Couldnt agree with you anymore..its sad..he cant just go and right out of the box and offer a nft dividend..it must be a realistic part of the business model as well as a test run is needed


This is what I am thinking. He can issue a nft dividend after he incorporates nft into the AMC business model. This is the first step


Any movie after this could be "The One"..this definitely puts shorts on notice as a Nft dividend could happen at any time..


“The One”. Well the Metrix IS releasing in December? So bullish? “Resurrection” of shorted stocks? 🤷🏽‍♂️


Wouldnt that be perfect AMC being "resurrected"by the Matrix


it’s all a simulation and he’s trying to expose it, i like this new theory only way to know is buy and hodl


I’ll check back on Dec. 22nd. 🤓 This year will be remembered as the darkest Christmas in history I bet. To say that I hope I’m right means that families could be losing their livelihood, but it also means that Apes are on the dawn of our rise from the ashes, Diamond handing through MOASS and creating a better world in 2022.


Sure do love The Metrix


I feel like a Metrix themed Derp Goofy would fit nicely. Morphus: “You just took both pills bro, WTF..!!” Goofy Neo: “I’ll fuckin do it again!”


Damn dude, I bet some of the Twitter people that act like everything has a super secret meaning would go crazy for this. Get moving on a YouTube channel now, so you can cash in on that succulent super chat money by the time the Matrix is released. /S


We all know what we are supposed to do…..Eat the RED (AMC) pill!! LFG 🚀💎🙌!!!


No Dates!


Yeah the comments I've read sounds like a bunch of impatient children with a small handful of shares that their parents bought for them throwing fits about a CEO not shooting himself in the foot for their benefit.


We have 1 chance and 1 chance only at MOASS.....Apes need to realize AA probably hates the shorts just as much as us..fuck they tried to bankrupt the company he is running ..dont you all think he wants payback..fucken right he does..he need to proceed with caution..well done AA


It’s very easy for us to call out , synthetics,short ladder attacks , PFOF, and a shit load of manipulation, we’re ok , the CEO. of a company of this size has to be very very careful , do it all by the book , watch his words , the hedge funds are watching him ,he’s definitely on it


He has enough experience.he knows what hes doing


We wanted a NFT we got one


There are lots of impatient and uneducated shareholders. This is a delicate process and must be carried out in a specific and LEGALLY ABIDING WAY. AA can’t just throw together an NFT dividend and crush shorts. NFT’s must first be introduced and then find use within the business model in order for it to be used for anything further. Plausible deniability is everything. The PRIMARY purpose of any transition to NFT’s MUST be company related and not an attack on shorts. Adam Aron is absolutely making the correct moves here.


He know what he is doing he hates the shorts just as much as us apes


Yup strongly agree! This is bullish af! I expect there to be shills no matter what the announcement was. I will continue to buy and hold! Such a great company!


step by step :-) Success is not an elevator. Its taking the steps every day.


Yes but the vast majority of people are far too impatient to allow anything meaningful to manifest in their lives. Everyone needs to stick to the plan.


In business this is called proof of concept. You test out an idea before rolling it out full scale. So... this is it. Please understand that nothing in this world is fast. Nothing. Trust the process. Trust the work. Trust the launch to Mars.


Test the waters. Seems like the move to me. SS is just pissed because they’ve been asking for one from RC. They really hate on AA for some reason, jealousy I assume.


This sub have been compromised for a long time


💯 agree. When I see negative comments bashing great business moves by SILVERBACK AA I know it’s by shills. They don’t bother me. Like we all know they want to discourage and scare new apes. But if you have read the DDs and a actually done your own research you should sleep like a baby at night just waiting patiently until we MOASS.. oh it’s coming ape it’s freaking coming.. see you all at the moon 🌙 🦍💎🙌🚀


Yep ever since the meme ban


There was a meme ban 😳


Mods played it off as a mistake or glitch iirc


In that case let the memes begin! ![gif](giphy|DohrzSCB07moM) great news for 🦍s NFT


I see relaxation in the next months to come! Lots of apesss! Diamonds 💎 they are realllll


shills with smol pp energy. fuck em all




That’s why they have large conference tables, to hide their smol pp’s


This sub is absolutely filled with shills. I’ve turned spotting them into a drinking game. Staying hammered. Thinking MOASS will sober me up at the right time.


How the fuck are you still alive? If I took a drink for every shill cumrag, I'd die.


We are under attack atm, they must be worried af, the shills are downvoting and negativly commenting every NFT related post.


There’s plenty of OG apes who are still lurking and don’t post. All the FUD is just unnecessary noise, in one ear and out the other


Jan ape/lurker here. Don’t check often but we’re here in the shadows. Waiting. Hodling. Waiting….


Not sure when I joined this sub but it should be approaching a year in the next month and a half or so. They need a flair or something for the people who are over a year in the sub


the whole of reddit has been infiltrated for a long time i think, with 400k+ members but the top post only ever get 10k updoots tops! bit weird IMO I see you dude, bravo ape going dark, stay kushty


There may be 400,000 accounts but I assure you the number of humans engaged is 1/10 of that


Quite possibly true that my dude


someone should really make a new social media platform that cant be bought out, should be ApeNation or something lol


Why does everything always have to be a conspiracy here? People sub a reddit all the time only to never come back or participate. /r/worldnews has over a million members and the current top post still has less than 10k upvotes. Upvotes are a weird popularity contest that only a small subset of users even gives a shit about.


Because we started off as one and look how that turned out #NotADeadCat


This sub and SS have both been put on a suppression list. Active user count and thumbs too post view ratio have shit canned. I personally believe what we see is artificially deflated.


this makes me feel like a secret agent fighting the republic with the rebels, we're fighting the good fight and the fact that we get this much backlash shows we're on the good path


Preach it.


I think people wanted an NFT to shareholders, not NFTs to people who sign up for their rewards. This isn’t going to do anything for a squeeze. AA said shareholders have been calling for NFTs, which is kind of true. Shareholders want an NFT dividend. I like that it’s happening, certainly good news and I like that NFTs are finding their space. I don’t think this is a “grow the fuck up” situation, OP. You’ve ignored all the reasons why those people are upset. That’s not a very grown up way to have a conversation, unless it’s a one-sided one.


Those same people just want a squeeze to happen and then they take their money and go. No fucks given about the amount of lawsuits AMC will have to endure as a result of issuing an NFT dividend that people have been publicly announcing will fuck the shorts. By issuing trial NFTs AMC can then issue shareholder NFTs in the future and claim it is part of their business model now. So yes some people need to grow the fuck up in the sense that as investors one needs to be patient. People will work a 60k job til they die but cannot wait a year to be millionaires




Either shills or deflated apes that have lost patience. Personally i think AMC NFTs are EXTREMELY BULLISH & a GREAT sign for business moving forward! If we establish NFTs for legitimate business use, AA could technically eventually drop an NFT dividend to share holders which would in theory expose share count / naked shorts / synthetics and set off MOASS if he wanted. Either way. Commemorative and collective NFTs is HUGE


People are saying NFTs are bullish, when other times they say “This is a squeeze play and doesn’t rely on business fundamentals.” That same line is said over and over when negative news comes out about AMC. This NFT thing is no different than offering collectible bobble heads, so it may bring in some revenue but nothing that is taking away a billion dollars of debt. Then the other argument is that the NFT now is a first step for an NFT token or dividend. There has never been talk from AA about issuing one, so it’s just all hopeful speculation. What is more likely is that they try bumping the price up so AA and other insiders can sell off more of their shares to get millions while retail holds the floor for them. Most people seem to agree AA doesn’t have any interest in a squeeze. He wants everyone staying around to continue helping his company. So if that’s the case then this isn’t going to lead to an NFT token/dividend. Which just makes this whole thing just like a bobble head promotion. If someone wants to say “this is definitely leading to a token” then the next question is when….in a week, in a month, 6 months? How long to string retail along before they can definitively know if one is even possible?


Meh. Nothing to address the manipulation of our stock. More lip service. ATER hired a company to expose naked shorting and actually fought the manipulation. Elon and Tesla went against the shorts. What has AA actually done? Gives us popcorn in stores and digital art...I'll pass. I'll obviously keep holding, but this is getting ridiculous. We continue to get strung along while AA gets rich. I didn't sell at $72 because I believe in the squeeze and fighting against the manipulation, but AA has no problem selling under the guise of "getting old". I'll be downvoted into oblivion and that's fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, just like I'm entitled to my opinion as an individual investor. He only cares about making money off apes. Watch next year he'll come out asking for shares again.


You're exactly right. This sub has turned into a cult that has no reason anymore. The news was nothing special and everyone once again was wrong about an NFT divided. NFTs are a dime a dozen these days. Also, there are negatives to this people aren't realizing




To be fair, you didn't sell at 72 because of greed, and literal moass fomo


Exactly. People dont want to see that AA best interest doesnt lie with the people but in the company. He knows that if a squeeze happens the price will back to 4 bucks. Hes been selling stock to pay for debt and buy new movie theaters which is good for the business. Ive even seen some people saying they be ok if they issue out even more share which is crazy and it shows the how radicalized AMC holders have become that they will vote against their own interests.


Leave it to redditors to worship worthless people.


Maybe because it does not help or guarantees anything right now- yet it was advertised as *BIG NEWS*. I think people are getting sick of hype/sugar coated news that end up being empty words that fade into the echo chamber; until the next hyped up news. Unless you have enough money to burn; or don’t care about your financial situation at all, then at this point all the endless hype is getting annoying.


But this IS HUGE! They are bringing NFTs in to their business model. If this works then they can role out more NFT related items and then be able to set up NFT dividends.


That's a really weird line of reasoning. It's not hard to set up an NFT. It doesn't translate at all to NFT dividends. It's like when people get excited over a company accepting crypto payments. The company isn't doing shit, they just have a third party processor convert your crypto into fiat before it goes in their pockets while making you pay for the privilege.


Looking at your comment history, you do nothing but fight other posters in this subreddit. Either you’re a troll or this stock isn’t for you.


Or I just have zero patience for the paranoid delusional bullshit that is becoming the order of the day here. Feel free to actually address what I said instead of putting on this cult bullshit of “I don’t like hearing this so you’re not one of us”.






You have to be aware sub is compromised. I mean look at all the fud and it is easy to see this is great news if you ask me


I for one am hyped af.


The NFT announcement is a good thing for movie goer’s. I think it will bump sales for Stubs Memberships. Increase revenue and get more people going to movies. Love it.


It’s just shills shitting their pants, true apes are celebrating this as a **HUGE W** in the right direction. Hedgies are fucking trembling LOL


I’m happy as fuck !




I agree. If your reading Adam ignore the FUD please.




I honestly think the SHFs have bots that post negative comments. I believe we should go back to posting memes since bots are good at creating sentences but not edited pictures that still make sense.


Thank you, someone with some sense! AA cant just come out instantly with a Nft dividend or Sto he has to ease it into the model and then he can eventually can issue an nft dividend and say its been apart of the business model for while


Apes wanted the knockout punch today. I understand that. But what we got was a very hard punch landed on the Chin of Kenny that drew blood. He knows he is hurt and he knows he is vulnerable. He can only clench for so long before that knockout punch is thrown. It is a good day apes. Continue to support YOUR Company and stand behind your CEO


Ive made my decision, gonna pick up a couple more shares monday :)


Same 🚀🦍❤️




Agreed. It was a huge step in the right direction and shows he listens to Apes. It seems to be a great test run. It will get people in the seats and generate a little extra revenue. I know I want an NFT for seeing a movie, it will be an awesome memento.


There is definitely negative sentiment posted by bad actors on here, we all know it, but I also think that people don't really get what's happening. Some people feel entitled because they bought stock and thought they were getting rich quick without really understanding what's going on. They need to read some serious DD posts and they also don't understand AA's role as CEO. They think AA's sole purpose in life is to cause a MOASS. He can't come out and go, "Hey guys guess what! I'm gonna do this and it'll cause a squeeze!!!", because he'd be sued to oblivion for manipulation. You can't be CEO and do that, if the company makes a move and it inadvertently causes MOASS then hey, it was just a nice coincidence. No one is manipulating or pumping and dumping anything here, the system is being called out on it's bullshit by individual investors making their own decisions on what to buy because hedgies were caught with their pants down. People need to get this through their heads, just because you bought stock doesn't mean that AA is obligated to do everything you want (although he's gone miles above and beyond any other CEO in regard to listening to retail shareholders' opinions). He's obligated to make sure the company survives and thrives, if shareholders suggest things that he believes can improve the company then he'll go over it with the board and they'll either do it or they won't. You own stock in AMC so you own a piece of the company, sure, but you don't run the company. So now people put out this feeling of eh he's not helping me so fuck it, which is exactly the feeling I would want people to have if I was running a hedge fund that was short on AMC (I'm not). You get your hopes up about dates from youtubers who may or may not be legit (I'm staying out of that discussion), any little bit or scrap of news, and rumors on the internet. The DD is sound, you chose to invest in AMC on your own, just like the rest of us. Hodl and believe in your decision, buy the super discounts going on right now if you choose to do so. But don't go around making people second guess their own choices. They're adults and they made their own decision to get in on AMC because they like the stock. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀


Here have an award ! This definitely a step in the right direction!


And i will continue to buy and HODL ‼️. 🦍💎💪🏼


I agree and AMC can after this work on a NFT divident once ready


This popcorn NFT inadvertently shows the intentions of shills in my opinion. Anyone negative about it, i think, is a shill. So it is like a honeypot. I want to get the NFT because maybe spiderman is a good movie. Plus it will be like a first edition popcorn NFT. First editions are usually sought after Gamestop, i will also buy your first edition NFT, whatever it will be, please hurry because popcorn is copying your moves


You are right. All the FUD is obviously shills. I’m stoked with the direction AMC is taking.


I don’t get concerned about the stock but I do sometimes about the apes. We were so strong back in Q1 of this year!!!


“ItDoEsNtHeLp” Yeah it does you fucking beautiful, impatient mung autists. Just put together a 4+ yo Lego set and shut the fuck up while the patient adult apes hodl and get this thing over the finish line.


I agree. I think we’ve been heavily infiltrated to make it seem like interest and enthusiasm is dropping, nothing matters or helps, and spread the stop buying FUD. Apes aren’t going anywhere and the answer has always been buy and HODL


I’m allowed to think NFTs are silly while continuing to hold. It’s fine, I just don’t care.


It doesn’t. A far from limited jpeg doesn’t nothing for any of us. Only helps Sony.


It’s the shills, just ignore and wait for the 🚀


This news from AA helps a lot! AMC to the moon


I want one of them NFTs! So it worked, I'm going to wait till the morning and buy 5 tickets! I'm guessing you get one per account, still have 4 others that would like to go!


We’re clearly infiltrated by the hedge fucks…


Even though I don't understand NFT's I know that some people make gawdawful amounts of money off them. So this can only be a good thing!




Yeah it’s cool! And it’s a first ever.. actually this is incredible if you are also part of the crypto crowd. This is going to happen ALOT more very soon and AMC is now leading it


Everything around the NFT is getting downvoted to hell. That tells you this is a good thing


Bingo, agree on all counts. This isn’t “the” NFT we wanted, but it’s one hell of a step in the right direction.


Apes are excited as fuck. This sub has been infiltrated and they’re trying to constantly spread FUD


Makes the case to build the nft architecture first so the share nft doesnt impact the bottom line. Its genius


Sad stupid hedges sending bots and FUD here. I’m too dumb to understand FUD, so I just buy hold drs


Because protecting the share price valuation of a company has mostly been ignored and in part, the system is designed that way. Because CEO's need to be more proactive when a company goes public to protect share count and total number of real shares owned. Because investors do not want dilution of share price through synthetic shares and FED'S. Because shares traded on a dark pool are bad for business/investors. Because Market Makers and governments cannot be trusted to protect investors or companies from illegal market manipulations. Because the government/the people have allowed the elite which own 90% of all shares to dictate winners and losers in the market. Because crime and corruption pays...


Best CEO ever


I’m a fuck ceos believer and I’m ecstatic of all the posible outcomes after this and the cash flow from all the people going specifically for the nft and the royalties from resales


For real. This will drive traffic to AMC and make it more profitable. Why wouldn’t shareholders be ecstatic about that?


Still Holding CS. Definitely not leaving 💰💰🚀🚀


Because it doesn't help? Feels like a little bread Crum trail to lead Apes on rather than dropping a whole loaf.


This sub is trash. Full of tin foil hat wearing know nothing's spreading false hope and insane ideas AMC will go to anything more than 3 figures. Fed will halt and kill it in a heartbeat.


There 4 million holders the amount of people here don’t matter


Mods are fucking useless


Yeah lots of FUD around this sub these days. Post something positive or real information and expect to get downvoted into oblivion. The NFT is big news for multiple reasons, but I think one smart thing AMC could do with the NFTs is instead of just releasing them with new upcoming movies, they should rescreen classic/popular movies (think like original Star Wars) for like a week and issue/give an exclusive commemorative NFT in conjunction as well


I’m sure when they show the ape documentary I. Theaters we will get the NFT that nails the shorts coffin. Sweet irony


I can understand the frustration, but this is much better than the popcorn news earlier.


There are lots of impatient and uneducated shareholders. This is a delicate process and must be carried out in a specific and LEGALLY ABIDING WAY. AA can’t just throw together an NFT dividend and crush shorts. NFT’s must first be introduced and then find use within the business model in order for it to be used for anything further. Plausible deniability is everything. The PRIMARY purpose of any transition to NFT’s MUST be company related and not an attack on shorts. Adam Aron is absolutely making the correct moves here.


Just like wallstreetbets it's probably majority shills.


Two sources of FUD and sour sentiment, following this very bullish announcement. The first is no surprise, shills doing what shills do. The second is sadly down to some apes who seem to expect AA to hop on twitter and announce "AMC naked shorts confirmed! Shares go Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" AA has to play very cautiously, as he's going to be under extreme levels of scrutiny both pre and post MOASS. The shorts are going to want people to blame it on, and he will be one of their main targets.


It’s not real apes. Wall Street has an army that just craps on everything. Get used to it. Monday when most the Army gets back to looking at it, the narrative will change. Happens every weekend that bonuses are being handed out. Look at it this way: imagine how low does someone have to be to design this type of narrative. Then ask yourself, “How far would you do anything for a person as such?” AMC has been in survival mode for quite a while, this is just noise.


I think the current FUD tactic is to equate anything that is not directly tied to MOASS as loss of confidence. I think they are getting desperate. "No need to buy more" and "AA isn't trying to make me rich. I should sell" scream desperation.


This sub has completely gone downhill, its dominated by people or bots trying to sow discord. The dd hasn't changed, just by and hold- not financial advise.


Because this sub has been infiltrated for months. I peaced out on daily check ins when we past 38K members.


I guess there are thousands of shill accounts here. They can control the narrative for a short time whenever they plan to do it, but can not for a long because their lies can not endure test of time. Just don't fall for their FUD, use your brain, stay calm and everything should be OK.


Maybe if you believe he has done a great job y’all can let him know it on Twitter or wherever else he can be reached. I’m sure plenty of people are saying some dumb shit to him. Let’s make sure he hears positive from us as well!!!


reddit and the internet at large is now just a cesspool for private influence. It's cheap and effective and I have no idea how to police it but yeah all the negativity is mostly that....and it is probably like close to half of content given their relatively higher level of motivation. Obviously this news is extremely bullish and AA is demonstrating his leadership in the new marketplace.


I feel like this sub is falling apart. Apes seem to be dividing. We are stronger in numbers!


Most apes stay off here on weekends. Lot of shills on the prow.


Hey shills say something


Its called infiltration. We’ve been battling it for months. Where the fuck have you been? No need to berate the normal apes. Become a mod if you really want to help. These fuckheads need clearing out.


I’m absolutely convinced most active users are paid shills. The amount of FUD just in the last month or so has been greater than I’ve ever seen and I’ve been active on this sub since April.


It's not apes, but infiltrators that are acting like idiots. Stay the course and buy/hold.


I think we all got tired from the turkey.


The bullshit on this sub means as much as the daily price action. Nada. I bought a stock I like and I’m holding it.


This sub is absolutely infiltrated and compromised by shills and bots. I’ve been invested in AMC since Jan and have seen this sub go from empowered Apes fighting the hedgies to a right-wing echo chamber pushing FUD to try to have us fight with each other and GME apes. Lots of copy-paste posts and comments too. I used to trust this sub but now I take every post with a massive grain of salt and skepticism. Stay vigilant, Apes. These institutional criminals will do anything they can to break this movement. Edit: typos


NFTs just suck. Period. Any NFT adoption by AMC sucks. AMC are now the suckers. Edit to clarify: NFTs suck from a crypto point of view. They cannot legally or technically enforce the pormises they make. All properties related to ownership in the context of NFTs are voluntarily created off-chain. In short: I will screenshot your NFTs. The NFTs that AMC will give out now are just promo-JPGs from Sony. The NFT divident is legally impossible for the next years.


What happened is most people got burned out on getting their hopes up. Do I believe the squeeze will happen? Absolutely! Do I think it’ll happen within 18 months? Probably not. Honestly I’m not gonna sell until it happens but I’m also fully expecting to wait atleast few years. We’re up against an unfair system that is rigged against the little guy. Remember the movie “Matilda” when they say “I’m big, your small, and there’s nothing you can do about it!” That’s what happened. Everyone is realizing that even if it’s 10 million people standing strong that it can and will all be delayed and postponed for months and years by one small group of people. 1-5 people are stopping the squeeze and they aren’t playing fairly and they never will play fairly. I’m not a shill and this isn’t meant to be fud. I’m in this for the long haul but I’m not going to delude myself into thinking that 3-5 years isn’t entirely possible. Stay strong fellow apes and don’t give up nomatter how long it takes.


So what is the lesson we learned today? Have zero expectations about anything in life and you'll never be let down.


But…NFTs won’t help MOASS. It’s good for the company, but aren’t we all in this to make money? When price per share hits $100, you think it’s gonna be because of a a fucking comic book image?


I think some people are just tired of all this.


Seems to me like shills are abundant here too now.


We have been infiltrated by the enemy. I just ignore them and then ask myself if the shorts have covered yet.




Yep, a bunch of morons on here. Too many shareholders on this sub expected a get rich quick scheme and are upset it it doesn't happen quick enough. I've been a shareholder for nearly a year and honestly don't give a shit when it happens. Why? Because I bought shares with money that I wouldn't miss.


This sub has been riddled with shills and bots for months, ofc those are the top comments. All us true diamond handed OG apes are delighted. AA is the bossman.


Shiiiiit I’ll definitely be getting in to buy my tickets ASAP for those NFT’s. Lol


Thats because their not real apes.


It’s just impatient people, true apes know what’s up


Couldn't agree more, I was stunned to see the NFT tweet, this could be the future of movies, like holding a stub for years


I rarely get online anymore but I’m holding via drs I don’t even know what news you are referring to


Great post! It’s almost unimaginable that it needs to be spelled out for some people. This is big progress towards ridding the stock of parasitic naked short sellers while also introducing a new revenue stream for a company we love. Win win. We are on the move.




We all are burnt out and many of us are probably feeling hopeless so it’s starting to show


It's simple. People expected way too much, so now they’re mad. They expected AA to do something to squeeze the shorts, he’s not going to do that because it opens him and the company to lawsuits


This play will play out. Emotions are irrelevant, resistance is futile, trust the process.


Lots of cowards on this sub that's why


Technology is in place. This is amazing. Huuuuuge partnership. Anyone who who has anything negative to say should be deleted from the sub.


I’m just waiting to buy 2 tickets for my buddy and I. I’m taking every opportunity to get any early NFTs


Not to mention churlish


Shills be shilling.


The fuckery is beating everyone down. Not enough diamond handed Redditers.




Agree. General crew doesn’t grasp this as a first step in the right direction. First inroad.


Just be patient. Shills slam the sub door first three days, then their fud gets buried and actual apes start trending again.


Fuk you pussy fud mudda fuka's! Go AMC!!!


​ ![gif](giphy|IT8d252aTz13G)




Fuck yea!!!!


Shills and bots, my friend. Shills and bots. Buy and hold has always been the play. Have a great day. :)






Man I guarantee 10’s of thousands of shills have been hired


P R E A C H !


Fucking right it’s big news. That’s why there’s all the forum sliding FUD.


Relax guys. Hedge fund Fuckery is juicy during holidays


Any progress is good progress




I predict 86K NFTs are 86’d in 69 seconds.




My math says Hedgies are fucked


This is the top post now.


100% agreed


Just shows how much infiltration has occurred


Shills and bots spreading FUD


First Salvo. He needs no help, He Got this.


They're called shills


If he drops a NFT dividend tomorrow I will shove a dragon fruit up my ass


I’m pumped!!! I have no idea what this really means, but I do know that it means our CEO listens to us and is proactive in making change. There will always be people who are never happy… can’t please them all. Thank you AA for listening and implementing change for the better!


Lmfao telling people how they should be feeling and topping it off with *grow up*. That definitely gonna change their minds


All the moderators are shills. This has been exposed for a few months.


bullish as heck we are mooning soon


This is fucking briljant!! I must say I never realized that there would be so much interest in such ETF but because there apparently is, it is even more a valid case for providing us share holders with an ETF as dividend instead of cash which they can’t because of their financial status!! AA is a genius!


Nfts r dum. I no care. Moar crayons now. Hodl


lol always doing what GameStop is doing huh


Imagine being a junior shitadell staffer getting called to work at balls to one in the morning because a bunch of internet retards broke the internet with sheer primate power.


We need to be realistic, wait until the company is profitable or wait until China explodes