There is no worse feeling than starving at work and having no money to get anything…i experienced this a lot growing up working at shitty labor hauls


And you still have a long shift ahead of you and your mind gets all fuzzy and dizziness starts to set in. It really sucks working with low blood sugar because you haven’t eaten.


I have type 1 diabetes and just last Friday my lunch was pushed back about 2 hours from its usual time because the managers were all having a meeting and it was just me and my one other coworker handling the whole store (I work at wingstop). Once the stupid manager meeting was done my bloodsugar was so low I couldn’t think straight or move properly or anything. Fucking awful. District manager got all the store managers coffees too while me and the guy who were actually working didn’t get jack shit.


If you have a medical diagnosis and they know about it, and you still weren't provided the opportunity to handle it even though that's a dangerous situation for you... NLRB?


You have a medical condition and need to eat on time, you can sue their ass for this treatment.


As a hangry person that has self respect and no intention of going to jail I would just say fuck it and have lunch, not my problem that management has no managerial skills, and no respect for employees. Your health and your own life far surpasses the value of customers convenience and your bosses profits. Sue 'em, if you were a pet and not given an opportunity to eat, it would be a worse punishment.


That's an ADA violation.


>actually working This really highlights the issue. Fucking capitalism is a joke.


And this is why I as a manager volunteer to be the one on the floor when meetings happen. I always make sure people eat and get home. I've bought lunch and bus tickets for my coworkers before. I make 2 whole dollars an hour more than them and I have a gauranteed 40hr week. I feel like it's the least I can do, you know?


It took passing out at work *once* for my boss to go "oh shit" and actually believe me when I said I needed a break for a snack before I get sick. Fuckin *told* you but ok.


It only freaked out that person because loss of consciousness is technically a Recordable injury.


Oh I know. If the customer hasn't complained I'm sure the boss would've still been trying to deny people breaks. They had a doc note and everything, they knew they just didn't care.


Bet you any money the customer complained that the manager isn’t taking care of their employees


I'd believe it. That manager drove people into the ground with everything. Sent a girl home for wearing a dark red shirt...while the manager was wearing the same shirt (both got from corporate). It was the stupidest bit of power tripping I'd ever seen.


Bad managers suck. Fuck em. I would’ve bought a new hire at least some snacks. We’ve all been there. Treating a new person on the job with sympathy can lead to great workers. Hope OP finds a good work home.


When I’m hungry like that I almost start to dissociate. My body will keep doing whatever o wanted it to do, like taking an order, bagging food, or even driving home or whatever, but it’s less like I’m in control and more like I’m ordering my body around like a marionette. Like I’ve gone from direct control to secondary control. Glad I don’t work fast food anymore


I worked in a care home and one night I felt terrible and the fellow cnas could tell I wasn't well. They tested my blood sugar and it was 34. They freaked out and bought me some McDonald's. I was so grateful that they bought me food because I was living alone and broke. Otherwise, I may have had to go to the hospital. It's crazy that I was up and walking around at a blood sugar level of just 34.


Man, blood sugar that low is fucking horrifying to experience. Once I was conscious and walking around at 40, and another time I passed out [in a doctor's office, fortunately] at 48. That dextrose goo the paramedics carry is fucking nasty, btw. I'm glad you got McD's, fast, bc that's literally a way to die, and quickly.


I was visiting my mom one morning and asked if I could have a slice of toast and some juice while we were just talking in her kitchen. She was pre-diabetic and going on and on about how I must be pre-diabetic as well because I was (still am) overweight. I explained that I'm hypoglycemic, she didn't believe me. So she tested my blood sugar. It was 29. But I wasn't acting weird, I was just a bit hungry. She made me a whole grilled cheese and stopped lecturing me.


That’s how i cut a chunk of my thumb off. Couldn’t afford to get lunch with the coworkers as they got paid good and i got paid shit so i waited to take mine. One little head spin while working an exacto knife and bye bye thumb chunk. I quit that job in the summer. I’ve been struggling since but i haven’t lost any more body parts so i take it as a win.


This is a problem that actually can be solved by providing employees with pizza.


I am so glad I had a boss that made sure we were fed, and a coworker who had a dad that made it his personal goal to feed every mouth that came through his door. Never saw a man so happy to have an excuse to fire up his grill.


I would wager he knew what it was like to be starving. At least this is the case for me. You don't go hungry at my house. We'll take care of you.


Straight up. Grew up poor. Been rich and poor in my life. I know I can go about 8 days without eating before being completely compromised. When I have friends over or hanging out with me, if they are hungry I'm cooking them food or buying them food. Of I ask someone to go out to lunch(I have problems eating in pu lci so it's usually take out) I wouldn't ask if I wasn't prepared to cover the entire bill. I run a small team at work. I bring in extra drinks every day in case someone wants sommething other than water. Frequently bring in protein bars and food my entire life and share with others at work, especially when I worked running a crew of transients. I fed them all the time. I didn't want them spending their hard earned daily pay on a bunch of food. I hoped they'd save it and use it properly, even if they likely wouldn't. Being so broke you can't eat is hell. Most my life I measured wealth not by how nice a car was or a home was, but by how much food people had in their home. If someone had a completely stocked fridge and a full closet or pantry of food, I was like " this person is fucking rich!" My friends thought it was weird.


We were government cheese poor. My mom often skipped meals. When I fly my parents up to visit us, I never make them pay for anything. I pay for everything. I live with an abundance of money by having the opportunity to make smart choices and live way below my means. It's definitely my goal to pay it forward.


Hahahha you mean manufactured cheese like product? I would cut that and put it on saltine crackers, if it was the holidays and I was lucky to be gifted summer sausage, I'd put that on too. I actually liked government cheese growing up. My father grew up quite poor but has been very well off for over 20 years. Growing up he would get us treats. Not candy bars or sweets. He liked nice expensive, high quality cheeses. So he'd come out late at night with a plate full of cheese that was sliced super thin. He would talk about every kind, each time we had it. I love cheese, even the cheap fake shit. He also treated us woth canned smoked oysters in oil. They were a great treat. To the point where now I will get myself a few cans for late night relaxation snacks. They just really put me at ease. Favorite cheese is west Vermont sharp cheddar, aged at least 2 years. Extra sharp. It melts in your mouth. I cut it up into slices then break those up into like 4-8 small pieces each. I savor that shit. That's good of you. I believe in the same thing. I give back to my community. I volunteer for my community. There is a great quote by Thomas Payne that I can't quote verbatim about how we or indebted to society because without society, we would truly have nothing. The very existence of society births wealth and we owe it back to the society from which we grew strong. It really resonates with me man. There are so many people out there with fucking nothing. No happiness. No love. Nothing. They deserve all of those things but are cut off from those benefits of living in society, amongst and with other humans. Who are we if we will not reach down and pull someone out of the mud?


And I’m sorry but what customer would complain about this? You overhear an employee says their stomach hurts…what does this have to do with the service the employee provided? The customer is an asshole also IMO unless they were concerned about said employee Edit: typo


Maybe complaining to the manager that staff were not being treated properly but the manager took it out on the worker? More complaining about the poor working conditions than the worker, maybe?


Let’s complain about the bad situation to the guy that helped create the bad situation. That’ll surely not backfire


Thats my hope, otherwise wtf!? What a bitch!


Lol you haven't worked many retail jobs, have you? Customers will complain about anything and everything in hopes to get a discount. They don't care how it effects employees. I was already clocked out on my lunch break (we weren't allowed to clock back in from lunch before taking the whole lunch corporate policy they didn't want to pay us a penny more than scheduled) when a customer saw me walking out for lunch and demanded I help them. I told them I wasn't working and pointed them to my coworker who was right there clocked in. They ran to a manager to complain I "refused" to help them. I got yelled at and written up. Even though it was THEIR policy I was obeying. The customer wanted a discount. These jerk customers look for any and every reason to complain about minimum wage employees to try to squeeze a 10% discount out of management. I have a million more crapoy stories of things I've seen in retail. Don't work retail unless you absolutely have to.


This. Especially working in a kitchen. Ive had some sort of kitchen/cooking job since 14 and being surrounded by food that smells REALLY good that YOU are making and not being able to eat it?? Awful.


What kind of kitchen jobs are you working where you can’t eat? The better places gave me free food when I wasn’t working.


I worked at Burger King starting at age 14. We could get one discounted meal, but it had to be on our 30 min, clocked out break. A break that people often didnt get, and I only did because I was a minor. Then I worked as a dietary aide at an assisted living facility, and I specifically worked in the wing that was all dementia patients. It was also the only kitchen that was worked alone. I didnt have any time to eat. Then I worked at Kwik Trip in the kitchen. Id eat one small thing on my break, but an 8 hr shift of constantly cooking good smelling food and only being able to quickly eat once (especially with how much running around it is) was not the greatest haha.


Even worse when you serve food to others. I used to eat the leftovers off the plate when bussing :/


Been there. And when I got my free meal I took it home to my kid so he could eat.


Yeah ... I used to eat guests' discarded food when I made 8/h at 17. Not proud of it, but when you're hungry you're hungry.


Dunno, maybe you should be proud that you found a way to get by without hurting anybody or doing anything far worse. Eating discarded food isn't shameful. Surviving isn't shameful. The system that put you in this position is shameful.


I used to work at subway about a decade ago and used to only eat once a day relying on that free sandwich from working that shift to survive.


I worked at churches chicken back then, and did pretty much the same, hoping the customers wouldn’t buy all the chicken by the end of the night…so stressful and depressing


worker: I can't afford food, my cards were declined boss: sEt YoUr PeRsOnAl IsSuEs AsIdE ​ What a dickhead.


customer: I would like to complain that one of the workers said they are literally starving.


I wonder if the customer reached out to the boss hoping that the boss would help the guy out. And boss took it as a complaint and missed the point entirely. Call me hopefully optimistic.


This was my first thought too, but then I remembered that OP probably works in the US


"Excuse me, but one of your underpaid plebs reminded me that they are a suffering human and that made me feel this weird bad feeling I haven't felt before while I was trying to abuse them at your business."


Reminds me of when I worked for Canadian Tire "Hey boss, my car broke down, all my lights are lit up. I'm stuck on the side of the freeway and can't make it in" "Well you had some problems in the past with your car, you should have prepared for this" "I thought I did, since I just paid the mechanics that work here to fix said problems" "Oh well...try to find a way to come in"




When I was a teen my first job was at a grocery store. The subs were too expensive for me and the deli ladies taught me a hack of just ordering the bread (got free lettuce &mayo) it was like 30c, getting 2 slices of ham and cheese from the counter(50c) & making the sandwich myself. They saved me in so many ways. It costs nothing to be kind


I used to eat the cosmic brownies for lunch. 50c and I figured it was like a diet hack lol


I used to do this. And I'd pocket a little packet of mayo or something from the condiment bar. Hell, even a couple of decades later I'd still do a variation of this. There was a food court near me that had a place with grilled meats and a bread bakery. Instead of buying a sausage sandwich for $12 or whatever, I got a roll at the bakery and a sausage link & mustard at the meat place. It was like $4 total.




All workers are required per the employee handbook to get coverage 2wk in advance of any death.


Please clock out before you die so we don’t have to report it as a workplace death.


Lol I could see this being said


How can I ask an employee if they’d like a warm meal? I would like to be sensitive because I wouldn’t want to come across as being intrusive or patronising. Reading that screenshot upsets me greatly. I eat rather comfortably. Nobody should go hungry, especially when they are employed. It just shows that they are not paid enough for basic needs. The customer is also highly insensitive in complaining about someone who hasn’t eaten. The right thing to do is to buy something small for the hungry employee, mate, not complain that he/she is ruining your shopping experience!


For all we know the customer was concerned for the employees wellbeing, the manager was upset at being called out by the customer so he took it out on the employee. That was my interpretation anyway.


More like, "you can be poor and starving, just stop complaining about it where people can hear you".


The beatings will continue until morale improves


OH oh I worked at a restaurant and the owner literally printed this out and hung it on a wall in the kitchen. About four hours later he called the manager on duty and said “hey, I think maybe take that down.” I stole a lot of money from that man.


I once royally fucked over a shitty boss purely out of spite. Didn't make a penny out of it but I don't regret it all these years later. People slinging shit always seem surprised when it flies into their face


I ended up doing something like that by accident to who I thought was a very good owner. He shut down the McDonald's POS system to make "Deposits" without it being recorded in the office systems (Fully shut down across all stores so he could pocket money from all of them or something. It was loosely explained to me.) And I happened to be the manager at one of the stores still running late into the night because it was really busy. Planned to stay open 4 more hours because of a school dance. Systems stopped working, so I made the call to the support desk. They noticed that it goes down every 2 weeks at roughly the same time and comes back up with changes in money across all stores an hour or so later. Changes that were only able to be seen by them and the owners account. Managers and GMs were not supposed to look at the changes after a week or risk being terminated for some theft reasoning or something. Turns out this is why my GM was stressed all the time, and I was working 60 hours a week covering the loss of 2 managers and 5 employees. He wasn't able to hire anyone because revenue just wasn't there despite being extremely busy all the time. Well, the company that does the POS system reported the owner to McDs Corporate, and he got into major trouble, including having a corporate employee assigned to watch all his stores for 3 years. And they kept checking all the financial records. I surprisingly wasn't fired, and I helped hire in all the new employees, train them, and took a 1 month vacation that my GM insisted on me taking for all the help I did. Unpaid of course.


Bruh unpaid vacation as compensation? That's punishment.


Yeah I asked for time off, and they gave me a month. Wasn't ecstatic about it, but I was done with that place. Hadn't had a day off in months, and barely had any food, would grab whatever I could on the way home and the way to work. Put in my notice when I returned.


Ah an unpaid vacation Or basically being layed off for a month.


I once had a job that provided housing for 20 hours of work exchanged. Turned out to be 50 hours and when I tried to apply for food stamps, she wrote a letter saying I only worked 20 hours and she wasn't sure why I couldn't work. Didn't regret stealing money from her. Would never steal from any job but fuck her. I couldn't afford to leave. Literal prisoner.


Was this on a farm in central Indiana in like 2010? Cuz if so I know your boss, and I got her arrested.


Oh do tell the story!


Neighbor owned a horse farm/rescue. We lived in a trailer next door. Neighbor would go on craigslist all over the country, offer free rent for "10 hours of work per week". Would then take the peoples ID, and hold them hostage essentially. She had all kinda wild animals(she owned a zebra, WHO THE FUCK OWNS A ZEBRA, and who the fuck mates said Zebra with a Donkey to create a Zonkey?!) and like 90 horses on a 4-5 acre plot of land. I felt so bad for those horses, I let her graze my small plot of land(10 acres in backwoods central Indiana) Now, this lady would steal their ID, she would break their phone somehow over time(happened to *5* different people who did this), most of the people that came thru were transients, a few were girls that loved horses, and one was this kid name Lev. Lev was 19, gay, kicked out of the national guard because he fraternized with an officer, etc. Lev was having a bad go of it. She did this shit to Lev, except it wasn't 10 hr of work. It was 80-100. Lev ran her whole farm with a smile on his face. I liked Lev, he was a good kid. My ex and I hired him to do some housework. I let him borrow my car occasionally, he came to my house to use the internet and the phone to call his mom. Lev didn't dare tell her he was gay. She was not the kind of person who would allow that. Anyways, she fucked Lev over so many times and I got so annoyed with it that I started doing some research. Turns out home girl was doing some shady shit on the side, mainly she was getting pain medicine written for anasethsia for her animals, then selling it. Stuff like ketamine, and large animal tranquiilzers and stuff. I ended up reporting her and her veterinarian (who I assumed knew what was oging on) to the state vet board and animal welfare. They came in, arrested her after some undercover buys, took all her animals(150! on a TINY farm, she had like 90 horses on like 4 acres, super fucked up) and plead out to like 3 years in prison. Fuck her, Lev's still my friend, he recently got married and I was his bestman, his family(Mormons) disowned him when he came out. He's a good man, a good friend, and just got put into a bad situation without knowing what to do and was preyed upon by a giant piece of shit. I'm completely agianst laws about drugs, the war on drugs, but fuck that lady.


Heh heh. I remember that story. Thank you for your service. Lady was effing unhinged.


That’s fucking awesome


Tell Lev that a stranger said "Good job Lev!" out loud during his night shift in Germany when he read this post.


Crazy that the drugs are what got her locked up and not her keeping literal indentured servants


I'm pretty sure that's called indentured servitude.


I won't call that stealing one bit. She owed you every penny and then some.


Exactly. Anything past 20 hours was unpaid so in reality 🧐


I had the pleasure of doing this once to a piece of shit small business owner. Left then with 50k of debt and zero institutional knowledge. They couldn't even get into their email, much less place orders/run their point of sale. I'm a positive person, but sometimes, there's no better feeling than fucking over the people that think you're peasant scum


More like the lack of eatings will continue until morale improves.






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Don't give them ideas, they'll want to start charging us for air next.


As soon as Nestle figures out the legalities of it, bet.


Oh my god, people of quality!




crazy, this is my language mang


We can only live so long with a boot to our neck, sasa ke


Should tell bossmang to live shamed and die empty.


"do it, I want you to straight up go to corporate and complain that you don't pay me enough for me to meet my basic needs of housing and food"


That’s probably what the customer was actually complaining about too, not the employee


Customer: "What the hell, why aren't you paying your employees enough to be able to eat!" Manager: "I'm sorry to hear that, who told you that I don't pay them enough?" Customer: "I heard your cashier complaining that their stomach hurt because they couldn't afford to eat today." Manager: "I will rectify that immediately, thank you." Customer gets to feel like they did something to help workers, yet the manager "fixes" it by firing the cashier on duty.


I would be so upset if I told the manager X employee needs a snack and instead of getting them a snack they disciplined them instead. Wtf.


This is why you should never bring anything about an employee to a manager's attention as a customer. The manager will never interpret it in a way that's positive or concern for them, and will always view it as a complaint to yell at the employee about.


A new Taco Bell just opened up near us. They couldn't keep up with the food for orders, so people on their breaks weren't getting the "free food" they promise to employees. I saw multiple nights, multiple people go back to work hungry, which is just absurd for a restaurant, they should know how people are less productive and friendly when hungry. So, I suggested to the store owner that she should get sandwiches brought in until things calm down, so employees would always have something to eat when they got a chance to take a break. I heard from one of the people that worked there that she just complained to them about being visibly distraught about not getting food, etc. I tried so hard to reach that lady, and give her good advice for how to start her location out on a great foot with employees, and she took it as an opportunity to crap on them. I kinda give up.


That's insane. I own a pet services business with three locations. I cater for lunches (pizzas, subs, BBQ, etc) three times a week for my employees. I wish I could afford to do it every day of the week but I do my best. They really appreciate it. I also make sure there is water, sodas and sandwich supplies and snacks in the kitchen for the days I don't cater the lunches. It would horrify me if I knew an employee was coming into work hungry. I want my employees to be able to work to the best of their ability and that absolutely starts with a full stomach.


I had a boss who would host a BBQ every friday after work during spring/summer. He had a grill in the warehouse, would bust it out around 3pm when all of the drivers were getting back and the warehouse crew was finishing up. He would send the lowest guy on the totem pole (me) in his own personal car to the grocery store with a list of stuff to get. I'd get back, he'd start grilling immediately. He really went all out too - burgers, hotdogs, steaks, veggies, soda and juices, chips. We didn't have to stay and eat - but if we did we didn't need to clock out until the BBQ was over and everyone was fed, usually around 6PM. So we had a 3 hour paid break with free lunch/dinner every friday. It was amazing. During the winter he would do something similar but with catered food, just not every week as business was slower. Lots of sandwiches, steakhouses, fast food, and a local BBQ joint during Fall & Winter. He also celebrated every single employees birthday with a cake and an hour break for the entire staff. My birthday was maybe a week after I started and they still got me a cake and all. I've never seen people so devoted to a company, I really wish I never left but it was extremely physical work and I couldn't handle it. He set everone up with profit sharings and retirement accounts, and even helped a few guys who were undocumented become documented. I didn't have a bank account when I started working for him, he took me to the bank during work and helped me get one. Another employee had a very obvious drug problem - he supposedly paid for the guys rehab out of his own pocket - at least that's what the word around the warehouse was. Guy got clean and still had his job 2 months later. After I finish up my degree I'm actually going to see if they need an IT guy - that's how awesome that place was.


I hope there is a position for you. He sounds like an amazing boss and amazing human being. <3


I hope so too! I can't do the physical stuff anymore but I can do pretty much any office work. When I was there they only had 6 office employees, but they were looking to expand.




"I'll pay these mother fuckers to tell me they like my grilling IDGAF!"


Instead of TV shows showing big bosses of top 500 working undercover or countless doco's/movies on billionaires, it would be refreshing to see a tv show showcasing bosses like this. It would be interesting to see how that would rate nowadays.


Bro that's awesome. You should and even if you can't get a job with them again let them know it's because of the owner I'm sure he'd like to hear it!


I still speak to him from time to time as my father works nearby, so sometimes when meeting my dad for lunch I'll drop in just to say hello and catch up. Last time I saw him he told me he was proud of me for getting off of booze and for going back to college. They also recently expanded their office space to start hiring more people - so hopefully there'll be a spot for me eventually!


An older man was getting annoyed at me the other day because I just wanted to vibe and didn’t want to complain about the employees taking a long time. Every time he’d complain I’d say something like, “woo I know, they are having a DAY”, “We should get them a snickers or something”, “this is peaceful though, just you and me.” He left before being helped.


I did this once at a Chipotle that was overrun at lunchtime, so it was taking a while. The woman in front of me turned around to bitch, saying “Boy, they sure are slow here” and I just said “I think they’re doing great” and she sneered at me and turned around. Lady, I spent 10 years of my life in food service and retail. Someone has to fuck up pretty badly for me to talk shit about them. Being busy at lunchtime is not that fuckup.


I wish everyone would get the experience of working in a restaurant and getting SLAMMED. It would surely give a little perspective to all the assholes out there that mistreat employees.


Instead of drafting for the military there should be a customer service draft. Everyone had to work a shitty CS job for a year, make everyone better people lol


I've always said that if you have an abundance of faith in humanity, go work retail for a week and that problem will sort itself out real quick.


I went to McDonald's during the dinner rush and they were slammed and the manager was expediting orders. He apologized to me 3 times about the wait and I was just like "No worries my dude! I can see how hard you all are working". It made me feel bad that he felt he had to apologize as if I was going to Karen out on him. People need to be more understanding.


One time, I was at McDonald's, and I ordered a fancy coffee for myself and my now-wife. The person was training a newbie, so I put my order in, stood back, and patiently waited. The guy who ordered after me was getting more and more agitated about the wait, so he looked at me and was like, "Whatever happened to customer service, right?" I just looked him in the eye and said flatly, "She's taining someone new." He puffed his chest up at me like he was trying to intimidate me and huffed, "Well, that's not my problem. My time is important!" or something equally asinine. I just asked, "How else is he supposed to learn?" Once he realized nothing he was going to say was going to get me to buy into his bullying he told me to mind my own business and called me fat. This was all several years pre-pandemic, btw. Some people just don't see anyone who wear a nametag to work as a person.


And called you fat to boot?! What a dick.


"Mind your business! You're fat!" "And you were the one who started talking to me, sir."


I love this energy, would have appreciated it so much when I worked retail/customer service jobs!


I always just say something along the lines of "yeah, they seem really busy. Must be worth the wait" with a big shit eatin grin. I've been there, so I'm not gonna play into it.


This is me. Every. Single. Time. It satisfies both my desire to be "good" while also my innate desire to piss people off. As long as I'm pissing off the assholes, everyone else seems happy. It's a win/win.


"This is peaceful though" I laughed out loud


i work at a busy understaffed bank and want to thank u for this. there is nothing more comforting than making eye contact with the person like you waiting in line and knowing they’re not being assholes like everyone else.


Haha that's how I tend to handle it too. "Yeah they really should have more people on staff this isn't fair to the employees at all." No one wants to work "Here? They must not pay a decent wage that sucks even more wow. I'll bump up my tip no one should work for shit pay" Etc The best is when I actually turn them around like "yeah those poor employees " I love the few times that's happened


When people complain about the wait at my work (veterinary ER) I always remind them how much it sucks to be the patient that skips the queue.


A guy in front of me at a gas station was complaining to the cashier about the bathrooms being messy. This went on a bit longer than I liked, with him expecting her to go clean them now, so I said "How is she supposed to clean them when this line is to the back of the store? She can't go clean them right now and you've let her know they need attention." The man kinda just stared but paid for his stuff then left. Cashier said thank you, and I told her that guy was dick, I hope she has a better rest of her day. Paid, then went to put gas in my car. Because nothing sucks worse than already being busy and a difficult customer delays the line over stupid shit you can't fix. Then this asshole had the nerve to ask for number in the parking lot. What is wrong with people?? 🤬


as my current employer has come to learn, If the agreement states food is part of the terms of my employment... I dont give a fuck if its the last damn product for sale. I am going to eat it, and if you dont like it, thats literally a you problem so figure it the fuck out. ​ Also, Unionize EVERY job. it is the reason WHY i can do that.


I would like to see more Unions in 2023 and less corporate overlords who only care about $


Unfortunately this happens a LOT! These managers likely are just responding to the pressures of the company and it just feeds into each other- pitting folks against each other and it doesn’t matter- because their company ceo doesn’t care and gets richer. I bought snacks and lunch for the employees at the newly opened Jersey Mikes for 2 weeks. I didn’t involve the company or management and just showed up twice a day for 14 days that by the end they had put in a company buying lunch incentive program for their employees- any staff that comes to work and is on time gets a paid lunch or gift card. The manager told me his employees were happier, worked harder and also were proud to tell people where they worked which led to more business and more employees. They gave me free sandwiches and it felt good to make a difference in that way. It’s easy to tell people what they should do, it’s a lot harder to back it up.


Totally. It can only bring grief to the worker. If you want to say "you need to pay your employees more", you really need to be that explicit. Don't mention why just say it's obvious he's underpaying his employees. ETA: and maybe don't go back until you know the problem has been addressed - "no, I'm not fishing around for a coupon; and I gave my phone number to the person so if this gets back to them, I will escalate"


"You need to pay her more cause she's doing a great job and whatever she'd paid can't possibly be enough" is the only possible way you can say that to a manager without implying the employee was complaining about pay or doing a shit job.


Managers (at least at restaurants) will simply hear that as "I'm a great manager with a strong team, way to go me!"


Retail too


Lol that does absolutely nothing It's a pat on the back for the manager for been so good at their job at most Randomly telling a manager that someone needs to be paid more is literally wasting everyone's time


Even if you did that, a manager would interpret that as the employees complaining about their pay to customers. Otherwise, how would the customer know they're being underpaid.


Capitalism, regrettably, is stacked in favor of the a-holes, you are right.


Years ago I was working in a plant making avionics. Someone let the plant manager know how little the security company people were making. The contract with their boss required almost double what he was actually paying. The PM made the security company raise their pay AND pay them back pay for what they should have been making. He was a stand up guy. (we were one of the best payed places in town).


Once had a customer stop the manager to compliment me because I helped her out a lot that Day. Manager then came to berate me because when he asked her if I tried to sign her up for rewards program, she told him no. I didn’t try to sign her up because I spent 30 minutes helping her with unrelated shit and forgot to ask lmao. Like fucking accept that she’s complimenting me and pass it on to me stop trying to find everything I do that’s “wrong” (it’s a fucking rewards program I didnt fucking forget to feed someone’s pet, shits not that serious lol)


I bet the manager gets a bonus on how much his store signs up. For them the rewards sign up is the only thing that matters. The rest of the customer said to them may as well been garbage.


Every shitty retail chain and their “rewards/points/credit card” programs that employees are forced to peddle. You do not pay enough to force them into situations like that. If you must have it it should be a reward for selling only and not reward for sale, punish for not.


Employees should not only not be punished for not signing folks up for credit cards, they shouldn’t be allowed to push credit cards unless they’ve been through credit training AND it shouldn’t be handled in the checkout lines. Credit card applications should be handled at customer service or at a separate credit kiosk so that customers have time to read what they are signing up for.


I once got written up for something similar to this at Best Buy. Customer did an exit interview with manager (which I overheard), and the customer told him how nice and friendly I was etc. I didn't use the correct wordage when pushing some internet service plan. I asked if they had an ISP and moved on with the sale. The customer left thinking they did me a huge favor, and I got pulled to the office and written up.


You don't seem to understand how their minds work. They will tell you to prioritize your needs, to organize your money, or move to a cheaper place and or eat cheaper food. It is never their fault or responsability. You never win an argument with these people. They are more robots than human.


But when you tell them you fixed it by getting a job that pays more. They act suprised and offended. " how dare you not be loyal to us!"


How could you betray us by betting yourself, after we gave up literally nothing for you. ^(\[surprised Pikachu\])


I had a boss who made fun of an employee that he had just fired over an emotional outburst, because of that employee’s financial situation… My brother, you paid the dude the money he was making, you’re not making fun of him, you’re making fun of your own cheap ass.


Traits do not mean the same thing across class divides. as a proletariat, being cheap, ruthless, demanding... these are all demining terms, used to attack you, cast you out amongst your peers, paint you as undesirable in society.... the same terms used to describe bourgeoisie are some of the greatest complements. they are traits often used to describe "revolutionaries" (another term thats meaning wildly varies based on your bank account) of the industry. it doesn't just feel like we live in 2 different worlds. we literally do.


On the same day that the manager at a store I worked at told me to take my face jewelry out, or be written up from that day on, a customer happened to mention that they really liked my piercings and that it was refreshing to see somebody working at a store who was actually able to tastefully express themselves. I thanked them and casually mentioned that I was going to be required to take it out or get written up, maybe even lose my job. The customer told me they’d complain about that on my behalf, I actually ended up quitting, but I would imagine that interaction would have worked against me. Good riddance though, I don’t like working at places that dictate my physical appearance. I didn’t like it when I was a teen working for an amusement park, being required to maintain a buzz cut and a clean shave. I didn’t like it when I worked for an office and had to wear business formal even in the intense summer heat, I didn’t like it in retail where I was asked to remove my jewelry. Nowadays I work in a trade and I choose to wear a jumpsuit despite that not being the norm, I just like the way they look and the fact that my street clothes don’t get dirty. I choose to keep my jewelry in. I choose what length my beard grows to. Nobody complains about my appearance because I do good work, customers sometimes comment on my eccentricity, they like it.


I’ve had this go the other way around. Worked at a daycare, try to call in sick, like sitting on the floor hugging the bowl on the phone calling in. “Nope you have to come in or we don’t know what will happen with your job.” Went in and looked like pale death, had a parent pick up their kid later that day then complain to the manager that I shouldn’t be there around the kids(rightfully so!). Boss called me in to the office and I got in trouble for I guess looking too sick in front of the parents? 🤷‍♀️ Can’t win.


That's what I was thinking.


Why bother? Corporate doesn't care unless there's bad press pending.


For some reason I feel like "Employee fired for not being able to afford food" isn't gonna be great press.


This definitely seems news worthy. There’s some really horrible managers that have been exposed by local and national news and only then was the company forced to act and issue an apology to the employee and even fire the manager. But not because they care (which they absolutely don’t) but only because of bad PR. OP should post this screenshot on the company’s Twitter or Facebook feed and just wait for the fireworks.


Brilliant comment! “That poor child is hungry at work!” Got turned into and interpreted by an asshat manager as: “tHeY’rE tAlKiNg AbOuT tHeIr PeRsOnAl LiFe! This is unacceptable!” Seriously, who would go up to management or anyone in a store and say “that employee says they’re hungry I am so offended by them being hungry at work right now !” It makes me feel even better about my decisions in life when I’ve worked in kitchens and grocery stores. To always steal some food. I felt like it was owed to me to have a couple of free meals at every shift. It all balanced out. I farking worked hard. I work hard when I’m not hungry, cold, dehydrated. I was like the Bernie Madoff of stealing food and eating it like a hungry desperate rodent at work! I’ve felt bad for a couple of coworkers in life and giving them a couple bucks here and there when they said they were hungry. I don’t know if I was being played or not but Jesus Christ 20 bucks wasn’t gonna make or break me if a coworker was hungry. *edit to add: the first sentence. To Stomach pain, you could just say: are you ok? Can I give you a sandwich or Pepto-Bismol ? Maybe the person had menstrual cramps, or was pregnant like who knows what’s wrong? I had problems with polyps in my colon and I’ve had to get two colonoscopies with the polyps ablated away and tested for cancer both times… it is super painful having IBS and a bowel infection.


Personal issues? It’s NOT a personal issue if they don’t pay you enough. That’s a work issue.


>Personal issues? It’s NOT a personal issue if they don’t pay you enough. That’s a work issue. Of course it's not a personal issue, but capitalists and their simps want you to be gaslighted into thinking it's your fault for not "budgeting" or whatever excuse they pull out of their ass. As Rutger Bregman said, "poverty is a lack of cash, not a lack of character"




Even worse are the Karens complaining. Why the hell would a customer complain about an employee being hungry??? Surely there are more important things to worry about.




Yeah I'm pretty sure it's the opposite. The customer complained on behalf of OP, and management didn't like that it made them look bad to customers that they underpay their employees to the point they can't eat, so better scold and threaten the employee.


I got chided by my principal that I needed to come in when I was out on FMLA due to getting COVID from a student, because "the students are tearing up the place." I was literally already going above and beyond by providing daily lesson plans. When I did come back I got chided for coming in sick because I literally had no PTO left -- mainly because the school did nothing to get PTO refunded to me for being out for COVID. Then I got chided a second time for informing my students I have "Long COVID" and that's why I was out. Well in doing so a student relayed this home and it was misconstrued as being active COVID. I was told I don't need to share that with students. But y'all want me to build relationships and share my life. Ok. It really just boils down to "don't make my job harder in any way".


Fuck them. The should be providing you resources like the employee assistance program or a number you can call. If this was one of my employees when I was a manager I would totally be getting them a small gift card for food. That and seeing what kind of training I could get them into to help their career.


My place of work has stipends to help people that do not need to be repaid. Usually like $600. Or they’ll pay a month of rent, buy snow tires for someone, etc. things of that nature. I feel very lucky and grateful to work there. They don’t seem to be stingy with them either, or in need of extensive proof or guidelines to get.


That is actually great to hear! My boss is essentially the same way. Anything I need he will make sure I have it because he genuinely cares about me specially after 15 years. And return I am able to give my assistant whatever she needs.


My boss is the same. I get paid enough that I can afford to feed my family, but if I was broke and had no food, he would show up on my doorstep with bags full of groceries. Small companies can be really hit or miss but if you find a good one some owners will take care of you. It’s rare but not impossible


In my country, restaurant employees are given a meal before each shift. Like we all sit down around the table and have a proper meal together from 11:30 to 12:00. And towards the end of the shift, when all our guests are about done, we have a 10 to 15mn break. We drink coffee and have some desert and smokers have a smoke. It's considered normal and expected. How do you expect your staff to work efficiently on an empty stomach? In a restaurant?


This should be normalized. This used to be the norm in the US, but somewhere around 2008 things changed.


Corporate restaurants became a plague in 2008, so with the plague of corporate restaurants everyone started following their model of pinching pennies to save a $1.00 while actually spending $20 an hour on labor to save $1.00. Perfect example is almost every restaurant I’ve worked at in my 13 years portions pasta for orders to save $. They’re paying for portion bags, paying the labor for someone to portion it, and paying more for trash because they’re creating more waste with these portion bags, but hey we saved $1.00…….


Yep — when I was a server back in the 90s, we got a meal free (limited menu; but hey this was an Irish pub). This kind of thing is stupidity


My business has free snacks for employees. There’s always individual bags of chips, fruit snacks, usually brownies or rice crispy treats, those peanut butter cracker things. There’s even ramen and frozen chicken nuggets. Last summer there were those individual ice cream things. There’s a budget for the month, and when snacks are gone they’re gone. But we rarely run out completely.


That's a real dick, right there.


Yep a jobsworth on a power trip.


You need to be explicit. Literally say "Mr manager, what I am communicating to you is that due to low pay, lack of hours and rising costs of living, I literally cannot feed myself. This is not something I did or something I can fix without being paid more for my labor"


"You rent an apartment. Why not sleep on the streets". "You have a car. Sell it and walk an hour a day to work!" "I saw at the grocery store. The food bank is free!"


>"You rent an apartment. Why not sleep on the streets". I knew 2 people who legit think that way. Not as far as sleeping on the streets but more or less, having people piling up in an apartment and sleeping on the floors. I remember a period where I had a new landlord take over my previous apartment as my original one retired. And she moved my rent due date up 10 fucking days from the 15th to the 5th under the threat of late fees all because she has a mortgage to pay, which was somehow my problem /s. I was already tight on money but that made me tighter. Anyways, I had to start selling plasma and driving for Lyft in addition to my full time job so I wouldn't be tight on money. I told my friend that I shouldn't need to do this as I have a full time job and degree. He said it's my fault I'm broke because I refused to rent my walk in closet to someone for half the rent. He also claims that wages aren't low but poor people just don't know how to live within their means and said they need to learn to do with less but billionaires earned every mansion, fancy car, and yacht because they work so much harder than us. It's scary that these people vote.


“Yeah but I saw your beats headphones, just sell those”. They have no compassion. They default to it being a money management issue, not anything they can take responsibility for themselves.


“You’re an adult you should know this.” Is more than enough to convince me to quit on the spot. Nobody talks down to me like I’m a child.


Simple: eat the manager.


best use of resources. human resources.


Only acceptable answer


Gotta love the use of "fueled" and not fed, al he sees you as is a machine in need of the lowest quality gas to print his profits with.


Dude, this is so fucking wrong on so many levels.


What asshole customer complained that someone was hungry?


There should be a # you can call that will send someone to punch your boss once right in his/her mouth.


A lot of people would change their attitude if they actually faced consequences like a punch in the mouth.


To which you reply, “I AM on time and fully prepared for my shift.” Assuming that you are. “Any comments in my personal life I deem inappropriate”.




Where is basic human compassion? I would have offered some money to get them through to payday.


Customer probably chewed out the manager and manager probably proceeded to take it out on the employee


Customer complaint…about worker complaint of hunger… truly Dickensian


Seriously, fuck that dude. Reading this shit makes me want to punch that guy in the face, it's a really good thing I'm self employed otherwise I'd likely end up being charged for something. Lol


Your boss sounds like a real C U Next Tuesday


Yeah, really sounds like they Can't Understand Normal Thinking


hmu in DM's. nobody should be going without food. I'll give you 50 for groceries.


That's generous. You might want to tag them so they don't just skip over the comment thinking it's like everyone else's. Edit: u/lowerfreedom check out this users offer!


Seems like basic human compassion would compel them to offer some help. I would have told them to come to me if you don't have money to eat. Seems the least you can do to help someone out.


Start looking for a new job asap. Nobody should be talked to like that. Fuck that job, that manager and fuck whoever that customer was. Unbelievable ….And no people, this person can’t just fuckin quit on the spot. You just read they couldn’t fuckin afford to eat. Some ppl are literally trying to survive and have to take this shit just to keep a roof over their heads. Come back to reality or ask for their cashapp to help out


It should be legal to beat the piss out of people who treat you like your less than human.