Tiers are very compact in UNI. Yes, Enkidu and Mika might need a buff or two but a player skilled enough can hold his footing again any Phonon/Seth/Hyde.


Even though Mika and Enkidu are considered low tier, they're not unplayably bad like low tiers on some other games can be. That said, if you are just starting the game I wouldn't really suggest playing Mika. Aside from being low tier, she's also kind of difficult to get a handle on because she's a fast, short-ranged character, with special moves that are kind of weird. She's kind of difficult to learn to play for these reasons, and because she's low tier to boot it's not a very rewarding experience.


Thanks I think I'll take your advice. Her giant mech fists are incredibly cool but she does seem pretty difficult. I'll try Wagner out.


Enkidu made it to top 3 before, take that into account, you can achieve anything even with a low tier character.


Enkidu players are very numerous and make good results at tournaments. Any character can be and get good results with.


Ignore meme lists and stick with the loli. She will serve you well.


The tier lists in this game aren't like other fighting games, like people have said. Still very viable characters. Enkidu came third at a tourney (can't remember which?) earlier this year!


UNIEL has one of the least discrepancy tier lists sure Mika has it rough, but loli power is stronk, and can overcome all difficulties UNIEL has all the tools for everyone to not make the match unplayable but fully capable a true realized win


Gotta be specific because UNIEL tiers were laughable. UNIST on the other hand is very tight.


I meant UNIST, what's the general term, I guess this is first version I played