There's nothing wrong with religions in general. Their main issue is when these randomly come knocking "just get baptized, it's not hard" or "just say this man is woman, it's not hard". And the fury of the practictioners against the non believers, absolutely ridiculous, it's worse than the middle east.


Not just a religion, its a cult


Unpopular opinion, but America has always operated as a theocracy with Academia functioning as its church. For a long time, the people in Academia were Christians, so this really just reinforced that aspect of our culture, but over time they were slowly replaced with Progressives who became more and more obsessed with concepts like "systemic" oppression and Marxist worldviews that analyze everything through the lens of class struggle and hence it has become more and more prominent in our culture.


Wow, there must be a lot of atheism hate on this subreddit. >We never see someone who is just “a little bit woke.” Yes you do. What is this extremism? Our first line of defense is in the schools where we're constantly talking about keeping Woke ideas from the kids. Woke = Social Justice Warrior. Isn't that what we all agree on? Back to first paragraph: >The woke movement seeks to replace absolute truth with an ever-changing concept of “truth” that changes with the whims and moods of every individual. That's one of the worst take downs and critiques against religion i've ever read. It really reads like the author isn't even self aware that he is critiquing religion here. More religion should not be the answer. That's exactly what the atheists say. >Wokeness itself is a religion. It replaces God with political and cultural crusades Being religious is all about political and cultural crusades? Like the actual Crusades? That's what we call them, right? Christians burned down the Muslim library and generations of violence followed? This article sucks unless it's actually arguing that Woke = Religion with all the same problems. >In this article, I’m referring to people who have fallen whole hog for the woke ideology. What happened to "can't be just a little bit woke"? This article reminds me of "it's not going to lick itself" isn't innuendo according to the Wokes! WTF guys where is your critical thinking. Then it rants about grace as if Christians haven't committed every atrocity. This is prime SelfAwareWolves material. This reads as a great take down of religion. Y'know one of my favourite (lower case C) conservative characters of all time is Ron Swanson. He doesn't buy into drugs, religion or gov't. He doesn't buy into mind control he believes in freedom.


I think the idea is that it is a lot like religion, but with ever changing expectations as opposed to in religion which generally has a doctrine to follow, and instead of grace and forgiveness, is simply satisfied with cancelling people, and shutting down debates, by taking a faux moral high ground. Examples would be when things are dragged up from the past that people said or did or posted, that those people are then expected to apologise for again. James Gunn made some very poor taste jokes years ago, which he apologised for at the time. He was then expected to re-apologise when some internet troll bought it up again. He then lost his position (was fired) by Disney until DC stepped in and hired him for the Suicide Squad. Then Marvel “forgave him” and brought him back for GotG3. And look at Gina Carano who had her own views and likened the left to nazis (something that apparently it’s ok for the left to accuse the right of) and made a joke about pronouns. She was hastily removed from The Mandalorian. For having opinions. There is no forgiveness or grace.


R u pretending Christians never cancelled anyone? Most obvious example is The Chicks. Y'all hate George Bush now but they're still cancelled. This is a take down of all religion.


Galileo 😂