I feel this, I skipped many enemies during the 2nd Titan because of this and I'm regretting it bc I'm underleveled so I'm grinding as much as I can


the problem is its super chore. It not feels like Xeno. XC1 was ok with that, in XCX u could make urself nuker; here? I minmaxed my 23 party best I could (and im good at it) and still have to fight freaking weakest monster for 1 minute doing all combos, breaks etc. they screwed it up really hard here. AND It should be talked much more, because its a thing that ruin whole XC2.


What weapons are you using and how does your opener go?


Sorry, but I disagree. Bosses and unique monsters take way longer than the trash. I like that the trash doesn't just roll over, too. That said, I haven't had any trash mobs that took more than one arts chain unless it was higher level than me or something obviously more sturdy.


I'm feeling this too, it's a real pain.


How are you doing more than one combo on a lizard? I usually kill them before I can get one finished


The game is just honestly balanced terribly, and some other parts of it feel really rushed. I feel this should have been given another year or two in development. Like overall the game is good but god damn is the combat sluggish, slow paced, and the worst the series has to offer. The systems feel good though. The game needs an overhaul patch to strike most enemy HP down by 3-4 times, not even joking. They aren't challenging, they're just sponges. When you think how much time you're spending on this stuff, it really feels like the game would have been 10 hours shorter by the end of it because of how drawn out the combat is.


Your having trouble with Lizards?. I think your just underlevelled or not using specials properly. As a hint, I think every level 3 special in the combo three does AOE damage, so the idea is to huddle a few enemies together, then use the special to hit them all each with possibly 10,000 points of damage.


Hm. I'm at about that point and most enemies die before I even hit the third stage of a blade combo. I only really have problems if I get jumped by 3+ enemies and/or a unique monster, which kinda makes sense. It helps to upgrade your blades with the strongest Core Chips you can buy every time you visit a new town.