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How is that legal? It is clear hazard to anyone. What country is this?


USA Florida lol


Perhaps report to the ADA?


ADA requires a 4’ PAR (pedestrian access route). That requirement is certainly not met


What are you talking about? There's clearly two feet on either side.


Hmm math check out on this one. Case closed!


Right? 2+2=4. No more questions Your Honor.


i literally can't think of a single city i've been in where thats consistently met. ever been disabled in columbus OH? yeah... according to the infrastructure here im better off dead


Well no one should have to pay only because *you're* disabled, certainly not with **MY** taxes! Precautionary /s, of course.


That’s just the world in general. I can’t think of any country that consistently tries to make life easier for people in wheel chairs. It’s disgusting how much is surrendered for the sake of cars


Northwestern European countries do a great job of consistently making life easier for the wheelchair bound. The places which are not are usually places of significant historical importance, but it must also be mentioned that even the majority of sites of historical significance have been adapted to be wheelchair accessible.


Why are you bringing up cars? This isn't about them.


It's always about cars :) Jokes aside, in this case it's clearly idiocy caused by misalignment between those who setup cable routes and those who setup plans for sidewalks. And a classic case of "not my job".


/s? It could well be. May not have put pole near verge where it normally would be, in case a vehicle ran off the road and onto the verge into it! Instead they put it safely where it other flesh and blood people are going to run into it.


Yeah, my favorite parts are where there are no sidewalks at all, and pedestrians are told to use the “berm,” which is usually covered in drains, shrubs, trees, and half the year, ice.


it’s definitely not 100% consistent but NYC (even most of the outer boroughs) is pretty good on this. Manhattan is known for its wide sidewalks. No ADA access to the subway in most places though.


In a lot of places public sidewalks fall under the PROWAG which fills in some grey areas left in the ADA guidelines. This sidewalk doesn't meet those either.


I believe at a point obstruction you can go down to 36". It might even be 32", I don't have time to look it up at the moment.


Yeah definitely looks like a Federal law violation.


It’s like this where i live in florida too. Makes biking a shit show.


Just to be clear if utility poles on the pavement is making your biking a shitshow it's actually the lack of dedicated bike infrastructure that's making you biking a shitshow.


Right, I ride on the street everywhere. Probably gonna die young but it'll be to a car with my dignity intact, not a telephone pole.


That and the giant wooden pole sticking out in the middle of the sidewalk


Disability, distraction, prams etc, seems very bad.


This is in F L O R I D A. (Although I absolutely agree with you)


Definitely! Hell hath no fury like an ADA violation.


Agreed. That sidewalk is new, which means it must adhere to the ADA and its most recent iteration (2009?). 4’ wide pedestrian paths are required with no obstructions; the cross slope of the sidewalk cannot exceed a 2% grade; plus the additional requirements for softer grades on the actual curb ramp portion.


You sound like a Karen, “report this to the ADA bro have you traveled out of the country they would laugh at this entire comment section and photo the steal your wallet,


>Florida man places pole in the ground. You can never guess where!


Never fails to disappoint




Your making Florida sad.


Of course


I fucking knew it!


Last time I went to Florida I noticed there were a lot of residential streets without pedestrian footpaths. Strange but if the footpaths were installed much later than the poles have been, it may make sense. Not to regulatory standard but a cheap way to make some sidewalk as relocating a power pole might be in the high $ tens of thousands.


There's plenty of grass there to have curved the sidewalk around it.


FPL?? Report it online, make mention of hazards associated n they will come out in 4-6 months. Or run into it with a car and ask the crew that comes to replace it to put it outside the sidewalk


Still not legal. Wheelchair space is 3.5 ft minimum. That's why new houses have bigger doorways.




Very blue county and city though. I don’t think this is state owned. Just poor planning.


Heck, I live in a very blue enclave in NY and this same sort of nonsense happens. No, in a way we're even worse because they straight just didn't do a continuous sidewalk in many places.


Yep even in Denver we have awful sidewalk problems. My last neighborhood barely had any, and it’s up to the individual homeowners and businesses to maintain/install them!! [very recent article about it](https://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/denver-deserves-sidewalks-advocates-push-for-public-funding-of-sidewalks)


Fair enough, I revoke my statement.


It's not overwhelmingly red. It's just that the republican leadership it has is retarded


In Florida? You're lucky you have sidewalks there


>USA Florida The bar keeps getting lower lol


It's not but nothing happens unless and until someone complains and/or threatens to file an ADA lawsuit.


There are some people who have started making ADA lawsuits against inaccessible websites a side project, since the websites of certain companies are subject to the ADA. It's now to the tune of about 10,000 a year. Sites should be on notice that they can't ignore disabled people's needs anymore.


Honestly that's more or less how this stuff gets fixed--some organization goes out and sues.


And that’s how we lost over 20 historic restaurants in Saint Paul, MN


if a restaurant can't keep their property up to the US' extremely lax building codes whose fault is that


That’s not good, heritage is so hard to defend. Here we have legislation to protect but that is overruled or not respected either without the developers moneys.


Boo hoo


Looks like US from OPs reply to someone else. But tbh I ask “how is that legal?” regarding a lot of things in the US on a daily


America is an object lesson in the distinction between "illegal" and "doesn't actually happen."


It's probably on a Florida Power and Light work list somewhere. Responsibility for relocating power poles ultimately falls on them if in the public right of way.


Interesting, why are poles not on the grassed verge instead of creating a clear danger? That is where would commonly found elsewhere, not right in the middle of a footpath. A path that needs to be used by less able, elderly, less ambulant, non drivers, those with prams, and also those with mobiles etc, it is just so obviously a big risk to many. Even if footpath came later this would still be the question. The act of placing them in middle of it, clearly means to obstructs safety, be discourage usage, creates risk, and.a dangerous situation, not cared about by those who commissioned, planned, approved it, took contract for it etc.


The sidewalk may have been built around the pole, and the relocation is either an in progress situation. Or maybe just lost on a list somewhere. Or poles relocation may have been a condition of approval which was just forgotten about in the closeout process.


could be any mid sized US city. standard fare in columbus


Cripes, that’s not good.


The poles were there first, they may not have been on the plan of existing services, some areas don't want the sidewalk right next to the road for safety or esthetic reasons. The engineers designed the sidewalk to be 1 metre away from curb when the road was redone, and the contractor put the sidewalk where they were told. I've seen guy wires in the sidewalk all the way 2blocks on the sidewalk to a school


It’s funny that you thought it could be anywhere but the US.


Really I didn’t want to assume, and was astonished, but fearful of what this happening means, and guessed it could be any world gone mad. With disregard for basic human needs. Putting developers corporates, and cars first. Even if the path came afterwards. And as if this is not crap enough. There are not even any warnings visible here!


Ah, yes. Complete with the garages that are too small for the car, and the driveway thats 3/4 size, so the big ass Suburban SUV sticks out and blocks the sidewalk.


I'm a real big fan of all those saplings planted right near the power lines. In 10 years they're going to need to aggressively trimmed and probably removed entirely in 20.


You’re assuming they are species of big trees. I don’t think they are. Probably something like Cordia sebestena, which is quite small for a tree and typically requires little trimming.


It's super hard to tell with the given photo but they look like they they could be foxglove trees. Those things get to be about 50 feet tall and get super wide. I'd normally say "But there's no way they'd plant so many invasive exotic trees." However, it's Florida who fuckin' knows.


here you cannot even have a gate or fence on the property edge when bordering with public accessible land. But in the US, with all the HOA fuckery, that somehow is not an issue at all... blows my mind.


Does your country have old houses? Pre-car houses? The East Coast has a lot of those too. You know what old houses all over the world have? Stubby little pre-car driveways for horse buggys & whatever. ...You really need to broaden your cultural horizons before you go blaming "HOA fuckery" for things.


Of course we have pre car houses, lol, I am from Germany. Not blaming HOA, but with people not being allowed not to mow their lawn, or park their own car at the curb, I wonder how this can fly with them. We have no HOA bs, but no one would, presumably regularly, park their car here like that, it would collect fines and dents like hell.


Tbf the houses were designed before seemingly everyone decided they need a 7 seater mini-Semi for their 3-person family. Some Enforcement on blocking the sidewalk would Help and force the people to park on the street


No, back then we just had a 30' Oldsmobile 77.


Its funny how much time land owners, planners, engineers, architects, contractors, and city representatives will go over ideas for a neighborhood. Then the power company's construction schedule or design layout gets a little messed up and they be like "Welp, fuck you guys. Oh you want it moved? That'll be $50k a pole?"


They tried their best atleast. Has to be atleast less than. 6” between the truck and the garage. Most of the people who I know drive trucks would’ve left a 3-4 foot gap, said fuck the sidewalk (not like cops write out citations for blocking the sidewalk every day)


Such Florida behavior.


Florida politicians are the worst. Too bad, cause I love the theme parks, beaches and weather there.


Texas and Florida about to fight it out for most useless politicians 😂


Wait till you hear about oklahoma


Being in the Southwest I’ve heard things about Oklahoma politics, mostly horrible 😆


This is a common ocurrence in any Brazilian sidewalk, actually, you're lucky if you even get a sidewalk at all


Was gonna mention this. Just the fact that OP's sidewalk is smooth makes it way better than sidewalks here in Brazil. My neighborhood for example has several sidewalks pushed upwards because of tree roots, so no chance of a person in a wheelchair using them. In fact, the people I know who need a wheelchair only drive to avoid stress


Some places have improved with municipal calçada cidadã projects


Ainda é ruim pra caramba na maioria do BR


Ah com certeza, deficiente não tem vez infelizmente


It's also a thing in my country as well, in fact, even roads too are affected by this stupid by building roads and not even moving the pole away.


Fiber cable designer here. I work with utility poles (company owned and joint use power poles) a lot. Power/cable provider is equally at fault for dumbass pole placement. Can’t believe they placed this shit. Actually, yes I can. I can totally believe this


I guess it was a budget issue? /S


They’re all fucking penny counters. We don’t get paid well enough, considering the amount of dollars streaming through those fiber strands every day. It’s honestly ridiculous


Sidewalk doesn’t look too old too. Appalling.


My company works with cities to identify these issues and fix them. How fast the city actually gets around to it is another issue.


I smell a class-action lawsuit from a group of wheelchair users.


I see an opportunity for some not so sick off-road practice.


I'm pretty sure that's not ADA compliant. ADA is law


I feel like people who are At least mostly able bodied don’t seem to understand that southern states don’t exactly follow laws pertaining to disabilities. They also don’t care if you tell them that they aren’t following the laws because they know a legal battle is too expensive for someone who has to pay medical bills.


No because ADA is federal law and if it's a clear cut case a disabled person should be able to win recoup legal fees and the lawsuit would most likely be on a contingency basis so they're not laying a lawyer up front. Source: am a paralegal


My source is that I’m disabled. You don’t seem to understand that shit doesn’t get fixed. You think that because you’re a paralegal you know more about it. I’m a resident of nc. Do you know what it’s like being disabled here? Shit isn’t clear cut in the south. They’ll question if you’re actually disabled, how disabled you are, question your surgeons and world renowned doctors, and so much more. They GENUINELY BELIEVE THEYRE IN THE RIGHT AND WONT BACK DOWN. Even if they get in trouble over it they’ll find a way to continue or go after you in another way. You clearly have too much trust in the law when it comes to this shit. I started experiencing teachers abusing me over my disability when I was in first grade. I’m in a legal thing over a doctor diagnosing me with somatic symptom disorder in one visit because he took something the wrong way (I have a genetic disability that’s called man on fire syndrome). I’m not angry at you. I’m angry that this is so common for people like me and yet people like you still don’t understand.


I'm from the north. Didn't know of was that shitty down there.


The rules around the ADA and municipalities are simultaneously fuzzy and clear: https://www.ada.gov/comprob.htm > providing program access city governments are not required to take any action … that would result in undue financial and administrative burdens. Throw in a bunch of self policing clauses for municipalities, and you end up with the ADA basically being toothless at the municipal infrastructure level.


Definitely a hazard and looks odd too.




Yeah the ADA would like to have a word with them. I work for a municipality. We did a study a few years ago as to what it will take to get just our sidewalks and other conveyances up to ADA compliance and it’s hot mess.


Looks more like a suburb than a city, where is it?


Fort Lauderdale, FL. this is a neighborhood downtown, just can’t see the buildings behind the trees.


Oh Laudy


No, Lawtey is up near Jacksonville no joke


This is so ridiculous to me lmao. Why even waste money on putting in sidewalks if some people can't use them?


My guess is that the sidewalks are owned by the city and the grass parts are owned by the residents, so this was easier to do from a legal standpoint.


LOL I live in Broward, used to live in Fort Lauderdale, and my first thought was "dang this feels just like Broward". This is super common here, it's very saddening.


It’s Fort Lauderdale, they’re still working on getting the poop to go down the drain. Give them some time they’ll get around to it




this is a little more than "mildly" infuriating


More like r/assholedesign


Or /r/hostilearchitecture


This along with the tiny flat driveways has to be Florida


Find a handicapped person and talk them into suing the city for violating the ADA, they'll start moving those poles when it starts costing them $$$.


this looks more suburban.


Looks like Florida


This is an ADA lawyer's wet dream.


That is a BIG TIME violation of the ADA. I worked for a company in CA that was hired by caltrans to measure sidewalks and any public areas for compliance


Looks like old telephone poles and brand new sidewalks put in long after the poles, the choice was probably between having a sidewalk with pole in the middle or no sidewalk at all because there is a zero chance a city would be moving multiple light poles and rewiring them in order to put in a sidewalk.


Same here. Except the side walk is directly next to the road (no easement) and the road is a 6 lane road that people take at 50 mph. The right side is covered by overgrown shrubs and the sidewalk is littered with gravel, litter, and trashcans. Every year 1-2 people “fall” of the side walk and die due to a car hitting them. Also home to the worst bus stop in the US. https://amp.wbur.org/hereandnow/2016/08/29/bus-stops


crosspost to r/fuckcars


Greetings from Europe. How about not using those poles at all? You don’t even need a digger for putting those cables underground.


Long distance are the norm here and it’s more cost effective to not need multiple systems with different servicing needs. That said we really should switch to buried, at least for densely populated areas


One step back: What's a telephone pole and what do you need it for?


This is probably one of the new “gentrified” neighborhoods probably off broward blvd.


I hope its just a case of utility guy mindlessly following orders, not my job, etc.. Though these days who knows. Being a dick just to be a dick is possible too


Of course, if ever fixed, the City would just bump out the sidewalk on the left side to get the minimum sidewalk width. I recommend submitting a code compliance report on the City's website.


Americans have to see sidewalks from different coutruies to know the real definition of "hell for the handicaped". Search big cities sidewalks in Brazil and you will see what I'm talking about


Let me give you a shortcut "[brazillian sidewalk](https://www.reddit.com/r/ItHadToBeBrazil/comments/i9tnd2/brazilian_sidewalks_sparking_joy_and_broken_legs/)"


This particular sidewalk would be just as difficult to navigate in another country. I don’t get your point


Don't get me wrong. The sidewalk on your post is really infuriating if you try to think how can a handicaped person walk past by it. Although calling it "hell for the handicaped" is really diminishing other countruies infrastructures that are far worse than what's shown in your post.


Ok you win your country’s sidewalks are worse 🥇


Reading it now I feel like a douchebag. But thank you for the medal


Florida... All you had to say


This isn't even legal. If you want to do something about this, report it. You ignored the other commentors that told you to report it.


I’d report this OP


How is a disabled person in a wheelchair, a mother with a stroller or any other person for that matter supposed to pass that pole comfortably?!


Hey, OP: when you say "all over" the city, 'bout how many instances are we talking about? (btw, I hope you don't mind: I ran a cross-post to this over on r\/hostilearchitecture--you're a big hit over there, too) [{link}](https://www.reddit.com/r/HostileArchitecture/comments/ut46a7/youve_read_a_tree_grows_in_brooklyn_now_get_ready/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


Capitalism. Some city planner probably drew a budget that ‘would save x amount of dollars’ by using less concrete by not going around poles.


USA USA USA! I love our country's pedestrian infrastructure.


Looks like public works planners were hitting the crack pipe pretty hard that day!


They built the sidewalks by accident.


It's like they think the sidewalks are decorative


Chances are, even though the city performed the dumb construction, in several states it's actually up to the property owner to fix. So theoretically someone could file an ADA complaint and sue the property owner even though the town is the one that put the telephone pole there.


Ooooh Man! That’s a perfect way to get rich. Start a Class A lawsuit.


I wonder what NotJustBikes has to say about this


How many disability lawyers have DMd you asking where this is lol


Is this the result of some kind of malicious compliance pissing contest?


Wow, these guys have shit for brains.


Biking too.


At least your town has sidewalks


this is peak civil engineering


Geniuser and geniuser.


Have you checked with your city/county to see if they will at least add a length of concrete on either side so that someone in a wheelchair can get around it? It seems like something that could and should be addressed if brought to the right people's attention


Mobility Mary would've been very upset at this.


Is this Houston?


This should be reported: Florida Department of Transportation ADA/Accessibility Compliance Program 605 Suwannee St., MS40 Tallahassee, FL 32399-0450 Phone: 850-414-4359 [www.dot.state.fl.us/projectmanagementoffice/ADA](www.dot.state.fl.us/projectmanagementoffice/ADA)


You can force the city to fix this


I wonder just how many wheelchairs have ACTUALLY been on that sidewalk to make this a realistic complaint rather than for the sake of complaining.


The thing with ADA is not when they are used, it's when they are available for use. The ramps ain't gonna be used that often, but it sure will be when it's available for the mobility disabled and their caregivers to use.


Not sure if there was a sidewalk there before, but it was definitely put in after the pole. It’s unfortunate but looks like folks fighting for easement real estate. Aka stupid problem to have.


More like "fuck you in particular"


Sue them. Sue your city.


Doesn’t seem ADA compliant.


Not like there’s any room to move the sidewalks closer to the street or anything


In the Philippines seen poles in the middle of the outside lane on a 4 lane highway. Seems when they widen the road, they just left the poles in place and paved around them. Fun driving at night in the rain.


I don’t think handicapped is a noun.


Joes not going to like that


Report it and chop one down


Holy shit. Is this real??


Same. I live in Mérida, Yucatán


Blocked sidewalk and gigantic SUV, name a more iconic pair


Reminds me of California


What in the Florida!?!?


in my country, poles are literary on the road


USA: running critical infrastructure over wooden poles like it's still the 1920s telegraph era...


Easy solution here: chainsaw.


Has to be Georgia


At least you have a sidewalk, with grass space to walk on when there's poles. How is this a problem?


Definitely looks like the south Welcome to dumbfuckistan


As a wheelchair user, I would take that down and when the cops arrest me for it, I would sue them x)