Not like it ever was a free speech platform. Nor is Reddit for that matter.


Even so elon shouldnt buy twitter. Is a waste to spend money in such a piece of shit site




Especially with Tesla stock tanking, the Boring company and starlink in serious financial trouble (they were stupid ideas from the start) and spaceX having issues with his “management style.” He should focus on his obligations to his current ventures and investors. Problem is… he’s locked into that contract with Twitter and they plan on holding him to it. There was a clear provision in there stating “bot counts may be higher than estimated” at minimum he will lose $1B for reneging on the deal.


An Intentional publicity stunt to mark his arrival at the home of Ben sharpie “the daily weird.”


Twitterflakes, now with more salt.


so this person who I've never heard of gets a strike on twitter but pedos and zoos aren't? this is why I don't use twitter because you can literally get cancelled for taking a photo of a cat next to a plushy twitter is the most ridiculous platform and sometimes I give it a visit only to see if its gotten better but it hasn't . edit: im scared of apples because they might have a worm in them also what colour is an orange?