrant a traffic stop and resulting search. But for us, *"ignorance of the law is no excuse"*. More fun facts, law enforcement has *zero obligation to protect you* ([Warren v. District of Columbia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warren_v._District_of_Columbia); [Castle Rock v. Gonzales](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Town_of_Castle_Rock_v._Gonzales); [Lozito v. NYC](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maksim_Gelman_stabbing_spree#Lozito_v._New_York_City)). Yet it's against the law to refuse to assist law enforcement (with varying statutes federally and on a state-by-state basis). /r/legaladvice is alright for trying to figure out the "next steps" of what to do in some legal proceedings/"what type of lawyer should I contact", but entrusting cops to give you a clear, concise understanding of the law is going to be a downright bad experience for most.


Wooooo, also report that shit to whatever your countries equivalent to a labour board, or employment standards is. You could get a big payout! Do it! do itttttt!! Not allowing breaks, plus failure to accommodate a medical disability, yikes she effed up all right. I’m excited for you lol


I got hired at scooters a few weeks ago. 11 an hour, no benefits. It sucks-but I’ve literally applied at 68 places in October and still didn’t have a job. I start my first day at 6am. I get told there’s a company chat text that we all talk to each other on to cover shifts if needed. So not only did I have everyone’s number in my entire city of our 7 different locations-they had mine too. I had 2 days off right after I started bc of a pre scheduled thing I had. My phone blew up. So many texts and calls of people wanting me to cover their shift. I never answered. I felt bad, but I was also literally told that “they have a no call in policy.” Wtf does that even mean? When I got back to work I was in trouble for not at least responding to the texts to say no. I AM NOT BEING PAID TO BE ON CALL FOR SOME SHITTY COFFEE PLACE! I wasn’t allowed tips while training, even tho the training was just doing the job that everyone else was getting tipped for. I am Broke and depressed but I just can’t do it. I quit. I am 32. I’ve had usually 2 jobs since I could remember. I am buried in debt from emergency surgery uninsured. I’ve had a job since I was 15. I’ve never known what it felt like to make enough money to not feel terrified all the time. I shouldn’t have quit-I need money but I’ve already been poor this long and now I just can’t stand getting abused and exploited for literal pennies.


That sucks so bad, I’m so sorry you’re dealing with that! Also, not sure if it’s relevant to your situation, but a lot of hospitals have financial aid you can apply for that they just straight up don’t tell you about. [Here’s a page with more information about reducing hospital bills!](https://library.nclc.org/guide-reducing-hospital-bills-lower-income-patients)


Thank you. This was years ago-and I didn’t know you could do stuff like that. I got really sick after the surgery too with sepsis and pneumonia, etc. so it’s ALOT of money. Some day I’ll file bankruptcy-but I can’t even afford to do that. I am trying to stay hopeful but this capitalistic hell scape is so fuckin bleak.


Shit you were too nice, if it were me I would've told her go fuck herself after the first NO from her and quit right then and there.


Yeah but OP needed the money… until they almost died and realized they didn’t.


I would probably contact Starbucks corporate. My friends wife is a regional manager person and I could get you her information if it would help. Things like this will go unreported and therefore not be corrected. That person should be fired. I wouldn’t let he or she work another minute for me. Your a diabetic isn’t even the issue to me. You were denied your break. To have to tell your supervisor your diabetic on your first day is abhorrent and disgusting. That’s your business to tell should you choose. Your break should have been given who gives a shit if your training. Your a human being and need to eat regardless of your medical condition


That's what blows my mind. Because you're training, you dont qualify for a break? The fuck? Do some people's bodies just decide they dont need rest or food because they are training?


I find a lot of times people do to others what was done to them. It breeds shit leaders. You should break the wheel and not continue it. I would bet this supe got no break her training day and so she passed it on. It’s rampant in the military, hospitals, police and fire and many other professions


This sounds like a ckear violation of the ADA. You notified your manager of a medical condition and requested accommodation. They flatly refused a reasonable accommodation request. As I understand it that is a huge and blatant violation of law. I'd encourage you to contact your state department of labor and, if you are interested, a disability rights advocate in your area. [I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice, etc etc]


Just spoke to my husband who is a store manager. There is no policy that does not allow you breaks. You aren't by law allowed to leave the premises while on the clock as they'd be liable for any injury you'd potentially encounter. Also you get a free food item each shift, so he was confused by you being told you'd need to pay unless you'd already taken your free food item for the day. I am sorry you had a bad experience. It sounds like something you should report. What's the address?


By law? I don’t think that’s a law…


There are 10s of millions of salaried jobs where people don't punch out to go out for lunch. I really don't think that the company is legally responsible for everything that could happen to them at lunch.


As a previous starbucks store manager who worked in the company for a good amount of time in many different stores. I never had a store that didn’t allow us to leave during breaks, most workers go out smoke cigarettes, or get lunch elsewhere and its never been an issue. You can get any drinks for free at starbucks however only 1 food item / pastry per day.


but, do you clock out for those breaks?


Definitely not a law, likely a "policy”.


You're right. I spoke out of my ass. But it is definitely legal to make a policy prohibiting employees to leave while on the clock. Thanks for calling me out, that's my bad. https://stratus.hr/2018/07/17/accidents-paid-breaks/


It’s a policy in place because of a law that’s in place for liability reasons. They could be sued. She could clock out and leave though.


I think that this is one of the very rare instances of people not being honest on Reddit. For some fake internet point tomfoolery.


Starbucks can afford better PR than a lot of other fast food places but I absolutely have met some managers there that would act like this or worse.




King shit


You should turn this shit sandwich of a situation into fuck you money OP. Lawyer up, they will take this case.


Write a letter summarizing your day and mail it to starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson. You can google his work address. As a customer, fan and stockholder of Starbucks this looks terrible.


And now she's going to be paying out for her extremely blatant violation of the laws. Best of luck in the court case; what she did was incredibly illegal and you may have a payout in your future.


REPORT THAT SHIT! That isn't just illegal, it's dangerous!


Yeah you have a lawsuit on your hands. Lawyer up.


Hey I'm so sorry this happened to you. I honestly would have told them I get my break or they can find someone else. It shows the character that you have by not leaving and finishing the shift. Keep up the good work and find a place that treats you well.


If she admitted to ignoring your medical needs in a text, sue.


Regardless of what your job is, if a manager ever tells you you're not allowed to take lunch during a full shift, tell them to put it in writing. If they refuse, take your lunch anyway. If they complain about that, tell them to put it in writing. They won't be able to do shit. What the manager did in this post was extremely illegal.


I got fired from a scooters coffee shop once cause my ulcer ruptured in the middle of the night. my partner at the time and family used my phone to send pics of the forms from the doc to my manager trying to cover me, but I still woke up to a, "you're fired for no call no showing" voicemail 😑


You need to call corporate and a lawyer.


People need to learn to stop working for corporations. Even if the pay is worse, working for small business and family owned places (if you can find one) usually includes a much more nurturing and warm experience along with not being charged for every fucking thing you do. I worked at Harris teeter and had to pay full price for everything, my next job was working at an independent pizzeria making 200$ a night on average and getting as much free food as I want, even when not working I can get free shit. Never working for a corporation again


Plenty of examples on this sub about the "we are family owned" jobs where they fuck you anyway with "we are just locals, we don't have piles of money to pay you". It all varies, the most important thing is to dump the abusive jobs as soon as possible.


Yeah my last job was a mom and pop pizza parlor where I made $16 per hour and amazing tips. The owner died though so it closed, hence my desperation for money.


I would agree with this! I work for a independent restaurant and make more money than I ever have in my life. No micro managing. Free food. No crazy hours. Our team is semper Fi. I have to say that the only corporation I loved working for was Best Buy but the store I worked for was probably the best one in the area. The discount is amazing, the pay was decent but that was before pay in my area got better. The management was amazing and my co workers were great. I only quit due to my shopping addiction.


Sue the fucken bitch


What a cunt. Should have thrown up on her desk and left without cleaning it up


Sounds like you should have planned better for YOUR medical condition. I agree the break should have been given but going into a new situation it’s best to be prepared for the unknown. Take snacks with you wherever you go, any diabetic knows that. Sounds like unpreparedness or BS.


The 15 minute break and 30 minute lunch doesn't exist in busy service industry jobs. It's just an unsaid rule. Edit: As someone who's worked in restaurants for many years, we always encounter people who say it's the law they get thier break. It's true, but it just doesn't work out sometimes, when it's busy. You have to strategically take breaks; say you dropped something into the fryer abd you know you don't need to start another plate for 9 minutes. You now have 9 minutes to try to unwind before the chaos behind again. Working as a cook sucks, though. I used to hear the sound of the printer, printing food tickets while I was trying to sleep. Most people's idea of unwinding after work is drinking or doing drugs. It wasn't until this past year restaurants started paying better. I worked as a pastry chef who created 2 new dessert options 3 times a week and only made $11/hour. A boomer might say "you just have to suffer through it, like I suffered." My question is why no one was asking "why do we need to suffer?"


I’m calling bullshit.


I managed a Starbucks. I lasted 3 months because this is the kind of shit my DM wanted me to do to my partners. Theres a reason partners left and right are trying to start barista's unions. You sound like a shill.


Posts in /r/Conservative and is an anti-vaxxer. Don’t bother engaging with this one.


Nah I have no relationship with Starbucks. I can just tell when I’m reading a bullshit story.


You read a lot of bullshit it seems like, and you believe that so why not this? Lol


Not sure what you mean.


Right? This reads like a bad fanfiction, people on this sub will eat it up tho.


The drama!


I guess you've never done any intermittent fasting.


"I'm sorry I fucked up I'll do better next time!" "Good, I'm sure my lawyer will be glad to hear it. *insert name/number here*"




I hope you got paid for your training and first day


Report this.


Yup, this sounds exactly like the Starbucks I left after 7 years. One of the worst companies to work for, practically wrote the “we’re all a team here” guide. Except I’ve never heard a trainee get told they aren’t entitled to breaks you would have been entitled to them just like anyone else. Also your partner numbers should have gotten you a free food item too.


She doesn’t seem to fucking realize that diabetes is LIFE THREATENING. What a stupid bitch!!! And the whole “you’re not entitled to breaks because you’re training”, bitch get a LIFE!!! This is the type of fucking manager that makes my blood boil. I remember asking to take my first break after two hours of work when I was at Arby’s (standard for many workplaces) and she shook her stupid fucking ponytail and was like “Nnnno. No.” Immediately I knew her type: having to stay as on top of everyone as possible or they’ll have a nervous breakdown. The type who rushed to be line leader in elementary school during fire drills and after recess. The type that is nice to everyone, except you. I wanna fucking vomit now. I should stay in therapy, I’ve encountered too many fucking managers like this and I’m so afraid to work ever again because there’s just too many of them out there.




I worked for Starbucks for about 4 years. I would 100% report this to the District Manager. While Starbucks might not be the best employer in the world but what this manager is telling you is not at all in line with company policy. If you’re being trained you are working and should be entitled to the same breaks as someone who is fully trained. You’ve been hired, you’re an employee. You’re getting paid for your training right? If you’re getting paid then you’re obviously working. If you’re working them you’re an employee. Mind you I’m in Canada and we obviously have different labour laws than other countries. I’d still report it though. I know I got all the required breaks when I was training. I was a supervisor and I’d get in a lot of shit if someone didn’t get their breaks - in fact I sometimes skipped my own breaks to make sure other partners got theirs if we were short staffed or crazy busy. In my experience these are things that Starbucks takes pretty seriously. Maybe I just had good managers (for the most part anyway).


Was this a full Starbucks or a franchise style one (like an airport or Target) by chance? I use to work at Starbucks and they have a free food for any employee working any length of shift policy. Obviously doesn't negate the fact that you were treated horribly. Glad you go out of there.


I’m Not anti work per se. I’m anti management this way (hey that rhymes!) Can’t stand when managers think they own employees and can micromanage every piece of our lives. Your diabetes IS more important than her being a manager.


Oof. Good work


I would've called 911 from the bathroom! Easy money


You could legitimately sue over this. Im not joking. If they are paying you for that training, then you are an employee and they are legally obligated to give you your 30 minutes if you worked over 4 hours. It doesnt matter if you are a trainee or not. If they arent paying you, then you have no obligation to conform to their expectations as you are not actually supposed to perform work "off the clock" anyways. That doesnt even take into account that you informed them of your medical needs and they flat refused to make reasonable accomodations (even an hour lunch break would be a reasonable expectation). They just accepted a massive legal liability when they denied your legally required lunch break and your medical accomodation to the point that your life was endangered. Take em to court.


Please report this manager. She almost killed you and was only sorry because you left leaving her screwed.


You are entitled for a break. Period. She was abusing her power and you should report it. The way she said she fucked up definitely shows she tried to take advantage of you but backfired terribly. You should report this to someone.


This just fires me up. That manager knows if you make a big deal out of it that she will be fired for endangering her employees. That's the reason she trying to act all nice. She certainly wasn't 'nice' when she took your breaks and lunch from you. Denied you the food benefits. Don't downplay this as no big deal. Diabetics who don't eat can run into serious issues. She knows she will be out of a job if you report her. Do it. This isn't the first time she has done something like this. This is the first time she was called out on it.


I never worked in food service. Can a new employee without any food service training actually work in the US? How the heck does a new employee know the ins and outs if food safety??


I hope you informed Starbucks corporate of what happened; they would likely be appalled at the behavior of this manager


this breaks some kind of law


I feel you there. When I was working the register at my first job at King Soopers, my absolute banshee of a boss didn't give me a break or let me check my blood sugar. Finally, when I was starting to disintegrate because of a low sugar (you know the feeling,) one of my coworkers noticed how pale and slow I'd gotten and took action herself to help me. Good thing too, I still don't remember part of the event, so I was probably really close to entering a coma. If I knew what I know now about the law, I'dve done something to get that manager in trouble. I've long since quit that job. She caused a lot of trauma aside from that incident too that I still haven't recovered from 7 years later, but luckily I heard from someone else that she fucked up big time with another employee and got promptly fired. Good fucking riddance.


Sue the store for not taking your medical condition seriously


So you quit instead of getting a lawyer for the employers obvious rejection to accommodate your very reasonable medical needs (of which they are required to by law)?


I work in a studio and we work with a diabetic. When we are on an all day shoot or something of that nature, he decides when we eat lunch. When he says it’s time for food, we stop what we are doing and go eat, we have gotten in arguments with clients and contractors over it before but we tell them all the same thing. He has to eat when he has to eat, basically our only hard and fast rule really.


Former barista trainer here, and excuse me? My trainee’s breaks are my breaks…and we always took them. Shit, me and a trainee used to hop in my car and grab food from one of the nearby restaurants if they didn’t have their own car. I’m so sorry this happened to you OP, not only is it not Starbucks policy at all, it’s genuinely illegal for them to refuse to accommodate your medical conditions. Also Starbucks policy is you’re allowed one pastry per day, and you have to be working. It used to be you got one on each shift you worked, but they gave everyone one a day during COVID whether you worked or not. They recently changed it so you have to be working to get them, but can still have one a day (ie, you work three days that week, so on your third day you can get four pastries to take home with you)


Have you consdiered filing a compliant with Starbucks HQ? starbucks is a large corporation that probably has a rosy image of their employee's daily lives. if they mandate training and find out that the training schedule isn't being conducted that would be a serious offence. Additionally not taking care of your medical problems is a potential lawsuit.....talk to corporate, maybe you'll get some compensation....or at the very least you will make those managers sweat for at least a week.


I worked at Sbux in college, around 2011. They pay was competitive at the time and they offered more benefits than any other business around. 401k matching, mutual funds, drinks, bag of coffee a week, health benefits, breaks. But then the SM got promoted to DM and the ASM got promoted to SM and shit went downhill fast. The DM kept trying to get me to stay, and said I could get promoted to IT (my career choice) if I worked there for longer. I knew that was BS, they don't have any local presence and that would mean corporate in Seattle hiring an hourly store worker from cornfield USA. Yeah right. I told her to fuck off right then and there.


Uhhhh, no. Please feel free to call Starbucks Ethics & Compliance number (they take calls 24/7) @ (800) 611-7792 and report your trainer and store manager for gross negligance and breaking labor laws. Starbucks is VERY interested in not being sued and what you describe here would be remedied swiftly by the coffee siren. I currently work for Starbucks part time for the same reasons as you and ABSOLUTELY got breaks during training. Also you are entitled to a FREE food markout up to 7 times a week. Why anyone at a store would be so totally unreasonable and cruel is beyond me. Assuming your story is true, please report this store to protect others.


Make sure you get paid for that shift. Take it to head office if you need to.


Hell hath no fury than a diabetic scorned. Employers need to stop this crap before they get a potential lawsuit. My numbers fluctuate wildly during the work day. If I feel weak, I stop. If my bosses have a problem, they shut up REAL quick when I state they can cover the copay for the impending hospital trip. $150 for the ER and maybe $20-ish for the Uber ride back. I shouldn't have to be forceful or a dick when it comes to keeping myself alive, but whatever.


This is why there are all the posts saying not to quit. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen right there.


Good for you!


I don’t know anyone who have rightfully stood up for themselves and regretted it. Good on you. You deserve better and that day will come. Take care


Report this to the labor department tbh


Could this count as attempted manslaughter? Even if not, pretty sure it’s illegal to deny your workers their medical requirements intentionally.


She probably has a reputation for losing employees for bad treatment. Corporate has to be wondering why that branch cannot stay staffed. Maybe let them know




100% not a “sorry I fucked up and will be better” and also 100% a “don’t report me to corporate, the labour board, or sue my ass!”


I would have taken my lunch break. Shes already so understaffed they needed you to stay late. “Either you give me a lunch break or you can do this shit yourself.”


I feel like people have become desensitized to others having ‘medical needs.’ They just don’t take it seriously and then are surprised when something happens. Absolutely unacceptable behavior from that manager. Don’t say ‘I’ll do better next’ when if you were better from the start, you’d have a healthy and happy (relatively) employee who would still be working there. ‘I’ll be better.’ Don’t just DO better. Be better. BE. BETTER.


Well, i think i will never go to starbucks again, ever.


How much money were you making prior to Starbucks


No. You are entitled to breaks.


That's the trifecta: Human rights violation, civil liberties violation and labor violation.


Poetic justice. Fuck them. Hope you find something more accommodating soon.


Report their asses. You have the texts now as proof


Just because you are training doesn't mean you are magically not on shift. It's a training SHIFT. When I worked at a book store I had to train for 2 days and they gave me proper breaks depending on how long I was there. This sounds super illegal


Didn’t Starbucks announce recently that they’re bumping their minimum pay to $15 per hour?


I'd say to call ethics and compliance but they won't give a fuck about you either. Starbucks is basically McDonald's now. So please treat it as such.


I would have reported her to corporate as well, not following rules of required legal break let alone ones needed for a disability is horrible. She doesn’t deserve to treat people like that.


This is illegal right? Whether or not someone is in training doesn’t mean they don’t get their government mandated breaks???


Oh man the harassment line is what has me grinning ear to ear. I'm sorry you had to go through that, but LMAO. I feel like there is some satisfaction found in how you handled that whole thing.


Email corporate and ask how they are planning to make it right with you. Include text screenshots. Do not go easy on them


Dude that right there is bullshit. I understand SBucks has a lot of turn-over because it's constantly busy the staff are treated like shit and the customers are insanely rude and demeaning and don't get paid enough to make it worth it.


Didnt know that trained people dont need to eat food. But seriously wtf is with the obsession of witholding eating time. Seen it so many times at my student jobs. They are so scared of even a 10 minute food break. Anyways good for you to leave, too many red flags.


Dear lord I hope you reported her. To the regional HQ if not to the state labor board. This behavior is reprehensible and completely illegal, and she needs to pay for it.


Medical breaks and lunch breaks are different. No matter what the manager says, you are entitled to not die on the job. In fact, the company WANTS you to not die. That's a lawsuit and possible criminal charges mixed with bad PR. Ergo, report the manager, keep documents of what happened, such as what you described on this post, etc. You need to look into the ADA laws and rights you have. While lunch breaks and medical breaks may coincide together at times, they are not the same thing. This is super illegal in multiple ways. Get this manager out of management. This was super dangerous and they can kill someone.


, yeah she a bitch but if you know your ass is diabetic you should be prepared.


I have blood sugar issues to, don't ever ever EVER be afraid to stuff that mfs face with facts until you can eat or get a brake. I suffered one of my worst crashes at work as a manager in the office, didn't k ow what was happening, I was gone for an hour and not a single fucking soul left their busy stations to check where I was... in fact they thought I walked out, way to jump to conclusions, I ended up crawling with one arm until someone noticed me, and took my pale face, blue hands, and lack of consciousness as being fucking dramatic. I never unloaded into my team so hard the next day. And they are all lucky that I didn't leave at that time because (excuse) I had a lot going on behind the scenes and didn't want to find another place to work just yet.


File a complaint because this business has discriminated against you on the basis of disability whereby they failed to make a reasonable accommodation. Not to mention I believe it is also an OSHA violation in failing to provide a lunch break given the length of your shift. When Starbucks corporate catches wind of a potential discrimination lawsuit, they might want to give you thousands $$$ to mediate and make the problem go away instead of having it to go court which could cost them 10s of thousands. https://www.eeoc.gov/disability-discrimination https://www.osha.gov/workers/file-complaint


didnt they just boost pay to 17/hr?


You should sue them.


Thank you for naming the company. Even though they can’t control every manager it needs to be out there


This is illegal and NOT Starbucks policy. Report her to everyone and everything. Honestly? Tell another manager at a different Sbux too.


Yeah if there are any employment lawyers in your area who do free consultations I would recommend setting up an appointment with them. They might help you sue on a contingency fee (so you pay if they win from a percentage of the award amount). Bring those text messages. The corporation has plenty of money to spare and the manager broke several laws here, such as the ADA and employment laws, plus state laws. If you don't want to get money from it, you should at least report the manager to the company. She's setting them up for massive liability and penalties by this course of conduct, and taking advantage of financially vulnerable people with medical issues. This will happen to someone else if you don't report her misconduct.


Why'd you wait so long then? Why'd it take you all day of being treated like shit to walk outta that fucking place?


The manager has no clue what they’re doing!!! You 100% are entitled to breaks and a lunch, + your trainer is supposed to be dedicated to training you for your entire shift. In a well managed setting, you would never set foot on the floor for at least two weeks. I currently work at Starbucks, I def don’t blame you for leaving for that mess


What the hell Starbucks is this? Company policy is anything under 5 hrs you get 10 min, 5+ you get 10 min AND 30 min lunch. If you're on shift you get free drinks and one free food item per day. There is also at least a WEEK of training both online and hands on before you should be making drinks on your own, and even then you would have a more experienced barista/trainer/shift there to help you. Whoever is running that store screwed you royally


This is so horrible. Gosh


this read like a chapter from a possible book "the millenial generation and how the world threated them"


This is illegal. They cannot ignore your medical needs.


What the fuck does she have to gain by being so shitty? It’s not like Starbucks ain’t fucking her too


Speak to managers and the board of labor. They may have a lawsuit on their hands.


Get a lawyer. You are entitled to a lunch break if you work more than 8 hours.


This smells like a Five figure settlement in a lawsuit


Not entitled breaks? I'm sure there's a governing body that would be very interested to know the details of this policy.


You should have quit before you ended up in the washroom on the floor... NEVER jeopardize your health.. especially as a diabetic.. For any job!!


My hubby started working for Starbucks corporate about a year ago and that doesn’t sound like the company’s culture at all!! I think the manager needs some leadership and sensitivity training. I understand if you don’t want to go back there to work but I think the organization needs to know about this horrible woman


Whew I’m high just from readin this! Prada you stranger


Threaten to go to the papers. They'll shit it


I used to work at Starbucks. Sounds like my old bitch of a manager.


Starbucks franchises their stores. The store owner and the corporation offices wouldn’t like middle managers going against labour law.


I worked for Starbucks for a very long time once, and I am so, so happy to hear this. If you like coffee, find a local cafe where you can at least make some real tips. Starbucks holds baristas back, by not integrating a credit card tip function.


Former Starbucks barista here, you dodged a bullet. Awful company, don’t work there if you have any other options.


When I worked at Starbucks I was never properly trained because the person who was supposed to train me got fired for huffing the whip cream the day before I started


Holy shit that was disgusting. Report your manager, I’m sure you were suppose to get 2 free drinks and a meal. I had similar experience when I used to work at Starbucks a couple years back. Started at $13, 2 15mins break require you to clock out. One day I came early to do some hw before my shift start, confronted by the supervisor to start early because they were busy, I said no, but he stood there harassing me until I gave in. Another time I was alone at the front while my manager sitting in the back room. It got really crowded up until the very end of my shift, without any help. Manager refuse to let me leave, telling me it would be unprofessional to leave when we’re so busy.