Kind of ancillary, but when do I get to equip 3 blades?


Chapter 4


I want to know this too, I think I'm mid or end of chap 3


The higher your luck, the best your chances to get rare blades it seems, so you do get luckier as you lever up and get more gear. But, building trust and stuff seem to take a while, my personal plan right now is to try and have each party member have one rare blade, and probably stop the gamble for a while afterwards!


Rare crystals don't even guarantee rarenblades so keep that in mind. 3 rare crystals used with no rare blade but pulled one from a common crystal.


my problem is im afraid to get a good blade for the wrong character...


There is an item called Overdrive Protocol that can be used to reassign a blade. Not sure how rare they are yet though.


pretty rare i think. only found one in 12.5 hours of play and dont even know how i got it.


I found two so far, I think both from chests. But sometimes things that are rare in the early game are common in the late game.


Me too... I don't understand the mechanic tbh


There’s an item called Overdrive Protocol that lets you transfer blades in the Manage Blade menu, but its really rare, ive only found 1 in 12.5 hours of playing.


I'd maybe keep some. If a crucual party member gets taken away and you need to find a way to turn one of the others into a tank/heals for example. Just my plan, not sure how much I'll run into that later.


You might want to get your blade as eaaly as possible, it takes time for your affinity to build up. Some of the place need to have ice/wind water mastery lvl or some specific abilty from rare blade to get the treasure or some goodies. Nia is always with you and you must get a healer for yourself, sometimes when youre facing hard opponents its very useful when nia healings is not enough to keep your tank alive. Even my luck is 289 i dont see i got rare blade easier.