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Ah Prince Phillip, the paragon of virtue who is well known for *checks notes* making offensive racist gaffes on official royal visits


To truly fight the Nazi, you must become the Nazi * sensei Phil


*I used the Nazi to destroy the Nazi*


Also pretty telling that he's white knighting Philip...because women can't be real leaders.


Yeah, that struck me as so odd as well. Philip is a nobody without Elizabeth. He's not the King. Why would Shapiro not refer to the Queen in his tweet?


Plus "presiding over the UK"... Lmao what!? Does he think the British royal family have anything to do with politics in this country or something? He's so uneducated But yeah even then he's wrong. Philip is the Prince Consort. He's not an actual king and not the head of state.


Remember when he called Andrew Neil a lefty cause he was too arrogant to read up on who he was talking to? Good times.


*Checks notes again* Cheated on his wife Is racist and sexist Hates the poor Is manipulative


Checks note, yep a member of a royal family


They seem to love forgetting how his own sister was married to a Nazi. Also how prince Edward casually kanoodled with Nazis as well.


You mean King Edward? The one forced to abdicate? The one that was praising Hitler right up until WWII? Used to hang out with Goebbels and Göring? Openly anti-semitic and pro-fascist? That Edward?


Listen those things were all perfectly acceptable for a royal to do. But then he went too far and married an American.


Spoiled grandson who did two more fucking tours of active frontline duty in Afghanistan than a certain cuck I could mention whose name rhymes with Ben Shapiro


If there's one thing I actually respect the British royal family for, it's letting William and Harry (well, and Andrew but, you know, Andrew...) actually serve in the armed services.


Harry is especially noteworthy, he could've avoided all active duty but demanded he be treated no different from the troops he led. He only stopped serving with them because being among them made them more of a target as enemy combatants tried to assassinate him. At that point he made the decision to become an Apache pilot so he could continue to serve on the frontline without putting the troops in more danger than they already were. I'm no fan of the Royals but I have nothing but respect for Harry.




Helicopters are in the light cavalry upgrade path Source: Civ 6


Yeah Harry is probably my favorite ginger other than my little bro


What about ginger spice?


Damn it you caught me in my filthy lie, yes I do like more than 2 gingers. Also let's not forget gingerbread man cookie either.


Gingerbread is a universal execution to the law of gingers.


So excellent, would this be considered; ginger singularity or just full circle ginger?


Yeah, those are my favorite gingers too


I have always hated them both.


But they have authentic chickens.


I, too, choose this man's brother.


What about Mick Hucknall? Everyone forgets about Mick Hucknall. Poor Mick Hucknall. Nobody’s favourite ginger, Mick Hucknall. /s


He's only one I have sympathy for, because the UK press went after him for playing strip poker on a holiday in Vegas one time.


>because the UK press went after him for playing strip poker on a holiday in Vegas one time. "Oh, what do we have here? A _royal flush_ with the _Queen of Hearts!_"


Yep. Harry and possibly Liz herself are the only royals who seem to have any redeeming qualities. Edit: Just to be clear I'm not absolving The Queen of anything. She's as bad as the rest of them, but at least manages to show *some* characteristics of a human being. But we should still abolish the monarchy.


What's wrong with William? Asking honestly I'm out of the loop.


He's probably different behind closed doors, but the fact he's been groomed since birth to be King means he doesn't show any personality so he's hard to relate to. He's a mouthpiece for Buckingham Palace and has to toe the line.


Huh, danish crown prince Frederik has also been groomed to be king and he is loved and respected by most of the danes


The Royal Family are generally beloved in Britain, despite what I and other commentators here think.


If there is a bank holiday because of something they've done I like them but if no bank holiday then fuck em me no care


It’s almost like they’re just human beings with no divinity in them at all...


How dare you speak such of Her Majesty, ***by the Grace of God***, Defender of the Faith, Supreme Governor of the Church of England!


I was under the impression his deployment to Afghanistan was leaked, so the Taliban put a bounty on him. I was right... https://www.rferl.org/a/1079558.html#:~:text=Britain's%20Ministry%20of%20Defense%20has,for%20more%20than%20two%20months.


Agreed, I feel the same way, and his actions for his family did nothing but make me an even greater fan. He is the only British royal whom I feel is a true prince.


He just wanted to be a part of the family business...


William was a pilot in the RAF even though he failed the eye test so shouldn’t have been allowed to fly.


Harry also only managed a B in Art and a D in Geography in his A-levels. He's thick as fuck and would never have made it to Sandhurst if he was a commoner.


They all do. QEII was a mechanic in the War.


Well yeah, but sending them overseas to actual combat is a different matter. And yes, I know Edward VIII and George VI served on the front in WW1.


It’s definitely noble (no pun intended).


I don't think any British women served in combat during WWII.


They served in warzones and in combat but they were not supposed to partake. WRNF, WAAF, ATS and more. So you might fly an unarmed cargo plan, through AA fire. But you weren't bombing.


You may be shot but you may never return fire! It’s simply unladylike /s


You may fly a plane in the war zone, but you must ride it side-saddle, like a true lady.


There some good reading to be done on the subject of womens roles in WW2. This [Wikipedia article](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_in_World_War_II) has some links to some useful pages


Not in frontline combat, but there were many involved in SOE behind enemy lines which frequently involved ambushes, assassinations, sabotage work, and was extremely high risk. Also women served in combat support roles like couriering combat aircraft to theatre, manning anti-aircraft guns in civilian locations, and the like.


I've met a couple of them. I used to represent a big UK company in some of its overseas interests back when I was a corporate goon. The royals used to drop in when in town to enquire about business with rictus smiles. Edward and Harry are the only ones worth more than their weight in crusted cumsock imho.


Edward and his wife are the ones they have been trotting out all last year because everyone else became controversial for misc. reasons. The Royals produce two kinds of people: Fun, vivacious ones who usually have issues with addiction, women, and sketchy politicians *or* slightly dim, dull, and dutiful ones. You can go back a couple hundred years on this.


So like a more boring version of the Targaryens?


Well they're not allowed to kill other Royals anymore. Not since Diana.


Hmm I think we should forgo the Metric system for weights and start weighing things in crusted cumsock weight units.


Why you bringing ren caprio into this


He was obviously talking about pen lapiro.


Not his fault the military has a height limit


Len Majiro?


Mebbe Or maybe it was Bhen 'I like to watch my wife fuck other men' Dzhapeero


Shen Bapiro? I knew that guy was all talk.


Well actually, his name doesn't rhyme with Ben Shapiro. It is Ben Shapiro. And as anyone whose looked at the data can tell you, words that are 100% identical are not technically rhymes. It does not matter how you choose to identify them.




Ok, Bean Shabambo


It's Bench Apiro! He's a one-trick magician who can only make benches appear as if out of thin air.


He worked in a lot of art galleries


yeah I was just a bit pissy thinking about Shapiro commenting on all this when he tries to satisfy his wife using twinkies as dildos (spoiler alert: doesn't work! makes a mess!). Harry's the only worthwhile one of the lot. Rest are just garden variety inbred bicycle seat sniffers or active pedophiles


Your last sentence is quote worthy an made me smile, thank you


That's how you give your wife a yeast infection.


I read this in his voice


Also why did he only reference Prince Phillip (known for being a doofus) and not the Queen? Like the actual head monarch? She also served during WW2 in the only capacity she was able to at the time, if I’m not mistaken.


Imagine thinking women can have positive contributions /s


It's wouldn't be right to celebrate International Women's Day by actually acknowledging the female heads of monarchy


I was gonna ask this, too. I mean, I know women mean absolutely nothing to conservatives, but damn. Prince Philip doesn’t even have any authority. The actual QUEEN, on the other hand, does. And yes, she’s a veteran, too.


Because men are more important than women, even when they're not?


Literally everything in the tweet is more applicable to Lizzie than Philip. The only possible b answer, in this instance, is sexism.


I mean that is the subtext being ignored. The second part where he said Phillip 'presided' over anything is basically assuming that because he is the man in the couple one of the most powerful women in the world would listen to him on matters of state. The queen wields little of the power that she can potentially have, Phillip has no power.


I think the other thing is, from the article I read, Meghan and Harry were careful in the interview to be like "But it's not the Queen she's the best!"


I mean, it's like he sets himself up, every time he thinks he has a brilliant point. Its amazing


[Here's a video](https://youtu.be/ZEpLKRkVFwU) that does a good job explaining how and why Ben Shapiro does this bullshit intentionally.


If you can’t blind them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit


I’m convinced that like Glenn Beck, Ben is just an entertainer who doesn’t believe anything he says but just sits around figuring out how to make money pushing buttons.


He's also a Hollywood wannabe, he tried to write a few scripts but nothing came of it, then he found he could make good money and get on TV by writing insane inflammatory articles for Breitbart, his early work is so offensive, he himself has denounced them.


*whispers “that’s every right wing media personality’s gig.”


Shit even Donald Trump. He knew he had a better chance running as a conservative. The dude just says random shit he knows his followers will eat up


Exactly. There's money in telling people what they want to hear.


I thought Beck had found the Mormon Jesus and was a reformed, repentant man... Don't tell me that he was making that shit up...


Thought Slime needs a lot more love.


Ben's just being a real, classic conservative - tradition over everything, regardless of obsolescence and incompatibility with reality.


"I'm not defending them because I know anything about the situation, or have any attachment to it. I just really don't like it when white people are accused of racism."


This is the distilled essence of modern conservatism.


That's literally the entire republican party at this point lmao. Did they read any of those Dr. Seuss books that are going out of print? Probably not until they were told it was racist


Probably still not even now. The Dr Seus books that are selling like crazy aren't the ones that were discontinued. They probably didn't even look up which books were "canceled" before making a purchase.


Boy, you could pin this comment to a lot of Reddit threads.


Thankfully that’s what r/fragilewhiteredditor is for


Except conservatives try to quash GOOD traditions too (like social security). it’s not about preserving traditions, it’s about preserving traditions which keep Bens’s ilk in positions of authority and power


I wouldn’t call Social Security a tradition, exactly, just because to me, tradition is just “we’ve done it this way for so long that we forgot the initial context and have no idea if it’s necessary anymore.” The reason we have Social Security isn’t “we’ve always had it”, it’s “we used to not have it, and not having it meant working and middle class people couldn’t retire without fear of dying in the street.”


Shapiro has any power? I mean authority I can agree with (witness conservatives), but power?


Maybe not power so much as influence.


He contributes to the dryness of vaginas everywhere


Mine shrivels at the mention of his name.


The people who pay him have power.


Let's be real though. He wouldn't be on the side of the monarchy if Meghan wasn't biracial. The details don't matter here. All he cares about is being angry at the black woman.


Imagine thinking that if you've done something noble in the past, you're allowed to be as terrible as you want for the rest of your life without consequences.


And even after said-life, given how thawed he looks nowadays.


*Girl look how thawed you fucking look!*


Conservatives just want the latter half of that.


So he is asking us to imagine being a vile repository of bigotry and then someone calls us out?


Yes, just put yourself in Ben’s shoes...


Considering his foot fetish, I would rather not...


He’s apparently a size 10. I can’t fit in that shit.


no way he’s an actual size 10 at his height. He’s an 8 with big shoes on


Wearing clown shoes seems right up his alley, honestly. I’ll give him a size 5.


Imagine calling out your family for being a vile repository of bigotry and forgetting to mention there's a bit of pedophilia sprinkled in.


Just Imagine thinking the royal family helped mitigate the economic crisis of the 1970s. He lives in a weird little world.


Came here to say that. Prince Phillip has never presided over anything and what has the Cold War got to do with anything?


Seriously, why is Philip's name being dropped in here? When has he ever been the one that mattered? Did the asshole just forget that QEII is the head of the house?


He helped preside over it...which I believe means he was around, in the general vicinity, doing something or other, when it happened.


upping the rent to help the poor


Prince Philip had TIES to the nazis ....


Ben’s feelings don’t care about your facts, lili.


Lol I lost it when I read fighting Nazis. Because I swear it said fighting for*, but let’s all be honest, he sure was rooting for them. I cannot believe the amount of people who supported the Nazis and got literally no consequence for it. IE Henry Ford, Prescott Bush, the dude from IBM, the list is ridiculously long, and MOST OF THEM ARE BIG COMPANIES today. Amazing what money can do!


Yeah what's the deal with that? Why do rich company owners hate Jewish people so much?




They probably liked the bit where Hitler killed all the socialists and union leaders, and privatized everything. They probably just couldn't care less about the jews.


Henry Ford was avidly antisemitic. Jews were probably the only group he hated as much as labor. The fact that labor and Jews traditionally had a lot of overlap was just icing on his hate-cake.


Such a socialist


Way back in the day Christians were forbidden from lending money and charging high interest (usury was what it was called). So Jewish people were like, oh, we got that shit, want to borrow some money? It worked well sometimes and they got some good interest lending out the money but way back then if you drove the whole lot of them out of your country it drove the debts away as well. The main reason to hate Jews was...wait for it... money.


Prescott Bush was THE Nazi collaborator. He specialized in doing business with the Nazis for American industry.


Siemens literally used Jewish slave labour. I'm sure several other big major German companies that are still around did as well.


And Switzerland!!


I genuinely laughed! Thank you 😊


“While Prince Philip, age 16, was still at Gordonstoun, his sister Cecilie died tragically in a plane crash. At her funeral in Germany he marched next to men in Nazi uniforms. Philip has never confirmed the family’s Nazi ties, but none of his sisters were invited to his 1947 royal wedding to Queen Elizabeth. In the book “Royals and the Reich,” Philip told author Jonathan Petropolous that his family was jealous of Jewish people for their financial success, but he didn’t recall specific Nazi connections. The photographs tell a different story.” (History Channel)


Crazy how Jews were forced to take on roles in society that Christians deemed only appropriate for Jews and then accuse them of succeeding.


Hey you, you're only allowed to be a banker! Oi, fucker, why are you being a banker! \- christian geniuses with very big IQs




To get him thrown of the trone, as it were.


which is insane because he already quit being king once


"was heavily pressured into"


And over the years he's made it quite clear, he's not a fan of the not whites.


He's literally Phillip Mountbatten because the BRF figured that given his sister's ties to the Nazis and general anti German sentiment, the House of Glucksburg would not be well tolerated once Elizabeth II ascended the throne. He was forced to renounce his titles in Denmark and in Greece before he married Elizabeth. The children would have been the House of Mountbatten... Then uncle Dickie made the most idiot move of his entire life and toasted "The future Royal House Mountbatten" at a party. Word got back to Queen Mary and the Queen Mother and, outraged, they pushed for Lizzie to retain the House of Windsor (itself renamed from the Victorian era when it was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, due to anti-German sentiment from the first world war) and style all of her children as Windsors. Originally, Charles and Anne- the heir and the spare- were Windsors while Andrew and Edward were Mountbatten-Windsors. It appears that in the days since, Charles has also adopted that surname, as George, Charlotte, Louis, and Archie all share that last name.


That 's the only thing that gets Ben's dick hard enough to risk the blisters and sores he'd get from trying to fuck his wife's Sahara vagina.


To be fair, didn’t he also have ties to killing nazis as well? Genuinely asking, not trying to be a contrarian


Alright, I’ll bite. What’s ‘dkfm’?


i had to google it, urban dictionary says it stands for “dont fucking kill me” and is similar to “im dead” as in “this is making me laugh” - never heard or seen this one before. is this what getting old is?


Yeah, I think this is it. I was too lazy to break out UD initially and my head canon was 'Don't fucking know, man'. So far off. Zoomers are really something different. On the other hand, from the other definitions it seems like there's a racial component to how it's used, and even kids weren't caught up on it last year.


Yeahh you got it pretty much. DFKM is pretty popular among young black London people. It's more widespread, since London's culture is so popular now, but that's who it's still associated with.


I read it as "da fuq, klan-man" and will be using it accordingly.


Came to the comments for this


>‘dkfm’ [https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=dfkm](https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=dfkm)


Imagine making women dry.


Ben obviously does not understand who is in charge. Phillip is just window dressing.


Yes how dare a mother and father point out the racism that is affecting their children. How dare they


People like Shapiro are struggling to decide whether they want to support the Royal Family or a black woman. It must be hard for them.


Strange that the queen doesn’t even get a mention.


Considering she is the actual monarch and Philip is the official bint.


Fucking hell, why does Shapiro just have to be a raging asshole contrarian about EVERYTHING that sounds like a morally valid opinion?


There are enough raging inbred assholes cheering and throwing money at him to do it, I guess? I just keep trying to imagine the audience for this shit, and then promptly regretting it.


That's what regressive culture warriors do. They are anti-left first and foremost.


American obsession with the royal family is fucking stupid.


Imagine being angrier at Harry than at his Uncle Andrew, pictured multiple times with Jeffrey Epstein and the teenage girls Epstein procured for him.


You saw it with Trump. Disloyalty to the leader is the only failing. The leader does not need to reciprocate.


Not to mention it harbors pedophiles


Imagine being Prince Philip and doing all that shit and then watching your son be a pedophile and doing nothing about it


Hint: conservatives back during the Revolution were called “Loyalists”.


Anti American asshole.


Brit here, Ben Shapiro can fuck off.


He lost his mother to the same people that are now targetting his wife. They wont stop until another fucking person dies. Fuck you, benny boy.


Kind of telling that he singled out Prince Phillip (who had strong family ties to the Nazis) and not Queen Victoria, who also served during WW2. But hey, women don't exist in his world, right? Edit: Queen Elizabeth. But hey they’re all immortal anyway, right?


Honestly given the longevity in that family, Queen Victoria serving in WWII isn’t entirely implausible. Kind of funny for some reason to think of Victoria interacting with Patton 😂


Queen Victoria serving in WWII is actually very implausible because she died in 1901.


Watch Elizabeth live to 150 then tell me it’s not plausible


~~Imagine defending an Epstein crony pedophile.~~ Wrong prince, my bad, but the royal family can all suck it.


Wrong Prince, this one is his racist dad, racist but by all reports not a pedo, important to get the accusations right.


Takes one to know one


As if he did shit during the cold War


The royal family (minus the Queen) ARE a bunch of bigots 🤣


Imagine being Ben Shapiro, thinking a WAP is a sign of something wrong with a vagina.


To be fair, the "monarchy" from 1789 is VASTLY and FUNDAMENTALLY different from the "monarchy" from 2021........


Come on Shapiro. If you start looking down on nazis, you might lose a lot of your audience. On the other hand, if you lose, you can spend more time with the Sahara that is your wife. Edit:updated due to an error.




It's a never ending source of revenue


I know you are criticising him, but the best thing to do is ignore this awful cunt.


American really believe that European Kings and Queens have a word to say in the ruling of the country ? Brah, Belgium kicked its King out for a day because he refused to sign abortion law...


Why the weird focus on Prince Philip? The Monarch is QUEEN Elizabeth.


Prince Philip never presided over anything. His only job is to walk behind his wife. He literally married his boss & lives off her money.


Imagine thinking an aroused woman has a medical condition


Imagine trolling your husband so hard you get him to post about how he never makes you wet


I actually pity that woman


It's not like prince Philip fought the Nazis because they were Nazis..


Exactly. He hated the nazis as much as American "hero" Charles Lindbergh. By that I mean he really dug the nazi cause.


Two brother in-laws were Nazis lol


Is there actually any evidence of him supporting Nazism though? The photo of him at his sister's funeral gets used as evidence lot...but all it shows is him in the funeral procession with soldiers behind him. It's not like he invited them, it was a public event.


Conservatives don't have problems with monarchies or dictatorships. They just have problems with the people in charge. Especially if it's not them.




...wait so Americans can never say anything nice about England, ever, because hundreds of years ago we separated from them in a war? How effing stupid is that?