You could tell me Team 1 was from a 2014 format and I would absolutely believe you




Paradox pokemon and the ruins. They will rule the format when legal.




And they will kick their asses. Flutter mane and Iron Bundle are faster than regieleki and have icy wind.


But they would have to forgot their transistor style boost for that speed. Not saying they aren't OP I'm just saying they are on par with others.


Sure. They Also have higher attacking stats and more bulk. Also ice has no immunities. In addition they won't have to eat up an item slot if they are alongside Koko or torkoal or Groudon. Miraidon may also be the best restricted Mon in the future restricted format.


If they aren't holding the item then their weather/terrain can be disrupted by the likes of fini or kyogre who will also likely be prominent. Again they are good even in a restricted metagame but we've seen more oppressive stuff in the past.


It doesn't go away if the terrain or weather changes


Just tested this myself and it does.......


If you're using the held item to activate the boosts it sticks around. If you're relying on the sunlight it is dependent on the sunlight. So you're either losing your item OR you're dependent on the weather.


I love misinformation


Bruh they ain’t faster than regilelki. Nothing is faster than regilekis 200 base speed. Are you high? Giving up their atk or special attack boost for speed does not count as faster lmao


Yeah and considering only one can use booster energy (rip item slot) and weather/terrain is easily disruptable def not worth for 202 speed lol


Flutter mane has 65 less base speed? Needs a one time use item or weather/terrain that can be changed as well?


Nobody is faster than Regieleki lmao just shut up


You spelled "not faster" wrong, champ


They are faster. They need booster energy. We will not be seeing scarf eleki to counter them. They also have icy wind and monstrous attacks. Also no immunity.


I just made a new team and currently 5-0 testing it on Showdown. It has a single new Pokemon, and a single new item featured in it. Literally the entire rest of my team could be made in White 2 lol (though one of the mons only got access to a move I use on it in Gen 8). Tbf, I'd probably be using a lot more Gen 9 mons if Paradox and Ruin mons were legal


What would this team be? Could you teach us?


Yeah my main team rn has no new mons.


Well in singles that’s absolutely true


I mean... I did play that in 2014, so...


Well you are everyone


Look at all those dragons, it almost looks like we're back in gen 5


Well I mean they are all pseudo legendaries. Metagross has been overplayed as hell since fairies dropped. Now that dragons can change themselves to kill fairies, the absurdly statted pokemon see play.


Also helps that a lot of good fairies were Dexit'd


Which ones? I’m new to the vgc


Most notable absences from the Paldea dex are Whimsicott, Togekiss, Clefable, Galarian Weezing, the Tapus, Xerneas, Magearna, Zacian; and the most powerful fairies in the region (Flutter Mane and Iron Valiant) are banned under the current Series 1 rules. Of the Fairies left its slim pickings, especially for offensive ones to take on Dragons. Grimmsnarl is very good but mostly runs support sets that might not even carry a Fairy move. Hatterene is decent under Trick Room, but there are better setters and better abusers so it's hard to fit onto a team. Gardevoir and Azumarill are slow and frail, Sylveon and Florges don't have meaningful coverage moves, Mimikyu is a gimmick, etc.


Zacian is in the game's internal data, but even when HOME drops, it will likely be banned for a while. Also it's slightly nerfed but it'll be a massive threat nonetheless. Magearna is Mythical and probably will never be in an official format. Series 13 was a collective hallucination (jk, but yeah we never had an official tournament with Series 13)


All of them. Legal fairies for gen 9 include: Grimmsnarl, Azumarill, Dachsbun, Dedenne, Florges, Gardevoir, Hatterene, Klefki, Mimikyu, Sylveon, Tinkaton, and Wigglytuff. Most of which are not very useful


And Sylveon lost mystical fire, which hurts it pretty badly.


And Hatterene lost expanding force… only grimmsnarl got good stuff this gen


Mostly the Tapu mons. Fini was historically the most splashable fairy type. Also togekiss because it got follow me, which pretty much invalidated dragon type attacks. Togekiss is the best natural garchomp and hydreigon counter in existence.


don't forget Gholdengo being a dedicated fairy destroyer


Yeah there was a reason they didn't make a mono steel type pokemon with pseudo legend stats and the ability levitate. I'm sure tera will even out more eventually once people prep for the common ones but it doesn't make certain strats less strong


Curious as to why Golduck is the Swift Swim mon over Barraskewda on Team 5 - I am assuming for the Soak + Salt Cure combo


It runs clear smog.


happy new year guys welcome to 2015


Fairy types? What are those?


who needs em!!


Why's Gardevoir so popular? Imprison TR??


And telepathy makes it a great partner with Garchomp.


Also without flutter and scream tail there aren’t that many usable fairy types, besides Gardevoir, there’s just Grimmsnarl, Sylveon and Azumarill which won’t make sense for every team. Hatterene has fallen off by a lot it seems.


Hatt lost expanding force so its hard to justify over other TR setters like gardevoir, for the reason above.


Count the dragon types, then count the number of usable fairy types.


I want to know what that Dragalge was running


I don’t know the sets but after giving it a once over my guess is haze icy wind protect and like Draco meteor with adaptability or something.


It gets haze and has Adaptability, so probably Haze, Draco Meteor, Sludge Bomb, and something else


https://pokepast.es/9b7bfff2cb794554 Here's the sets.


Team 1 really be a throwback from the VGC 2014 days.


I'm very surprised I don't see more baxcalibur with ice shard. I've been using it and just destroying garchomp with him. Tera fairy it to avoid hydreigon works well too


Lots of people are running psychic terrain. It feels like if that shows up in an opposing team Bax feels slow and worse than more consistent generalist mons. It’s definitely a good option as a counter. Maybe paired with something that can change or break the terrain while Bax protects.


GL when they tera steel


Rn I only ever see tera ground garchomp but bax learns earthquake


Talking about Hydreigon


Oh then yeah I typically use someone else for hydreigon but the fairy keeps you safe from meteor.


Ttar my boy


10/48 new mons, interesting ….


Considering how paldea Pokémon make up 87/380 of the legal Pokémon in this current series that ratio isn’t too surprising. I think it says more about the limited dex than the quality of new Pokémon


Yeah I’m sure this will change the moment paradox moms are allowed


And 4 of those 10 are in one team


What's up with this much hydreigon?


hits hard + Dark Type which is very useful now, a lot of psychic teams


don't forget possible tailwind


Don't forget it likes to Steel Tera to become a Steel type with a Ground immunity that blanks other Dragons and Ghosts.


Also one of the best Tera Pokémon in the meta. Tera steel + levitate is really good. Many people will go for the 4x fairy into hydreigon which you can then resist turning into a steel type and get access to flash cannon for the Tera boosted STAB.


Also theres not that many strong fairies in the meta


And for the ones that are, Tera Poison shuts em down pretty well.


Tera steel too.


Naturally EQ immune, fast, hits like a tank, can be built multiple ways with good utility moves (stab Snarl and Tailwind), and defensive tera types + levitate let it negate it's biggest weakness (tera poison, steel, and fire are all common for various reasons) and/or turn horrible matchups into winning ones.


I also see it as a ghouldengo check but I haven't really used it


Tera Steel, Tera Poison and Tera Fire make him into such a good sweeper with very few weaknesses thanks to Levitate. I'm running mine with Tera Fire + Heatwave, Dark Pulse, Draco Meteor and Protect. With Chi Yu banned, he's a close replacement and some would say an upgrade in doubles since he's a good Charchomp partner in crime (immune to EQ).


Theres barely any Fairy types in this format, even lesser than 2014's.


The amount of gen 9 pokemon is kinda sad... but is that also good because it means theres not much power creep?


It will be all iron and ancient once the bans are lifted


What’s that yellow bird in team 8? I don’t have S/V yet :(




Thank you! Gonna look it up (:


Yo side note everyone: gholdengo and garchomp are countered fairly well by eelectross, who is really flexible in both its bulk and damage depending on how you want to build it. Physical Tera steel can hard counter Maushold as well, and AV physical or special can ruin a lot of other special attackers such as hydreigon Edit: special attacker example


Sure you resist disquake, but like tross can't really threaten garchomp or rotom, gholdengo just shadow balls you, and you don't threaten that either. Idk it just seems like it does nothing offensively, it may sit on a couple meta threats but there's a lot of better answers to those mons


Eelectross gets access to both fire punch and flamethrower, and unless gholdengo is max bulk, it dies to max attack or max spA moves from eelectross. What’s more, tross gets bulk up and drain punch and can go toe to toe with garchomp. Not sure why you say it doesn’t threaten Edit: it also gets outrage, dragon claw, AND dragon pulse.


And I never said anything about rotom at all.


Wow, very low fake out use rate from the looks of it


Covert Cloak pretty much make Fake Out less appealing because priority tailwind setter are immune to flinch with it.


VGC 2023: Talonflame's Revenge


Also Murkrow. There are tons of murkrows everywhere on the ladder.


Hydregien might be good


Was Hydreigon buffed this gen?


They removed pretty much all the good fairy mons, so in a way yes. Plus with tera poison his only weakness is psychic, and he already has STAB Dark Pulse to deal with it


Damn I wanted to see Palafin


Whats with all the gyarados?


intimidate is really good, dodges garchomp, low electric presence outside of maybe iron hands which is covered by telepathy gardevior let's you use earthquake, pretty sure it's got wave crash too. mostly wondering what tera it uses. I cant search in Spanish efficiently enough to find any vods to watch but that team 1/2 is something I was close to finish building in game (no amoongus or talon flame)


The sheer amount of pokemon getting used cuz of either prankster and intimidate is rly cool to me, i love to see more variety so even tho incin was my sun moon starter, im still glad its gone. Also wave crash is rly nice if gyarados gets that too


Really interested in move slots and EV spreads


complete newbie here (just started this gen and have played 30 games total), what does gardevoir do? trace+choice scarf to shut down weather shenanigans? imprison+tr?


It's just a premier fairy type that can sit on the field at the same time as Garchomps earthquake with telepathy.


Can someone please fill me in on why there is a murkrow on team 4?


Murkrow is the best tailwind setter so I'm surprised there's only one. Prankster, taunt, haze, dark type immunity to opponent's prankster, and decent base attack for brave bird ...but seeing how there's no setup strategies here talonflame just miiiight be better


Prankster/Haze/Tailwind On Wolfey's stream there was probably a Murkrow on every other team.


murkrow is just dark whimsicott, you can't use hunchkrow because he lose the prankster over moxie


Wow it’s Chomp or Hydreigon. Or btoh


How do they make gardevoir works? I dont understand her role and I want gardevoir in my team.


You run it with Telepathy so that you can use Earthquake Garchomp, then it's probably Trick Room+Imprison to deny enemy Trick Room


I approve of the amount of Hydreigon, and Garchomp in this line-up.


Hard-core rooting for the guy using armarogue for no reason other than I love the mega man pokemon


Very curious about the Dragalge team. There's a rental/paste?


Sypprised to see Flamigo on here. Crazy


Excluding the Paradox and Ruin Legends was a very interesting call. Gholdengo seems to be the most meta Gen 9 Pokemon allowed in the current doubles format followed by Armarouge. While in Singles, it's definitely Garnacl and Palafin. Otherwise it would have been Flutter Mane, Chi Yu and Chein Pao domination with 80% of the previous gen dragons staying home.


Absolutely love the first place team... ran exact mons in 2014 when I first started vgc. Ouuuu I LOVE this vgc series so far.


Very interesting the top team has no paldean mons


what set do ppl use for garchomp


Anyone know what kind of natures and EV spreads these Arcanines are typically running? He's always been a favorite of mine but there are just so many options this season for him. The set I'm leaning towards is Flare Blitz/Will-O-Wisp/Extreme Speed/Protect and I'm debating between Adamant/Jolly and how to divvy up the HP/Atk/Spe EVs.


Hey OP do you have the set for team 8?


no, some of the players have shared their teams in [https://twitter.com/VGCPastes](https://twitter.com/VGCPastes) but I don't see that one


Who won? I'm guessing it was the Murkrow team. Crazy to see only one team with it tbh.