Birth rate is declining!!!! Women finally refuse to be gaslit into doing something they actually don't wanna do!!!!


Its because less women are deciding to have children while huge families are continuing to have children. It has to be skewed in the articles to make it sound like doomsday, even though this is the most populated the world has ever been. Just leave women the fuck alone. All I want in life is to go to school, work, and live comfortably. That would be ruined by having a screaming child in the room that is 100% dependent on me.


Exactly. 8 billion this week is disgusting and horrifying. It’s very anti woman. We can’t control women!! Also OP, unfortunately I think that forever people will bother you and judge you for not having kids. I still haven’t figured out a way around it.


Even if you slapped people in the face with the fact that there are 8 billion people in the world, they'd still say that's not enough or that we need to keep having children. Resources are depleting, land is being swallowed, there isn't going to be enough room for everyone coming up in the next several years. Yet people insist on populating more and more. It's ridiculous.


Totally agree. I read one of the BORU posts this week where a woman threw away her 9 year love of her life at 37 so she could have a baby. Ma’am by the time you figure that out you’ll be way too old to your already geriatric age. It’s just selfish. All of it is selfish.


Myself and my younger sibling are products of an older woman getting pregnant. But all three of her children had complications and she had to get all c-sections because all of us could have died. It just makes me think, "If you had issues with the first, should you really have had two more? Especially in your late thirties/early forties?" Now, none of of her children are going to be able to have biological kids anyway, which I am perfectly content with. I get to smile to strangers who ask me why I don't have kids at the "ripe" age of 25 and tell them that, even if I wanted kids, it would kill me.


Ugh I’m so sorry to hear about the complications that were thrust onto you. Also a wonderful excuse and I bet the looks you get are priceless!!


It doesn't happen often, but when it does, its great to watch their brain slowly shut down trying to process the information. Luckily, I haven't gotten anyone who's said that its worth the sacrifice. And if I ever do, I might just punch them in the face.


Let's see...We're just getting out of a global pandemic. Climate change is happening. Political violence is increasing. People can barely afford to eat food, wear clothes, and sleep indoors.


Ontop of all that, as someone with PMDD and ASD/ADHD, I just really feel like pushing my genetics on another human would be the absolute height of irresponsibility.


And that's not counting rising genetic disorders and "lifestyle diseases" (Cancer, Autism, Diabetes, etc.) that are not cheap to maintain if you happen to live in the states because our healthcare system is nonexistent.


I look forward to the sweet embrace of complete non existence, but a small part of me worries that reincarnation might be real, and that I could be reborn as some dumbass that's like "If I have twenty kids, maybe one of them will be famous!" If I gotta go through all this crap again, I want to be like a moose or some shit. Much if what keeps me going is a hope that more people will come around and realize we probably shouldn't "be", thus increasing the odds of my bizarre moose fantasy. Birth rate is declining? Good! As a species, we're awful. But yes, those articles do irritate me. And they always act so surprised. "Who could have known that making child care exorbitantly expensive and poisoning the entire planet could have bad consequences?!" Even from a male's perspective (as in, my body won't grow a parasite that has more rights than I do), I don't want to be stuck in that position of "Well, guess I'm a parent now."


The scary part of reincarnation, if it exists. Chances are most souls would be born into this world where the birth rates are still high, especially in third world countries.


No, I'm personally manifesting my next reincarnation as one of Beyonce's children. /joke lol I guess the cool thing about reincarnation is not remembering the previous lives though? Jesus can you imagine walking around with hundreds of lifetimes rattling in your brain? Ignorance is bliss lol


I have settled on pebble. I would absolutely love to be a pebble.


Can I choose to be a seaside pebble? All the joy and calm of ocean storms and no concerns of bodily harm!


🤝 This is why I like to believe that if reincarnation is real, then I have been an anti-natalist in every life.


That does make me feel better!


Why are you delaying that sweet embrace of non-existence? You could have it within the hour if you want


Oh idk, there's this tiny little thing that can ruin attempts and cause permanent damage instead of actually ending things, called SURVIVAL INSTINCTS. Not to mention the taboo society has for it making it even harder to research methods and/or gain access to the required tools, etc etc. If euthanasia and/or assisted suicide is widely and freely available then what you're saying might actually be worth something, otherwise it's just dumb to put it mildly.


Not to mention the pain that an abrupt suicide can cause to even people we don't know. I'm not all about just living for other people's sakes, but you're right. If suicide wasn't so taboo, people could choose to leave with dignity and respect, without their family and friends telling them they're weak and worthless. And I'd support the hell out of that. I don't know if I'd choose it personally. I have suicidal ideation but I like to be friends with my brother and my cat. So I guess I would stick around. But I'll fight for anyone's right to end their life safely tbh. Sticky subject for sure, but yeah.


Death is coming for me either way, life is just an exercise in patience. I will greet her gladly when my time comes, whether that's by my own hand or another's. There's no need for me to rush it after five failed attempts. Just thought I'd answer your little loaded question.


they already exist. you cant change the fact they exist. even if they die they existed. our wish is we never existed.


I’m a lesbian and I still get asked if I want kids. Holy fuck why would I want to raise half a strangers kid or half a strangers kid my wife has?? If anything we would adopt jez.


I'm a lesbian too and literally feel the exact same way. I'd never want to carry and the idea of my gf having some strange dude's kid makes me irrationally angry.


This is a big psychological aspect nobody seems to understand! My partner is bisexual and doesn't feel this way but I certainly do. And the thought of some dude getting off at a sperm bank because he has a pregnancy fetish makes me want to barf


Those articles are written by ignorant 1st world country tropes. The birth rate isn't declining. Statistics show, the birth rate is double the death rate per day...so maybe yeah in their 1st world metropolis this might, potentially be the case, but bear in mind, 3rd world countries exist - with limited access to birth control, cultures with multiple wives, and an overall lack of education for reproduction. That's a flawed argument by natalists. ​ As for your frustration, Sadhguru has a very lovely message for women who choose not to be mothers. He highly respects us as we've overcome this innate driven need, we're more aware of ourselves and the value we offer the world. We're not just walking wombs - we're people with goals, ideals, and we see the world for what it is and not for our selfish driven needs. ​ Don't worry about what people tell you. As a little tit-bit of life advice, caring what others think of you in general will hold you back. Let the naysayers do their thing - you're worthy, strong and capable. Motherhood isn't something to be revered - there a lot of shitty moms out there, just like anything in this world, doesn't mean you can do it that you'll automatically be good at it or even love it. Be yourself and be proud you know what you want - don't let anyone change or influence you against what you know you desire.


If a woman wants to live her own life in whatever way she wants, all the power to her. And same to anyone else who wants to live their life they way they want. Do your best and live your life the best. Ignore the drones.


You're not being dramatic, you're spot on. You're right to not *just* see yourself as a vessel for motherhood. If you wanted to have kids, that'd be great. But you don't. And that's great too. Your body your choice, you know? People Will do the bio clock thing, sometimes, depending. I think my family knows much better than to ask me about kids, but at 28 in an area where a lot of people start having kids at 20, I get the "do you have kids?" And "why not?" Questions all the time. "Do you have kids?" My answer every time, is thank god I don't "Why?" Because I don't feel like teaching another human how to wipe their ass when I can barely make it to therapy on a regular basis. But not wanting a kid even as a mentally stable adult is valid, of course. I'm glad you have aspirations, that's cool as heck.


I would like to contribute to the conversation that if you look at the studies where that data comes from, it shows that the birth rate is declining in 15-19 year olds, it’s actually increasing for older women. They’re just mad that TEENAGERS aren’t giving birth as much these days because of birth control access.


Yall exolain to me how we are approaching 8billion people on earth, obviously a record, but we are somehow in a "declining" birth rate? I'm sure specific countries, such as Japan for example, are seeing a decline on births in comparison to previous decades. But the population hasn't actually dwindled or dropped from my understanding. Seems like propaganda to make more shitlets to me.


That's the unspoken part of their complaint. The "right" Women aren't having enough babies while the "wrong" Women still are.


The great thing is that no matter what anyone says, YOU get to choose. It’s like that P!nk song says “Let ‘em drag you through hell they can’t tell you to change who you are.” And it’s ok if you ever do change your mind. It’s ok if you never change your mind. You are not being dramatic to feel outrage when you see propaganda being targeted at you. Get mad. Anger is a signal that your boundaries are being violated. You are allowed to be mad when your boundary is being violated.


You are not being dramatic at all. Motherhood is not an achievement whatsoever. It's literally something that 90% of women can do, and the process of making a baby is enjoyable. It takes no skills at all to become pregnant. Now becoming a doctor, lawyer, computer programmer, athlete, etc takes years of practice, studying, and dedication to achieve. There will only be one valedictorian in your high school graduation, but 80% or more of your classmates will become parents which shows you how worthless being a parent is.


You are not overly dramatic for feeling this way. Those articles are over dramatic for trying to scare the population into making more people. The truth is, for the first time in history, people from most walks of life have the ability to decide whether or not parenthood is for them, and it is more socially acceptable than ever before to say, nope.


If anything this should be celebrated, overpopulation is a problem


nice to meet fellow 16 on here lol


Y'all are ahead of the curve. Nice! Nothing wrong with knowing what you want from your life. Adoption and fostering are options forever. There's no such thing as a biological clock (if you are not concerned with just birthing mini versions of yourself) Good luck!


I don’t even think it’s the money any more for a lot of women- it’s the idea of creating a baby with a man who no matter what is going to expect you to shoulder all or most of the burden of child rearing even if you both work full time. Women are exhausted. Period


You shouldn't even need to have a reason to not want kids. "I don't want kids" that should be good enough of a reason.


I think those are fear mongering articles & not true. We are at 8 bil & climbing. We’re fine as far as number of people are concerned….but not fine as far as dying planet is concerned.


Birth rates are declining. But we are still get to the 8 billions


Fortunatley people stop asking me that when I reached a certain age/career goal. They stopped asking around 30ish for me (36 now). And why do they call it "settle down" I want to "settle up"! I wat a man who will travel the world, or netflix and chill in a hostel in Bulgaria! Not some 9-5, life, in a suburb where everyone knows my business!


It's more about their fear of women being educated and having autonomy than it is about the birthrate.


Or when someone says “you’re wasting your fertile years.” Fuckin puke


hate that shit so much. have you seen that one tweet where a youtuber got a comment saying "youre spending your birthing years playing video games" or something. that shit is so annoying. easy way to tell if someone views women as humans or just as baby producers


Glad to see more people are waking up and stop multiplying. Life instilled antinatalism so hard in me that when I see people have a baby, conciously and happy about it, then seeing it live, to me feels like a crime and a bad nightmare, what infuriates me the most are the people who even share stories like "i was miserable all my life until 28 or 35, then i found a wife and things settled and now have 3 kids" so you know the dangers of life but choose to overlook them because why? I see this world as some kind of hellscape, how am I supposed to conciously bring a life into this, just to suffer along with me? tell me something more selfish than snatching someone into existence for 80 years just for my benefit LOL


I don’t have anything better to do and I still don’t want kids. Fuck humans.


People will do and say mean things to you no matter what you do, so the heck with it! Live the life you want to live, it's no ones business what you do or not do. Im 32f and married to 33m, we both made the mutual choice to not have kids for various reasons. My mom recently told me that she never thought that I'd get married, it was hard at first for her to except that fact that I wouldn't be giving her grandbabies but, shes proud that I've chosen my own path in life. I hope that you live your life to the fullest! Make memories, travel, enjoy hobbies, be free. Remember it's your life.


You’re only 16, but you’re much more intelligent than most adults lol. I completely agree with you, and declining birth rates should be looked at as a positive thing and not a negative thing


I find it pretty insulting too


Population numbers are actually going up. There are more women having less children but the actual population increase in the US is 2 million a year. It’s a misleading headline. Makes me wonder why so much pressure to increase the population even more than it already is. My personal view is economics. More people, more buyers. I think that’s the real reason for the switch in Roe v Wade too. Shame, our planet is overrun.


The current birth rate in the US is almost twice the current death rate. We're still replacing people much faster than people are dying. What's the big deal?


Pregnancy is a fuckin horrorshow, why the hell would I put myself through that when I don't even like or want kids in the first place???


As long as the average age of a living human remains under 20 years, the birth rate per capita should be declining. The sub-sample is of children.


Not enough maternity/paternity leave. No respect for the toll on women's bodies. No respect for women's work. Wages too low for many families to avoid poverty with one income. High child care costs. And western middle class Women don't want to have kids anymore? \*Surprised Pikachu\*


Its wild how people cant imagine that overpopulation leads to people not wanting kids. Even my therapist just shrugged his shoulders when i told him im sterilized and said "its normal for biology to have a mechanism to control population - both ways. We are so overpopulated, im surprised its not more people who refuse to participate in reproduction." It aint hard to comprehend...


Any decline of any birth rate seems to be on the same disaster level as a nuclear meltdown. Why ?


Do whatever activates the meaning circuitry in your brain. There are always going to be articles. In all realms. From all angles. You can’t control those things so I wouldn’t give them your precious time.


You’re not being dramatic at all! People will try to shame you as you get older but stand strong, you’re the only person you will always wake up with and go to sleep with, no one around you matters as much as that especially if they don’t see the value in you that outweighs being labeled a mother.


Women don't want 8 kids like they did a century ago? Golly who would have thought!


You’re not being dramatic.


Yeah society doesn't matter. The funkopops aren't going to collect themselves!


Why are you worried about other people's opinions or expectations? You do you. It's as simple as that.


well i care a lot abt what people think of me and expect of me, i need better self esteem i know


Your life is yours. Other people's expectations are optional.