Nice job. But if you want a simpler time next time, you can stack the small houses to conduct power, since it goes through buildings.


Oh my gosh, that is a great tip and would save a lot of materials. Thanks!!!


No prob. Dont worry. I did it twice as you before someone pointed it out to me too


Me just finding out that building transfer power up and down not just side to side *should really read some instructions*


Yo, same hereā€¦ #TIL


Houses, warehouses, etc are the right way to do it imo. In my current game I've got stacks of both with batteries that share the same staircase.


This setup has the batteries at the maximum total height (bottom of the map dynamited downwards and top of the map limit through skyscraper). The max battery is 62000 hph. This was done on Canyon 128x128 map (I don't know if other maps have greater heights or not, if so then it may be possible to build higher). The max height layer you can build a battery on is 29 (and it counts up from layer 0). Given the battery itself is an extra one height that makes for 31 layers of battery travel (2,000 per layer) resulting in the final 62K value. A lot of people build sky scrapers by doing 2x3 spiral staircases, but the problem is the travel distance is really high because they have a lot of sideways movement. You also can't build a ton of batteries on a single 2x3 skyscraper. I tried to mostly build this one with straight vertical staircases with minimum loopbacks. The path upwards is a small staircase from the river, then a big 1x9 straight pathway, a second 1x4 staircase going onto one of the big metal platforms, and then a loopback staircase of 8x2. The other nice thing about building a more straight staircase is you can build the power gears directly overhead the whole way, so you don't need to build a separate tower for the gears. I put a food and water storage mid-level because the path is so long that people will starve/dehydrate just running up the stairs to build part of it. Additionally several beavers died due to getting trapped by other beavers building them into the skyscraper. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. I thought I was going to need to setup a second colony to keep building higher, but the path seemed to go red and continue on to infinity as long as the beavers never touch ground. This might be a glitch, or an intended function. Just be aware that it appears you can extend out the range through platforms. (not sure if it works for horizontal platforms but at least for vertical it worked).