it currently feels to be balanced around it......but im only level 18 so far.....so thats not really saying much......don't know if cores and equipment become more important later on.


I think it’s just to help and make sure your not over leveled (unless you want to be) I beat ch 2 at level 12 then went back and used all my bonus xp at the start of ch 3 and jumped to 18, but I like being over leveled since it’s nice for fighting those rare mobs. Edit: jumped


I know I'm underleveled in the middle of chapter 3 and I haven't used the feature, so I'd say so.


It depends on how much fighting you like to do. I like to run into a lot of fights so the bonus XP would probably just make me overpowered.


I like being overleveled, I'm at a decent lvl in chap 3 right now and I can't beat this one main mission because I keep getting overwhelmed and dying. LVL 26 if anyone cares.


Are you at the top of the giant stairs? [I had to focus the book-nerd guy (it takes WAY too long if you don't and he's significantly weaker than the other).](/s)


I just finished it after upgrading upgrading some chars. Yeah that's what I thought too since [He shackles you and leaves you vulnerable, which made the fight so much more annoying, bittersweet outcome though](/s)