Moderators have accepted Warden's resignation and all his permissions have been removed. This matter has been swiftly and decisively addressed. Stay tuned for more information shortly. [RESIGNATION STATEMENT FROM WARDEN ELITE](https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/ndg6oi/i_will_be_stepping_down_from_being_a_mod/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)


This is why no one should blindly follow YouTube streamers advice.


Streamers generally only care about more subs, more views. NOT quality content. Literally the opposite of DVF. Edit: I'm leaving it. I'm retarded, 'member?






was expecting DeepValueFucking, you got me good lmao


The deepvaluefucking that the ladies at the club were giving away when it was lean during covid


I remember watching warden shill godpill only to watch 3 minutes of his stream to realize he is a bona-fide wacko. Of course someone the yolos and loses 800k in far otm options for 4/23 . Grateful for the majority of the community here and everyone's desire to seek the truth and continue learning. Buy hold and thats it.


His TA wasn’t that great either, he seemed to be wrong more often than not




All fairness, godpill has been having a full meltdown that's actually kinda scary/sad/enticing to watch publicly.... I really hope he can get the help and support he needs.... Guy needs some friends and an ego check bad....


100%, I have been saying this for a long time now. Be cautious of others who would use their information for notoriety. The strength of Reddit is in our anonymity, when someone tries to transcend above the crowd, consider their reasons for doing so. They are choosing putting a target on their back by those who they are opposing (SHFs/Wall Street)...so why would they do this? Remember back in r/gme when Warden did a quick AMA about the drama that was occurring surrounding one of his streams and he wanted to clear the air? I asked a fairly pertinent question about his streaming and his choice to do so. The link is here including his reply: [https://www.reddit.com/r/GME/comments/mg10gp/discussion\_with\_warden\_clarifying\_a\_couple\_of/gsr12c8/?context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/GME/comments/mg10gp/discussion_with_warden_clarifying_a_couple_of/gsr12c8/?context=3) To me, at that moment he demonstrated that he may not be a shill for the Short hedge funds but he is definitely shilling something...his popularity. His answer when I asked him why he chooses to stream (in a post he started asking for questions) was to get the answers by watching his streams. Its especially dangerous if he continues to stream full well knowing going forward he has a tendency to react without thinking...this even backs up my comment I liked above and I quote myself here: >If this spike occurs while you are streaming, you are going to call itas you see it in that moment. Your listeners will be watching yourreactions and listening to your words. As Youtubers and Twitch streamerssay, you are in that moment an "influencer". You may also rethink yourinitial gut reaction later off stream but by then what you said in thatmoment is out there in the world. Take all the evidence that the OP said and put that person in a situation where the MOASS is happening and tell me this looks like the person you want to be calling these shots live.


In all of his streams he mentions getting more exposure. Sorry, but if I had more TA knowledge and asked members to watch if they wanted to, it would be solely about helping educate apes on how to read charts. I def wouldn’t secretly call us idiots in my discord and mock my own people. What a fucking joke. I actually defended this dude on multiple occasions. You can look at my comment history over the last 45 days or so when he started updating. I’m fucking offended. Edit: I no longer care. Buy. Hold. Vote.


This is why when the MOASS starts I’m turning off YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. I’ll still be checking here but that’s it.


Unfortunately Reddit is going to be the biggest shill infestation zone during the MOASS, trust your gut!


Lou vs wallstreet hates YouTubers for this reason. They want to make money that is coming with this squeeze from YouTube


I said it before. Guy is a day trader and has asked for money for his streams and analysis, hopped on youtuber's channels for money. It's waaaaaay too obvious he can be bought. "I traded squeezes before trust me" This is not just "a squeeze", and he knows that. "The DD is wrong" Wtf where is your proof or counter-DD? "Ryan sets peak price" Literally what the fuck are you talking about


By squeezes, he means pump and dumps lmao. A true squeeze means the shorts pay. A pump and dump is just retail shifting who holds the bag




He’s a fucking kid. Sounds like he’s 12. I’ve always been sus. He’s been wrong with his analysis so many times. You know why? Cause it’s fucking GME. You can’t analyze shit with GME. Why is he even trying? Wrong like 90% of the time lol.


I've said it before and I'll say it again: Technical analysis only works in certain cases and is mostly psychologically based. There is no real fundamental basis for it, especially not in a highly manipulated stock like this. Anyone trying to predict anything with TA here is just rolling the dice.


Every time I posted this sentiment I’d get down dooted to hell. Glad the community is waking up to this bullshit voodoo. GME’s price moves with the whims of the hedgies until the dam breaks and they’re fucked imo. Can’t do reliable TA on a stock where retail sentiment just gets routed into nothing but dark pools and never hits the actual market. Homedepothank even says so plainly. His is the only TA I tend to listen to because he’s upfront about it


XXXX 🦍💎🙌🏻 HodL.. I know what do


Low XX hodler here, Half my shares are going infinity. And I just hope to make enough to support my wife for the rest of this shitty existence. Here’s to helping out those with less shares then me.


XXXX 🦍💎🙌🏻 HodL here too. Floor is in the millions. People who keep arguing about what he meant by the floor, doesn't understand what a floor is.


XXXX we good


I’m XX, and because it makes no financial or tax sense to set a floor for less than HIGH XXXXX, at which point the squeeze will be worth riding up and down, I would rather hold for a year or more than cash out. So WArden can say whatever the fuck he wants, there is no incentive for me to sell unless a fortune to be made.


Once we reach XXXXx we know our DD is on spot. Then there is no reason anymore to not wait for 10 mills


XXXX here too, chillin, not worried about a thing. The first thousand shares will be for my family and I. The other thousand plus will be for shits and giggles


I can’t trust these YouTube guys.


Never have, theyre all turning into JimCramers. None of them are following Buy and hodl.


I called this weeks ago and was downvoted to hell. People are something else.


Anyone who monetizes their streams/videos in any way is sus. They all scream away like the roaches they are when the crash happened, and then a new wave of them popped up. Now most are hyping movie stonk. Watch them for entertainment or whatever, but seriously do not take financial advice from them


Warden lost me @ “ stop loss “ 😂.... what was his POS Prior to 1/26/20’ ? ... no stop loss then no stop loss now & def not selling for market price when I do decide to pull the trigger.


Yes, that is not the way and everyone firmly knows and states that


Ye wtf


'Your limit order wont get filled but your stop loss will' All my whats bro. When they fundamentally need to buy back 90%+ of all free float shares, the only ones that wont be bought are infinity pool + the highest 5%ish of price requests.


Dumbass doesnt even know that stop loss is the exact same as market sell. Idk what his goal was with that post maybe trying to create bagholders idk


You think they need less than 100% of the float? I have a feeling the need at MINIMUM 1.X times the float.


The ceiling does not exist in infinity. Anything else is just noise. HODL 1 FOREVER


How does RC set what the peak will be?


Ya what does RC have to do with the floor or ceiling? He potentially had an influence with the 3.5m share sale, but with that having already been completed there aren’t any other offerings on the table.


This dipshit is literally talking nonsense word salad and has the fuckin nerve to call us idiots


Yup, I don't think he's a shill but he's an f-ing moron who think he's a pro trader because he has learned a few "TA indicator" (which probably are false narrative sold but hedgies to people they want to entice to do daytrading in general)


He would have to sell a bunch of his shares to help them out so why would he do that?


He can’t just sell his shares as an institutional holder. It’s a little more complicated.


Exactly.. makes no sense at all.. "and RC can't deliver" wut? 👀


I don’t understand too much of the DD but I will tell you, that definitely confirmed that Warden was a load of shit.


That’s what put me off the most as well. Not the stop order or his exit strategy.. he is entitled to do whatever the fuck he wants, but what the fuck... RC will deliver above and beyond in the next few years. If people just look at the longterm view then this is the easiest hold ever.


Makes no sense.


Happy cake day


Didn't notice. 8 years of my life thrown into shitposting and making memes that no one likes. Now I'm sad.


I like your shit posts 🥺 happy cake day!


Warden has shown tonight that he has no fucking idea what he’s talking about with any of this and that he is way too immature to be a mod.




I’m right there with you. I was calling him out on GME months ago. His TA is not good and his fundamental understanding of the situation was always lacking.




No shit he won't answer this coz it makes no sense.


Yo deleted? Did Warden just delete this post by any chance? Edit: looks like it’s back. Kinda sus but glad OP mentioned he’s taking screenshots of everything.


Nope it got deleted again.


I'm trying to find that out right now. I'm fucking furious.


We are investigating this matter. I have several people in my chats and I am aware of the situation. Urgency is a main method of FUD. We aren't going to fall prey to that. We will do our homework and make sure we get to the bottom of this. Thank you everyone.


As long as you guys make a rational decision with a full discussion among yourselves we’re fine with it. Take your time




Can you sticky your comment so more can see the mod response? I had to scroll down a ways to see this. Edit: And thank you for all you guys do to make sure this sub stays uncompromised (whether that be a compromised mod team member or a bunch of shills trying to split the apes apart)!




Lol this fucking kiddo. Mods please kick him already. Every second he stays longer in this sub is a waste.


So cringe how much he’s revered. His trend analysis is classic “up,down, sideways” predictions. Useless clutter.


A lot of times he is not even predicting. It is after stock goes down, he will say it is expected, and when stock goes up, he will say he see it coming LOL!


YO mods shouldn't call the members of their sub "idiots". what the fuck is this guys problem?


You may want to unstuck his comment here and stick your comment. It would help I had to go through a lot to get to this one. But I read wardens response at top does not help.


A day trader has low loyalty stats by nature. It doesn’t surprise me after the fiasco with his wallet being in his bio/posts back in GME that he found a new way to make a quick buck without waiting like the rest of us.


YUP. Very suspicious of the daytrading YouTubers jumping on this shit. Not saying they're all bad necessarily, but... sorry, but I am gonna be suspicious of anyone who looks to make money normally by flipping stocks. That's the antithesis of GME and the opposite of what we need, obviously.


A Mod calling the users “idiots” <> “worked up”. If they are part of our community, you are literally in breach of our community rules. Your immaturity is on full display here, and I know you’re a college kid but you need to grow up. You have monetarily benefited from this situation, so please use some of it to learn about Emotional Intelligence. I hope the rest of the mods review / terminate your mod status, as you do not uphold the community rules. We need to have higher standards.




This has been a problem since before the beginning of superstonk with warden saying the floor was in the thousands


To be fair I am, demonstrably and irrefutably, an idiot, when it comes to this stuff.


I self-identify as retard, myself.


Retarded not idiot ::))


We're retards. Calling us idiots is insulting


As am I, but we don’t need mods calling us idiots- it’s not meant as a kindness




There are alot of people out there on Youtube literally reading SuperStonk, r/GME, and r/WSB and pretending to be stars. There are a ton of Youtubers getting rich and buying their stonks with their "educational" knowledge.


In April he bought OTM call options for the 23rd ($180 irrc) on robinhood for $5k. He literally says it himself in his streams. I do not see that as poor.


He called himself a student so many times to downplay himself, but when I once confronted him about it, he flexed his day trader status on me. This guy is so back and forth with all of his shit its wack.


Fucking called it. Check my post history. Guy is a fucking shill. I got downvoted to hell for saying it. I may have been early but I was not wrong.


There is a reason the mods on GME temporarily kicked him out, they might have been hypocrites but even they saw he was a sell out.


He and godpill literally didn’t understand how concepts like volume work. One day they were both convinced total volume was total $$ spent.... This man thought dfv exercising was going to double the days volume lmfao... Godpill of course continues by calling everyone in chat laughing at him fucking idiots and that, he is “way fucking smarter” Immediately unsubbed afterwards


Warden and Andrew mo money I do not watch ever.


They need to remove him from mod. This isn't the first time he ticks off the GME crowd.


warden elite barely sounds like an adult, I think people need to just step back and stop idolizing people. Make your own decisions


he is 20


He's literally my age, but there is no amount of money that would make me sell-out of a community like this and all the impending good that will come with the MOASS. I'm glad we caught this early because this guy would've created a disaster during the actual squeeze.


Younger than me and played everyone here like a fiddle. No wonder he thinks everyone here is an idiot. And no offense but we have been acting like idiots; worshipping nobodies with little to no knowledge on the subject matter, nobodies who gain our attention by posting daily and saying the popular thing, nobodies who we fucking *deify*. Come on guys. Lets not be stupid because we’ve been acting pretty fucking retardedly up until now.


ow my joints


It isn't just about idolizing, Warden is currently a mod in the subreddit. That needs to be addressed if this post is true.


Any mod who monetizes anything for personal gain should be removed, including asking for donations. I used to watch warden’s live charting but once he started streaming and asking for money I was out. I mean good on him, no prob with that, but break away from the sub if your gonna do that.


He was temp banned at the other sub for that and posting links. This is not the first rodeo.


This is why I dont trust any of you fuckers. Stop fucking idolizing people. You'll only get disappointed. Trust in yourself. I'm sure everyone have read the god tier DD's. If you have, then you dont have to give a single fuck about what anyone thinks of the MOASS. YOU know what to do. If you still dont know what to do even though you've read all the amazing DD's, then clearly ya'll got the same IQ as a goldfish and should stay far away from the stock market in the future if you dont want to lose 80% of your GME-profit the next week. The need to idolize strangers is pathetic and often has connections with daddy issues. If you've got daddy issues, idolizing strangers you dont know is the wrong way to go. And if we really are going to put someone on a pedestial, it should ONLY be King Cohen and Emperor Gill (DFV).


damn brah you don't even trust me?


Boom exactly. DFV and Cohen only. Anyone with a reddit account or a YouTube (apart from Superstonk's YouTube account for AMA's) is very likely to become compromised at any given moment. Stay the course. CockdenElite is a 20 year old kid. Got bought out probably. Block him, move on and hold till 20millli ($20,000,000.00+).


The guy still uses robinhood and he calls us idiots? LMFAO!!!!




Only shills use robinhood. Case closed. Next!


Yearh something is off with Warden Remove his MOD and ground him


Deleted but I’m sure people have links. Please post to show everyone. Disgusting behavior, no matter the situation.


Warden has always had the weakest 'DD' coming out with most being surface technical analysis. Random TA on Tradingview is pretty much the same caliber. Like any subreddit there are idiots here but our interests are aligned and learning is the goal. A mod here must embrace that. Please remove him immediately. I love this place but I will consider it compromised like r/GME if he remains in any position of power.


I'm trying to approach it rationally because I get urgency has been our enemy, but when he brought up his posting DD here all I could remember was his advertising the stream.


Why has this been removed?? How can you be a mod on a Subreddit and be calling the people you are moderating idiots? Immediate loss of trust. Backstabbing and putting us down in another forum is not cool. You have no integrity and don't deserve to be a mod here. Not one of us Warden And Mods deleting this post....


I cant see who deleted it, im on mobile. Does it say deleted by mods? If so I want to know by whom, certainly can only be the hedgieintern himself 🤣


WardenElite: OptionSonar sponsored. He already sold out.


Can you elaborate? What is OptionSonar and how is he sponsored? Like a YT channel sponsor?


You have to pay for optionsonar and he brings it up constantly. Id be fine with that buts how he says optionsonar by name when he wants to check the option activity. That seems weird considering how casual the rest of his streams feel.


A stock website, that lists options on stocks.


At one point, he offered an affiliate link for a discount to OptionSonar. Not sure if it's still available.


Wtf. FYI Warden had a stickied comment for a minute then removed it... I didn't take a screen shot but it said something along the lines that he stands by his statements. That no one gets to set the ceiling (not sure who was talking about ceilings here).


https://imgur.com/a/EdHogOg Didn't catch the post in time, only the second half


And that justifies deleting this post? He obviously doesnt want anyone ruining his already ruined image... Lol


Post this shit to r/GME




XXXX holder and ex wallstreet here. This guy needs to be removed immediately. The statement makes absolutely no sense and he is a shill trying to profit off of this.


u/pinkcatsonacid u/redchessqueen99


Here we go again.


Warden wants to be DFV but never will be


What makes Warden think I'm an idiot cuz I'm on superstonk? You can disagree with my view but don't call me an idiot. The fact Warden got on here to set it straight is cute too say the most. You can have your views dude. I never berated you or called you an idiot of I disagreed or didn't like what you said. That's all I have to say. I'm sure my point got across to whoever needs to hear it. Stop being fucking assholes to each other cuz you don't agree or because you think you know more. That's not the point of this.


Lmao. This guy literally said that there will be someone who holds out long enough to set a limit sell for 400m and the order will get filled. Now he’s in his discord saying we don’t set the ceiling? Goodbye credibility.


Seems like warden is either a bought off shill, or is genuinely against the "Ape first, mod second" sentiment... Mod team needs to do some DD into him & question whether he deserves to remain a mod after this one...


He doesn't. Not after this thread.


RIP - Another mod bites the dust... The true way continues. BUY HODL VOTE!


Time to clean up and take out the garbage?


Mods.....WTF???? Is this real???


He mentioned buying call options on his stream a few weeks back. I thought it was an odd strategy considering we don’t know when MOASS will strike and MMs benefit the most when options expire. Not a damming thing to say but in this context it does make you wonder if this was a way to encourage others to buy call options.


I **FORGOT** he favorably discussed buying call options


Yes that’s real .


why did they delete it then?


Dude obviously doesn't understand what 'aiming for the stars' means. FUD. I can say whatever price I want, will it reach that? Perhaps. Would I be disappointed if it only reaches 10% of that? No. Floor is 200m.


Honestly: I never liked Warden, Pixel or any of those kids trying to make money from being celebrities. The peak was when Warden got banned for persistantly promoting an app appraised at around $100 per month. Definitely not an elite expert, definitely not a reason to become aggressive if he gets his ass kicked for doing something he wasn't supposed to do. As simple as following the rules. Yet he didn't follow. Call me a shill, ban me or what ever the fuck you qanons want for speaking a word on your gods. To me, a boy in his early twentys going online just before his school finals simply to draw attention and make profits from streaming seems a bit stupid to say the least. Why? Well, why would do that holding a stock which (probably) is about to break the orbit? Just another reason to throw this whole thing away, stop lurking, reading, stop following. And definitely quit waiting for a piece of reading that will somehow make me >>shit myself<<. Holding my shares, no matter if I have X, XX, .XXXX, or XXXX. My shares is my business. And I will wait till the price is right.


Finally... truth hurts. Next ask him about plagiarizing DD from other smarter apes like ... nvm just ask, he knows... could save some credibility there if he has the balls to do so


Isn't he a mod? He shouldn't be if this is real.


Dude warden elite is a fuckin child, literally, its embarrasing that so many people idolize him.


After ruining r/GME he came again for r/superstonk but i dont think hell stay more after this


u/redchessqueen99 pls remove Warden as mod. He censoring posts and deleting comments


Didn’t he get called out for shilling like... a couple months ago? Idk why people follow him tbh. It’s literally impossible to read the charts on this stock when it’s this manipulated. So why pay a dude to read a stock that’s LITERALLY impossible to read.


Warden ur a cuck


Please remove Warden as a mod. The blatant disrespect is totally unjustified. From his own words, he clearly can’t demonstrate restraint when worked up. How can we trust him to remain cool headed when in a real crucible? I wholeheartedly believe that in the best interest of this sub, Warden be relieved of moderating duties, mods.


Guess another Mod Coup is coming.


It's been a whole month since we have had an exodus lol.


Damn are we migrating again 😂


Wtf post was deleted!


Wuuut the fuck


This is ridiculous. He has so many people following him. Just turn him off. Period. Onto the next one....


u/redchessqueen99 pls don't let another mod coup happen. Perhaps cleaning the house is in order?


2nd that


Warden is bought. The enemies are desperate. They have managed to compromise someone we trust. Price anchoring? not the way. Market stop loss? not the way. Beware. the war is on. this is their last hail mary.


I don't want to believe it. I'm disgusted. I'm hurt. But FUD is FUD...and that last post he made? It was off. His original DD about selling was considered God-Tier and was completely different than this one. I know he's just a college kid...but this is not a playground. If this is indeed how he feels, people need to know before they keep donating to him.


Did you see how many awards the post got? It was more than 120 within an hour of posting it. This is while a lot of the comments were bashing him. It could not be more obvious that he sold out.


Yeah, but 80 of them are the snake awards.. we have a lot of smart apes and warden is no stranger to spreading FUD when GME is gaining momentum. Never trusted him with in r/GME and never trusted him here.


Hahaha that's a good point. Still, that leaves 40 non-snake awards when good posts tend to get maybe 10 within the first hour.


When checked in a second ago it had over 800 upvotes, and yet EVERY comment was smashing the post down HARD. And there were a lot of comments. Something isn’t right.


he may be offered a substantial amount to spread fud. Hes young. I dont blame him. I just disgusted. Keep your head down. The war is still on.


He's been praised as one of the best people to watch so if he's bought out it could be dangerous. Guy made a post with some zig zags and basically said the price either goes up or down and then when it happens everyone believes he's the most trustworthy guy. This is why we keep stressing to DO YOUR OWN DD. Nobody should be relying on anyone else because of situations like this.


Tbh if Warden was some 20 year old finance guru we would've heard of him. He's just a kid lol. Not going to listen to some 20 year old


PLEASE mods look at this. It's potentially exposing himself as an opponent of r/Superstonk and includes further baseless speculation u/pinkcatsonacid u/rensole u/redchessqueen99 u/StonkU2 u/atobitt


u/pitchfork-bot, Give them the Pitch


I’ve never really liked Warden but maybe that’s just me. Even back in the old sub. I was happy he got banned lol I just don’t see the value in his streams / opinions. “Okay guys there’s three options: it could go up, down or trade sideways. Oh looks like it’s going sideways”. Wow great prediction dude...Just seems like a waste of time watching his content. He’s not a revolutionary DD author like pixel and atobitt. Warden is just riding the coattails of gme stock and gaining what he can in the process, IMO.


So basically every technical trader in every stock or asset class. And then they come out with follow up videos MY PREDICTION WAS SPOT ON. DON'T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE AND SOMETHING SOMETHING PATREON PLEBS


Lol pixel isn't a revolutionary DD writer. The only thing I remember him doing is hyping up a certain date in which nothing happened. Atobitt seems extremely intelligent, but we still have to wait and see if what he says is to happen, happens. That being said, they both know a million times more than most of us on here, but let's just stop idolizing people and keep DD'ing the DD. Keep buying, hold longer. Shorts must cover.


One time I caught 5 minutes where he did the usual line-drawing "If this happens it will go up. But it could also stay sideways." It went down. That was last time I watched.


Amen. His shit was a joke. Been saying it back when he was on GME, said it when he was here. I always laughed when he had his support levels and it was every dollar amount between 150-200 in 1 dollar increments. No shit it will support at one of those amounts. GTFOOH. I just ignored his dumb ass. Feels good to be right about this one.


Oh so we’re deleting shit now?


Yup what a pussy


yeah..then edited the post plus the graphics.. be transparent... comments too? come on.


Dude seems compromised....we know the gameplan, we know the dd...we don’t need youtubers....I encourage all of you to avoid them


Also his post got to like 300 likes and many many awards within a minute of posting.


At least we caught this early. This is a huge blow to the hedge funds considering now, they have to buy someone else to spread FUD during the squeeze.


Hey HF! Give me 100 million dollars up front (seriously, has to be up front) and I'll totally spread FUD! *wink


_all of a sudden a 100 million buy order appears on the order book_


Warden should not be mod anymore. He just lost all credibility.


For the record, I was calling Warden a moron long before it was cool.


Sad that he doesn't see the hypocrisy in his statement. I respect what he has provided so far, but you can't serve two masters.


He was right about one thing, no one knows what the ceiling will be. That’s not our concern. It’s infinite if no one sells. Bottom line, that was fucking disrespectful. What a dirt bag.


Warden is sus af and shouldn’t be a mod... why would you call members of the sub you mod for “idiots”?


So first [rensole thinks we are uneducated, ignorant apes in need of saving](https://redd.it/mvi094), and now Warden? It's as if some of these personalities started to think that we do our own DD for nothing.


Nobody should follow anyone on here. Some fucking kid who profits off his useless YouTube channel especially. What does it bring to the squeeze? Doubt. Uncertainty. Unnecessary dates and TA. Hey warden, you're a clown, finish school and grow a pair of nuts you paper sacked child. You've brought nothing to the table. You showed up to the potluck with the heel of sliced wonder bread. And those of you who blindly follow anyone on here are idiots. It's about the stock and that's all it's ever been about. It's been months and some of you still can't comprehend that. I'm assuming you're selling at 700 a share, the lot of you.


Sad that he doesn't see the hypocrisy in his statement. I respect what he has provided so far, but you can't serve two masters.




What is going on in this subreddit lol. Funny how mods just deleted this post too


Umm deleted?


I’m no idiot. I’m a retard. Seriously tho what the fuck


Guys, let’s stay focused. Mod drama comes and goes. We know the mission.


Fuck this kiddo. He is drawing some lines and his predictions are off 90% of the time. I dont know why he gets so much attention. The only prediction you can make in this saga is: Shorts must cover! Now get this kiddo out of his mod role. This is not a kindergarten.


Mr. Wardenproletariat, I sir (and I use that term loosely) am not an idiot. I am a retarded 🦍 and I set my limit sell price. Nice not knowing you.


Am I back in high school? Fuck warden and whoever else has sold out or just has a big head from being a mod on reddit. Buy, hodl, vote. Good day


As a daytrader myself, i disagree with wardens analysis. From what ive seen him post and say he isnt as clever as he thinks he is. Most people who trade the markets think they are the shit and this is somthing that becomes clear if you talk to individuals who live in that world. Its exactly like the hegefund managers, they think they are the top dog and need to be ego checked. Now i have no problem with the dude but he just gives off the vibe that alot of other daytraders give off. Thats why i like this community, everyone is honest about what they know. As a GME shareholder myself i will not sell anywhere below £10 million per share. We need to prove idiots like this wrong. Sorry for the rant i just don't want this place becoming like certain other stock market groups.


What the fuck is this guy thinking? I THOUGHT WE SET THE PRICE? And suddenly its Shorts and RC (wtf?) That set the ceiling? Fuck outta here


Idk how? They can't make me sell.


I agree. He has lost any respect I had for him. Going to his discord and calling people in Superstonk Idiots is going too far. Mods I think it's time to remove him as a mod please. He has lost trust of the group.