Depends on league level and restrictions obviously. But in general: Monty, Yam, Bourg, Napoli, Petro, Nevsky, Mosvka, Marceau and Kleb are all "safe" picks for cbs.


EU has seen quite a few Salems and DMs again.


That’s mostly due to the overmatch ban on BBs; aside from Yammy, Incomp, and Shiki I don’t believe there is any. Thus, the US heavy cruisers are very viable. Wouldn’t expect them to return to CBs if we see the return of ships like Ohio and St Vince


Oh i fully recognized the reason for it being so. Was meant just as a "adendum" to the list of ships pointed out.


Right now, any battleship with a gun bigger than 420 is banned outright excluding Yamato and Shikishima. Also Smalland and Nevsky are banned as well. Currently seeing a lot of Moskva, Salem, Napoli, Montana, Conq, Daring, and Marceau/Kleber.


Nevsky ain't banned tho?


If you are speaking about this season, with its numerous restriction, you are mostly correct, with an hint more of Marceau or Kleber, or alternatively Daring. Halland is not really a viable pick. Yueyang is more popular in the torp DD role. And Khaba with radar (Ragnar) is also semi-common. DMs and Salems are starting to make a comeback because one BB means a bit more freedom. BBs: Montana tend to be the most frequent pick thanks to all the 457 BBs+Republique being banned. If speaking about T10 CBs in general, Saint Vincent was extremely popular and really strong last season, this thing is hilarious with its super heal, torps, DD acceleration and extremely strong HE. For DDs Smalland is generally the top choice (but banned this season).