95% of the game looks beautiful but there are parts here and there that look absolutely awful.


> but there are parts here and there that look absolutely awful. **Yes.** [Took this screenshot myself earlier today](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DQEXpGLUQAAaJBa.jpg:large), but got downvoted to hell for posting it. It's hard to believe this is the same game


I'm playing a 65 inch 4k TV so I knew it was gonna look off (BOTW is also 900P but looks decent) but man it was rough. :/ I'm over it now, and I've seen the game look much better but that first area is so...wow.


Inside the Mor Ardain Ship in handheld mode for example


I've been playing primarily on handheld because I don't have a TV, and when I fast travel sometimes it's takes a minute for all the textures to load. Also in big fights sometimes the framerate goes to shit


What lvl are you if you don't mind me asking? I'm just a little farther ahead than you but I would recc grinding up some levels 👀


I’m lvl 18-20 atm about to leave first town


Damn I'm far behind, I'm level 30 and I don't even have Pandoria and Zeke yet ._.


Same lol I’m trying to find greatspire boundary and have no idea where to go


In case you still haven't figured it out, I heard you just go to the Landmark you get after that cutscene and hit straight north and go the "high road" or something. I haven't gotten to the Boundary yet cause I'm finishing some sidequests


It's been a blurry mess so far. The aggressive temporal AA combined with adaptive resolutions destroys the image quality for distant objects.


Are you playing handheld?


It's the same on my 55" tv and i messed with settings quite a bit. Game is awesome and some sceneries are beautiful, but most of the far away stuff has quality of PS1 textures.


No kidding. This definitely feels like a step back when compared to X in some regards visually speaking.


yep. XCX on my 55 TV was pretty decent. XC2 on same tv with same profile is not. too much agressive postprocessing


Been playing docked for the past 18 hours. Yeah it tends to look meh, lag and grainy, but a few good parts here and there. The "Style" is very often wonderful.


It's really too bad. It does look beautiful, but it is really hindered by the low resolutions. I feel like it would be absolutely stunning at 1080p. As much as I love the Switch, I'm pretty disappointing at how under-powered it seems.


The screenshots look better than the actual game x) I'm at the begining of this zone, can't wait to arrive the "cherrytree area"


> The screenshots look better than the actual game x) because in handheld mode the game looks really bad. Docked it's not so bad, just kinda blurry


She has a heart on her ass.


I want to hop in a Skell and fly over there


Its looks nice but XBX looks 100x better.. that game has so much more detail its a shame.. since the switch is apparently more powerful than the wii u.. yet xbx world looks so much better and more detailed lol downvoted for saying xbx looks better when it does.. sigh fanboys, never change


Huh, I think 2 looks far better than X, better facial expressions, better lighting, better art direction, it just looks more aesthetically pleasing.


seriously, google sylvalum, noctlium.. cauldros.. etc.. those worlds are far beyond more detailed and aesthetically pleasing. Its not even close. its not even an opinion... its literally is more detailed


You can't just disregard my opinion, we all have one, I've shared mine, and I complete disagree with yours and I have explained why. No need to try and convince me of your side or try and tell me my opinion is invalid.


His name is xenopath..I doubt he will have to google it ;)


This game is great so far. But I can't get over how many steps backwards it is from x.


I think so too, but im getting downvoted for saying so. treasures and collectibles exploding havin g to run around picking them up unable to use arts at the start of battle without investing shit ton of SP healing pots being thrown 100 yards away when i use an art... and the extremely slow run speed


I am amazed this is the sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles 1. I am trying VERY hard to like it. But it's just not cutting it for me. It's so frustrating. I feel like it's 2 steps forward, 5 steps back. It's not bad, but it feels like a completely different dev team


Don't forget about the unsatisfying jump. Not onyl is it tiny. But upon landing you also stop moving for a second.


i agree; XCX looks awesome and look actually better; every FAN of xeno would say it.


Does XBX mean the Xbox X? Because that console is a powerhouse, no wonder it's games would look better! Also, it's weird to call the Xbox X a "game". /s


xenoblade X


It could. It has potential. Unfortunately it’s on the switch.