Chapter 10 Spoilers - Funny moment [I lost it when Rex cited the final rule of the Salvager's Code while speaking to the fucking Architect](/s)


[Rex is gonna punch out Mallos... and then share a drink! XD](/s)


And then he kills him instead for some reason


Well he was to young to drink so he did the next best thing.


I just wish Mythra didn't cut off rule 5


I like to think that the salvagers code is just something the guys training him made up just to fuck with him.


Just beat the game, maybe the real Elysium was the friends we made along the way.




If this is the OnePiece ending I'm going to eat my own shit.


I can't stop laughing at how much Nomura's character designs stand out. You start the game with whimsical fantasy designs, and then suddenly a bunch of edgelords clad in black show up, looking like they just walked out of FF XV.


Jin is Sephiroth. It's amazing how many parallels there are to the Niebleheim incident in the intro to this game, from setting, characterization, and themes.


Omg when Malos turns around in the flames!!! That same exact scene lol.


They good tho


They are, they just stand out a ton due to how obvious it is that Nomura designed them.


I think that Vess during her quest is the one who stands out the most... Her design is so different compared to other blades


Vess looks like an homage to sailor moon's art style


>FFXV XBC2 is about 1,000,000,000 times better than FFXV in almost every discernible way though. I know you aren't saying otherwise, but I feel this needed to be said.


Oh, I agree, XV was a mess of titanic proportions. Story and character development happens outside the game in an anime/ movie, the battle system was a trainwreck and Nomura/ Tabata clearly had different ideas on how to make the game. Coupled with the fact that it spent most of it's life as a glorified tech demo for E3, the game is a joke. On the plus side, Octopath Traveler for Switch is probably going to be amazing, if the demo is anything to go by.


"Ave discovehd a new recipeh!" vs "Dont forget me!"


I know there will be people who complain that Pyra and Mythra shouldn't have returned in the ending, that it "cheapens her sacrifice." You are not in the wrong to have those opinions and in an academic sense you may be "right." With that said, in a game like this literary integrity is less important to me and personally I am very happy they came back. Some times having a happy ending is more important to me than having what some would call a 'better" ending, and I wouldn't have had this one any other way


I'm honestly tired of the trend of downer endings lately Having the save the world and get the girl ending was very warm and fuzzy


Glad someone else noticed this trend over the last few years. Lately you can start a game and know within a few minutes that the main character will die. A bit sick of it myself


dude I was literally jumping when Mythra/Pyra's core resonated


I like feeling warm and fuzzy.


Honestly, yeah. Especially as us veterans know Klaus as a piece of shit, it was nice to see him actually be a really good guy. I was expecting the Architect to be an asshole before re-meeting Klaus, and when they showed the first scene of him I was like "damn it Zanza is the villain huh?" but then he turned out be an awesome dude. I also think it's possible that he merged Shulk's and his world together, which is the continent at the end. Probably left to the imagination on purpose.


Either the worlds merged or Klaus cleared the Cloud Sea, revealing the world below. It was mentioned earlier that Klaus used the Cloud Sea to restore Earth.


Azurda flew them through a rift into the world Shulk is in. Klaus had all the titans pass through this and join with the new land


I so want this to be true. The third game needs to be a crossover with Rex and Shulk. IDK who the protagonist would be, but fuck dude the potential is insane. I thought this game was just a spiritual successor. When I saw the space station and the Architect said his name was Klaus, I lost my mind! And then when Klaus revealed half his body was in the other universe, and we heard Shulk fighting Zanza. Ahhhhh dude I'm so giddy rn I just beat it and I'm still so hyped.


I know XC fans would love this, but you gotta look at it from the prespective of the dev team. You wanna make a RPG that new people can pickup without ever playing the previous ones. I very much doubt a XC3 would be a direct sequel with a timeline that links the first 2 games in a way there you need to play them first to understand the story.


That's a really good point. Especially considering XC1 came out in 2010 in Japan and 2012 in the US. It's getting old. That being said, XC2 wouldn't have been nearly as shocking or surprising if I hadn't already played XC1.


When fighting Malos on the Cliffs of Morytha and he shouted "Monado Buster" I just had to set my controller down and absorb what just happened for a second.


I just wanted to ship Nia and Rex. I guess I'm just doomed to ship the wrong characters after Melia and Shulk.


I mean you still can. It's not like XC1 where there's an epilogue with the MC and female lead being a couple. It ends pretty open-ended. You might need to get creative but it won't be like you're breaking canon or anything. Plus its just shipping fictional characters anyways.


The title screen after you beat the game shows Rex holding hands with Pyra and Mythra though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I'm forseeing threesome doujins ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Rex is her driver, so I'm pretty sure we got the harem end this time. One of the fee times I'm entirely okay with it. Now all we need is the wedding dress art.


Thinking about it more it makes complete sense how they came back. Due to being an Aegis they had the ability to survive a bit after their core crystal is removed so that explains why she was able to function after it was removed. Then like shown in earlier scenes, a core crystal only needs a little time to recharge and then its good for another use. The only question is how both Pyra and Mythra came out separate and how they still have their memories. I can possibly chalk them having memories up to being an aegis but I'm still curious how they came out separate.


Because Rex needs threesomes clearly


That is all I can think about. They are the same person but now 2 bodies and they love Rex. Bow chika bowow


That ran through my head through every second of this fucking game. When they unveiled the green-haired Aegis I thought, "This is how they resolve the two-girl issue. Bring them back into one girl who will be with Rex." But no, that girl is like, nonexistent. Rex needs two girls to bang. Lucky bastard.


The architect explained that the blades provide data on their drivers and the world around them back to the elysium processors when they "die". Since Pyra, Malos, and the other one are those processors in sentient form, it makes sense they don't lose their memories. Literally all of the blade data is stored in them.


How they came out separate will probably be up to interpretation but I'm sure Aegis don't lose memory like normal Blades.


I felt empty and conflicted before she came back. Couldn't be happier with how it turned out. This game deserved a happy ending


So, that door on the upper level of Argentum that needs 5 Superstrength and 5 Nopon Wisdom. It probably took me an entire hour to find 50 unique Nopon NPCs to level Boreas to 3 so he and Poppi together met one benchmark. Going through enough lootboxes to find a 3rd blade with Superstrength took almost the entirety of the playthrough up to this point. Behind that fucking door is nothing but a Nopon on a hamster wheel. Fuck


You don't need to find unique nopon to level it. Just fast travel to Argentum, talk to all the merchants, fast travel again, repeat.


You don't even need to do that much, just move back and forth between two nopons. As long as you are talking to a different one from the previous conversation it counts.


Which Nopon? If you come back later in the game you might like it more...


Interestingly theres actually a nopon you can talk to at some point that explains that Argentum is actually powered by a nopon running on a hamster wheel. This is payoff for themat joke and I found it hilarious.


TFW you just finished the game and finally can read this thread


Lmao. I was literally just thinking the same thing


> Zeke : I heard some bollocks about "growing up" and "next phase of life..." > Nia : "You would know, you're the master of talking bollocks." God I love Zeke and Nia's dynamic.


And how after like the second time he answers to shellhead without question. Zeke has the finesse and vocabulary of Dunban, but the meme-ness of Reyn. He's awesome.


In one of the heart to hearts, Pandoria mentions that comic timing is a very important part of being Zeke's blade


I find it interesting how (endgame) [Shulk and Rex are ultimately wielding two variants of the same power: Rex derives his power from Pyra/Mythra/Pneuma of course and Shulk derives his power from Monado/Alvis/Ontos](/s).


And they all seemingly derive their power from the Conduit


Yes it seems that in typical Xeno game fashion, power flows through the Zohar/Conduit from a higher dimension and fuels the most advanced and immense powers/technologies. Guess that still leaves the question, what is this other dimension that they pull this essentially infinite energy from? Saga attempted to work Takahashi’s ideas, but cus the whole series was cut short we never really saw it much in game.


Random bit of trivia. In Pyra's Minty Freshness forme, the Greek letters on her chest spell 'Pneuma'


And the Latin passage underneath it is from Proverbs 4:18 "Iustorum autem semita quasi lux splendens procedit et crescit usque ad perfectam diem" "The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn that grows brighter until the full light of day."


[spoiler] Chapter 10 and end game spoilers So is it safe to say Shulk was a driver and Alvis a blade?


This also gives a new retrospect reason on why Dunban nearly died from using the Monado: he's not a driver


Oh dang. Didn't think about that.


I love how this game has made the first one even more fascinating


Better yet Shulk was a Master Driver and Alvis an Aegis!


Sort of. For most of the game Shulk was channelling Zanza using the Monado and Monado II (who was in turn channeling the Conduit/Zohar), and in the ending when Shulk gets the Monado III he's resonating with Ontos/Alvis It's interesting, since it implies that Monados are actually manifestations of the Zohar, Logos/Malos has one, Ontos has one, and it seems like Pneuma has one (though it's never referred to as a Monado), however, Galea/Meyneth and Zanza ALSO have one, implying that anyone affected by the Zohar can manifest a Monado Which is pretty huge, since Klaus says that "when the conduit was activated, everyone was pulled into other realities", meaning that any Monolith Soft game that mentions a Monado is connected to XC2's earth via someone who got pulled into that reality from Morytha


"Let's begin the experiment!" Fuck


1 doomed planet, 2 dying worlds and thousands of dead men later: "Yea it's a pretty bad idea I regret it"


"Place your hand on my chest" Yes please.


So uh flesh eaters and 2 aegises and empty elysium amirite guys??????


On another note, anybody got a clue what's up with Jin? I have literally no idea. (spoilers from future chapters are welcome, I don't really care about 'em. The journey's more fun once I know the destination.)


Jin is a blade who fought alongside mythra during the aegis war. At the end, his driver got killed, and before she died she said she didn't want to Jin to forget her. And the only way to do that is to eat your driver. Sooooo Yeah. And now he's fucking pissed and wants to kill pyra for causing his driver to die.


Not entirely accurate. Jin is a pretty complicated character (which is why he's my favorite villain). Jin helped Addam and Mythra stop Malos 500 years ago. Almathus (the guy who awakened Malos) saw how deadly the Aegis was and tried to destroy the remaining one after Malos was defeated. Addam and Mythra were originally from Torna so Amalthus sent his army there to destroy everything in search of the Aegis. Issue is that Mythra and Addam had already disappeared so he destroyed the whole titan for no reason. Jin's driver Lora was caught in the crossfire and died and with her permission Jin ate her so he would never forget her. Fast forward sometime and Jin basically has no purpose in life. Eating his driver granted him immortal life but he has nothing to do with that life. He is basically wanting a purpose or death but along comes Malos who is already dead set on destroying the world (for his own reasons that are actually aren't your generic bad guy ideas) and influences Jin to help him kill the Architect and destroy all humanity. Jin at his heart is not a bad guy. He was just influenced by Malos at the wrong time. Malos got to him when he was vulnerable and molded him the wrong way. Actually none of the bad guys are truly evil people. They just were in the wrong situations that influenced them to pursue their evil acts. His reasons for wanting Pyra and Mythra were to give Malos back his full power so they can ascend the world tree. Once that was done they didnt necessarily need to kill Pyra/Mythra or Rex. They just needed to get to the architect before they did.


...Fuck that's dark.


All this multiverse shit and the connection between 1/2 has me wondering if this will eventually tie back into X.


Probably not. Alrest is a desolate Earth. We also know that X took place in 2054 and Klaus did his experiment in 20XX. It's been hundreds of years since then.


But MIthra+pyRA = MIRA!


I'm currently convinced that the Ganglions attacked Earth because of the Conduit in another alternate universe


One connection I've seen so far in the cutscenes on youtube is that the interdimensional portal in the space station above the planet, which provides everyone with their powers AND is how the universe was "destroyed" in the first place, is shaped exactly the same as the lifehold units in X. So perhaps all the game universes tie together some way through said portals. But I doubt even Takahashi knows for sure where all this is going at this point.


You have clearly not played Xenosaga judging from this post ;) The multidimensional portals are a major part of the Xenosaga games. [They also make an appearance near the end of Xenogears](/s)


I've said it before, but my theory is that Xenoblade X is Xenoblade 10. So in an almost Star Wars like way, they made the sequel before the prequels. And now they can just fill the gap.


The moment when you get out of the orbital station into the ruins of Elysium is one of the best and most heartbreaking moments I've ever played in a video game.


Ruined Elysium is my favorite area! It was so haunting to me... I But I went back later after beating the game and the music is replaced with the one that leads up to the final boss :(


I think I was a little more 'haunted' when I was wandering around Morytha and Rex finds the ID badge after killing that boss.


I agree. All the build up to Elysium, especially when you walk pass the security gates and see images of Elysium on display. Absolutely heart breaking.


Finished the game. Took around 50 hours, though I skipped a bunch of quests. 9/10 easily. Story was very good. I feel the message in XC1 was more deep but XC2's story was more interconnected. The world felt more connected with how each continent is involved, including how we return to areas for the story and how each main character has involvement in the plot. Every main character was engaging and I enjoyed all of them. The story is the strongest point for this game. Art style was great. The changes to the look was so much better than XC1 and the characters were much more expressive. The lands were also very stunning, with the different environments on each continent. Picture quality was a bit shaky at times, and it's very noticeable on portable, but the game is still playable. I actually liked the gameplay for XC2 more than XC1. Despite the tutorials being hard to get if you missed the first time, the gameplay was much more clear this time. I managed to get all of the major battle mechanics. Even then, the battles still were hard and strategy was definitely involved, though my later strategies heavily involved Pythra. My major quip is where some areas require field skills that you aren't guaranteed to have at that point. It ruined some of the pacing near the end. Other things are the nature of the fetch quests which, when made required for the story, again marred the pacing of the game. It happened once or twice in the main story which was annoying. Voice acting was fine. Some scenes were a bit off, but it was definitely enjoyable for the most part. Comments about some parts being voiced as if there wasn't context is true, but most of it was fine. Nevertheless, the positives far outweighed the negatives. Amazing story. Great, fun combat. Easily worth the price.


61 hours, I have finished the game. All I can say is **holy. fucking. shit.** That was a wild ride from start to finish! I don't think I enjoyed it quite as much as the orignal Xenoblade, but its still **REALLY** damn good in its own right! One thing I am disappointed about is the fact there isn't a New Game+ feature. I literally don't understand why this isn't something in this game when it was there in the original game.


I'm 62 hours in and I'm on chapter 5. Fuck. I 10 hours today just trying to explore a bit and clear out my quest log and I didn't even finish. I don't know how I will ever stop playing this game.


Its a weird habit I have with JRPG's I really end up liking. Be it Persona, Final Fantasy, or the original Xenoblade Chronicles, I try my best to power through the story simply because I wanna know what happens. I did do some side quests here and there to make sure I didn't get completely bodied though. I actually got killed on my first attempt against the final boss due to some bullshit but then on my 2nd attempt I ended up killing him with a 2.2 million damage Chain Attack. It was actually only a few hours after I finally figured out how Chain Attacks work in this game lol


I managed to get my first Full Chain on the final boss, did 4.4 mil damage, but I'm pretty sure at least 2mil of that was overkill damage xD. That said, I'm in a similar place with you, I just had to keep pushing through the story. It was a book I couldn't put down until I finished it... a bloody 70hr book. Seriously though, the entire final scene I was just chanting no.no.no.no.no.no. over and over again. I got REALLY attached to that character. Definitely full on cried... what a game. [thank god for the post credit scene... I was going to be a wreck had that not happened](/s)


Anyone feel bad for Mikhail and Patroka? Kinda hoped they'd make it out alive after the whole thing and go on a date or something.


Yeah, I felt that everything that happened to the Torna guys was one of the saddest parts of the game.


Gah. I just got to the part where Nia does the thing and now I’m seeing so many parallels between what is happening in this game and what happened between Shulk/Fiora/Melia. Hot blonde vs. girl with grey hair who secretly loves you. I hope this story doesn’t end the same way. I don’t know if I’ll be able to take it. Edit: NOOOOOOOOOO THOSE GOD DAMN BIG BREASTED BITCHES I’M SO MAD!!!!


Didn't like Rex's sexy future?


No. I’m actually very salty about it. One moment I was super sad because it’s not like I hated Pyra/Mythra and I didn’t necessarily want them gone, but as everyone else was flying down to the planet I started to accept, and even like, the bittersweet ending. Then they beamed onto gramps’ back from space. All emotional investment in the ending was immediately nullified *and* my ship got sank because Nia sees Rex (whose jaw is on the floor about two chicks at one time) and she pushes him towards them with a kind of, “Go gettem’, tiger,” look on her face. So mad. Love the game. Love the overall story. Hate the last 2 minutes.


It's telegraphed pretty strongly that he'll be able to summon Pyra/Mythra again since he has their crystal. Also, the whole Nia/Rex thing was super one-sided. I don't remember one time where Rex seemed to show romantic interest in Nia.


That Zeke/Rex/Morag H2H in the World Tree was hilarious. rip Zeke


RIP Zeke in every heart to heart.


Just RIP Zeke altogether


Just finished the game. Bought it day of release. First of all.... IMHO - XBC2 is Game of the year. It was just incredible from cover to cover. I haven't felt this way playing a video game since the early 2000's. It has just been so long since we have been given an AAA RPG title like this. Just 10/10 - can't give it enough praise. Frustrations, few as they are include: - The compass/map system was garbage... that paired with occasionally confusing mission directions made navigation infuriating a few times. - The blade bonding system was more frustrating than rewarding, I feel like it could have been tightened up a bit. - I was kind of shocked they didn't give you anything for beating the game. I was honestly hoping for Jin's core crystal, or a new suit for Rex, or an island you can only get to post game or something. - I loved Nia and would have used her no matter what... but it is a little strange that they gave you two attackers, two tanks and only one healer to choose from. Pretty much everything else gave me warm fuzzies to the max. It was an incredible ride and I am really looking forward to grinding out all the side missions I haven't finished yet - and any DLC that is incoming. I wish I could thank the developers personally.




Because he was a reasonable mentor type with white hair, raises orphans, who shapes the main character's worldview, and teaches them the consequences of death. He may as well have been wearing a neon "I will not outlive this chapter" sign


To be fair, his full affinity chart managed to convince me otherwise. I figured they'd save his death for a chapter or two down the line.


Wait, I'm pretty sad about Akhos's sadness (because smugness is best), but bless, his blade's voice was annoying.


Is it confirmed yet that there's going to be romance between Rex and Pyra? Always love me a good ol' fashioned jrpg romance subplot


oh ye they're in love <3




Rex curving Nia in Chapter 7 was fucking brutal. Nia: “I love you Rex!” Rex: “I love you too Nia! ... Rex: “I love all of you guys!” *sad trombone music plays*


The best part for me was that when she said that, I burst out yelling, "WHAT?!" and immediately afterwards, Rex looks at her with sheer, utter confusion and exclaims, "WHAT?!" too. Then he comes around and tells her he loves her too, and I think, "Whoa, but hey, kinda cool they're not going with the obvious romance, and that they're changing it up now rather than at the very end." "I love all of you guys." "OH SHIT that was brutal."


I feel like Nia is like this game's Melia since the parallels were that they had feelings for Rex and Shulk respectively but accepted the fact that they can't be together. It's understandable that her inner thoughts that sort of relate to this were shown to Rex when they were in Elysium.


I really like how they don’t try to force the love triangle. Nia clearly has feelings for Rex, but she understands and doesn’t try to force it. I’m also pretty sure Rex knows too, because isn’t the chapter 10 sequence supposed to be about the character’s worst fears?


It's more than that if you have her as your primary blafeblade, rex after a fight will say something along the lines of "so... about what you tried to tell me back then" and Nia will be confused for a sec then say "Oh that! Now... isn't the best time yeah?" In reference to bringing it up in battle.


She gets all excited at knowing the place where Rex was born when the party gets the opportunity to visit it. Yeah, she is all over him.


Yeah, there is definitely something brewing between the two. I just finished the second chapter and the last cutscene strongly hinted at that.


Ok okok I have got to get this off my chest this is killing my hype for the game. I hate, *HATE* how many times the game makes it such that I defeat a boss with relative ease and with full health left over, and the following cutscene shows the bad guy just absolutely destroying Rex. If I’m meant to lose a battle, give me a scripted losing battle. If I just took the effort to level up my characters and get the best core chips and awaken the most fun blades and get the most suitable aux cores for my play style, please game don’t ruin my fun by showing me that I just lost a fight against the “strongest blade and driver in Mor Adain". WHO CARES IF THEYRE THE STRONGEST. How is it that the best RPG in 2017 isn’t letting me play the role of Rex? I as the player beat the bad guy, but the in game Rex barely loses and has to rely on Pyra ex machina to pull his ass out of the fire? How is that role playing? Wtf Monolith. -end rant- sorry guys it’s just getting on my nerves. Still love the game though. Have fun


Yeah my lil rant about this too is that multiple times Pyra is attacked in a cutscene while Rex is not available to help her and it's just sort of pretended that no one else in the party exists. Like HELLO we have like 2 friends with swords just watching these people get beaten up by one person?


Mr rex sir pyra is blushy crushy just for you


No no no, Pyra say it all wrong.


I was rewatching Xenoblade Chronicles cutscenes and I came across this particular one: **HUGE XC1 SPOILERS** https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5rPght7Sorg At around the 3:44 mark, [Alvis says “You already know what I am, and what you must do” to Shulk, which basically reveals Alvis to be the Monado. After that, Shulk touches his chest and and a bright light envelopes him as he is revived.](/s) This is similar to how Pyra used her lifeforce to resurrect Rex at the beginning of the game, basically confirming that [Alvis](/s) truly is the third Aegis, Ontos.


Mind is blown. Either the script writer thought about this a long time ago or they did a wonderful job coming up with a new story that connects back to X1. Amazing either way.


Watching a lot more of the cutscenes, I'm finding the english VA to be pretty decent but inconsistent. The biggest problems are during more exaggerated moments where it seems like the VA's weren't given any real context for the lines, and the comedy scenes seem to have gotten the worst of this. The girls in particular are way too flat compared to the animation, it really feels off. On the other hand hearing Malos call Rex a little shit got a chuckle out of me, and during normal conversations everyone seems pretty good. Not sure which language I'm going to use at this point. I'm also noticing that enemies are taking way more damage than the preview footage. I don't know if the HP was inflated like people were saying, or if it was a later change, but I think the fears of endless HP sponge enemies can be put to rest. The battle chatter does feel excessive though. I could be wrong, but I recall the first game would often play a generic grunt instead of the full art name to keep the frequency down, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. Against other people things get really obnoxious. They definitely should have recorded more combat lines for the standard Imperial soldiers, and given them more than one voice. In one of the streams, they were firing off so many "Don't forget me!"s that I actually checked to make sure I didn't have a duplicate open. Overall though, I'd say things are looking more or less how I expected, which is a good thing. Rex in particular seems entertainingly smug, doesn't seem bland in these early scenes. I think a lot of people are going to end up liking him, weird pants notwithstanding.


My biggest gripe with the voice acting is the lipsync. Very little effort seems to have been put in making the mouth movements match the English dialogue. That alone makes me want to switch to Japanese once the patch hits.


In XC1, not all Arts had two lines. Using Shulk as an example, some like Stream Edge indeed had either **WAAAAAAAAAAH** or **STREAAAAAAAM EDGE**. Others like Back Slash, Slit Edge, and Shadow Eye was just one line. Also I'm pretty sure the bloated health was only there to properly show off combat capabilities so enemies don't die in like 10 seconds.


I would probably switch to the Japanese VA if it wasn’t for Pyra, and Rex in normal conversation. I think Pyra’s voice actor really made Pyra likable with the slight voice cracks and deeper tone. Reminds me a lot of Jennifer Lawrence’s voice. And Rex is great in normal situations. But like you said, the aaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyah moments with him are vvv cringey.


MEYNETH AND KLAUS!!!!!! Just got to the beginning of chapter 9 and holy shit. When I heard Meyneth's human name I just sat here in shock.


Well she isn't actually named Meyneth here. They give her a canon name. It's Galea.


Just like Zanza's name is actually Klaus. I don't think she ever had a human name so it made sense to give her one. Still though, seeing Zanza and Meyneth was something else, what with Xenoblade Chronicles being my favorite game of all time. And now I think I will simply have to include both for my number 1 spot.


Damn, that Ending. So I'm assuming it's agreed on that the Conduit is the Zohar and Ontos is Alvis. I wonder how Shulk and the others would react to Rex and the Titans arriving in shulk's new world, because I'm pretty damn sure that's where they ended up.


Well, keep in mind there is DLC coming. I'm also thinking that Shulk will be the "rare blade" that we get, or something from XC1. That was an amazing ending, but technically, we're not done yet.


Monado blade pls


I would love to see either Alvis or Shulk as a blade and the Monado the weapon. Any sort of continuity be damned. And honestly, who knows if that would even be conflicting at all.


To be honest, given how the story ended, it may not be too conflicting. I mean, we already know that Zanza is the other missing half of The Architect (Klaus)s body. It is also a speculation that the third Aegis that left Klaus, IS Alvis (further supported by the fact that Klaus called Malos a computer/machine, just like Alvis is). So it's not entirely out of the question, considering we know that a Monado can exist outside of Zanza's universe (as Malos owns a Monado).


Fuckin poppi running up to hug the two of them melted my heart


Poppi is the most emotional sweetest character of the whole cast and she's a robot.




Mfw you'll never wake up to a Pyra lap pillow.


Major Spoilers! German cutscenes for chapter 7 and 10. Also Chapter 10 spoiler related to XC1 [Klaus/Zanza is in this game, it's an AU version of XC1. He's mentioned at the beginning of chapter 10, has a conversation with Meyneth and he briefly appears at the end, with Shulk/Adam Howden's voiceline from XC1 endgame about defeating gods and changing destiny being heard.](/s) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFXUS3m7h6w


[Actually, Zanza is the evil half of Klaus. Basically, XC1 is a new dimension created by Klaus, where his evil half is an all powerful being who have some control of that dimension. The world we are in now is the original world, Earth, left in devastation cause by Klaus who regret what he did and try to make it up by creating new life. But the part about Shulk is true. I wonder if Alvis is the missing third sword](/s)


Alvis is definitely Ontos


So where does the series go from here? is it to be assumed that the last area at the end is [The same place shulk and co ended up after beating zanza?](/s) If so, will we hopefully see a xenoblade chronicles 3 with them all together?


Please yes Could you imagine Reyn AND Zeke in the same party


Or Zeke and Shulk - who's really feeling it more?


So apparently Morag is a princess... *insert fake shock here*


But is she like naoto is the question, and is hiding her god given assets


Ok can we talk about how great the story is? It’s so well written and it blew my mind quite a few times. They tied the two fakes together so well and in a way that makes sense. I don’t know too much about Xenosaga but I think they did a good job of tying that in (I’m assuming the conduit is like or is the Zohar) and I feel like the artifices are direct nods to the gears from xenogears but then again I don’t really know anything about xenogears. All in all the story is just amazing and I hope other people felt the same way as I did 😂


I just finished the story now and I fucking loved it. I legit cried and I haven’t done that for a game since The Last of Us. I also loved how they tied it in to the first game.


I fucken loved the tie in to XC1. Very well done. Also feel bad for Nia, damn she took rejection like a champ though. I just beat the game so the only thing left for me to do is the rare blade quests. I don’t really care for the other side quests


Kind of a neat tid-bit of information, but Logos, Pneuma, and Ontos are all greek words with fairly significant theological and philosophical meanings. Logos means "word" and in religious/philosophical conext is the divine will or reason in the universe. Pneuma means "breath" and refers to the soul or spirit. Ontos means "being" or existence. It's also sometimes translated as reality.


Post game depression is real. At least this time it is more of "wow this game is great" like OG Xenoblade instead of "ok now what" like X. Chapter 10 had me completely surprised. The whole connection with Klaus and XC's world is well-done. All the comments in this thread outlining further connections are making me grinning with excitement! I originally feel iffy about the ending at first, but when I think back about Takahashi's statements, I guess this is what he wants to write. At least I can be happy for Rex that the one(s) he love is alive. Lucky bastard.


HUGE SPOILER AHEAD [Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are in fact connected. Klaus is the Architect who was split in half. His evil side is Zanza, and the one we see in Xenoblade 2 is the good side of him. He dies in Xenoblade 2 after Shulk kills him in Xenoblade 1 so both games take place at the same time.](/s)


lol I just posted this below as well, 20 minutes ago. Quick question, is [Ontos implied to be Alvis?](/s) Still watching that scene after cutting ahead


yeah [ontos is definitely alvis, since klaus said that they were the processors of... whatever trinity name he gave the thing on the fuckotron space station 5000, and alvis said he was its ai](/s) [also, this means that alvis is, for all intents and purposes, pyra and malos' brother](/s)


Makes me think the "rare blade" DLC is Alvis, AKA we get to use the Monado. Can't imagine what else they could do to justify a new rare blade.


Think all the agieses are Monados. Malos uses all the Monado arts in the fight in the cliffs. If Alvis is Ontos (which I agree), and he can also use Monado arts, that means Pyra/Mythra is also a Monado too.


Mythra uses foresight


Personally I think that [Ontos is the Monado, if he is Alvis he may be the rare blade saved for the expansion pass](/s)


I wasn't exactly right but I sorta called it ... https://www.reddit.com/r/Xenoblade_Chronicles/comments/6h6hvg/possible_world_connections_between_xc1_and_xc2/dqre9us/?context=3


...why is there another new tutorial in Chapter 10? damn.


Because triple attack is awesome


But triple attack requires that the best best healer in the game be put on the same driver as the best attacker in the game. Sometimes, I just want a dedicated healer so I don't have to worry as much about health when the Aegis is wrecking shit.


Yeah, but sometimes I just want to do cool stuff


Just finished the story after almost 100 hours. My main question is: Is Rex in a relationship with both Pyra and Mythra now? The new title screen suggests it.


A harem with 2 best girls ? Sure why not.


Probably the best reward for the hero of a game I've seen


But there's only one Nia ;L


Alvis has to be the missing core of the trinity processor. I made a mock up in photoshop of the conversation Alvis had with Shulk and the conservation Klaus had with Rex so you can see how they directly relate. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kpy9txv6h0orimc/Monado%20is%20the%20missing%20core%20of%20the%20trinity%20processor..png?dl=0


Can anyone here confirm Mórag joining the party?


She does.


Even though this is a spoiler for me, I'm very happy to hear that. Her EN voice acting is really good and she came across as a total badass character.


Not to mention she probably has the best damn outfit design in the whole game.


Wow, just finished, and I have to say... I was worried at first when XC2 was announced, not because i knew it wouldn't be good, but rather it might tarnish how great XC1 was. I am delighted how they managed to craft the interwoven story, while letting them remain distinctly isolated. I really do think Monolith Soft outdid themselves with this one, might even have to place XC2 ever so slightly over XC1 as my favorite game of all time...


I personally feels like it blows XC1 out of the water




Wouldn't there potentially be 3 of them because of Logos, Pneuma and whatever the 3rd one was called? The 3rd one was likely Alvis so it would make sense for Malos to be using one


After seeing the cut scene for the second phase of the Aion battle, does anyone else feel bad for beating Zanza in the Final Battle? It made me wish I hadn't done it as quick, especially when we here the echo from across the transdimesnional portal?


I have just finished the game and man I am floored. Like the original Nier this is a game that can be dissected and nitpicked to death. You can keep listing its flaws on and on. But as a complete package... Maaan, just a fantastic experience. This game has a soul, a legit soul. I also enjoyed the happy ending, especially given that Takahashi wanted an optimistic tone for the story for once. We have plenty of soul shattering endings in video games as it is, thank you. BUT! There is one major unresolved question that was not answered and I was pretty surprised because of it. This question being - what is up with Addam? The game makes a huge deal of his hooded look and conceals his face. Why? It clearly implies that his identity is important for the plot. It is also implied that Mythra was (probably) in love with him, just as she is with Rex. Is he somehow connected to Rex? Malos makes an interesting remark about Rex’s eyes right in the beginning. Why? Is it significant? Furthermore we have the baby that Amalthus saves. Who is he/she? Is it Addam? The color of the baby’s hair and the hairstyle is pretty similar to Rex’s. I have a feeling that Addam is going to be the main topic of the upcoming storry DLC. What do you guys think?


GUYS! I know what the DLC blade is. It's [Infinite from Sonic Forces](/s) why? [Has crystal: check | also his theme song literally says "I'm the sharpest of BLADES](/s) [jk kill me pls](/s)


time to stay away from this thread lol who am i kidding I'm still gonna be here


Just beat the game...one of the best games I've ever played...tears were shed at the ending. Amazing ride. Great story, great characters, great combat, great music, great overall presentation. Easily better than XB1 imo and I liked XB1....best switch game too. I want to discuss it, but I don't even know where to begin or what to say...still trying to catch my breath..


I just have to ask but if Aion is the strongest artifice then why is Ophion 47 levels higher?


I wish I could delete my memory so I could play it again for the first time. My favorite game ever.


Gramps is definitely hiding things from rex. Kinda reminds me of Dickson. Also during his first fight with using Pyra malos makes a remark about how Rex's eyes should been a give away. I'm not sure if he's referring to the look in Rex's eyes or something deeper. Either way rex is definitely "special" (like shulk) and his father figure is keeping secrets (like Dickson)


Well, it turns out that [Gramps did know secrets, but Gramps does not end up betraying Rex at all.](/s)




Probably. He voiced Klaus in the original so I don't know why a different actor would be playing the same character. He rerecorded his lines from the original game as well.


Adam is definitely voicing the Architect. The credits confirm that too. He's just much more subdued and somber compared to Shulk or Classic Cross. As Klaus he sounds almost the same, though.




Preach. Went from "Aw that's cute" to "fuck this bitch" real quick.


Can anyone give any great Zeke quotes from the game?


He has a pet turtle that he calls Turters. He says Turters a lot


"I'm really feelin it!" One of his battle catch phrases lol


Does anyone know if there's a Telethia in the game as a superboss or something? Because it ain't a Xenoblade without Telly.


So Ontos is Alvis in XC1 right?


Just finished XB2, and now the post game emptiness is eating me up. Can't even bring myself to go straight back into the game and wrap up all the side content, since I can't stop thinking about the last 70 hours I've just played through. Pyra and Mythra returning at the end was really nice though, despite it probably not being the best way to end the story. I just don't think I could go on playing the rest of the content knowing that Pyra/Mythra are gone for good haha.


I can't believe vandham is fucking dead


Was Roc originally supposed to be a female blade that they for some reason cast a male VA as at the last minute? It's not obvious from the character art, but seeing him in-game he actually has a very feminine physique... and some very feminine poses... and of course there's those large "bags" around his neck... god dammit I don't want to give furries any ideas but that's just what it looks like!


At chapter 7, just finished Spirit Crucible Elpys and I swear I saw like 5 frames of a cutscene from XC1 and I literally gasped


I am just here to say that I am pissed about Gramps losing his Dragon/Kaiju form in favor of a mascot form. I wanted to explore the world on the back of my badass dragon gramps! Seriously go away mascot gramps, I want dragon gramps back...


What's the deal with Malos being able use monado arts?


I have two possible ideas 1. It's just a reference for those who played XC1. 2. It seems Alvis, a monado, is the third Aegis & so Malos, an Aegis, is also a monado.


Alvis is an Aegis Alvis is the source of the power of the Monado It only follows that since Malos is an Aegis as well, he can use similar powers.