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If you put your j*zz in the bin, instead of impregnating a women. Than it would be antinatalist


Not right meme tho...we don't hate children, we are against of having them. I would gladly adopt them once i am mentally, emotionally and financially stable enough Right meme would be throwing pro lifers in bin


This has nothing to do with antinatalism.


stop posting this garbage


We are not doing this to save planet, why do environmentalists and commies piggyback all things


I’m not convinced this isn’t a natalist posting as one of us to say we hate children or some such nonsense, and to have their people be able to discredit us later with this as part of their “evidence.” Pull this shit. It has nothing to do with antinatalism and actively undermines our credibility and goals. The philosophy is largely about empathy. Se don’t hate children. We feel bad someone didn’t love kids enough to not bring them into cruelty of the world.


Antinatilism not hating children and going against there own ideology, challenge failed




Love it 💕💕💕💕