Don't want to start all over

Don't want to start all over


Not sure about mobile/android, but I know on PC you could just add the cheats option/spawn mods and just spawn all of the needed items for the community center and gear wise.


DAMN! I'll check it out, thanks. Maybe there is a way.


It might actually be surprisingly easy to re-do your farm. On my multiplayer save, we started on Fall 27, chopping down trees and fences and decorations and equipment. On the 28th,we finished clearing everything off the ground, and moved all our items into chests in the corner of the map. Then we took a break and planned out the farm on the website stardew.info. Once we knew what we wanted to do, we went to Robin on Winter 1 and moved all the buildings and fish ponds around, and re-placed our sprinklers and scarecrows and such. By Winter 3, everything on the farm had been rearranged and we were back up and running. Hit the new trees with fertilizer and they'll be fully grown and tapped in no time. The big issue is probably fruit trees, where we got lucky because all of ours are in the greenhouse. Yeah it took about 5 days and cost a lot in fencing, but it's really not too terrible to redo everything. We chose to start at the end of Fall because there's no major rush to do a ton of planting in Winter, and we didn't have too much trash spawning and getting in the way. Plus, animals don't really go outside in winter so we had time to get the coops and barns fenced in again. If you really want to download someone else's save, you're probably better off using cheats. I'm not familiar with any for Android, but they're probably out there.


Fun fact: the save is literally an xml file. Email it to yourself, and go poke around in notepad++. Then you can start a new save and...uh...adjust it to your liking.