Meh. I'm not bothered by it. The books are still there to discuss the same as we have been for years. Show can improve, get worse, get cancelled or take a ridiculous turn and it wouldn't change anything for me. An adaptation can only at worst not add something to an IP, it can't change what made it great to begin with.


I love this take.


Agree, however the reason it still bothers me, at least a little, is this is a prime (ha, get it) gateway for new readers and enjoyers of the series. No it doesn’t affect my view of the series, but a bad adaptation can cause thousands who would have otherwise read the books to be disinterested.


Plus it makes it less likely to get a good video adaptation considering how bad the two attempts have been received.


Uhhhm Lord of the Rings had two really Bad adaptations (that i know of) before the Peter Jackson trilogy and still flourished


Ah sick so maybe next time itl be good


Dune also got an (arguably) bad adaptation before the most recent one which was generally considered pretty good (and I agree, personally).


"You must milk this cat every day or you will die." How can you possibly think this was a bad adaptation of a book about desert and social ecology?


I'm just here to see the Heroes of the Horn fuck up the Seanchan next season. If the show can just nail the best moments of the series, even if it makes absolutely no sense in-between, I can at least *have* those moments on the screen.


I'm living for >!Ingtar's redemption!< on screen




Ingtars gonna trip rand and run lol


That’s not even the best moment in TGH. If they don’t do a decent job with flicker, then then why are they even adapting the series?


I thought the same until Eye of the World. That to me was the first big set-piece I was waiting for and was utterly disappointed. I might be alone in liking Eye of the World and particularly the ending, though.


I think basically every fan is hyped by the first books ending. It's the big reveal, the truth you've known for a while but now there's evidence. And you see just how awesome his power really is. The show's rendition was awful. Also hated the look of the waste as a whole. The books described them as colorful, but sickly looking with a huge variety of shit to kill you. I was very much looking forward to seeing The Waste on screen and it fell hella flat.


We haven't seen the Aiel Waste. You mean the Blight, which just looked like a bunch of pricker bushes in a forest.


Right you are, the Blight. Waste will just be stereotypical desert stuff I expect


Agreed! The blight is this terrifying place really, with dangers abound an in the show its basically a little forest. The 7 towers especially with the lake and the massive creature, which I know for budget reasons they couldn’t do, and I imagine its impossible to capture the scale of how big the broken towers were, but that was also a disappointment. I really think anyone holding out hope for these big scenes are setting themselves up for some disappointment. If they do pull something off, that would be awesome. I’m not holding my breath.


The show is fucked. Everything is wrong.


The flip side for me is that I would not have read the books without the series. I saw the series and enjoyed it, so powered through all of the books right after. For me I didn’t understand all that was wrong with the series until after I read the books. Regardless it holds a special place since it lead me to reading all the books.


Counterpoint, a bad adaptation can also cause people otherwise disinterested to pick it up to find out why the book is beloved if the adaptation was bad. Example: I saw the Eragon moviebas a kid and when people told me the book was so much better, I had to know how


Brought me into the WOT universe.


Ah yes the book where the protagonist gets attacked by large orc animal beasts at his family farm and has to drag his father to town through the night.


New enjoyers of the series I will give you, but I'm honestly interested in how many more people will read the books. Yes, I acknowledge movie adaptations often increase book sales, but I'd say at least half of those never get read if judging by the unread stacks of books people often have. I also don't know that I know a single person who saw lord of the rings and picked up the books who hadn't already read them. I'm not arguing or critiquing your comment. It genuinely got me wondering about the actual conversions were from cinematic to books fans.


Despite what it looks like in Reddit and other places in the internet, plenty of people also enjoyed the TV series. Those people could also pick up the books and see how much better they are. I personally do not worry about things like that too much.


I think its vastly more likely to work thr other way around. The show was popular with the general populace when it was running and I'm fairly sure most that would read the books without the shows existence would already have done so while there could be many that weren't into the books that will give them a shot due to the show and find the books way better. Purely speculation of course.














Well there’s two things to consider. Sanderson himself said fans would not enjoy the show unless they looked at it like a new turning of the wheel, and fir people who want to get in to the series but don’t have the time or inclination to read the books, the show is actually rather well done.


It has a metacritic rating of 55 lol. That's far from well done by any measure.


I try not to let others dictate what I do and do t like. Is it my favorite show? No. Not like it’s my favorite book series. But it’s good enough for a first adaptation. And it opens the door for other adaptations to be made down the road if it does well. And for that I am grateful and willing to give the show a chance.


And yet somehow I always get hate for it. I'm a big fan of the borderlands games. There's a movie coming out that doesn't look great. People are screeching that it will kill the entire franchise and im just like "that's weird because the game still launches just fine for me". An adaptation *can* add a lot to a franchise. But it can't damage it. The worst it can do is just be a footnote in the Wiki that no one cares about. The original stuff is always there. If bad adaptations could kill a franchise then Mario would have died several times over lol


**The Light send that flaming carrion eater was flaming alone**


While I agree that this is the case for Wheel of Time, I don’t think this is the case for all franchises. Consider Avatar: The Last Airbender. It is a phenomenal cartoon from the 2000s that is still beloved today. However , there was an opportunity for it to become a huge and wildly successful franchise if the live action adaptation (The Last Airbender directed by M. Night Shyamalan) had done well. Instead, it flopped and the Avatar franchise became pretty niche afterwards. Basically, a bad adaptation can’t make an IP worse but it can rob it of its potential.


Just adding this in case you hadn’t heard, it’s getting another chance! https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/news/avatar-the-last-airbender-netflix-series-everything-we-know-so-far-06-2022/amp/


Ya, I’ve heard but I’m not holding my breath. IIRC, the original creators dropped out of the project over creative differences. Not a good sign


Arguably the more exciting thing is the creation of the avatar studios. Supposedly they're working on 3 animated films atm.


They did the exact same thing for the movie. Involved origionaly, then dripped out over creative differences


I think ATLA was undercut by Hollywood's hesitance and inexperience with anime IP generally. The Last Airbender is a new thing that they were trying to do like an old thing and they failed. I believe there's a way to adapt an anime title to live-action film well, I just don't think anyone's figured it out. If nothing else, the Last Airbender movie showed that sucking all the fun out of it and skimping on the effects isn't the way to go. That sounds facetious, but it's actually a good lesson that adaptations can't be done on the cheap and can't be done like serious high fantasy. Wheel of Time, House of the Dragon, and Rings of Power are vying for a space in popular attention that was abandoned by Game of Thrones, which I think you could argue was prepared by Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings. (I don't know enough film history to reliably go back farther than that.) LOTR showed that fantasy titles could be worth the investment, and GOT showed that you can convert the super-long form content that Fantasy has morphed into with the same basic formula. I think Wheel of Time (and Rings of Power) are fortunate in that Amazon has more money than God, and so they can muddle through a rough season until they hit a groove.


Mostly agreed, but a bad adaption can turn off people from reading/listening to the books, which is a bad thing.


It creates a perception of it for a general public. A perception of a poorly written and contrived story. I wouldn't read the books based on this show nor because of any discussion around it.


Well said.


100% agreed. also, i love your username. my two favorite series combined!


I don't think the show could possibly get worse.


I'm hoping it gets cancelled so there's a chance someone else would get opportunity to do it right in the future. GoT is never getting a remake and that was number one show until the decline resulting in a trash fire. WoT started off at end of GoT quality.


Here's the good news. AI art is getting so good we can get an actual faithful adaptation from AI's in our life time. (the next 20 years atleast)


It absolutely could and it's that type of ridiculous over exaggerating that makes people discount critics like you.


I don't think so. At this point they have deviated so far from the books that any further jumping the shark would just be meh, whatever...




Its not exaggerating if a ton of the fans agree?


> take a ridiculous turn They might as well retcon Nyneave as the real Dragon reborn


To quote my username: I'm just going to stare at my feet for a while. It makes about as much sense as this ~~movie~~ show. 😂😢




Or Rand in the sky at Falme saying, "I'm huge!"


> An adaptation can only at worst not add something to an IP, it can't change what made it great to begin with. I disagree, if only because so much of fandoms is a social entity. That we come here for part of our WoT "fix" is good evidence of that. We're not enjoying WoT in isolation: we're enjoying it as a collective group, with our own in jokes, theories, etc. If an adaption is sufficiently popular, it will supplant the original in popular culture. Art, discussion, analysis will all be predominantly concentrated on that adaption. Just look at LOTR. Widely held as a good adaption, but for good or ill the films are dominant in popular culture to the detriment of the books. With WoT we seem to have avoided that (maybe could happen if future seasons have a rebound, but I doubt it). Popular reception of the show was not even close to positive enough to supplant the books. But if you were here a while ago you'll remember that a *ton* of the memes here were based on show imagery for a while, before people largely lost interest. It could have happened to WoT, if Amazon did a better job.


Based take. I wish more people had this outlook on adaptations *glances generally at the fires in the Witcher and LOTR communities*


Sounds like another way of just saying it was bad.


Sounds like you should read things before you respond to be snarky. Not even remotely what I said


Also means we wont get another actual good attempt at adapting for who knows how long


Yeah. Thats what happens when you make a garbage show.


let it rot


Almost like the other two are coming out right now and the other is in between seasons


And also that WoT isn't a cultural touchstone on par with the source material of the other two shows.


Neither was GoT before HBO adapted it. It was popular in fantasy circles sure, but folks weren't reading it and discussing it around the water cooler.


And importantly, GoT wasn’t an instant cultural hit. It took a few seasons to get there. I think Season One is super solid still, but if you go back and watch it now, you’ll see some places where the budget was stretched thin. Any show can go through a rough patch in it’s earlier seasons and still end up being great.


People got into GoT for season 1 though, it was a big hit then, and then it became a cultural phenomenon through the later seasons.


Yeah, I'm not saying it wasn't an immediate success. I watched Season One live as it premiered and remember how successful it was and how delighted I was at how well it did. That said, it still felt kind of niche for a few seasons. Some quick research shows that Season One had around \~9 million viewers per episode whereas Season Eight would grow to have \~45 million viewers per episode. Huge growth. For comparison, Nielsen apparently has Season One of WoT as having 4.9 Billion minutes of viewing time for Season One. Some quick math (4,900,000,000 / 8 eps \* \~60 minutes per eps) suggests that WoT had approximate 10.2 million viewers per average episode, so generally on par with GoT's fist season.


How are you acting like the WoT show also wasn't a big hit. It's already renewed for at least 3 seasons and got back to the top 10 of prime with the new LotR show


I don't know how to square that with the fact that I've never met anyone else who's even heard of WoT in my day to day life. I know I'm just one guy but I really think they're goosing the numbers to make people think it's a big deal and worth watching. Streaming services can't afford for these big budget shows to flop, they need to translate to new long term subscriptions. Not to mention all the individual people's jobs on the line. I fully respect the possibility that I'm wrong. But I think Amazon has given WoT the ol' Weekend at Bernie's treatment to try and force the meme on us, at all costs.


Like you said, you're evidence is just anecdotal and has no actual statistical relevance. They wouldn't be spending 3 seasons worth of money if it wasn't successful on at least one level


Maybe not statistical, but like the other person said, I have had zero people talk to about WOT, and I have zero people I have asked even know what I was talking about. Only thing at my work that gets talked about it ROP, HOD and She Hulk. Same goes for any other group I associate with in terms of hobbies. Not to mention “billions of minutes watched” doesn’t mean anyone finished it. Amazon has 150 Million people that have Prime in the US. They made a show that at best 6.5% of your available subscribers watched. Did it increase the number of subscribers? If no, it was not successful.


I know a dozen plus people who watched the show but only one attempted the books and didn't finish the first. Merch value has declined, has to be biggest flop in history. Edit: this comment was in reference to GoT from post above.


I mean if the WoT show was done right it could be as big as GoT but it's being absolutely desecrated.


Which is why nobody cares about it


Yeah the only people that actually like it are non book readers and even they thought it was mid for the most part.


Yeah, I remember when Rafe broke into my house and burnt all my books while laughing maniacally


There is zero chance WOT was going to become as big as GOT. The books, world, story, everything are entirely different and WOT doesn’t have dragons and violence to the same degree. That’s a big differentiator.


Wot has the violence. It doesn't have the gratuitous sex though. (Which the GoT show actually cut down on from the books)


Even if WoT had that potential tEotW does not. Nor probably do any of the early books. WoT in general requires a lot of investment in the world before you can get truly excited about it, while “dragons, tits and violence” is pretty immediately attention grabbing. Realistically we all know that the awesome stuff comes later and early on the bits that stand out and give people things to talk about are few and far between. The show tried to fill that lack by showing the Aes Sedai a lot more which might work well when contrasted to Egwene being Damane season 2. But that’s still pretty small beans compared to the really distinctive stuff like Dumais Wells. Or even just the creation of the Asha’Man.


What, you don't find Revenge of the Sedai's Emo Rand exciting?


I'm more of a Dark One Strikes Back kinda person.


*Return of the Jeade'en* man checking in, right here.


Exactly! GoT is something unmatched I think as far as current fandom. People that weren’t into LoR or WoT loved GoT. With HoD being good and giving everyone that fix again of course it’s going to be a juggernaut. With WoT being between seasons, it’s not going to be making headlines. I think you can make a case that maybe Amazon should have pushed back LoR back to not be releasing at the same time as HoD.


People would care more if it was better


Yeah. I'll be honest, given this version of the show, and the others (RoP, HotD) by comparison, I think it's time to close out my WoT, I don't have the energy to fight or wait for a quality production.


I truly wish it were. But the wheel weaves as the wheel wills. Perhaps in the next turning the show will be better.


it was an objectively bad show so no shit


Well, of course people care more about shows that are currently releasing episodes than shows that finished 9 months ago. But since RoP came out, WoT has re-entered the Amazon top 10 in a number of countries. Amazon is very good at "people also bought", even if its TV interface is not the best.


It’s like they knew that is what would happen. And I think explains some changes. Like making the Ways look less like Moria, trying to play down the extent that tEotW borrows “ringwraiths chase country folk” from Fellowship.


I really liked The Ways looking like the Giants Causeway, but yeah once a particular look has been used you don't want to have too many comparisons, even if the books are literally an homage.


Not just a number of countries - almost every country. A couple of days ago it was their 4th most watched show worldwide: https://flixpatrol.com/title/the-wheel-of-time/. And it's also their 4th most watched show this year, which is pretty good for a show that came out last year. As much as this sub loves to believe that nobody watches WoT (since nobody hates WoT like WoT fans...), it's not supported by the facts.


I'll watch the second season when it comes out, but the first has been out long enough now that everything to say about it has been said. Not sure why it's surprising that people are paying more attention to the shows that have new episodes coming out every week right now.


There's so much that I disliked about the show, but that last minute thing that Perrin had the hots for EggWayne just killed off any good will I felt for it. Fuck the show lol


Yeah, I don’t think that was meant to be the conflict at that point. I suspect Mat was meant to provide the in-group conflict in that scene. Something around accusations of being the Dragon or jealousy maybe. If Mat starts shouting at Rand after Rand was willing to protect Mat from Moiraine last episode that would hit pretty hard. Remember Mat was until episode 7 a pretty good red herring-dragon for non-readers. The Perrin thing feels like a hasty re-write. Mat would be a much better driver of conflict, book or show version, than Perrin ever could be. Mat would also have been way better for interacting with Fain, maybe involving a more expected version of the Dagger/Fain story. So that’s my theory: Perrin feels weird because he’s filling a Mat-shaped hole in the story. Shameless apologist that I am.


All that makes sense, but also what’s there is there and respectfully I’d rather we get a decent show rather than plots are devoid of consistency and logic. I don’t want excuses, there’s plenty of excellent material there to pull from.


Well, pretty hard to say The Eye of the World is excellent. It’s ok. Quite good sometimes. Good enough for a sequel. More, adaption for TV is always going to focus on the conflict and character motivations where tEotW is an exercise in world building and subplots to support that world building with an extremely light internal explanation of the plot and only really the two developed characters. They were always going to have to try and do what Jackson did to Lord of the Rings: streamline and focus on the core conflict and character motivations. How well that worked is of course subjective. But we can’t pretend tEotW is already anything like an excellent and compelling TV script.


Incredible to me that anyone can defend Perrin suddenly falling in love with Egwene or any other random shit that happened. I’d rather have the book ending of EotW, weird as it may be, than what we got with the show. Its all subjective, I get that, but damn man I just struggle to see the positives with the show.


Right after he killed wifey too, I guess he didn't really feel so bad about that.


His entire plotline is so trash in the show. Just appalling.


Remember that Perrin did feel a bit possessive of Egwene in the first book when they first met the Tinkers, as Egwene was flirting with and dancing with Aram.


Because that's his best friend's girl.


This is my take as well.


Why would critics be talking about a show that is at this point months old and also wildly mediocre?


I'm convinced that all of the buzz about the show was just Amazon paying shills. It's completely dead and almost universally panned now.


I am 100% they have been in the subs promoting and defending this dog’s dinner of a show.


Hahaha Blood and bloody ashesI MADE THIS. This act of Toh will not be forgotten u/ILoveLewisHamilton JK I’m honored someone else had the forethought to post it here. NOW GIVE US A TRAILER FOR SEASON 2


**How did we flaming get out, Mother? We got out of there like a flaming lightning bolt**


Seeing how Amazon has done with ROP and WOT makes me really hope that Brando sando goes elsewhere with his books. You’d think having a massive pile of money would let you hire good writers, but you’d be wrong I guess


Considering how much creative control he wants I doubt amazon would want to work with him as their thing is just throw many at it and Brando doesnt need the money.


I really liked Rings of Power though. It's well-made.


That’s fair but that is an opinion that relatively few people have.


Well they keep hiring people with zero experience. I wonder why that hasn’t worked out for them.


I mean, Rings of Power has enjoyed widespread success among both fans and critics- it's much more of a success story than a cautionary tale. With that said, Brandon will definitely have a lot more control than any authors working on Amazon shows (being already rich and also alive tends to help with that), so I don't think you need to worry.


Strong disagree on ROP. It’s a LOTR themed Steven Seagal show.


You are entirely free to think that, but there has, objectively, been a far more positive response to it, especially from Tolkien experts, than to Wheel of Time. If a show Brandon worked on was enjoyed equally, I would be pleased.


Good. Maybe everyone will forget it ever happened and we can get a non-shit adaptation somewhere down the road.


That's because the show sucked lol


Because the show was an awful piece of fanfic with a cursed wheel of time skin put over it.


Calling it fanfic implies the people behind it were fans. Given that Brandon Sanderson had to explain to them why Moiraine couldn't kill master Hightower with lightning, I don't think any of them were fans.


This is a very valid point. I agree.


My favorite part of the show was when they changed the Third Oath in such a way that Moiraine revealed herself as Black Ajah by killing Trollocs with the Power. No one in that writers room read any part of the books past the jacket.


I think Rafe has read the books. I just don't think he understands them. And I don't think he's all that good of a writer. But he only has sole writing credit on episode 1 and 8. Arguably the worst episodes. Season 2 could improve if he avoids writing any episodes himself.


Have you read his first draft for the opening scene? It's an explicit sex scene between Mat and the girl he steals the bracelet off of. It's eye opening for what he wants the show to be like.


I was not aware of that. It's bad enough that he had Rand and Egwene bang in the kitchen of her parent's inn. Rafe has fundamentally changed the nature of the Two Rivers. It may not matter in the long run, but it's a change.


In more ways than one. There's now multiple people with red hair. Goodbye Rand the outlander, the one that stands out. The Two Rivers is now diverse. Goodbye Two Rivers arc where they have to learn to accept diverse cultures from refugees. The Two Rivers is now seemingly without a Women's Circle as a governing body. Goodbye every influence they have and thier role as a check on the Village Council. (Seperate halves that need to work together for thier best effect. I wonder where I've seen that concept before) I can go on


> n more ways than one. > > There's now multiple people with red hair. Goodbye Rand the outlander, the one that stands out. I don't recall seeing anybody else with red hair, but I believe you. Yeah, that's bad. > The Two Rivers is now diverse. Goodbye Two Rivers arc where they have to learn to accept diverse cultures from refugees. I don't particularly care about this, since they've justified it by making every nation multi-ethnic. It's at least a practical choice that is consistent. > The Two Rivers is now seemingly without a Women's Circle as a governing body. Goodbye every influence they have and thier role as a check on the Village Council. (Seperate halves that need to work together for thier best effect. I wonder where I've seen that concept before) Yeah, the problem is that we learned almost nothing about the Two Rivers. The season should have been 10 episodes long and episode 1 should have been 90 minutes or 2 hour episodes to truly develop the region. If you haven't read the books, all you know is that the TR is a small town with a really popular inn. You don't know any character names except the main ones. You don't know anything about the values or culture of the town. I still believe that the show is never going to go back to the TR, so none of it will matter in the long run. I believe Perrin's leadership arc will be done somewhere else. They will likely just jump straight to him hunting Masema. Assuming they do Masema's arc, that is. I'm not convinced the show is going to follow the actual plot points of the book very closely. It could still work. Lots of adaptations change a great deal about specific plot lines and can still be good. The Boys is a good example. I'm reading the comics right now and the show only broadly follows the plot. A lot of the specifics are changed and the show is still great. It's arguably better than the comics.


The two acceptable outcomes for the show are : It's a good adaptation in that it shows the same characters in the same world following mostly the same story. Or It is a good standalone show. What the show actually is, is a terrible adaptation and a mediocre at best standalone show. I have no hope for it because the show makers seem very pleased with season one. The only negative thing I've heard them say is the filming for the finale got messed up, which does not fix the writing, or the characters, or the world, or the show makers interviews.


I think Rafe had a professional photographer find some old copies of a few of them and take a picture for his Twitter so he could claim he read them. I think he may have even read the Wikipedia article for one or two of them. There's no fucking way anyone who actually read the books would make what he made.


I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Having read a series and being qualified to adapt it are two different things. WoT is a very difficult series to adapt, and the show shouldn't have been handed to an amateur like Judkins.


I'm not. I genuinely believe that Rafe has never read anything past the Wikipedia synopsis, and he wasn't really paying attention when he did that. There's no other explanation for how the show can go so far off the rails and he's still claiming that it's a labor of love or whatever bullshit he was saying.


There's just so many things wrong with the show that even a single read of the books would have instilled, let alone "fan level" reading. - Lan is stoic in the books, but cries in the show. - Dogs hate Aes Sedai, yet Moiraine had a secret pet dog as an Accepted in the show. - In the show, Moiraine and Siuan used a powerful Ter'angreal for booty calls, which never existed in the book, and could have logically been used to stay in contact while searching for The Dragon. I mean it's just endless crap with the show.




Leaving out the shadowspawn part of the Third Oath is a weird oversight now that you mentioned it. will attempt to ADR it back in using the audio book if it's somewhere in there (working on v2 of the fan edit...).




Automated Dialog Replacement. Essentially what movies do when they need actors to speak a line after the shooting is already done. They go into studio and record it in a sound booth then cleverly (or not so cleverly) integrate it into the footage. Falcon and Winter Soldier and Artemis Fowl had quite a few scenes that were ADR dubbed (you can Google online).


TIL. Thanks.


Say what now?


Brandon Sanderson had to tell the writers that Moiraine couldn't murder the ferryman with lightning because it would violate the Three Oaths. >My most relevant lore contribution here probably involved pointing out some Three Oaths issues, and having Rafe go talk to Team Jordan to sort them out. Those are tricky to navigate. For example, it’s all right to have a whirlpool made by Moiraine suck down the ferry after Hightower jumped in and swam to it, particularly if she has stopped channeling. It’s not okay, though, for her to sink that ferry with lightning while he’s on it–even if he’s bringing it toward the trollocs, which will put her in danger. https://www.brandonsanderson.com/some-thoughts-from-brandon-on-episode-two/


With good reason


I mean, after watching House of the Dragon, WoT show feels like it was set up to fail. Its so awful. Like I kinda hope they cancel it and it gets done again in like 10 years.


It was so bad. It made be sad


It made me mad


That’s cause it’s not on atm, you don’t see anyone talking about the Witcher either


HotD and LotR are currently on. WoT is not.


well, its kinda logical that there are hot discussions of shows that are currently airing, isnt it? The same will be with WOT once they drop some news, trailers and then the release eventually


Well the other two are currently releasing episodes every week... Wheel of time will have its day again


Do we even know when the 2nd season is supposed to come out?


Hopefully never, and someone remakes it in 10 years


Do we care?


The show sucks, so Im okay with forgetting about it.


No one cares cause it wasn't a good show lol. All the PC arguments aside, it was too convoluted for new audiences, and it was nonsensical to existing fans. Edit: a word


This is very well put.


https://www.metacritic.com/tv/the-wheel-of-time The only reason anyone did when it started was because of the name.


Then we saw it, packed up our lawn chairs, and went back to the clarinet.


The show is not running at the moment. The other two are.


These arguments are stupid. The only valid one is that the WoT show came out like 4-5 months ago and Got and LotR shows are literally airing right now. You might as well be upset that no one is talking about the harry potter movies.


Never did. Loved the books, knew they wouldn’t translate.


Why would they be?


It’s been weird for me because I love the WOT books, but the show has been hard for me to like. Opposite for GOT. I hated the books but loved the show (maybe not the last season so much).


I will watch it when season two comes out. But im not holding my breath in anticipation until then


Rings of Power and House of the Dragon have one thing over Wheel of Time: they’re good shows.


The jury is still out for me on ROP, I keep watching because I want to know what’s going to happen but I feel like the writing is incredibly lazy and the characters barely have any agency.


The wheel of time tv show was just fkin horribad. Felt like a shitty fantasy hunger game or something. Ill watch most anything fantasy but holyshit the first two episodes of wheel of time didnt give me any incentive to watch more.


Wasn't good enough to praise, not bad or damaging enough to hate beyond a few months of its release


Good riddance. Stop trying to subvert my expectations and just make my friggen show. I understand changes need to be made to condence info for screen time. However, dont add an episode about a sad warder that nobody cares about and make the most stoic character in the series cry like a bitch. And whats all this bullcrap about getting rid of the genderee magic system? I understand it "modern era" or whatever but the book did a really good job of balancing out gender strength in the first place and oh yeah, ITS PART OF THE FUCKING PLOT!.... I am just done. Im ranting. Whatever.


The show is absolute shit and aggressively goes against the foundations of WoT. It deserves to be forgotten and I hate that. I wanted so badly for it to be good.


Yup, it wasn't even a bad adaptation. It was an intentionally hateful butchery of the source material.


The (book) fans are the ones that chained that body to the chair and dropped it in the deep end


We should have added more weights


Are you blaming book fans for the poor reception to the show? If it was any good it wouldn’t have mattered what book fans said about it, word of mouth would have spread and people would have watched.


I was one of those putting the chains on. Strongly disliking the show as a book fan is entirely justified IMO


People did watch and it did really well with demographics outside of book fans


Absolutely. The books sold 90 million copies over 30 years. 14 books means that’s about 6 million complete sets. Not nearly all of those sets are owned by Prime Members. Amazon on the other hand has 136 million Prime members. If 10% of those casually watch the show and think it’s ok and makes them more likely to keep subscribed that’s way more important to Amazon than what all the book readers together think.


People cared about it to begin with? Jokes aside I did kinda enjoy most of the show but it’s perfectly reasonable how it’s been forgotten seeing how much better RoP is, and house of the dragon above that.


I have not seen rings of power yet. I do like the idea where they took an obscure past of the lore and made their own story on it instead of going full butcher on a very detailed outlined story like wot. Imagine a 4th age or age of legends wot show? They would have some marks they would have to hit but it would allow for a lot of freedom because the 4th age isn't written yet and the age of legends doesn't have a lot of detail.


I'm really enjoying rings of power. The WoT show didn't bother me, I just hope they do better.


Because it was meh at best and forgettable


There was no Wheel of Time TV show


The show kind of sucked. They did such a trashy version that I couldn’t get past mid season.


Because it was mediocre af


I'd say I'm surprised people are even watching House of the Dragon but I'm not. Not so spoiler alert in 200 years some psycho burns it all down. A terrible ending to the prior show just invalidates that type of show for me. 0 chance I'll recommend it or stream a favorite episode again and I got so many people into that damned show. I doubt season 2 will be any better for WoT however but I have talked with some non book readers who loved it. So I'm hoping when it comes out that at least they enjoy it and that at some point it gets to a satisfying end. I'd really like to be able to look at it overall and say it was a good show.


No point living, heat death of the universe ends it all anyway.


Yeah, I won't touch anything else GRRM GoT world related until the books are done. George has abandoned the original project and so I've abandoned spending anything on ASOIAF including time.


Its also because its fucking terrible lmao


Pretty much. The show sucked and I’d rather just forget about it.


Cause the show was ass


The show was just bad and for non book readers not interesting


It is probably for the best.


I stopped caring about the show a while ago


It was so heckin meh


Good, I hope it's forget


Are the animation rights with someone else? Cause I really want an Avatar/Castlevania show of WOT. I wasn't the biggest fan of the Amazon show. Writing wasn't great and emotions weren't all there. Yes, I didn't like the plot changes (at least in the later half ), but it wasn't as gripping or immersive to watch either.


I disagree. Rings of power is pretty good and fairly well received by critics. Its also well received by most audiences except a vocal minority. Wheel of time was also well received by casual fans and critics. That said I agree it was the weakest show of the 3. And I mostly blame that on last 2 episodes. And those episodes were undone by covid issues.


Nobody has cared about that show since the first episode.