Ok she was amazingly strong but toph kinda has the edge here not needing to see and bumi is just wildly unpredictable. So it would actually even out pretty well I think. If kyoshi gets the avatar state tho she wins obviously. She’s still insane without it so I’m give these two the benefit of the doubt and say she isn’t allowed to use it


Kyoshi split the continent without avatar state right? Thats pretty op if you ask me


*With the Avatar State But yeah, she's still quite OP


I think you are right! I went back to rewatch the scene. Kyoshi didn’t have the characteristic AS blue eyes when she split the earth, but her eyes did flash blue right before. Probably she retained her eye colour due to mastery over the AS?


Indeed, the Avatar State can be used in different ways. The constant glow is very specific and makes the Avatar very powerful for a long time and very vulnerable, bacause if killed in action, no more Avatar. However, there's also the quick glow in the eyes, also showed in the Avatar State episode where Roku explains it to Aang, and also when Aang uses it to raise the water after the final battle with Ozai to prevent the trees from fully burning. Essentially the quick glow is the Avatar State, but for specific and quick actions.


So are you saying Toph is too strong with metal bending and is stronger than Kyoshi if she uses it?


Not necessarily. Just thought earthbending only would be more of a fair fight


Old age.


Kyoshi from the novels is new to bending prime kyoshi we have 0 feats only AS feat


If it’s kyoshi vs kyoshi, kyoshi is guaranteed to lose, kyoshi is the correct kyoshi