With Gears, I had some trouble figuring out how the combo system worked and had to consult a guide online to figure that out. Also had some trouble understanding what was going on with some of the mech stats. The game is otherwise pretty simple, but when something is confusing it certainly doesn't go out of its way to explain things to you.


Not at all. Gears is very simple (to it's detriment, even). Just pay attention to the ESL/Boost tutorial in Saga and you'll be fine.


Thanks for the information!


In Xenogears, there's a combo system where you don't learn the button-presses until after you've ALREADY inputted them a certain number of times for each one (iirc). So every time you get a new level of input for the combos, it helps to have a print-out of the special combos for each character. The manual won't have this info either. Once you figure out the combo system out though, the battle system is really fun. Xenosaga is pretty intuitive. It's the first of the Xeno games to start incorporating break->topple->launch effects, but figuring out how to boost into that sequence is pretty straight-forward.


Nah, in-game tutorials are pretty good.