No. Not worth it. If you’re going to get the abuse of working for the DMV, then work for the DMV because that’s a government job with plenty of benefits and rights. Do not work for a subcontractor for a government entity, ever.


Call centers are never ever worth it. I worked for one for a year and cried every single day because customers were astoundingly rude (screaming, swearing, crying etc) and I was glued to my desk and a computer nonstop my entire shift. If there is any way at all you can avoid taking this job, please do. I worked my ass off at 3 different restaurants prior to the call center job and I would rather do that again than ever EVER have another call center job.


You will find my shriveled corpse before you catch me working telephones ever again.


You need the money? So fking do it if you got no other option . While doing it keep applying for jobs until you land something better than that shit . If is not your only option and you got more job offers then don’t even bother showing up to the interview


The people who work at the DMV are a special variety of lazy/incompetent … don’t work there. It’s worse than a literal a poop stain on your resume