I still can't believe the HBO producers have access to the hundreds of hours of material that De Lestrade filmed and the best they come up with is a scene of Firth licking Toni's ass. Those tapes are gold.


Between the ass eating scene and the matter of fact scene of Peterson saying on the phone “ are you ready for me to pound that ass” And Brad also saying in a really masculine matter of fact way “ my ass will need some rest for two days” The shit is just funny at times 😂


I think it’s intentional. Peterson is such a weird dude, I thought that phone call was totally believable.


Yea I’m sure that kinda talk was plentiful in the records of msgs and emails (“Pure T filth” wtf does that mean lol). And I’m sure the escort just responds how he thinks would best fulfill his clients’ fantasy. I wouldn’t be surprised if that little exchange was taken directly from the transcripts


My partner and I have been saying “are you ready to get your ass pounded?” to each other in Michael Peterson’s voice ever since we heard that line


“As for the last three episodes, I could not possibly be suspected of wanting to favor Michael, since we had broken up before I finished editing.” That statement really doesn’t help her case. I understand that the HBO show messed with the timeline in a notable way (it’s happened with some of the trial events also) but it’s evidently true that she doesn’t have an objective attitude about the Petersons.


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This is a really fascinating article. For one thing, I think it speaks to the amount of care that de Lestrade and his editors put into making the documentary. I know a lot of people here take issue with the one-sidedness of the documentary, and I wonder if they’ll feel differently if they read this, just because it really seems like the filmmakers didn’t intend to try and sway people one way or the other with their editing. Also, I hope people who haven’t seen the doc read this because I think it would be a shame if this situation really did give people the wrong idea about de Lestrade, his methods, or his intentions.


The editor and the subject were romantically involved. Kinda sketchy for a documentary.


Absolutely. All the 'amount of care' goes out the door when your editor is fucking the subject lmao.


The documentary *is* biased. I think you can strongly get the vibe that they believe in Michael’s innocence and they omit a couple of important pieces of information from the testimonies that support the prosecution case. I like the drama as it’s show a bit more of how Kathleen’s death affected many people, and it isn’t just focused on Michael prattling on, or scenes of people laughing about how preposterous the charges against him are. I’m sure the children were devastated to lose Kathleen- particularly the girls- but little time is given to the emotion of that. While the documentary is excellent, I’ve enjoyed a slightly different take - even if some of it is fictional!


I'm sorry that the shady asshole and his tramp editor feel betrayed. Cry me a river


People have been attacking the credibility of The Staircase since it came out, you’d think he’d be used to it by now 🙄


I guess that more viewers will tune in for upcoming episode 5. What is the content that will upset him so much? Basically, HBO version is the making of behind the scene of the doc, the Staircase.


Except entirely fictionalized... Lol I would actually totally watch a documentary about the "Staircase" documentary being made 😂 documentary within a documentary! But it would have to be real, not fiction (as much as I love toni Collette, Colin firth, and Sophie Turner)


I've been against the show from the beginning. The documentary is **perfect**. We don't need some fictionalized version where they mix truth and fiction. It adds nothing new to what makes this case so interesting.


The documentary is very far from perfect




“Why don’t learn to read and write like an adult?” Um. You first, bud.


Why so condescending? You made a statement. The documentary is perfect. They also made a statement. You sound like an asshole.


Why does the existence of a good documentary mean the story can’t be told another way too?


The documentary is biased. There is no way of getting around that and it's true of every documentary. However, I understand where the filmmakers are coming from. Specifically, given that Campos had so much access. The strangest thing about this whole situation is the idea that they titled the HBO show The Staircase. It seems like there was some intentionality there. It implies some sort of a odd connection between the two almost implying it's just a dramatization of the documentary. For the everyday person who isn't on reddit or reading interviews and think pieces they could walk away taking it all as truth. It's hard to know the truth between these two camps on what is completely true but I imagine it's somewhere in the middle. I started rewatching the documentary and there was the scene where Clayton mentions being jealous of Michael and Kathleen. He doesn't specifically say their sex life is what he was jealous of but in the HBO series he does and it makes the interview moment even creepier. Granted, maybe there is footage in the documentary where he does explicitly say that and they just went with the tamer version. But it's small things like this that build up and blur all sorts of lines constantly making me wonder and question everything.


I get why the original filmmakers would be upset because this show presents itself as a dramatization of true events. Anyone not familiar with the actual truth of things will assume that what’s in this show is more or less true, so if it positions the documentary as not only biased but as something intentionally made to portray MP well then I think that’s shitty. I also just think it’s kind of shitty that the creator of this show apparently earned Jean-Xavier’s trust and then went and portrayed his documentary (and maybe him?) in a negative light.